The Decline of MoviePass...What Happened?

On September 14, 2019 MoviePass shut down, maybe for good. This video talks about the craziness that's been going on with them over the past 2 years and why everything went so bad.
*Correction - The CEO's name is Mitch Lowe, not Mike.
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  • I blame the concession stand prices and the bad attitudes of the workers. Its not that hard to run a movie. And dish out popcorn. Heat up pretzel bites. Let Regal show AMC how its done.

    Captain HorrorCaptain Horror18 saatler önce
  • I think they were banking on the majority of customers not using the service as much as they did, like the way planet fitness offers low rates and yet people hardly actually go to the gym so they're basically just raking it in without having to do much. That's the only way they could have made a profit besides getting bulk tickets for cheap from the theaters.

    Pita GPita G19 saatler önce
  • Moviepass only had three options to be profitable: 1st) raise the subscription cost to $30/mo so that they would make money on people who only see one movie or skip a few months entirely... this option would keep them afloat, but barely. 2nd) sell people's data who use the app/service... but they would've had to sell A LOT OF DATA to recoup the money they spent on tickets each month. 3rd) this is, in my opinion, the most logical desired endgame for the company: generate lots of buzz and subscriber growth to attract enough investment capital to then force their way in to theater revenue deals and movie production. Unfortunately most theaters are already under contract with numerous vendors, production companies, parent companies, to be open to a new hand at the table. That leaves the only option is to become a movie production company, but that is a very volatile market where even the most successful companies can lose tens of millions on several movies each year. In summary, Moviepass was literally a reverse pyramid scheme... where the top pays down to the bottom!!!

    Haven SkyeHaven Skye21 saatler önce
  • Am I the only one who's literally never heard of this company?

    Aurora WolfeAurora WolfeGün önce
  • I was a subscriber for about 5 months. I unsubbed when I was unable to use the service on my days off two weeks in a row due to outages.

    Zombie JesusZombie JesusGün önce
  • Movie pass never heard of them 🤨🤨

    Jimmy!!Jimmy!!Gün önce
  • I subscribed to Movie Pass. I didn't abuse it, but I did see more than one movie a month. Normally about 2 maybe 3 movies a month. But even with the 2 or 3 they lost money. I then brought the wife on board. She dropped them because it was a pain to sync up with her friends to see a movie and she didn't like that you couldn't buy the ticket until you were at the theater. They would buy tickets for new releases as soon as they went on sale from the comfort of their desk at work or phone at home. I dropped them when they started making changes to what you could see. I think it was the Mission Impossible fiasco, even though I had no intention on seeing Mission Impossible. It just smelled like there was doom in the air and I wanted out before it became a hassle to get out (which is seems that some people had that problem near the end). I ended up with Cinemark Movie Club simply because they have the nicest theaters in my area (AMC simply has crappy theaters or I would have jumped on their service in a heartbeat). If AMC ever decides to update any of the 5 or so theaters in my area I'll switch over to their service.

    Andre OutlawAndre OutlawGün önce
  • I live in a region dominated by Regal Cinemas. As was mentioned in the video, they started their own version of a subscription plan. They call it Regal Unlimited. Three tiers priced at 19, 21, and 24 dollars per month. All share the same perks: Unlimited movie views, 10% off concessions, and free large popcorn & soft drink on birthdays. They separated the tiers by theater availability. The higher the tier, the more theaters around the country you have access to. It looks to be a really good and sustainable concept given that there's no middleman to steal profits. I'm gonna be signing up for it next month in time for Terminator Dark Fate.

    BoricuaBoy88BoricuaBoy88Gün önce
  • Regal

    Gannon ChenaultGannon ChenaultGün önce
  • An 8th grade group project could’ve managed this business better than they did

    Sarah MeyersSarah MeyersGün önce
  • I gotta admit that movie pass gave me a lot of access to watch those Oscar nominee movie. Thx and Rip movie pass

    Fuson YuFuson YuGün önce
  • AMC deal is more attractive. Yes.but I was the late unsubscribes users I left movie pass last October is because theater they are provided are too far and lack of selection. I need drive 40 minutes from USC to West Hollywood. And it’s a big movie town like LA. My SF friends are complain about the movie pass are dead. Because of those things.

    Fuson YuFuson YuGün önce
  • I was an early adopter and honestly I would have stuck around but they started removing movies from even being selectable to see. I couldn't keep a service if you pretended like the movie didn't even exist in the theater. I would have been fine with paying double or even more but I want to see the movie that I pick.

