The African World War | Animated History

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    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair HistorianYıl önce
    • "As it turns out, when you draw national borders without any regard to pre-existing cultural identity you tend to create countries full of people that don't get along too nicely." So you concur that diversity is not indeed a strength?

      silverbullet2008bbsilverbullet2008bb2 aylar önce
    • God Bless

      just another person 777just another person 77710 aylar önce

      Gareth PitchfordGareth PitchfordYıl önce
    • This is a nice chnannel. I can see no attempt of absolute objectivity in any way though. Subjective, validating comments are plentyfull in every video.

      LamiNalchorLamiNalchorYıl önce
    • @Delphinium Flower I'd like to disagree. Often ambient noise helps a lot for either down periods or for just an underlying tone

      Madame MuffinMadame MuffinYıl önce
  • I did not know the strategems in the second congo war were so epic...

    Yang OngYang Ong18 saatler önce
  • i had captain alex quotes in my head while seeing this TIGER MAFIA!!!

    No More AngerNo More Anger23 saatler önce
  • Dr Congo. Once you see it...

    Abtin KhamoshiAbtin Khamoshi5 gün önce
  • Interestingly, this is what Apartheid tried to protect a minority from. Africa does not protect, nor respect minorities, regardless of their race. Regardless of the race rhetoric of Apartheid, people were more safe, had jobs (yes those black people IN SA had jobs, including Apartheid South Africa HAD Thousands of black WESTERNIZED soldiers. Interestingly, people from African countries, risked their lives to come to this "racist" state for a better life. Today, the "miracle" country just turned into another failed African country. PRECISELY, what Apartheid tried to prevent. More poverty, and people murdered than during Apartheid, and apparently this is called "freedom". TIA

    Henri LeRicheHenri LeRiche5 gün önce
  • So basically if you have the unfortunate luck of being born in the congo then you are fucked.

    Austin NjagiAustin Njagi6 gün önce
  • So these tutsis army went to Angola and took over the airport to escape the ambush while living the Angolan troops in Congo,damn that's impressive tho 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Tide TylerTide Tyler6 gün önce
    • It was not just the Tutsis but Ugandan and Rwandan troops.

      Emisiko AndwatiEmisiko Andwati2 gün önce
    • Operation Kitona is now a topic of study in many military schools around the world. It was such a daring operation.

      Emisiko AndwatiEmisiko Andwati2 gün önce
  • So...everybody is fighting everybody else over anything?

    SycokaySycokay8 gün önce
  • "In 1999 numerous peace accords sponsored by the likes of *muammar gaddafi* "

    Kermit the cuckKermit the cuck11 gün önce
  • So, Africa has traded Foreign imperialism for Tribal imperialism. Not an improvement...

    Karl NemoKarl Nemo12 gün önce
  • Least shocking fact presented here: France was involved in African affairs.

    VanillaThunderVanillaThunder13 gün önce
  • It isn't so much that Western media doesn't care, people in United States think Africa is a country and also can not point to the United States on a map so....

    poHATEos TotspoHATEos Tots13 gün önce
  • I thought it would be the former Yugoslav was

    Raptor StudiosRaptor Studios13 gün önce
  • It's crazy how I never heard of this.

    Bilal YusufBilal Yusuf14 gün önce
  • tragedy: occurs The Armchair Historian: •,_,•

    Sgt.RandomSgt.Random16 gün önce
  • Ooh im in a video :)

    Tanzania CountryballTanzania Countryball16 gün önce
  • bruh i used to live in uganda i didnt realise all this was happening

    Sandwich HubSandwich Hub17 gün önce
  • 10:06

    Relax Alex 04Relax Alex 0419 gün önce
  • You say that a lot of rebel groups have democratic sounding names, but not live up to them - please remember, that democracy comes from Greek dēmos meaning 'people' and kratos meaning 'rule'. Don't misguide that term with "representative democracy" or "liberal democracy", where the people elect representatives to deliberate and decide on legislation or have freedom of assembly and speech, voting rights etc. In my view, African "democratic" means "will of the people".

