The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 568: Fahim Anwar

Fahim Anwar joins Brendan and Bryan in studio for Episode 568 of The Fighter and The Kid. They talk about Fahim’s dancing skills and character Lance Cantstopolis, Bryan going to his dad’s 80th birthday, Jimmy Fallon, Tom Cruise, and much more!

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  • everyones coming for callen.... @14:30

    Filthy LunaticFilthy Lunatic28 gün önce
  • You know Big Mike was involved in some shit. Both Bryan and his dad are 80.

    PentecostPentecost29 gün önce
  • Branden still thinks he's a comedian. HAHAHA 😆😆 poor guy I feel sorry for him he really does think he's funny. Whatever puts a smile on his face that's what matters LMFAO!

    covid-killacovid-killa29 gün önce
  • 1:34:56 so wholesome

    DNLSTR13DNLSTR13Aylar önce
  • Callen: "Stephen Colbert lost his two brothers and his father in a plane crash." Bredan: "And his family too right?" Callen: "Yes. His two brothers and his father." Wtf...

    BoomBoomLouBoomBoomLouAylar önce
  • Brendan says the hatful comments don't help but you can tell bryan means YOOO sometimes listen and Chin teaching Brendan how to act here 1:29:27 when you interrupt shut up and let em talk

    FatherSonTVFatherSonTVAylar önce
  • beak

    Hiddenfinger bHiddenfinger bAylar önce
  • Odd thing of Suicide is that it’s higher in more developed countries.

    John MorrisJohn MorrisAylar önce
  • minneannapolis. cool

    Alex GirdaAlex GirdaAylar önce
  • 50 cent party

    swalef75swalef75Aylar önce
  • 59:39 getting cut off lol

    Tomas ColiqueoTomas ColiqueoAylar önce
  • It’s so funny when comments or trolls or “haters” or anything in that realm gets brought up... Brendan is so beyond jaded about comments and he gets so flustered and defensive about it that it shows how truly insecure he is about the comments of his own podcast. The overwhelming majority of the comments of any podcast featuring Brendan are comments shitting on him. At this point it’s gotten to where it’s undeniable, it’s the majority of the comments on every single episode, you’ll be able to see 15 of the top comments in a row or most liked comments and they’re all comments that are shitting on him. You can’t just write it off to a select few “trolls in moms basement” there’s not enough of those in the world to be able to get the number of critical comments that he receives on a regular basis. The majority of this podcast’s viewers are people that have grown extremely annoyed by Brendan and have became exhausted by his constant interrupting and disrespect of Brian. If you’re someone that wonders why Brendan always gets so flustered when talking about comments or trolls and keeps repeating “you can’t read the comments” over and over, just make a habit of looking at the first 10-20 most liked comments and you’ll understand. Apparently we don’t exist but 95% of his comments are people shitting on him, I find it hard to believe that 95% of your viewership doesn’t exist.. who’s making the comments then? Russian bots?

    chris davischris davisAylar önce
  • That bear video is so obviously fake and I’m only seeing it on a tiny portion of the screen.. are you guys really that stupid? Come on.

    chris davischris davisAylar önce
  • Bryan is a spoiled rich kid.

    joeyvesh13joeyvesh13Aylar önce
  • Brendan is the worst.

    GhOsT 420GhOsT 420Aylar önce
  • Brendan thinks it’s funny being a dick to Bryan but it’s not your just a dick! And when he’s telling the story of him missing time with son cause he always on the road, fahim and u can see it in his face thinking... this guy ant no damn comic!!!! But has to go along with it .. hey Brendan stop being a dick do more sketch that’s your avenue 💯

    Louie BooneLouie BooneAylar önce
  • After they had him in handcuffs why didn't they just put him in the back of the police car? .. like they do everyone else? There would of been no death, just a trip to jail.?

    Madlib BeatsMadlib BeatsAylar önce
  • Brendans wife reads him 2 independent studies and now hes "educated" himself 😅😅

    captdrewsscaptdrewssAylar önce
  • " I like whiskey Brendan " ,,, hahahaha

    K MichealK MichealAylar önce
  • Brendan is not funny at all.