    Bilbo SwagginsBilbo SwagginsGün önce
  • Me and my pals had moviepass, and we were in college. The idea was that we'd go to a movie once a week and it was basically free since all we paid was $10, which is cheaper than the actual movie ticket at my local theaters (regal and AMC). We kept doing this, even with peak pricing and the 3 movies a week? Month? (Don't remember) plan. But the moment the price increased, we left the service, shredded the card, and deleted the app. They kept emailing us and also tried to automatically reinstate the account unless you manually deleted your account. It was fun while it lasted. My dad got it too and he ended up going to the movie much more than ever before just because of the service. But none of us have opted for AMC's or Regal's subscription service.

    Mani DasojuMani DasojuGün önce
  • poopoopoopoopoopoo

  • Heard their still charging for their services despite being shut down

    ForNoGoodReasonForNoGoodReasonGün önce
  • At 9.95 for a month vs a 12.75 single ticket youd be a fool to ever buy a single ticket. At the same price, it's a better deal to do MP in case at any point in the month you see one additional movie.

    horsey not a knighthorsey not a knight2 gün önce
  • There was an episode of I Love Lucy that was basically MoviePass 50+ years before MoviePass' dumb 9.95 idea. That's right. A sitcom in the 50s saw the flaws in and made fun of this business model.

    SuperDevolutionSuperDevolution2 gün önce
  • Thank god I live in the uk and have cineworld it’s much better than what Americans have

    Troy TaylorTroy Taylor2 gün önce
  • whats movie pass ??? lol

    frep youfrep you2 gün önce
  • simple, they started off offering us the world, knowing they couldnt afford it, so as they began to cut and limit services, people felt more and more let down, they should have started small and grew and expanded services as the profit margins grew

    Jonny H QwestJonny H Qwest2 gün önce
  • i woulda raised the price to $11.99 or so, and then been like "see 3 free premeir movies free a month, unlimited movies after the first week of premeir, and get one free large drink"

    AzalkaAzalka2 gün önce
  • the problem is they were trying to use the gym membership model...people will pay for a subscription and not use it as much as they plan to, so they can make more money. but 10$/mo was too low stakes and even when it was 30$/mo, if you see 3 movies you saved money. and people would much rather go to the movies than go to the gym

    Irene PembertonIrene Pemberton2 gün önce
  • I got movie pass a month or so after the 9.99 thing. Both me and my boyfriend got one since we loved going to the movies. We went to the movies almost every single day so it saved us a lot of money. The only times we didn’t go was when i wanted to see a movie opening night in imax, (so maybe once or twice a month) we had it for a good year or so. Not quite sure how long i had it for but they actually shut my account down and i jumped ship to a list (which had been around for a few months. ) i love a list now. I use it a lot , and i love the points i earn.

    Ramon RodriguezRamon Rodriguez2 gün önce
  • Thought they also had a plan to sell the data they collected

    Paul EmgePaul Emge2 gün önce
  • I left after peak pricing, for me I just couldn’t even see new movies coming out during the first 3 weeks, so I thought what was the point then?? And I just didn’t trust the app anymore because half the time it wasn’t working. Had they simply just warned us before hand that they were increasing the monthly price to like $20 and limited movies to like 2-3 a week I would have still taken that deal. But I didn’t like that they were restricting the movies I could see. They seemed so unorganized and deceitful that their customers lost faith in them.

    DPCrazyXDDPCrazyXD2 gün önce
  • Heya! I was a huge MoviePass user when it first came out, and I'd like to shed some insight into how much money they were REALLY losing. So, they claimed that they would have a specific number of subscribers and the math from there would seem pretty straight forward, right? Number of subscribers times $9.99 a month minus the cost and volume of tickets could show how much they were losing, but one thing you might not have been aware of is that they had another promotion going on where if you referred a friend and they signed up, they'd get a free month of MoviePass The issue? Well, now that your friend signed up and was a MoviePass user, THEY could refer a friend and THEY'D have a free month And then they could refer a friend And so on and so fourth. At the time this was going on I had a group chat of probably 15 to 20 people, only one of whom would pay for the service, and everyone else was just using their free month. If it expired? No problem, people would just make new accounts and refer themselves. And I don't doubt that other people would do this too, I think during the few months that I had MoviePass me and a majority of my friends would see a movie every single day.

    DudeDude2 gün önce
  • I canceled when the app started to say " no more showing available today" i would get that message everyday, 6:00 am to close. I couldn't use the service most of the time.

    Bm1 BoatsBm1 Boats3 gün önce
  • Now here’s what can be the same fate soon... but I don’t know if it will go under so quick? “Game pass” I have it for Xbox. And the only difference is ya don’t get ALL of the new. Mostly hits from the past and flops. So it may be able to stay around? Because I fuckin love and appreciate it sooo much! LEGO worlds.... my child.... 10$ a month!!! Plus 100+ games. I’m in all day every day!

