T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, & More Talk: Black Agenda, Voting, & Donald Trump | REVOLT Summit

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T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, Steven Pargett Of Trap The Vote, Katrina Pierson, & Tamika D Mallory have an open and honest conversation about politics, and the culture we live in today.

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  • 🖤

    Alexander MasonAlexander MasonSaatler önce
  • 7:55 TI didn't follow that rule, he disrespected a sister because he couldn't handle what she was saying.

    K HARRISK HARRIS3 saatler önce
    • T.I. Dropped the mic.

      MizzChocsMizzChocs13 dakika önce
  • This is so sad. And thanks to Killer Mike and Candace. "My peope perish for lack of knowledge."

    Peter AbangPeter Abang3 saatler önce
  • Wow Candace is the best 🇺🇸

    Phuong NettlesPhuong Nettles3 saatler önce
  • TI is a prime example of some one who thinks they are deeper and smarter than they actually are. He had no business being up there.

    Mr ShireMr Shire4 saatler önce
  • Get Killer Mike a tissue.

    In The Mix RadioIn The Mix Radio7 saatler önce
  • You wine about education but ok with betsy devose foh owens foh

    Tiffany OrtegaTiffany Ortega8 saatler önce
  • I wish there wasn't so much separation on black and whites. I feel that we need to be unified as Americans. What's best for our country. A candidate who does what's right. T.I. is so disrespectful.

    Amy Sue FawnsAmy Sue Fawns9 saatler önce
  • Leftists are so emotional

    Richard PaniniRichard Panini10 saatler önce
  • She's right about the dems constantly saying "racist, racism, kkk"

    Richard PaniniRichard Panini10 saatler önce
  • Killer Mike man, too damn smart

    Richard PaniniRichard Panini11 saatler önce
  • Id rather just see Killer Mike and Candace Owens debate

    Richard PaniniRichard Panini11 saatler önce
  • Education should come first not rapping

    mimamima2mimamima211 saatler önce
  • If someone helps they care

    mimamima2mimamima211 saatler önce
  • T.I is so dumb it amazes me

    Jessica CampbellJessica Campbell11 saatler önce
  • To me America was great before the jobs left America and I ended up unemployed

    mimamima2mimamima211 saatler önce
  • I stopped at 50:54 because Killer Mike summed it all up!!! He is the freakin truth!

    Janelle FordJanelle Ford14 saatler önce
  • Mike keeping it like we need to 15% of everything !!!!

    Roger DJ EZD DefreeseRoger DJ EZD Defreese15 saatler önce
  • I really hope Candice Owens runs for president when she is old enough. Total landslide. Would have my vote without question.

    Eric BlaisdellEric Blaisdell15 saatler önce
  • At&t ??? Not own by black anything

    Roger DJ EZD DefreeseRoger DJ EZD Defreese15 saatler önce
  • Damn I went through HUNDREDS of these comments and not one good thing about TI. He truley didnt add anything to this debate. Big ups to candice and killer mike for throwing knowledge our way

    Dds8Dds816 saatler önce
  • Buy a Waffle House

    Athena JohnsonAthena Johnson16 saatler önce
  • All we should do is to pull our money out of the banks, stop spending for one month, we could closed most of this country.

    Athena JohnsonAthena Johnson16 saatler önce
  • Candace is woke, she need a nap

    Athena JohnsonAthena Johnson17 saatler önce
  • She so wrong about Trump putting his money in the Black Comm, that our money he is using.

    Athena JohnsonAthena Johnson17 saatler önce
  • "Illegals" are the new problem 😂😂😂😂😂 stfu my people with never be the problem maybe a threat but never the problem shit we work hard to keep business running earning every sweat man i won't even get into that but this was a very interesting debate

    Mimi CortezMimi Cortez19 saatler önce
  • Old boss, new boss, same owners. Burn the masters' houses down.

    robert willisrobert willis21 saatler önce
  • Candace Owens is being used!