    Kao GoogleKao GoogleAylar önce
  • 58:00 Why u take Kat from me? huh!? hahahhaha

    Paul O'RileyPaul O'RileyAylar önce
  • Awww as the world turns with the alcoholic and the kid! You would think that previous experience with physicals numbnuts would remember "I have a physical today, I'm not going to drink alcohol" but I guess we can blame the CTE!!!. Bryan telling wino that he thinks he was a little drunk during the last podcast and wino tells him "yeah probably, it's called living", then cat tells him that ever since he got the Japanese whisky he's been "Low-key drunk on every single podcast" which wino replies "Yeah every single podcast and I've gotten a lot funnier", 1st it's not low-key, it's pretty obvious especially the last 3 podcast when he realized he ran out of booze and looked all desperate looking around his chair then picks up the cup on his chair to see how much was still in there then next episode brings several bottles from local liquor store while the "good" whisky gets delivered. Finally I beg to differ and so do most of the comments below that you've gotten "a lot funnier" because you're drunk, you've gotten more annoying, always cutting off bryan and the guest, always spoiling every show cause it seems you watch A LOT of tv, then finally the part where you just have to be better than everyone, if bryan or chin share something you right away cut them off with you're "Oh that's cool BUT watch this" or "That's cool BUT I have something better", dude alcohol is not making you better or funnier it's doing the opposite.

    MX. I.T.MX. I.T.Aylar önce
  • Welcome to The comedian and Brendan

    Del SanDel SanAylar önce
  • Its unbelievable how hot kat is.

    Del SanDel SanAylar önce
  • This show gets worse and worse. Schaub is painfully unfunny and Bryan has the posture and intellect of a child. He looks like a half done Benjamin Button. I wonder if Rogan is gonna keep propping these losers up when he moves to Spotify?

    L.L. Cool LeeL.L. Cool LeeAylar önce
  • Brenda is such a B boy

    samuelgwrsamuelgwrAylar önce
  • Brendan is sooooo arrogant and rude. His stand up is horrible.

    Faceless OpinionFaceless OpinionAylar önce
  • I really like Bryan regardless of the stupid way his name is spelled (This coming from a true BRIAN) but Brendan rubs me the wrong way slightly. Brendan is kind of funny but he rips way to much on Bryan, who basically made his career and is someone who does nothing but admire him as if he were his own son. I know it’s all a jokes and Brendan really loves him too but he’s gotta lighten up because he doesn’t realize not everyone is in on the “joke”

    Disappearingboy1039Disappearingboy1039Aylar önce
  • Brendan definitely is tick-tocked

    Wayne BunchWayne BunchAylar önce
  • I feel like Fahim would have been bigger in the 90s

    Orion FunnyMakerOrion FunnyMakerAylar önce
  • This show should be called “comics talk about the business and Brendan talks over them”

    KahleKahleAylar önce
  • Brendan I hope you see this you’re the CM Punk of stand up comedy my guy

    ASM_93ASM_93Aylar önce
  • Brendan just looking out for you Experts observe that like nicotine, a long-term consistent usage of nootropics may lead to cognitive deficits. When nicotine is used for a short term, it boosts cognition. However, over a long period, users get used to fixes and eventually require th... Read more at:

    Adam DayAdam DayAylar önce
  • Brendan schaub only got into MMA because he miss understood what cock fighting really is

    Adam smithintinAdam smithintinAylar önce
  • How bout this get off the internet and like bryan said the percentage is high because if its 1 death and next year its 2 that's means 100% also who we getting our news from liberal media etc👌😎

    tyler lotttyler lottAylar önce
  • These fools never let the guests speak lol

    bell tranbell tranAylar önce
  • I genuinely supported Seeso. lmao

    Michael HubbardMichael HubbardAylar önce
  • Racism isn’t so funny now is it?

    dominion artsdominion artsAylar önce
  • So get your fucking kids off social media! It's not cyber bullying that is killing these kids but people just letting their young kids who don't know anything about life sit on social media and the internet without any supervision. They commit suicide because all they think life is about is the internet. Don't censor the internet, teach your kids to be smarter about social media and the internet in general. Remember when telling people who you were on the internet was a dumb thing to do? Well look at what happens now when you tell everyone on the internet about you, nothing but bad shit happens. Don't blame the internet and bullies, blame the people who are just opening themselves up to the internet and crazy people who have no reason to hold back because it's the internet and it's easy to fake your identity. What you do is make sure your fucking kids aren't sitting on the internet with no restrictions and sitting there all day watching TRvision videos that teach them a false reality. Don't be a fucking dumbass and raise your damn children and don't let the internet be the parent. How young are you when you had a kid?