    Marcin JanickiMarcin Janicki19 gün önce
  • With all these abbreviations in African politics and wars the post-colonial period should be known as the Century of Initialisations

    Alex VAlex V20 gün önce
  • Rowanda: *looks at Uganda* I have found de wae bruddah Uganda: *locks rifle* Who sed u are mai bruddah?

    Broccoli NyuBroccoli Nyu22 gün önce
  • " Africa is fucked "_ unknown Boer

    Jamil SalihJamil Salih22 gün önce
  • *confused confusing confusion*

    Dooma SameerDooma Sameer24 gün önce
  • Europe: **invaded all of Africa** Also europe: “ok you’re all independent and you may now suffer.”

    RayyanRayyan25 gün önce
  • We with my 90s map: ZAIRE IS ZAIRE!!!

    Peanut Tree5000Peanut Tree500025 gün önce
  • a bunch of Hutu didn't like the Tutsi because the Tutsi were better than them but there were less of them, so a bunch of Tutsi got massacred in Rwanda, then the Congo had a coup and a civil war, so Rwanda and Burundi teamed up and attacked them, but then everybody got bored and gave up. then approximately four and a half seconds later, the Congo had another coup, then fought two civil wars at once. Rwanda and Burundi said, "nice." and teamed up again and almost beat the much larger Congo. Congo freaked out while starting a third civil war. they then got Tanzania, Sudan, and Angola on their side, so Rwanda and Burundi invited Uganda over. then France said, "do it. NOW." and thus Chad joined the Congo's side. then literally every single freaking nation in the entire war had about nine civil wars all at once. then everyone got bored and stopped.

    Nazbol Confederacy of the Arkansas and AustraliaNazbol Confederacy of the Arkansas and Australia26 gün önce
  • yeah i see this is ww3

    Sean ervie MasongSean ervie Masong26 gün önce
  • Why you haven't heard more about the war is because you are twelve. It was nightly news for quite a while.

    Richard CarpenterRichard Carpenter27 gün önce
  • Good luck China with your new empire. I like your enthusiasm. May the force be with you. You will need a sh### tone of lightsabres to sort out that mess. Have you managed to copy the design of lightsabres yet?

    Stephen HarveyStephen Harvey27 gün önce
  • I'm a French person and I totally dislike the pathetic way you portray us, especially since it is much more complicated than that and that I met a Rwanda PHD student in economy in 2005 who explained me that the Rwanda genocide was part of a secret war between France and USA for the control of trade routes in that region, and that both France and USA were fighting each other undirectly through foreign "layered" armies. I'll consider you chose to represent us that way to ridicule us and appeal to your anglo-saxon viewers, and even if it's not true _ the fact that you missed or hid that info damaged your credibility in my eyes.

    glaivedacierglaivedacier27 gün önce
  • 14 African countries are obliged by France, trough a colonial pact, to put 85% of their foreign reserve into France central bank under French minister of Finance control. Until now, 2014, Togo and about 13 other African countries still have to pay colonial debt to France.

    Ashley MukaraliAshley Mukarali28 gün önce
  • Another African world war is brewing

    DaveDave29 gün önce
    • Who versus who?

      LEMMINOLEMMINO25 gün önce
  • In part one we hear that a central cause of all the conflicts was nations that included different racial and cultural groups. This is interesting given today's mantra that multi-culturalism is good and that diversity is a strength.

    Sean LeddenSean Ledden29 gün önce
  • The Hulu's vs. The Quibi's was a really fucked up war, too.

    Losing BiglyLosing Bigly29 gün önce
  • Would have been a bigger mess if a western nation had invaded to keep the peace.

