The Burger Show Season 5 Is Here! (Trailer) | The Burger Show

The Burger Show is back!
Get ready for another season of classic regional burger styles with Bon Appetit's Brad Leone; comedic shenanigans with Big Mouth star Nick Kroll; rating L.A.'s best burgers with Seth Rogen and Adam Richman; and hitting the highway for the ultimate Texas burger road-trip with everyone's favorite Burger Scholar, George Motz.
The Burger Show. Season 5. Let's get it!
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  • oh god not that LOSER seth rogan

    Test AccountTest Account4 aylar önce
  • No George Motz? No Burger Show.

    Rand00mThingRand00mThing4 aylar önce
  • Get Jay and Silent bob on the show!!!!

    Marco UribeMarco Uribe4 aylar önce
  • Can we please get John mulaney on the show? And separately Ryan bergara and Shane madej?!?!

    Oh HiOh Hi4 aylar önce
  • Feast Mansion is horrible. Please make more content like this or Hot Ones!

    M TM T4 aylar önce
  • Holy shit I need a burger. It’s 04:00 and I need food!

    Potetoes ManPotetoes Man4 aylar önce
  • Y'all need to hit up New Orleans, it isn't all seafood and creole, we've got some LEGIT burgers in town...

    A HA H4 aylar önce
  • The burger in the thumbnail looks like it tastes like water

    The Dog's KneecapsThe Dog's Kneecaps4 aylar önce
  • Anyone else feel awkward watching this morbidly obese dude literally killing himself to do this show?

    P CassP Cass5 aylar önce

    Paul BriaPaul Bria5 aylar önce
  • george motz and brad leone in the same room = i'm gonna cum

    SlippySlippy5 aylar önce
  • YO!!! WTF happen to Seth Rogen??? he stating to look like he has too much Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood 1:01

    Rozzy1312Rozzy13125 aylar önce
  • Brad Leone and Tiffani Thiessan and you're gonna not even mention them in the dbox

    natenate5 aylar önce
  • Unfortunately, the chef kind of ruins my appetite. :/

    Richard NeffRichard Neff5 aylar önce
  • Letssss gooooooooooooo

    Noddle_ Head_Noddle_ Head_5 aylar önce

    Logan BassLogan Bass5 aylar önce
    • (I love the burger show too)

      Logan BassLogan Bass5 aylar önce
  • Really worried about Alvin's health

    AbraxasAbraxas5 aylar önce

    Simon MorterSimon Morter5 aylar önce
  • my body is ready

    colt laceycolt lacey5 aylar önce

    Bari HsiungBari Hsiung5 aylar önce
  • Nick kroll is not funny

    Quinn NewmanQuinn Newman5 aylar önce
  • . . . AS A CHEF

    LoganLogan5 aylar önce
  • Is that Tiffany Amber-Thiesen? Nice...

    Mitch CumsteinMitch Cumstein5 aylar önce
  • How is George Motz not the host this season

    JoshuaJoshua5 aylar önce
  • Alvin please get healthy

    soyourboi27soyourboi275 aylar önce
  • Am I the only one that doesn’t like to know who plays the voice of the characters 😭

    YBS T-yYBS T-y5 aylar önce
  • Looks good bro.

    dino cadanodino cadano5 aylar önce
  • I thought Logan died?

    z wz w5 aylar önce
  • This 👌🏻💯 Hot ones 👌🏻💯 Feast mansion 🤬🤮💩

  • Double cheese and sausage mcmuffin combined without double buns. Mic drop.

    C H R I S T O P H E R W O L FC H R I S T O P H E R W O L F5 aylar önce
  • Andddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.................... He's still fat

    Brian BaerBrian Baer5 aylar önce
  • You gotta try meh the canadian kelba burger

    MikeyC LikesitMikeyC Likesit5 aylar önce
  • more Motz and Alvin shenanigans!

    Majordomo MediaMajordomo Media5 aylar önce
  • 0:57 INSIDE HERD's BURGERS!! I'm so damned stoked to see my hometown represented.

    BigBird75BigBird755 aylar önce

    WhiteTrashAndyWhiteTrashAndy5 aylar önce
  • please, don't talk in terms of seasons here on yt. especially when you release like 5 episodes per. this is just silly

    Ed WassermannEd Wassermann5 aylar önce
  • Come on u burgers 😍❤

    Sebastian BydénSebastian Bydén5 aylar önce
  • Bring on the LA Beast!!!

