The Curious Case of Lilly Singh

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Join me as we delve into the controversy surrounding an extremely popular TRvisionr and her late night show, Lilly Singh.




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    j aubreyj aubrey7 aylar önce
    • hell block your like the people who complain about people accepting raid: shadow legend sponsorships. They need money.

      I’m a Yeti.I’m a Yeti.22 gün önce
    • Just to clear one thing up, the ii before and after her name are (I believe) there to circumvent DC Comics' copyright of the name "Superwoman"

      AC4XAC4X28 gün önce
    • 18:21 - Onward You've basically described the mainstream media model. Her business model is to antagonize and create ammunition for her opposition to fire back with, which gives her (in turn) more material to go on. Round and round it goes. Great summarization!

      NanoNanoAylar önce
    • j aubrey raycon is becoming the next Raid: shadow legends, but it’s actually good

      I’m a Yeti.I’m a Yeti.Aylar önce
    • ok mr don't be elitist

      Lauxe FreshLauxe Fresh2 aylar önce
  • Jonathan ur face isn’t disgusting it’s F$cking sexy as hell I wish was Adele

    Dolph ZigglerDolph Ziggler13 saatler önce
  • I’m a bisexual woman of colour and I hate her show

    Shadow CadetteShadow Cadette15 saatler önce
  • I passionately want her to be failure. In fact I wish every one of these youtube narcissist to fail miserably.

    rockydj1000rockydj100020 saatler önce
  • I don't believe she's bi-sexual, she probably thinks she is just because she kissed a few girls like most of use do when we get tanked up lol. She just says it to sound edgy and different smh...

    Lexine BateLexine BateGün önce
  • The whole thing about Ellen having a likable personality has really not aged well.

    Jonathan HenkelJonathan Henkel2 gün önce
  • Someone please tell me what the name of the outro song is at the end 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 PLEASE

    Lady TekNoLady TekNo2 gün önce
  • I'm like way over fourteen and I enoy her videos. i don't know where you've got the idea that her target are children. I would say its young females, just like herself. The same goes with Liza. Liza is one of the most hilarious people I have ever seen. And repeating that twerking scene just makes this channel look bad. Not Lily's. It's obviously just a parody (like if there was no sexual jokes in any other comedy videos, sex is one of the most popular topics, but hey she's a girl, so how can she). And again with Liza - the picture is from her show where there is no nudity whatsoever. Just watch the episode. This is just bullshit.

    paranormal_sunparanormal_sun2 gün önce
  • I know she has a big following and we do have to give some credit to her for pushing the feminist, people of colour movement etc. which has definitely created more awareness and conversations now, but yeah I do feel that it is getting a bit excessive and too aggressive... And repetitive. I guess it's just a result of peaking earlier in TRvision history, where a lot of creators (some mentioned on this channel as well) still rely on their earlier formulas of success that propelled them to viral stardom in a society where the content that viewers enjoy now has definitely changed drastically from what they enjoyed back then. I've seen the old TRvision content, and I've seen the change in dynamics and it's honestly quite shocking how quickly things or trends go out of fashion. And as said before, the only way to gain and keep new fans is to improve and adapt.

    Nicholette ChuaNicholette Chua4 gün önce
  • The millionaire who wants us all to think she's oppressed 😂

    Alan CurrieAlan Currie4 gün önce
  • What i don't understand about these youtubers roasting lilly singh is thay they show only a clip out of her do you expect the people to relate and u derstand whats going on ?! The clips you just showed..if even any one of you take a minute to actually go to her channel and watch that video to which the clip belonged would understand the concept of "Relatability" ..You think she's not think we 15M people are morons..having a net worth of 16 M think she looted a bank ? And just tell me..why in the world would she get a lete night show host position and not your..whats your name ? Yeah..J aubrey , huh ? If you would have a conversation with all us OPs following her since 2010..saw her growth..and yeah ! She is a rapper dude !! Go and watch " Eminen raps abt M&Ms " that was a one take bruh !! Or "If rappers were news reporters" or "If my family was @one Direction " Or would like to know her efforts towards generosity..ever heard abt na..wait a would were too busy lisetning to these overrated roasters and sterotyoing lilly even way before actually seeing ger videos..werent you ?

    Jyotsna LalJyotsna Lal5 gün önce
  • Note :- Ik it's a lot to read.But please do..Reason being ; Not that i want likes or replies..just ho would know yourself.. I believe in what she taught us years ago if you remember ," Spread Love".. I would like to take just a moment to say very politely to all the haters out there , "stay calm dude"( doe i wanted to say ; in Lilly' style " Are you dumb 😂") I just want to say that This is the Same LILLY SINGH from 2010 who has worked unconditionally hard for more than a decade now to reach where she is now..This is the same Lilly Singh who puts so damn much efforts in every single of her videos.. Lilly..not only a comedian or a youtuber But a well versed rapper as well ! Just go check out " Lilly Singh :- Voices " Or the Queen of comedy timing such as in her videos " My family Sucks at game night " Also ! A dancer( not professional..yet she does her best..which has gotten her a 14.9 M Subscribers ; not a joke man ! ) Go check out "Soca×Bhangra fusion " ... She once said in one of her raps in her video " You scared of Muslims , I am scared of your mentality " That line hit me so hard..I still listen to that song 3 years later.. To all those who are hating her ..or to all het fans who left her side when "A little late with Lilly singh" was not doing too great..I just wanna tell them..that no one gets their perfect shot at the very first time..Yes..I agree..there were some awkwardness and bad jokes in some of her episodes ( Which some like to say all the episodes ; Not true bro ! ) but there were also some that Were Lit AF ! And also some with mediocre quality..which were very damn appreciable..but you know what..whatever they were..cant we just look forward..Towards S2 ?! I actually am disappointed from her fans..the fans who used to give 7-10 M views and 400-500 k likes on her videos on an average..buckle up man ! Where ia the Fam now ?! We need the views , the likes..The love that we have always given ! Wake up ! It's Our iiSuperwomanii ....The queen who gave us a role model to look forward to..To all the haters and youtubers..Including Big TRvisionrs ..Man..I am nothing in front of you..literally nothing...i dont even have a youtube channel..But if we ever get to talk face to face..I'll tell you..Without any swearing..neither with any hard feelings nor any unnecessary comments , to just go with the flow to look cool ( wait..thats your job isnt it ? ) I will remind you who this woman she once became Unicef's goodwill she reached The Jimmy Fallon Show as a young artist some 3-4 years ago..How she came Under forbes list as well ..and how she starts the #GirlLove to supports children( especially girls ) in India , Kenya etc( and a million more things which i wont be able to highlight) .. To all those who say she ain't funny..Have you even watched her videos ?No really bro ? Or even this video..which was really really good if you tryyna keep you ego aside for a would know .. Or maybe her rap songs.."If my mother was a rapper " or "LEH " Or Her other skit type videos ? Or did you as well Went with the Stupid "Lilly Cringe" thing..which will be smashed after her S2 I tell you damn much..I ..and Millions of fans..aroud the India - Canada etc Have seen her grow..her struggles..we have continued her lives with her..even being Millions of Miles away from her..we stayed with her..and if you dont want to get emotional..and want some facts..of her efforts in her quality videos since a decade..I am ready..Even if you are older or richer or stronger than me..Idfc..I am here to talk facts as well..and give a clear cut answer to all the Negative comments on her's not like i dont support comments..i do..these are what teach a person what life is about..but judging someone on the basis of one faiure they had..judging her entire career..this is something..i would stand against..alone if i have to..i personally know some of her fans out of a millions..who are ready to do what they ought to protect the self respect of the "Best human being " we know ( Go ahead and comment on this "best human being doesnt matter..You dont even know The "L" of "Lilly singh " we know her as a person..on the Funny( yes she is..very much ) And..i could say all the adjectives i could think of..but i wont..the superwoman alone is enough to fight all the haters ! I aint gonna get a single penny or a single appreciation..neither that i want to..all i want is to tell to the person who reads it that just wait and watch "The Lilly Singh " In " A LITTLE LATE WITH LILLY SINGH S2 "..Then you would know..these are not words..these are felings..Love you Lilliy're not alone..millions like me have got your back..go rock it gal !!!!! And yes..she would take your advice..cause as she believes.." when you have dont build a longer fence , you build a longer table " ...

    Jyotsna LalJyotsna Lal5 gün önce
  • I'm indian and I dont go around making white people jokes constantly and shoving in peoples face "im indian im indian" like what? its not funny

    Tishita AiTishita Ai5 gün önce
  • It's crazy how she's got a stigma against white males or people in general, and talks about how she stands for all brown people. However, she groups herself with African Americans all the time to represent "brown people," when she's Indian. I don't see her grouping herself with her own background, because she's busy worrying about other people's culture.

    Amber J.Amber J.5 gün önce
  • Let me see if I get this straight. One you "conceited" You Tuber disparaging other "conceited" You Tubers? Sounds the black pot calling another pot black to me. Just saying.

    Rigby RigboneRigby Rigbone5 gün önce
  • mMMM that editing is delicious

    cherry bcherry b6 gün önce
  • 6:30 everyone on that list is white

    Blackpink’s BitchBlackpink’s Bitch6 gün önce
  • Wowzers. That condom joke was appalling. Just... for _ALL_ the reasons. Every second she's on TV she's making it worse for the very (incredibly righteous & noble) causes she wishes so desperately to get praise for championing/credit for advancing. But holy cow cripes that condom one was gross, _mostly to watch._ Sorry, just had to mention it again.