    Jedi RevanJedi RevanAylar önce
  • If Africa would one day be united as a whole. If I was like an Augustus or Alexander the Great of the modern day (aka having the immense resources of money, support, allies, time, planning and some degree of power etc). I would named it "Africania". Each former African country can still rule or have self independent courts and operate much like vassal states did in feudal times or become like the United States of America we know of today. I would promote progression of infrastructure, medicine, technology, education, religious tolerance, western thought mixed with various African cultures and so on. Established trade with various nations in either Europe, Asia, Middle East, North & South America. Africania, would undergo a "rebirth" or a Renaissance. Just thinking out loud here. Everyone knows the unlimited potential Africa would have on the global stage as a world power if unified. However, due to being largely diverse of languages, religions, culture, being individualistic or collective societies and the rampant periods of political corruption and unending wars/civil wars. Unifying a whole continent such as Africa would be nearly impossible and unfortunately a bloody endeavor.... As to unify a whole nation one must have three key components which are integral: 1. Having one central government. 2. Having a unifying or primary religion. 3. Having a main written language. All in all,a thousand pardons for this lengthy and wordy text. I just love dabbling in hypothetically "what if's". If anyone does live in Africa or had lived in the continent for sufficient amount of time. Tell me please, what are your thoughts of Africa becoming united in terms of, socially, economically and politically?

    Spence RameySpence RameyAylar önce
  • Oh no, I've gone cross-eyed Honestly conflict of this sort is more reminiscent of warfare before the rise of modern nation-states, where factions were dominated by a powerful warlord or a cabal and alliances and objectives are based more on personal gain than national interest, than a war between nation-states in the modern era. A student of medieval or Renaissance Europe would understand this sort of war.

    Braeden HarrisBraeden HarrisAylar önce
  • When even ol Nelson can’t make peace you know things have gotten out of hand

    Freeblade InvictusFreeblade InvictusAylar önce
  • Unfortunately this war happened in Africa. As everyone knows... only white history matters. That's why no one knows about this.

    jjstilejjstileAylar önce
    • @LEMMINO not in the US

      jjstilejjstile21 gün önce
    • @jjstile this was nightly news for a long time. every night news and descriptions of events happening during this whole conflict and what lead to it. Atleast in the uk.

      LEMMINOLEMMINO21 gün önce
    • @LEMMINO sure I was born in the 80s. Why do you ask?

      jjstilejjstile25 gün önce
    • Can I ask what year you were born?

      LEMMINOLEMMINO25 gün önce
  • having 0 knowledge about this part of the world, i have no idea whats going on at all

    lmao gottemlmao gottemAylar önce
  • im confused

    hdhdAylar önce
  • How is it a world war. When it’s in Africa?

    Ciccio CelikCiccio CelikAylar önce
  • Wow id rather do quantum mathematics than try to understand this debacle.

    Abdulgani AliAbdulgani AliAylar önce
  • Wouldn't a world war need to involve ATLEAST 2 continents? WW2 had countries from 5 continents. That's like calling one of the billion large wars in Europe a world war.

    Elijah JacksonElijah JacksonAylar önce
  • Now I want a Tutsi roll lol

    Bentley MillerBentley MillerAylar önce
  • Too complicated

    Dibas SarkarDibas SarkarAylar önce
  • You get the stories of these African wars, tell them in a Mediaeval fictional setting, throw in some mythical monsters and entities instead of killer wildlife and you got Game of Thrones II

    SucculentSucculentAylar önce
  • Id really like to hear about the rise of Munbutu and the 1960s so called "congo war" that inspired warren Zevon's song Roland the headless thompson gunner if ya got a second.

    Albert GreeneAlbert GreeneAylar önce
  • Bruh. It cant be a world war if it only happened in Africa.

    Jake WilliamsJake WilliamsAylar önce
  • Kenya and Tanzania Did not get involved coz it was a Pointless war

  • War! Ethiopia vs tigray Tigray conflict 4 November - ongoing 2020

    Desiree DuongDesiree DuongAylar önce
  • Habyarimana was pure hutu and kagame is pure tutsi. U have also mixed couples. U also have dark skin tutsis and light skin tutsis. Kagame a children they are not light skin.? Ok. Stop being racist. U also have hutus who look Somali and the ethnicity is from the father not mother. During the war the extremists hutus look after people's noses and how u looked, they didn't care what was in your card. U had to look like Shrek, a big nose.

    Gsr GuyGsr GuyAylar önce
  • There is literally no point and purpose of UN peace keepers anymore.

    Rowan GovenderRowan GovenderAylar önce
  • OK,Does everyone get to have their own army?

