Team USA v. Team UK - Dodgeball w/ Michelle Obama, Harry Styles & More - #LateLateLondon

Since moving to the United States for The Late Late Show, James Corden has been searching for a way to determine which is better: the UK or the US. So James enlists Michelle Obama to put together a group of American all-stars, including Kate Hudson, Mila Kunis, Melissa McCarthy, Lena Waithe and Allison Janney, to take on a group of formidable UK foes. Can James, Reggie Watts, Harry Styles, Benedict Cumberbatch and John Bradley earn honor for Great Britain?
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  • USA has more people than the UK You can try and count it when you watch it again.

    Pi SeupsukPi Seupsuk7 saatler önce
  • Do a canada vs usa and canada vs england version

    Mr.NobodyMr.Nobody9 saatler önce
  • Us has a man in their team

    Hòang Nguyễn MinhHòang Nguyễn Minh14 saatler önce
  • mila kunis 🤩🥰

    Gammeron FloresGammeron Flores18 saatler önce
  • The only reason why the uk got a poit was because they had an American

    YoSoPlaysYoSoPlays18 saatler önce
  • Imagine how weird it must be for Harry to be hit in the 1D by the former First Lady

    Avery GraceAvery Grace21 saatler önce
  • She should've started with Michael Jackson.

    Rozitta GrigorianRozitta Grigorian22 saatler önce
  • why’s it always harry that gets hit in the balls

    oo foo f23 saatler önce
  • I love this

    Abdullahi UmarAbdullahi UmarGün önce
  • 1776 all over again !!! God shave the Queen...

    ioan penaioan penaGün önce
  • 9:40 His life crossed trought his eyes in that moment

    Sara P. W.Sara P. W.Gün önce
  • Just made my Day😂

    Michael MuntuuntuMichael MuntuuntuGün önce
  • Go uk

    Ben CleggBen CleggGün önce
  • wow that crazy train entrance was awesome and heroic

    Gamers CircleGamers CircleGün önce
  • Legend says the ball kicked by harry is still up there.

    Narendra I.SNarendra I.SGün önce
  • Glad 'her' penis didn't shake out.

    President Nancy PelosiPresident Nancy PelosiGün önce
  • If bts were to play this oh my god

    bangtan.o.'s hahhabangtan.o.'s hahhaGün önce
  • “nailed by styles, dreams do come true”

    nicollenicolleGün önce
  • Playing against the man.

    Sheila KeenanSheila KeenanGün önce
  • " hahahaha oh benedict " that's the most british thing you'll hear today

    nazimovitch hadjinazimovitch hadjiGün önce
  • Bruh this is so offensive

    Kyran JonesKyran JonesGün önce
  • We "re-declared independence"

    InspiringerInspiringerGün önce
  • Clearly didnt see KSI vs Logan Paul. Fuck the US

    RTProductionsRTProductionsGün önce
  • And that kids is how the American revolution went down

    Dakota hodappDakota hodapp2 gün önce
  • i love the way harry ignoring james calls.

    avocadosavocados2 gün önce
  • Am I the only one love John Bradley? ❤️

    No oneNo one2 gün önce
  • There’s no dumb questions, usually! Hahahaha

    Linda KapingaLinda Kapinga2 gün önce
  • I find it funny how the USA team has headbands that look like the flag of the Netherlands

    CHO YanCHO Yan2 gün önce
  • "Right in the 1-D"😂😂😂

    Joy Shekhar DuttaJoy Shekhar Dutta2 gün önce
  • Should of just called this girls vs boys lmao

    RisingAssassinFNRisingAssassinFN2 gün önce
  • Here for Harry, always here for Harry

    C. FearmontiC. Fearmonti2 gün önce

    Ella SechlerElla Sechler2 gün önce
  • Why is Stephen A Smith in the thumbnail?

    Jim 83Jim 832 gün önce
  • I love Michelle Obama and holy jeez Bennybatch is here?!?!?!