    Arctic SlabsArctic Slabs3 gün önce
  • As one who was in the initial wave of Moviepass customers (I got my membership in October 2012 for $35/month in NYC), the system (aside from the occasional technical issues with the app), worked rather well for a number of years (from a customer service standpoint). It was only after the change in ownership and the ridiculous $9.95/month that things really went south. If they had priced it better (maybe $25/month) it would have found the sweet spot in increasing membership while still being functional. At least they kickstarted AMC and Regal in the right direction to offer their own subscription plans.

    Regan McKendryRegan McKendry3 gün önce
  • My cousin ate up the 9.95 a month. I mean any new movie that came out he was watching. I never understood how they could possibly be close to breaking even knowing there were customers like him.

    Everette BarrEverette Barr3 gün önce
  • Ooo I was waiting for this

    April JonesApril Jones3 gün önce
  • I got moviepass just when the 9.95 deal came out and I utilized it to the max. When they started limiting me is when I started to get angry. Such as I wasn't allowed to watch the same movie twice. Then the blackouts, the severe limitations on when I can see the movie, making me take a photo of my ticket stubs, and with the constant change in service it was getting to be not worth it. My breaking point was when they said I was only allowed to watch 3 movies a month. I was open to scaling back but not by that much because I love movies. I heard about AMC's A-List stubs and it was a happy medium for me. 3 movies a week is more than enough for about 20 bucks a month and add on to the fact that I can watch IMAX and 3D and Dolby digital movies, I can order tickets in advance so I can make a plan for the new movies and all the additional perks that came with the service it seemed like a no brainer to make the change over. I have saved over 200 dollars and I've had the service for about over a year. Also the promise that my price and service will stay the same for a year no matter what was definitely a bonus after going through all that drama at Moviepass.

    Le'Trail Hall-NanceLe'Trail Hall-Nance3 gün önce
  • It's such a shame this failed. I loved the concept of it.

    Allen M. QuinnAllen M. Quinn3 gün önce
  • MoviePass could never work and was bound to fail. Here's the thing, it's nothing like Netflix. Netflix adding a customer doesn't really cost Netflix any more money. Sure their content deals get more expensive, but that's all negotiable. Whether Friends is watched by 1 person or 1 million the servers don't care. Where as MoviePass tickets use up a physical seat. The theaters aren't going to give discounts on those seats. MoviePass should have modeled itself after season ticket holders for a sporting event. I think what MoviePass was hoping for was that its business model would work closer to a gym membership model. The thing is people like the aspirational aspect of a gym membership and they don't mind not using their membership but paying for it! Anybody that is buying into MoviePass is because they want to see a lot of movies for as cheap as possible. You're never going to get that person that buys MoviePass then doesn't go to the movies.

    Rathelm MCRathelm MC3 gün önce
  • they didnt even talk to the movie theaters? holy shit, no wonder why they failed.

    Randy PattyRandy Patty3 gün önce
  • First let me say I am a business consultant and have worked with thousands of businesses across the US so I actually do know a little bit about what I am talking about. From day one of the companies that were in the movie pass business I had difficulty understanding their business model ... lose money on every sale. That is just how the ponzi scheme works. Bring in new money to pay for old investors money. I simply can not understand what kind of investor would give any of these people money. A few weeks ago read an article that these folks were headed out of business if they could not find any investment capital. Well duh .... just tell an investor that your business is based on for every dollar of revenue you generate it costs you five dollars. Guess how many people are going to open their checkbooks .... oops ... I guess you already have found that out. My guess is that the founders of this company have been laughing all the way to the bank ... for their personal accounts.

    Gene FairbrotherGene Fairbrother3 gün önce
  • I was subscribed for about two months and it literally never worked when I tried to use it. The app was always down so after l tried it for about 5 movie showings and it didn’t work for any of them I unsubscribed.

    Max GrablMax Grabl3 gün önce
  • The very thought of a company like this is foreign to me. We have nothing like this in NZ.

    goodiesguygoodiesguy4 gün önce
  • Setting ridiculously low prices just to onboard is a pretty scummy tactic. There's this security camera on Amazon that sells at a discounted price of $40 instead of the full price $130. The company then forced anyone who buys it to pay subscription to use the camera. Even customers who bought it at full price suddenly lost access to features and were forced to pay a subscription. Anti-consumer business tactics if I've ever seen it.

    Chris HayesChris Hayes4 gün önce
  • Never heard nor saw anything of MoviePass until this video lol probably a good thing

    VazDrae StudiosVazDrae Studios4 gün önce
  • As bad as movie pass was, sinemia was 100 times worst. Shadier. I did movie pass for 3 months. I liked it. It definitely should have been a promotion. But they could have kept the price point. If it had been 4 movies a month. They should have gotten smaller theaters involved first with the cheaper tickets. Or had a cheap tier that was basically coupons. And just be upfront that people can't go to primieres. I didn't get A list. I don't go often enough and the Stubb's is good enough. Or going on tuesdays

    D. SanD. San4 gün önce
  • I saw about 100 movies over a period of 1 year. Some of the theaters I frequented played old movies cheaply so my average ticket price was maybe as low as $8. So, $800-$120 I probably saved around $680.