    John FernandesJohn Fernandes21 saatler önce
  • Killer Mike made more sense than all of them. What he said, Malcolm X said this almost 60 yrs ago. Candace has some valid points. But she like rest, fell up under the who has the best master umbrella. Malcolm X was so spot on when he said that the Conservative and liberal are like the wolf and fox. Both have different approaches for the same agenda. Candace was right when she'd attempted to point out the liberal's misleading message to the black community. As did Malcolm X made the same point. But where she'd failed at was ignoring the Conservative wolf's goal. I felt like I was watching a Minstrel show, where all of the negroes were fighting over who had the best master. In the end, Mike's point was right, because it's the same points that Malcolm X and Dr Claude Anderson made. Speaking of Dr Anderson. I highly recommend listening to him, describe black people's state and the political parties, where we as a collective get caught up. None of those parties are going to do shit for us. We keep looking for a messiah, which keeps us enabled.

    epics7epics723 saatler önce
  • This is bad 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ killer mike seems to be the only guy with some sense up there

    emmanuel monamatiemmanuel monamati23 saatler önce
  • Why was the question cut at 1:00:16?

    Wendy MartinezWendy Martinez23 saatler önce
  • DAMN Killa Mike is intelligent, knowledgeable, and eloquent. "pick a better master? I say, kill your masters, and get your own shit"

    Anne ZenoAnne Zeno23 saatler önce
  • At 2:40 dude w/ glasses starts off talking about intersection. Climate change x living wage? Bruh? It's not going to matter how much we earn if we squander it and don't circulate it. Let them fight over that. Killa Mike at 5:10 makes a great point: we should be owners instead of just consumers, and using our voting power leverage government contracts. Then Tamika piggybacks on that saying that undocumented immigration undermining the Black voice. Yesss!

    Anne ZenoAnne ZenoGün önce
  • Here's your reality black America. Booth was AN ACTOR. (should show you some shit.) democrat southern. Killed Lincoln a day after he suggested blacks could vote. Andrew Johnson Democrat took office. V.P. first thing he did was enforce the black codes. Now fast forward to Woodrow Wilson. Another Democrat. Oh yeah he gave us JIM CROW LAWS. If you're black and vote democrat sorry but you fucked up royally. 60% rate of dropouts are in what area's? Democrat ran. Get lost anymore wake the hell up. Its pathetic at this point.

    Nightcrawler 2Nightcrawler 2Gün önce
  • Self Hate Candace

    Sisonke LinakoSisonke LinakoGün önce
  • The take away.............Black people need a mass Immersion in the ENGLISH language. The average inmate reads at an 8th grade level, and your community is OK with that.

    Richard StefanRichard StefanGün önce
  • T.I was unnecessary AF in that panel.

    Ari ColladoAri ColladoGün önce
  • This debate was a farce. I was so embarrassed, looking at my people behave in such a manner. All the cursing made me cringe. Talking about potato salad, and the use of the N word, was absolutely terrible. Candace was speaking truth, and our people totally missed it. Every word that came out of Killer Mikes' mouth was very fowl. The moderator was unprofessional, and also why was T.I there? He sounded so foolish! Smh...

    Sherry CoxleeSherry CoxleeGün önce
  • Black women equate having a big mouth with having political power. The rest of us know better.

    Catherine GoldenCatherine GoldenGün önce
  • All rappers need to hop off that stage. Especially T.I

    Tanis DufferTanis DufferGün önce
  • keep working candace its so sad when you have so many people sleeping... black americans need to wake up

    tim jonestim jonesGün önce
  • The people in that room haven't had an encounter with a feminine, classy, educated black woman (except Mike) and it shows!

    Kimberly SharellKimberly SharellGün önce
  • Candace and Mike only ones on that stage with FACTUAL statistics and ideas.

    Shane LewisShane LewisGün önce
  • Not one kid was able to pass a simple test, that’s bullshit.

    Dee funk StrongDee funk StrongGün önce
    • Richard Stefan Lmao 😂 😂😂😂 you call my response ghetto? Have a good one chief I have ghetto things to do.💪🏿😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Dee funk StrongDee funk Strong9 saatler önce
    • @Dee funk Strong see you cant respond without being ghetto.

      Richard StefanRichard Stefan9 saatler önce
    • Richard Stefan Fuck does that mean? And what the fuck is Ebonics? You think every black person is dumb, she said not one kid was able to pass a simple test I think that’s an exaggeration and the reason I say this is because my son is a teacher are there problems yeah but when it comes to the black community shit gets exaggerated.

      Dee funk StrongDee funk Strong11 saatler önce
    • but they know every swear word and N word in every rap song...... Ebonics is the #1 language in jail...