    Paulynn J. Reyes LujanPaulynn J. Reyes Lujan2 gün önce
  • I saw Michelle and had to click!

    Sco2bSco2b2 gün önce
  • 🤣🤣🤣😬 want part 2👇

    Filteris RosaFilteris Rosa3 gün önce
  • Tom Holland would've been perfect for team UK

    Miraculous LadyBug And Cat NoirMiraculous LadyBug And Cat Noir3 gün önce
  • Cumberbatch with a cumbercatch lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    nick logannick logan3 gün önce
  • Why is no one talking about Dr. Strange?

    Lord ShenLord Shen3 gün önce
  • Fuck sake James, didn’t do the UK proud

    O HO H3 gün önce
  • I open this because any bennedict here wuhuuuu.... 😍😍😍

    Mulyani FahutanMulyani Fahutan3 gün önce
  • Goood

    ony KAPony KAP3 gün önce
  • My mouth can't stop cringy. Hahahaha

    Aylle SirdiAylle Sirdi3 gün önce
  • Man. Thats teabreak hahahha. Good job

    G8 8G8 83 gün önce
  • James at 9:13 gets me every time

    Olivia MOlivia M3 gün önce
  • Dammn why these children so obsess with Harry in the comments because I don’t know the guy wat he is or does for real

    Crypto JudgeCrypto Judge4 gün önce
  • I wonder when we are gonna have a Beyonce carpoool

    Malia PantherMalia Panther4 gün önce
  • 8:21 Someone saw that awkward handshake

    Mario CarcaMario Carca4 gün önce
  • Sam aren't you supposed to study. ???? . Go get the books 🥰🥰🥰 citadel awaits you

    ammu lammu l4 gün önce
  • Am I right? Right in the junk. Melissa 😂

    Miriam AckomMiriam Ackom4 gün önce
  • Next world war will be dodgeball

    Faith CarterFaith Carter4 gün önce
  • I thought Harry would play Dodgeball again with tight shorts

    Felice 1D_BPFelice 1D_BP4 gün önce
  • I saw Dr. Strange. I click.

    April DucutApril Ducut4 gün önce
  • TRvision le pagará por las visitas??

    Juan PereiraJuan Pereira4 gün önce
  • This was brilliant. Commentary was hilarious lol

    Stealth AttackStealth Attack4 gün önce
  • Scripted?

    Benjakid 97Benjakid 974 gün önce
  • Michelle Obama has the body of a man

    matias johnstonmatias johnston4 gün önce
  • The commentator is not paid enough

    Emma CholmondeleyEmma Cholmondeley5 gün önce
  • Team uk needs Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell.

    Jamie KlassenJamie Klassen5 gün önce
  • She forgot about Michael Jackson... This is sooo funny 😂😂😂

    MaLhen ZuñigaMaLhen Zuñiga5 gün önce
  • I love that the UK team had Battlefield Counterstrike, was a definite advantage for them

    Kane BurgerZzKane BurgerZz5 gün önce
  • ドッジボール大会 最高

    じんたんTVじんたんTV5 gün önce
  • If I was playing 4 the uk I would have wrecked the all ahah x

    GuacamolyyGuacamolyy5 gün önce
  • Usa cheated

    Luan WazimaLuan Wazima5 gün önce
  • I wanna watch a rematch

    Dilawar HussainDilawar Hussain6 gün önce
  • Honestly, team USA entry was pretty sick.

    WallyWally6 gün önce
  • Michelle kind of gives a captain Holt feel XD

    Neil MesselmaniNeil Messelmani6 gün önce
  • Soooo funny I can't stop laughing!!!

    takrimatur rifqiyahtakrimatur rifqiyah6 gün önce
  • 8:20 Benedict trying to high five James jajaj

    RvpRvp6 gün önce
  • 10:10 Did anyone else see james miss the ball when trying to kick it😂

    Rowan CraskeRowan Craske6 gün önce
Team USA v. Team UK - Dodgeball w/ Michelle Obama, Harry Styles & More - #LateLateLondon