    Mike FoleyMike FoleyAylar önce
    • Rebellion in the congo is a way of life. It’s a career like any other. In other countries, if you want to get ahead in life you start a business. In the congo you start a rebellion. You’ll need two guns as an initial investment. If you’re lucky you’ll grow from a 2-gun mom-and-pop operation to a 5K-gun empire.

      Mitch Mazamez19Mitch Mazamez195 gün önce
  • Однажды на Анголу напали. Однажды Анголу хотели уничтожить. Но силы добра спасли Анголу. Куба и Россия сделали это. Поэтому в Анголе знают правду о будущем. Только Россия спасёт всех. И Конго тоже. Мы хотим спасти всех. Поэтому мы строим много танков и ракет. Мы готовимся. А войну в Конго устроил Запад, вся кровь, которая там пролилась, на ваших руках. Поэтому вы не имеете права смотреть на Африку с высока, вы не имеете права осуждать их. И вы не можете сказать, что это сделало ваше правительство, а не вы. Ведь у вас, на Западе, якобы демократия. Это означает, что у вас коллективная ответственность за всё, что делает ваше правительство.

    Иван СуваровИван СуваровAylar önce
  • The chad meme allowed me to subscribe

    boyo304boyo304Aylar önce
  • The 'pre-existing cultural identities' that Colonialism in Africa had conflict with is ANOTHER colonial system in place thousands of years earlier, the KENYANS, supported with loans from the Asian Empire as a hub of control of cheap African labor (slavery) since the advent of the Fertile Crescent. Put THAT in your pipe 🤣 and smoke it!

    Albert F.Albert F.Aylar önce
  • how did congo get peace

    ARCAYARCAYAylar önce
  • Reminds me of my childhood, when me and the other kids played "King of the Hill" on some mound of dirt. Whoever got on top was immediately attacked and taken down by the other kids, who immediately turned on whoever got to be on top, and then again, and again, and again. For eight year olds, it was all quite violent, and a lot of fun. I don't recall anyone actually winning. Kind of like this African war. I am glad we didn't play the game with guns, LOL

    Craig DillonCraig DillonAylar önce
  • And on top of the confusion, USA,Cuba,USSR and South Africa also played some role leading to the beginning of this war during the cold war

    Michael OdhiamboMichael OdhiamboAylar önce
  • doesn't mention the belgian para troopers and soldiers send there during the second congolese war...

    Michael KenisMichael KenisAylar önce
  • lies: shes just a friend we'd be home by Christmas its a democratic nation

    Lance Gideon DioknoLance Gideon DioknoAylar önce
  • Thank you for these fascinating insights.

    SMC01fulSMC01fulAylar önce
  • Important to mention: Hutus and Tutsis are artificially made and recent “ethnic” groups, made by the Belgians to divide the locals during their rule.... They called Tutsis those with thin noses, who they used as managers of the land, while considered everyone else a Hutu....

    Nico DangondNico DangondAylar önce
    • I thought the Germans used the two groups to to divide and rule. Giving favors and privileges to the Tutsi over the Hutu. .... kind of planting the seed of hatred. However in 1934 the Belgian used property and appearance to divide the two groups. It they had less the 10 cows/ cattle. They also claimed that the Hutu were “negride” race and the Tutsi were the superior “europide ” race. Really terrible and studio at the same time, but this is racism in a nutshell.

      AnJuli NoNameAnJuli NoNameAylar önce
  • i cant follow this. whos doing what now?

    RayzyRayzyAylar önce
  • So you're saying that countries with different ethinicities can't work?

    Valentin ChevalValentin ChevalAylar önce
  • My Marxist teacher told me that this video is an oversimplification of the fact that capitalism had evil mining corporations in Kongo.

    Benjamin GoldsteinBenjamin GoldsteinAylar önce
  • You know it's bad when Gaddafi is trying to make peace

    CryoStatisCryoStatisAylar önce
  • Leopold the II. Even in his death still hunt the congo till this day!!!

    Yukie CyrusYukie CyrusAylar önce
  • Armchair Historiann kindly make a documentary about Filipino-American war

    Paul NacorPaul NacorAylar önce
The African World War | Animated History