Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm

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Directed and produced by Taylor Swift
"Christmas Tree Farm" Lyrics by Taylor Swift:
My winter nights are taken up by static, stress and holiday shopping traffic
But I close my eyes and I’m somewhere else - just like magic...
In my heart is a Christmas tree farm
Where the people would come
To dance under sparkling lights
Bundled up in their mittens and coats
And the cider would flow
And I just wanna be there tonight
Sweet dreams
Of holly and ribbon
Mistakes are forgiven
And everything is icy and blue
And you would be there, too
Under the mistletoe
Watching the fire glow
And telling me, I love you
Just being in your arms
Takes me back to that little farm
Where every wish comes true
In my heart is a Christmas tree farm
There’s a light in the barn
We’d run inside out from the cold
In the town kids are dreaming of sleighs
And they’re warm and they’re safe
They wake to see a blanket of snow
Sweet dreams
Of holly and ribbon
Mistakes are forgiven
And everything is icy and blue
And you would be there, too
Under the mistletoe
Watching the fire glow
And telling me, I love you
Just being in your arms
Takes me back to that little farm
Where every wish comes true
Oh baby, yeah
And when I’m feeling alone
You remind me of home
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
And when the world isn’t fair
I pretend that we’re there
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas…to you
Under the mistletoe…to you
Watching the fire glow
And telling me, I love you
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
I love you
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
May your every wish come true
I love you
#TaylorSwift #ChristmasTreeFarm
Music video by Taylor Swift performing Christmas Tree Farm. © 2019 Taylor Swift




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Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm