The Dan Patrick Show - LIVE - 06/1/20




  • If anyone wants to play Madden, NBA, NHL or MLB The Show add me on playstation network Hdzla18

    Mike HodzenMike HodzenYıl önce
  • IMHO, MLB baseball is boring as hell. If there were other alternatives during the summer then MLB wouldn't be popular at all.

    Say No To White Imperialism And PropagandaSay No To White Imperialism And PropagandaYıl önce
  • Soccer matches are full of talk, not sure how Pauly is the authority on soccer here. The Premier League stated they won't mic up the managers because of how much swearing goes on during matches, not to mention the on field conversations.

    Evan OuelletteEvan OuelletteYıl önce
  • Hey guys I think Houston would want less games. That means less players hit by pitchers..John - Perrysburg Ohio

    J DelgadoJ DelgadoYıl önce
  • You guys need to have John krasinski on the show. The stuff he's been doing with SGN (Some Good News) has been awesome. You guys would love the TRvision channel if check it out. Thanks DP for keeping us sane.

    Vic RedesVic RedesYıl önce
    • Thanks for the heads up, Vic!

      andyinoregonandyinoregonYıl önce
  • Outstanding show once again. Thank you for keeping us sane Dan and Co.

    Mr. TreinenMr. TreinenYıl önce
    • Couldn't of said it better man.

      Vic RedesVic RedesYıl önce
  • DP...bro...what did we get out of the space race? Microchips, tiny transistors and diodes, silicon based computing, cell phones that became pocket computers and on and on. Aside from the stupendous achievement of leaving the Earth for the first time, that’s what the space race did for us. We should focus more money on NASA. Not less.

    T ShepT ShepYıl önce
    • The U.S. was founded on Liberal principles. It would be good for more people to understand this. Besides I’m not seeing conservative politicians line up to fund NASA either.

      T ShepT ShepYıl önce
    • as a liberal, dan doesnt need facts to inform his opinions... a better question would be what have we gotten from the trillions spent on the war on poverty

      ToothDocToothDocYıl önce
  • It was refreshing to get the REAL DP back on the show today tackling the tough topics unlike the fake DP that we got last Friday when the shat started to hit the flame he ignored the hot topic, welcome back DP you were sorely missed.

    Never Lost RoamerNever Lost RoamerYıl önce
  • Dan had two TV channels... Networks... Now he has none... Wrong direction danny

    Bill BillBill BillYıl önce
    • whats wrong with youtube?

      Bullwinkle Von CoffeehausenBullwinkle Von CoffeehausenYıl önce
  • I just dropped in to say $uck it Mario.

    Dave StierDave StierYıl önce
  • More range... Bryan Cranston or Jeff Daniels. 🤔🤔

    David BurkeDavid BurkeYıl önce
    • equal

      Bullwinkle Von CoffeehausenBullwinkle Von CoffeehausenYıl önce
  • . Anybody else have a continuing problem with the Chat Row comments "sticking" when watching the replay of the full show after the fact? Every couple of minutes when watching these daily "full show" videos, the feed of Chat Row comments will completely "freeze up" and just stop moving along with the video (and JUST the Chat Row comments.....the video and sound keep playing normally, with no problem whatsoever).....until I realize that they've stopped again, and I manually rewind the video to a point 10 seconds or so back, and re-start, at which point the Chat Row comments 're-sync', and start cycling forward in time with the video feed again..... Anybody else experiencing this on a regular basis when playing back the full shows......and if so, do you know if it's something possibly with the way I've got my computer set-up, or is it simply something on the end of The Dan Patrick show and/or TRvision that I won't be able to do anything about, no matter what settings I change on my computer? .

  • (Bleep)! I missed Two-A-Dayz in chat! And it took till 1:39:00 for the Bob & Doug joke...

    Bob JerseyBob JerseyYıl önce
  • Hey, have you seen the quick vid of Friend of the show Ross Tucker? He does a great job explaining with some of the best lil linebackers i have ever seen

    David A WalkerDavid A WalkerYıl önce
  • WE ALL CAN HELP. This is a problem that affects all humans regardless of race. We're all connected, created by the same energy. More benefit will come to our species when we exist in a more peaceful environment for ALL. Donate time &/or money to causes to end this racial injustice of OUR brothers & sisters. I do & it DOES make a difference, but we CAN'T STOP. Keep the conversation alive until more is done & this racist, cowardly behavior is not a daily occurrence. Full support of all humans & peaceful protest. Colin K knelt in peace. Ir/NA non-hetro dad, with love & compassion for all honorable HUMANS.

    Bullwinkle Von CoffeehausenBullwinkle Von CoffeehausenYıl önce
    • K

      Bill BillBill BillYıl önce
    • @Bill Bill Your response speaks volumes abt the type of person u likely r. Enjoy your lack of empathy

      Bullwinkle Von CoffeehausenBullwinkle Von CoffeehausenYıl önce
    • U forgot rich

      Bill BillBill BillYıl önce
    • @Bill Bill What a sad statement from a weak minded individual.

      Bullwinkle Von CoffeehausenBullwinkle Von CoffeehausenYıl önce
    • Maybe u could hug a tree and then grow a pair

      Bill BillBill BillYıl önce
The Dan Patrick Show - LIVE - 06/1/20