    Micah WeberMicah Weber4 gün önce
  • I've never heard of this company

    ttgkttgk4 gün önce
  • ive NEVER heard of this service, this was s0o00o00oo wrong....

    blankblank4 gün önce
  • I thought these guys went out of business years ago lmao. They are for sure not making a comeback.

    David AlexandrovitchDavid Alexandrovitch4 gün önce
  • Why didn't they just say "$9.95 for the first month", then raise the price to something more reasonable, say, $25 per month from there on?

    Panteleimon PonomarenkoPanteleimon Ponomarenko4 gün önce
  • 2 movies for 14.99 per month, additional movies at a discount vs regular would've been a good model

    N MN M4 gün önce
  • I've saved over 200 dollars with there service and i loved it

    BlazeisafireBlazeisafire4 gün önce
  • I didnt know all of this. I got in at $10 a month and saw about 4 movies per week for about 5 months (I lived across the street from a theater) then when I moved I canceled it and never thought about it again. I definitely got my money's worth.

    Nolan BayerNolan Bayer4 gün önce
  • I subscribed after USA Today did an opinion piece about it in 2017. First, the one thing I had to work around was they only allowed 1 subscription. Easy fix, and now we go to the movies! Between me and my wife, and my daughter and her friends (who used our cards) I'd say we collectively saw 15 Movies a month. It lasted for a while, but you know how it ended.

    Brian Clark, Criminal Justice AdvocateBrian Clark, Criminal Justice Advocate4 gün önce
  • Thomas Cook?

    ludgatecircus15ludgatecircus155 gün önce
  • 10$ a movie ticket right the AMC in my area 1 ticket cost almost 13$ I hardly go to movies

    SweetPrincessAlicornSweetPrincessAlicorn5 gün önce
  • 7:02 Ba-dum tsss

    Zach ThompsonZach Thompson5 gün önce
  • They wanted to sell the information they collected to advertisers witch is one of the many ways many companies make money. So it could have worked

    theendofittheendofit5 gün önce
  • I'm still glad it existed. As it changed the movie industry for the better. If handled better it could have been massively successful.

    theendofittheendofit5 gün önce
  • I moved on to Sinemia, and now they're dead too!

    Huy NguyenHuy Nguyen5 gün önce
  • The more inconspicuous issue is the fact that movie audiences are frequenting movie theaters less and less, while ticket and concession prices have only increased.

    Guera LocaGuera Loca5 gün önce
  • Wow. Their business model depends on you paying and never going to the movies. How horribly, *fundamentally flawed.

    Lenny SmythLenny Smyth5 gün önce
  • They ran out of other's money and patience.

    Agent JAgent J5 gün önce
  • investing in yr ticket could have been pitched as a means to put $ back into the local neighborhood & reconnect people face-to-face in our isolating Amazon age. Moviepass gave me an excuse to get out of the house & walk downtown at least once/week. I got lots of exercise, spent $ on meals, shopped, ran errands, met lots of friends, and met new neighbors. If they were able to capitalize on all this w everyone’s consent, I personally would have been happy to have Moviepass influence where & how i spent my time & $ before & after movies. this could have gone *way* beyond just about movies...

    Chinarut RuangchotvitChinarut Ruangchotvit6 gün önce
  • yes, hundreds of dollars. I would see literally every movie possible every month

    Weston LLWeston LL6 gün önce
  • Never heard of movie pass until your video

    KeyKey6 gün önce
  • Geez such a good idea, but idiots f it up...

    Valdas VValdas V6 gün önce
  • Dammit. Why did I never look into MoviePass!

    KryptoKonvictKryptoKonvict6 gün önce
  • The Rise and Fall of Forever 21!

    MusicalAsianMusicalAsian6 gün önce
  • 2025 anyone?

    Good ScottGood Scott6 gün önce
  • sounds like a trump company

    Baugh 316Baugh 3166 gün önce
  • I totally subscribed to movie pass when it came out. I probably saved few hundred dollars, I never reinstated my subscription after they cancelled the $9.95/mo amount. I wondered from the start how they were making money, I just assumed it was through a contract with the theaters. Watching them spiral out of control was sure interesting though

    Ren RantsRen Rants6 gün önce
  • Yeah but critics today are terrible at there job no one should trust modern critics that only care about agenda

    sasuke arosasuke aro6 gün önce
The Decline of MoviePass...What Happened?