The All-Time Giants Team!

The New York Giants theme team... at high request. Enjoy my sons
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  • Is it just me that watches his videos when I have anxiety

    NotLikeNotLike29 dakika önce
  • 6:20 is just me or Moore was open

    Pp MackPp Mack7 gün önce
  • Where u get that jacket

    Keyon CochranKeyon Cochran7 gün önce
  • Bro where was the You got Mossed at 13:36

    Wolf AceWolf Ace7 gün önce
  • Ima need that jacket mmg thanks!!

    PerksPerks11 gün önce
  • Do best packers

    Boi BoiBoi Boi12 gün önce
  • Cowboys them team

    Ryan ChancyRyan Chancy12 gün önce
  • But plz use all Houston texans Team plz

    Monarkbeast0514 BeastMonarkbeast0514 Beast13 gün önce
  • Should’ve used McKinney over bethea

    ZippyZippy14 gün önce
  • Where can I get that hoodie

    Morgan NicholsMorgan Nichols17 gün önce
  • What do you mean the giants are the best nfl team that ever stepped on the nfl field

    Jayden CulleyJayden Culley19 gün önce
  • the all times giant teams has surprisingly small players

    beetle juicebeetle juice21 gün önce
  • Your luck I have a 90 ovr team and the highest card I have this is a 93 and those are the premiere rookies

    OneTakeWooOneTakeWoo21 gün önce

    Jake PettitJake Pettit22 gün önce
  • The giants beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl shut up

    Shawn SanderlinShawn Sanderlin22 gün önce
  • get a ps4

    Emmett FitzpatrickEmmett Fitzpatrick23 gün önce
  • if he had someone else doing those corner routes like lamar jackson.......

    60yard bomb60yard bomb24 gün önce
  • 5:13 MMG: Herman Moore should be open Herman Moore: blanketed with an incoming LB Also Saquon RB: *wide open* MMG: Seems legit Saquon: "Am I a joke to you?" Stay golden Papa Meags

    Dread PoolDread Pool25 gün önce
  • Mmg gaints are better than lions you know that

    Dillon JonesDillon Jones26 gün önce
  • Why is Joe Thuney on the team when he’s always been and still is a Patriot?

    Daniel AcevedoDaniel Acevedo26 gün önce
  • Lions fans don't get to say the Giants suck

    Daumber1Daumber126 gün önce
  • Do da bearsss 🐻

    JackJM 218JackJM 218Aylar önce
  • 01:13 0:54 14:23

    Evelina SimonEvelina SimonAylar önce
  • They have 2 lineman that are 95s

    Emarion WhiteEmarion WhiteAylar önce
  • Left a dislike when he said he don’t like clowney

    JaeJaeEsJaeJaeEsAylar önce
  • What defensive playbook does mmg use

    ToySonic86ToySonic86Aylar önce
  • eli and peyton have the same abilities

    Gridironb3ast1Gridironb3ast1Aylar önce
  • We need a bears theme team

    Samuel OrlowskiSamuel OrlowskiAylar önce
  • Eli is bad outside the pocket, helmet catch throw out of the pocket

    JellyButternubsJellyButternubsAylar önce
  • 00:22 says a lion fan

    Jaxson McgeeJaxson McgeeAylar önce
    • Lol

      Jaxson McgeeJaxson McgeeAylar önce
  • Pipe down lions fan we know as a football team were kinda in shambles xD

    Hyper GamesHyper GamesAylar önce
  • Do the jets if you haven't yet

    Viper SnipersViper SnipersAylar önce
  • MMG in case ur wondering the giants have the best fan base in the nfl

    D-man's In Da HouseD-man's In Da HouseAylar önce
  • Hi

    Ali RanaAli RanaAylar önce
  • Mayo was low-key the mvp

    YourMomsLettuceYourMomsLettuceAylar önce
  • Hi

    Jared Barnette jrJared Barnette jrAylar önce
  • I’m a giants fan let’s f***ing go

    Anthony RussoAnthony RussoAylar önce
  • Yo we haven’t been good but we’re about to turn over a new leaf

    Nuri DavidNuri DavidAylar önce
  • MMG: Calls Giants bad Me: But the Loins are even worse...

    GoldieGoodnessGoldieGoodnessAylar önce
  • Where is Lawrence Taylor

    Jason SavageJason SavageAylar önce
  • he’s turning into anikan

    Preston MartinezPreston MartinezAylar önce
  • Bruh run with Barkley

    Bruh momentous maddenBruh momentous maddenAylar önce
  • You said slants was a bad play in the red zone, but 10:09

    paulboyterpaulboyterAylar önce
  • Imma need a Texans all time team

    JustSomeSalt BoiJustSomeSalt BoiAylar önce
  • No one: When It's 3rd and long and I throw to my Terrell Owens for the completion, 3:00

    Jacob MalhisJacob MalhisAylar önce
  • The giants are a good team, just a lot of their players don’t have cards for some reason

    Mattaeus BoschenMattaeus BoschenAylar önce
  • When he threw to Herman Moore on the one and he dropped it saquad was wide

    Casey BulmanCasey BulmanAylar önce
  • Do jets

    LocalYZLocalYZAylar önce
  • I have a 96ovr Saints theme team. I'd love for you to use. 97off 95def

    Chris NewtonChris NewtonAylar önce
  • all time texans team

    Adam CottonAdam CottonAylar önce
  • Why is Joe Thuney on the team?

    JealousBishopJealousBishopAylar önce
  • Papa: makes jokes about mayo Mayo: mvp of the defense

    layton andersonlayton andersonAylar önce
  • When u gonna do the cardinals

    Leonardo PortilloLeonardo PortilloAylar önce
  • Ashley was hotter

    Ryan ReeseRyan ReeseAylar önce
  • Do broncos

    casper 78casper 78Aylar önce
  • I know you not talkin about the giants the lions are trash at least we won a suprbowl

    Ayo The ManAyo The ManAylar önce
  • Mmg should do The Jacksonville Jaguars

    Mason ReidMason ReidAylar önce
  • MMG: "Damon Harrison... Current Lions" Us Lions Fans: ;(

    Kaiden RandolKaiden RandolAylar önce
  • do broncos next

    FSL_SynergyFSL_SynergyAylar önce

    Michele kofmanMichele kofmanAylar önce
  • Now do u like the giants

    Michele kofmanMichele kofmanAylar önce
  • U r so mean dude the giants r ok not trash

    Michele kofmanMichele kofmanAylar önce
  • I’m telling you. The giants are a beast. Just not now.

    Martini JaghooriMartini JaghooriAylar önce
  • does anyone now how players on this team that are out of their position still have their team chems working and not crossed off

    tyler ditsontyler ditsonAylar önce
  • do the broncos pls

    Luke StefanLuke StefanAylar önce
  • Yessir I’m a giants fan

    zimzimAylar önce
  • All time buccs

    Ya_boi_simbaYa_boi_simbaAylar önce
  • That sweatshirt is crispy🔥

    RohdehouseRohdehouseAylar önce
  • Papa Meags you need to do a Saints team next...

    Trequan AdamsTrequan AdamsAylar önce
  • MMG do the Broncos

    The HooperThe HooperAylar önce
The All-Time Giants Team!