    Azairé ἄθεος AlbertineAzairé ἄθεος Albertine6 gün önce
  • ive literally never heard of this girl before and i enjoy late night television

    adam watsonadam watson7 gün önce
  • Cringey case of

    Letisha_Turned_OffLetisha_Turned_Off7 gün önce
  • The montage showing Conan, ELLEN, CARSON , and then ....Lilly , was disturbing and shitty

    prajesh bhushanprajesh bhushan8 gün önce
  • I hate Ellen so you lost me a bit there

    Clint GalacClint Galac8 gün önce
  • Lily: Maybe all your favourite shows and movies will get a minority remake. Disney: The little mermaid was a COINCIDENCE.

    StarcastStarcast8 gün önce
  • My issue with lily, other than how utterly not funny she is, is that’s she’s trying SO HARD to be “woke” and “present” but she got to her fame by stereotyping her heritage and culture. 1. Wanda Sykes had her late show in 2009 (one season) so lily is not the first woman of colour to do it. 2. Most late night shows have a a plethora of diverse writers (for example, the frequently featured ladies of Seth Meyers show) 3. She says white men but has a pic of Trevor Noah, who in his first episode said it was offered to a woman and was refused) and Larry Willmore. 4. Let’s not forget Samantha B. She’s white, but also a late night female host.

    Sarah ABCSarah ABC8 gün önce
    • United States Of America totally, Tyra had a show. Wendy has a show. But she says she’s the first late night show. So I didn’t mention them.

      Sarah ABCSarah ABC4 gün önce
    • Not to mention that Oprah exists as a person

      United States Of AmericaUnited States Of America5 gün önce
  • why is she acting like shes the only woman of color on tv like sis u aint the new oprah

    payton munropayton munro9 gün önce
  • Can we give Ryan Higa his own talk show first

    Sam TSam T9 gün önce
  • Who’s the chick at 5:00

    Matt KramerMatt Kramer9 gün önce
  • I like Conan, but he does involve some political stuff to pander to audiences, he has the "The one guy who doesn't know Trump has been elected yet." So I don't really think that's why he's the funniest I think it's because he just is funny.

    jim shinjim shin9 gün önce
  • My fucking older 19 and half year old sister loves her😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    M. LeenaM. Leena9 gün önce
  • Okay just for that opening....SUB.

    Gabbie ShortieGabbie Shortie9 gün önce
    • Ikr it’s so epic

      YaBoiYaBoi7 gün önce
  • Why does she wear Hillary Clinton pantsuits though?

    Sunny Rosario TrujilloSunny Rosario Trujillo10 gün önce
  • 2:45 sexual harassment, hilarious

    aNaRcHo pACiFisMaNaRcHo pACiFisM10 gün önce
  • Came across this person who thought every single cis gendered male is not worthy of respect just because coincidentally, every single man she's come across in her life turned out to be an asshole. Lilly gives me war flashbacks of that person.

    whalien pippawhalien pippa10 gün önce
  • she is racist its all

    Justyna WaleniaJustyna Walenia10 gün önce
  • She's basically being racist while disguising it as being "progressive". And no I don't think racist jokes are bad at all. I love laughing at jokes about myself and other people (If it's funny). But she clearly has some deep down issue with people based on the colour of their skin simply because she constantly talks about it even if it isn't funny. I just wish people would stop giving a fuck about the colour of someones skin, and that goes for the left and the right. Racist jokes are fine. But from listening to her "jokes", It's clear that she's just straight up racist. Replace every word regarding white men and change it so it fits black women. Would it still be acceptable on TV? Would she make it to where she is now? no. I never understand why it's seemingly okay to bash one group but not the other, even if it isn't in a joke form. Am I the only one who notices this? I tell some horrible and fucked up jokes with my friends, but I tell jokes about everyone. If you want to bash people, either bash everyone or no one.

    Avi8orAvi8or10 gün önce
  • as a feminist, people like lilly singh make me feel ashamed to call myself one.

    melissamelissa10 gün önce
  • She’s be a decent local news reporter or something, but she probably would be annoying as hell to work with. I can also see her as a local radio DJ, lol.

    Pole AstronautPole Astronaut11 gün önce
  • I will never understand how she got so many underserved opportunities. It’s genuinely baffling. I guess she’s simply highly marketable?