      Richard StefanRichard StefanGün önce
  • People! You may not know it, or want to hear it, but Candice and the other clued up woman Katrina on the panel are genuinely the only two people with a brain cell up there. Truth is (and I ain't preaching politics) if Black people waste their vote by voting Democrats (The people who support the depopulation and vaccine pushers) they will be murdered on mass around the world. Kids will continue to be stolen and abused by the swamp, and any black person that survives will be sterilised. It will be the last vote you make as a race. Also there is no such thing as an African American, A Hispanic American, and Native American Indian! The truth is all these people are one nation, the nation of Israel! You are Israelites! And this is why you are being murdered in every which way possible. Covid19 and George Floyd are both fake situations master minded by wealthy non politicians supported by those on the left of so termed politics. And by the way, politics isn't for Israelites, only His Most High is for His chosen people. What we all need to do is Repent and return to Him and I don't mean the beast portraying himself as Him.

    Patrick LewisPatrick LewisGün önce
  • Candace u are the truth ❤️☝🏽💪🏿

    Esayas Ayilin איסייאס אייליןEsayas Ayilin איסייאס אייליןGün önce
  • What will opportunities zone done for social injustice? TI has an excellent point. Candace stated facts concerning the family structure and its effects on the African American community, but she does not address HOW we got here ! She doesn't address the systemic oppression that African Americans STILL must confront daily.

    Janel SamuelsJanel SamuelsGün önce
    • You people keep talking about "systemic oppression" yet can never point to any law oppressing you. There are laws in place that boost POC and discriminate against whites. Where is the systemic oppression that is holding you back? The solution is simple but Dems dont want that solution.

      DoubleJDoubleJGün önce
  • The host is dumb fuck.

    DaveDaveGün önce
  • T-I is so ignorant. His exudes emotion.

    DaveDaveGün önce
  • Trump called for the death penalty for five innocent black males ,that's a fact . Trump failed to address health safety during a pandemic, that's a fact. Trump failed to address social injustice and has consistently made immoral behavior the normal that's fact. As an African American female enough is enough. Trump has failed as a president that's a fact !

    Janel SamuelsJanel SamuelsGün önce
    • *Trump called for the death penalty for five innocent black males ,that's a fact* Everyone, including blacks wanted them locked up. Let me guess, you though they were all innocent right? Even one of the boys admitted to doing it because his father convinced him. Them being black has NOTHING to do with Trumps anger. Central Park is Trumps backyard. God forbid he was mad that a bunch of thugs raped and killed a women. *Trump failed to address health safety during a pandemic, that's a fact* BULLSHIT. Trump banned travel to and from China back in January while you LEFTISTS called him racist. Not one person in America died from a lack of ventilators. Most tests taken compare to any country in the world and we have very low numbers of death PER POPULATION. All while Nancy Pelosi and Deblasio were telling citizens to ignore it IN MID MARCH and "go on with their lives". And did Obama stop H1N1 from hitting America? What did Obama do about the 20k dead from a much weaker virus? *Trump failed to address social injustice* Yet it was Trump who passed prison reform while Obama DID NOTHING. Trump condemned the actions of the police officer who killed that man. you are nothing more than a typical leftists brainwashed sheep taking marching orders from the leftists media and Dems. You are a perfect example of the type of people Candace Owens was talking about. Lie after lie after lie about our President and you're too stupi to even know you are lying.

      DoubleJDoubleJGün önce
  • the nerve of gangsta rappers, who talk about shooting and killing people all the time, saying this to THE KIDS .. right the NERVE of them complaining about "home grown terrorism" is insane.

    Captain Mike MeloniCaptain Mike MeloniGün önce
  • thank god for candace owens. You guys dont even realize how thankful we are to Black people like her who will listen to our side of things.

    Captain Mike MeloniCaptain Mike MeloniGün önce
  • The black woman who mentioned illegal aliens taking jobs, from the her looks shes mixed with what she call illegal. Get her off the stage because shes stupid. A lack of leadership? Do you even know why ignorant lady? It's called gentrification and remapping of voter zones and it is working. Black people make money and move out of the communities that are most critical politically. Now we have the reverse of white flight and now whites are moving into urban neighborhoods under the protection of the police.

    rumpelstiltskinrumpelstiltskinGün önce
  • That chick obviously doesnt know what an opportunity zone is and isnt. An opportunity zone is an area designated to be an area that is economically underserved. It creates incentives for businesses to open businesses and develop housing. In exchange (please pay attention). Those businesses get business owners are the biggest winners as they get capital gains tax credit up to 20%. Secondly, if there is no market in a particular area open a particular business that business isnt relocating somewhere so it can go out of business. So business location or relocation is first determined by a market study to confirm there is a need. Thirdly, what these zones do is encourage gentrification. What an opportunity zone isnt is that it isnt some win for black community. So know what the hell you are talking about before you open your mouth.

    rumpelstiltskinrumpelstiltskinGün önce
    • Ya bullshit. amazon opened a huge warehouse in a opportunity zone near me and hired hundreds of blacks with good paying jobs. Also brought in millions of tax money to the city and gave local businesses a bump.