    Chichi LynnChichi Lynn5 aylar önce
  • #FIRSTWEBEAST AKA Please invite the LA BEAST on Hot Ones!!! #LABEAST

    Dbeaumont ResidentDbeaumont Resident5 aylar önce
  • I hope one day you will go in depth of chicken burgers. That would be nice!

    NoobCyberbotNoobCyberbot5 aylar önce
  • No Sean Evans, not watching

    Anthony O'ConnorAnthony O'Connor5 aylar önce
  • L.A BEAST!!!!!!!

    Eric voEric vo5 aylar önce

    Adi MillerAdi Miller5 aylar önce
  • L.A. BEAST

    ______5 aylar önce
  • so when are you having the beast on??? HAVE A GOOD DAY

    Billytooth jamesBillytooth james5 aylar önce
  • Watch this Reebok Classic Shoe Review

    Bigz BusinessBigz Business5 aylar önce
  • wheres feast mansion is it not on this week?

    Rania RizkiadindaRania Rizkiadinda5 aylar önce
  • wheres feast mansion is it not on this week?

    Rania RizkiadindaRania Rizkiadinda5 aylar önce
  • wheres feast mansion is it not on this week?

    Rania RizkiadindaRania Rizkiadinda5 aylar önce
  • Can't wait for this! looks great

    Chris GanowskiChris Ganowski5 aylar önce
  • Damn those are some good looking burgers lol.

    PlayworthyPlayworthy5 aylar önce
  • Petition for LA Beast at 25k...

    Seth AllenSeth Allen5 aylar önce
  • Where are the wings and sauces? Only good thing on the channel

    popsicle33popsicle335 aylar önce
  • I forgot this channel was more than Hot Ones lmao

    MagiclessWizardMagiclessWizard5 aylar önce
  • Bring L.A. beast!

    DanyBizzyDDanyBizzyD5 aylar önce

    Roel WubbenRoel Wubben5 aylar önce
  • The hormone monster yay😀

    Vasuhan CulbertsonVasuhan Culbertson5 aylar önce
  • Can’t wait :D

    Billy BoyBilly Boy5 aylar önce
  • LA Beast LA Beast LA Beast LA Beast LA Beast LA Beast

    dangitbobby0001dangitbobby00015 aylar önce
  • BRING BACK THE LEAGUE OR I'LL UNSUB! j/k i wont but plzzz do it anyway

    Rusty Bucket 5000Rusty Bucket 50005 aylar önce
  • Came for the S5 trailer and was NOT disappointed, so many amazing guests coming up. The Burger Show and Hot Ones are 2 of my favourite shows on the youtubes. CANNOT WAIT!!!!

    Michael HillMichael Hill5 aylar önce
  • ARE YA´LL KIDDIN??? BRAD FUCKING LEONE??? ALONGSIDE NICK KROLL ***AND** SETH ROGAN PLUS ADAM RICHMAN -ya´ll i havent been this excited for something in a loooooooooooooong time im serious

    Hanah BareHanah Bare5 aylar önce
  • I love this show, I love Nick Kroll and his wonderful voices especially from big mouth, and I love all the other guests. This will already be my favourite season! Thank you 🤜🤛

    Nick BasraNick Basra5 aylar önce
  • I bet they don’t have a single thing in this season we haven’t seen before.

    clawless92clawless925 aylar önce
  • Eyyyy Its Alive

    AsdfghjklbAsdfghjklb5 aylar önce
  • Alvin is going to die of a heart attack any fucking day now :( . Where are his friends and family when he needs them? Alvin, get healthy man, looking at you kill yourself is depressing.

    Ionic457Ionic4575 aylar önce
  • i'm a simple man, i see brad leone i click like

    Edison PuaEdison Pua5 aylar önce
  • Brad Leone x George Motz = ahhmayygawd

    Jack GreeneJack Greene5 aylar önce
  • B R A D. OO MM GGGG.

    satinsatin5 aylar önce
  • Damn, can't wait! ;)

    Critical Eats JapanCritical Eats Japan5 aylar önce
The Burger Show Season 5 Is Here! (Trailer) | The Burger Show