    Pole AstronautPole Astronaut11 gün önce
  • I wish she had better jokes. The white jokes are too drawn out now🙄

    Aqualein LeNoirAqualein LeNoir11 gün önce
  • That moment when a video criticizing Lily's show has more views than most episodes of her actual show lmao

    ZLMdragonZLMdragon11 gün önce
  • That intros editing was👌👌👌

    Francisco CarrilloFrancisco Carrillo11 gün önce
  • I think it’s notable to compare the comedy to someone like Conan, it’s very easy to enjoy Conan because he’s usually the butt of the joke, it’s funny and not alienating in any capacity, the only person to be hurt is him, and he obviously isn’t. From what I’m seeing of Lily, she seems to have a strong focus on a presentation that intentionally attacks others, the butt of the joke is always “white people”. So yeah, most white people are going to feel alienated. As someone liberal as hell, this stuff is still very off-putting even to me, as the man said, I love a good joke on white people, shits funny, we suck, but damn the way she does it just... it’s not appealing at all. Just kinda condescending. Anyways subscribe to SuperMega thank you.

    Chris AChris A11 gün önce
  • As a bisexual woman of color, @lilysingh , stfu

    lily kwonlily kwon11 gün önce
  • A lot of her early videos have this weird internalized sexism against women, so it's odd to see her lean into a woke identity when she gets a talk show. Trying to appeal to the left entertainment/talk show crowd, maybe?

    badbabybear1badbabybear112 gün önce
  • I love how the daily show with Trevor Noah did what she wanted to do so much better

    Sophie Williams WilliamsSophie Williams Williams12 gün önce
  • the whole joke on Lilly's show is "white straight sid man, amiright?"

    AnxiousCowAnxiousCow12 gün önce
  • Lily: “If you have a mean thought, you don’t have to say it. You don’t need to put that energy into the world.” Also Lily: “Man F*ck White People! Am I right?!” She can claim that “iT’s A jOkE” all she wants, if the joke isn’t funny, or even joke-like (I’ll say a joke can be not funny, but still clearly intended to be a joke) then it just comes off as mean-spirited.

    SmashTheBandicootSmashTheBandicoot12 gün önce
  • and you never do stop motion again

  • I saw her content a few years back... her comedy is cringeworthy and over the top. There are so many youtubers with way better content. Never understood what the big deal was?

    Sharon GahatrajSharon Gahatraj12 gün önce
  • She bought her family their first toilet... they use to wash their feet.

    fifty yearsfifty years12 gün önce
  • her older contents/videos are funny......

    xo, dxo, d12 gün önce
  • Dude you sound so pandering and pretty much racist when you pat her on the head for coming so far and wishing her show well purely because of her identities. You’re part of the issue.

    SpenserSpenser12 gün önce
  • Lily: White people Audience: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Qaucker 2008Qaucker 200813 gün önce
  • I don't understand - was the Forbes list the actual top money-making TRvisionrs? Because if that list was all men, then that means the audiences are responding mostly to male TRvisionrs. That would have empirical evidence behind it.

    citogalcitogal13 gün önce
  • shes the indian lele pons

    samarztksamarztk13 gün önce
  • I stopped watching when you said Ellen is likeable. I also unsubscribed. You lost all credibility there.

    c singsonc singson13 gün önce
  • me before a came to usa i never seen her before

    Pamela MolinaPamela Molina14 gün önce
  • Oh, I thought America to be liberal and progressive by thoughts & work...

    The Non SmokerThe Non Smoker14 gün önce
  • it’s very good to see that even tho you don’t support what a person does because it’s not for you, or me i don’t like her content either, it’s good that you support the fact that she is making lots of ground when it comes to her being the first women of color to get her own talk show, it’s very large strides forward for equality in the future, and that’s one thing i can support is that she is doing something while most people sit at home and make videos about how bad she is at doing what she is doing lol

    O Proteenn OO Proteenn O14 gün önce
  • damn, this video is well-edited!

    Ashwini KumarAshwini Kumar15 gün önce
  • So...what can we do to fix this?

    RoamingRoaming15 gün önce
  • This is painful to watch. I believe one host that is really great and is the complete opposite of her is Trevor Noah, he knows when to bring in race and his race

    Siddharth RaoSiddharth Rao15 gün önce
  • What's the music he used in the Ray con advert?

    Risotto BurntRisotto Burnt15 gün önce
  • She embarrasses Indian people everywhere

    Ishan ZaveriIshan Zaveri15 gün önce
  • The Ellen part didn’t age well 😂

    Destiny WilliamsDestiny Williams16 gün önce
  • never heard of her lol

    RaitonNinRaitonNin16 gün önce
  • ooh my favorite... cringe

    RaitonNinRaitonNin16 gün önce
  • Guys don’t ask how I know this but Lily is a woman of color

    Angela LyAngela Ly16 gün önce
  • I liked her better on TRvision. IISuperwomanII seemed more authentic.

    Isaac MirageIsaac Mirage16 gün önce
  • I feel like NBC are very disparate that's why they gave her the show.

    John KimJohn Kim16 gün önce
The Curious Case of Lilly Singh