Taylor Swift on the Rumored 'Avengers: Endgame' Easter Eggs

Taylor Swift admitted to Ellen that her fans are pretty good at figuring out all the Easter eggs she puts in her music videos and songs, and talked about the rumor she had something to do with "Avengers: Endgame." Plus, the star explained to Ellen why she hasn't been on the show for four years, and the motto she coined for her "Reputation" album.



  • In this video, Ellen has been two times impress Taylor, minute 1:50 and 2:18.

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  • She's my idol😍😍😍

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  • 3:50

    Elliot SyElliot Sy8 gün önce
  • You guys are friendly XD.

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  • im tony and she can be capameric

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  • There was an Easter egg in this video because she said what she said in French in ME! could be an Easter egg for an upcoming song so it was hinting towards You Need To Calm Down since Brendon Urie said you need to calm down in French 🧐

    Panda PandaPanda PandaAylar önce
  • 3:47

    Sukhman SheenaSukhman SheenaAylar önce
  • Cruel summer! Tattoo in you need to calm down OMG 😱

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  • 4:21 you can see ellens tattoo from the you need to calm down video

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  • Omg Ellen has the “cruel summer” tattoo on her forearm!!

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  • at 4:21 you can see ellen wearing the tattoo that she gets in the “You Need To Calm Down” video. MIND. BLOWN. 🤯

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  • She said two Easter edges while explaining Easter eggs.

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  • 4:21 what you need to calm down

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  • Who came after MV you need to calm down

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  • 4:19 Ellen's wrist "cruel summer" tattoo

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  • I see that tattoo from the music video

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  • 4:19 the Cruel Summer Tattoo 😆😆😆😆😆 She fooled us again 🤡🤡

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  • Ellen has the "cruel summer" tattoo on her arm in this interview! Just like the one she's having in the YNTCD music video!!!!!

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  • Pause at 4:21, recognise that tattoo on Ellen’s hand?

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  • Just realized... she said let's talk about ME? Haha

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  • Freaks

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  • Look up the true meaning of the Easter egg.. taylor has become deeply involved recently into the illuminated.. she has become a full blown puppet 😪

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  • Earthquakes, my Princess 😂

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  • If she's in avengers end game I won't watch it.

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  • Two illuminati witches!

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  • Totally Taylor in the bathtub💏😎😜

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  • Smartest talkshow set😎😀😀

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  • I wanna be your A-team A-team = avengers team

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  • Taylor: OMG, She's gonna Defeat Thanos. Thanos: I am Inevitable. Iron Man: Hold my Nano Gauntlet.

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  • *OMG She’s gonna defeat Thanos!*

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  • Thanks for saying that! Omg she still says that 😭😭😭

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  • Hey Ellen u got $8000 for charity Jk lol I wish

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  • I think the album will be called “AWESO”, because she is literally telling us to look it up! “Strike the band up” it really makes sense! Without me, you are just Aweso! You need ME to be AwesoME! Without ME you are just AWESO! And with the theory with the double sided album with YOU and ME, it really makes sense

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  • Love these two 💕

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  • Ninguém vai traduzir esse vídeo pro português não é ? 😂😂🤔😏😪

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  • FINALLY! After 1 day i have found the only site where you can see Avengers EndGame with hd quality and good sound! Im sharing the link to you, fellows ) Open in browser _AVENGERS. IHACK. CO_ (without spaces)

    Alex BornAlex Born3 aylar önce

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  • "i like to plant easter eggs in a video, like a hint." *watch blank space mv, she's wearing two rings with butterfly and a snake on it. it's in **3:01**.*

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  • She's gorgeous. Lucky who gets to merry her

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  • I love her! She is a strong person! She is so pretty!

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  • Taylor 💙💜

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  • Could y’all imagine if Taylor Swift defeated Thanos in endgame! Lol

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  • Who is the man with Taylor?

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  • I'm going to do gymnastics and dancing

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  • And I'm good at gymnastics

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  • Tell Ken can I come with you want to be on this show to

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  • Who doesn’t know what an Easter egg is? And I’m not quite on board with her definition. After years of that guy getting scared, isn’t he expecting it by now. Is he an idiot or is it just an act.

    Tim PowersTim Powers3 aylar önce
  • Even though she has nothing to put into it... I bet Ellen wears a jock strap.

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  • most cringeworthy video I seen in a while

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  • I don't think I saw anything about Endgame in this video

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  • On the magazine cover taylor is wearing a selena gomez brooch....who else wants both of them to collab 😻😻😻💖💖💖💖

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  • Thanos: I am inevitable Iron man: I am iron man

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  • It'd have been amazing if she had defeated Thanos tho. Wholesome queen.

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  • Thanos: "I don't even know who you are." Taylor: "you will." ♫ Endgame by Taylor Swift plays ♫

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  • I love my babygirl Tay😍 shes so humble and loveable. 👑💜💕 definitely a Queen

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  • Where can i buy this beautiful dress???

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  • "We'll need to take a break and let you cry about that" 😂

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  • She makes good music when she breaks up with someone

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  • I loveeee that dress

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  • Her nose looks so different

    Samriddhi SharmaSamriddhi Sharma3 aylar önce
  • @3:50 she speaks about EndGame

    Kyle GiffordKyle Gifford3 aylar önce
  • Taylor Swift looks so fake!! She is not being herself.

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  • i felt so sad when she said "i let everyone down again" taylor baby:(

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  • You can do anything you want Me: that should be a T-shirt

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  • Taylor swift is looking really fine lately she had shed that little girl look/image and embraced the women side of her now she is looking sexy an all

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  • I LOVED her makeup and matching her eyeliner and end of her hair with the color of her dress! she looks so radiant and absolutely beautiful.

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  • Anyone else think this seemed SUPER awkward? Did they fall out or something? Taylor used to be so relaxed around Ellen, but this just seemed full of tension.

    Chloe BrethertonChloe Bretherton3 aylar önce
Taylor Swift on the Rumored 'Avengers: Endgame' Easter Eggs