      DoubleJDoubleJGün önce
  • Candace really opened my eyes she’s amazing

    Jade CarterJade CarterGün önce
  • Candace really opened my eyes she’s amazing

    Jade CarterJade CarterGün önce

    tntbmoab Allard Broudertntbmoab Allard BrouderGün önce
  • Killer mike brought everybody back to rational thought. he pulled a Jedi mind trick.

    C LC LGün önce
  • trvision.net/detail/video-IFgk2Ypn9gY.html

    Wayne SmithWayne SmithGün önce
  • If T.I. was President would he denounce any radical Black power group degrading other races? I doubt it.

    Ju MentuJu MentuGün önce
    • No, T.I is nothing more than a smooth brained racist

      TakeOffTheDuragNiggaTakeOffTheDuragNiggaGün önce
  • Lol America was great for black people 7 years after the civil war? Seriously? Leftist Feminism is the reason your homes don’t have fathers? Really? Get a fucking grip lmao. Sounds good on paper, just isn’t true in reality.

    Jesse GutierrezJesse GutierrezGün önce
  • Candace is a sellout fuck her

    Don CorleoneDon CorleoneGün önce
    • @DoubleJ I can buy you and ya mama and your bitch.weak ass come to Encino DTA trucking ask for the owner.

      Don CorleoneDon CorleoneSaatler önce
    • Fuck you and that bitch

      Don CorleoneDon Corleone21 saatler önce
    • You just hate black women not stuck on the Dems mental plantation. Sorry she's not a welfare broke ass like you.

      DoubleJDoubleJGün önce
  • Candice Owens and Killer Mike get it! As they speak you can tell they've researched. The rest just wanted to hear themselves speak with not alot to say. I found myself annoyed with T.I., Tamika Mallory and the commentator 🙄 during this conversation/debate.

    Stefanie JacksonStefanie JacksonGün önce
  • I could listen to Killer Mike and Candace any day, because they are educated, mature, and they research what they believe and don’t speak from a place of emotionalism.

    La Bella LadyLa Bella LadyGün önce
  • Candace Owen 4 President!! 💪

    Ju MentuJu MentuGün önce
  • Candace is speaking on the underlined problem of African Americans ,Before anything can progress you must deal with the underlined problem

    Brave RunnerBrave RunnerGün önce
  • TI should not be there and needs to be silent. I noticed that anytime Killer Mike speaks TI is silent and listens. When Candice speaks, he consistently interrupts her in a disrespectful way. He continued to disrespect Candice and would not let her finish her point but when Killer Mike says what Candace was trying to say TI sits back and listens. T.I. is bias in his stance. It seems he wants to disrespect her to use his influence to try to turn her words into something that she is not saying. TI to me being honest has intellectual position to being there. His music contributes to the demolishing of the “good” he claims to care so much about. He has disrespected his wife numerous of times through adultery but he is concerned about African American men elevating. The reality is the elevation starts within not external. This is why women, especially African American women STILL have a hard time with our voice being respected. If Candace has been allowed to make her point she would have possibly said the same points that Killer Mike have said. Women should have the same equality in our voice as men.

    La Bella LadyLa Bella LadyGün önce
    • Wow good stuff ^ right there

      K HARRISK HARRIS2 saatler önce
  • They all have excellent points and we should listen to what they all have to say and we should put it all together like a puzzle this is how I see all of their comments like a puzzle we need to put all of it together very interesting they are all correct and by the way I am Newyorkrican and I love the whole panel.

    MrBigPoppa1MrBigPoppa1Gün önce
  • i don't have the energy to uplift the ignorant. I loved seeing TI go limp when Candace went of at the end lol. I think she shocked him when she started cussing and waving her hands lol. She could have been a better rapper than him. I bet he tried apologizing after the show.

    ubecool454ubecool454Gün önce
  • 7:50 the answer is NO. Everything he asked the audience AND panel proved that they were not mature enough.

    La Bella LadyLa Bella LadyGün önce
T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, & More Talk: Black Agenda, Voting, & Donald Trump | REVOLT Summit