    DanDanAylar önce
  • I know he’ll probably never read this… But you can tell that Fahim is an intelligent and thoughtful person just by his demeanor and choice of words. His last Conan set was fire and anyone that isn’t familiar, needs to be. He’s such a talented writer/performer. And if you get a chance, check out his Lance cantstopolis documentary. So many funny quotes. Dude’s a machine! And he knows how to engineer them too! Love you, buddy!

    Marko PoloMarko PoloAylar önce
  • Holy fuck I watched the doc it's hilarious

    DanDanAylar önce
  • its time to get some dirty phat bangin sht aaah yayer

    Craig BaileyCraig BaileyAylar önce
  • Shout out to all the haters in the comments, imagine consuming free shit and still complaining. r/choosingbeggars

    OhShmityOhShmityAylar önce
  • When the fuck is Bryan getting his lids done I'm ready NOW

  • Virgol dropped that $50 spot. Nah I talk about.

    stephen frazierstephen frazierAylar önce
  • was lookin for this comment and it was the very first one I saw LOLz

    stephen frazierstephen frazierAylar önce
  • Brendan got his baby mamas yoga pants on again. Way to go there papa cuffin the panty hose guy!!!

    vega medinavega medinaAylar önce
  • haha Brendan said he's funnier because he's low key drunk every episode. Na dude. You're grumpy, flaunt your money and mountain bikes endlessly, say vain shit, and refer to yourself and Bryan as "papa" every other sentence. There is ZERO humor from drunk Brendan

    Hortensio9Hortensio9Aylar önce
  • Where do i get a Rick and Morty shirt like that

    Zack EastinZack EastinAylar önce
  • You guys should have closed captions, that would be cool.

    CH215100CH215100Aylar önce
  • fahim shoul be on next weeks culture corner

    Andreas JajaAndreas JajaAylar önce
  • “He ended up sending body parts to people didn’t he?” “Nope, nope, nope he murdered people” HOW DID HE GET THE BODY PARTS BRENDAN

    J GJ GAylar önce
  • Wrinks:"Cat and chin are american" Chin: "I'm not"

    Tim PilipovicTim PilipovicAylar önce
  • think fahim was allowed to talk for a total of 2 mins

    NaoiseNaoiseAylar önce
  • Brendan needs to stop defending Michael Jackson. I guess dozens of kids coming forward isn't enough to warrant suspicion, nor is Michael's behavior, having dozens of little boys always surrounding him and hosting 'sleepovers' for the same boys. And what a surprise that the same court system that literally lets cops get away with murder, murder that we have on camera, didn't convict the biggest celebrity the world had ever seen.... I know Brendan is stupid, but defending clear pedophiles in front of millions is on another level.

    spracketskoochspracketskoochAylar önce
  • If I was Brendan I couldnt read the comments either, lol...99% of them roast him without mercy every single episode.

    youngjdefyoungjdefAylar önce
  • It’s crazy guy moves to change his life an his death changes the world we hope it does an unites us all ever color against killer cops an forces the gov to be more accountable ha wait I just woke up sorry I was dreaming anyway back to podcast while manscaping me asshole

    Ghost Of The EmishiGhost Of The EmishiAylar önce
  • Bryan get your own podcast so I can hear your opinion

    FatherSonTVFatherSonTVAylar önce

    FatherSonTVFatherSonTVAylar önce
  • Brendan talking like he's a REAL comedian LOLOL

    DreamingbigDreamingbigAylar önce
  • this whisky drinking makes it tbh love it

  • this one was hard work to watch

    Rob DudemanRob DudemanAylar önce
  • Why all the hate towards Brendan? He’s a good podcaster and he entices conversations

    Nicholas TaraboriNicholas TaraboriAylar önce
  • Wowowowowowow did fallen just say that the USA is the longest standing democracy the world has ever know... let’s get fact checker maggee back!

    Conor SedgwickConor SedgwickAylar önce
  • "Brendan has yet to realize that when he talks about being a "comedian", it's exactly like when Bryan talks about being a "fighter" - Bob Falfa

    Mercuric MikeMercuric MikeAylar önce
    • Where

      Richard BumsonRichard BumsonAylar önce
  • 1:12:30 "bird-bears" love yah callen!

    YofeYofeAylar önce
  • Chin sucks at talking

    Frank and BeansFrank and BeansAylar önce
  • Brendan never matches

    PPAylar önce
  • i love the show but i fucking hate how brendan never lets anyone talk.

    iFigziFigzAylar önce
  • Funny how Brendan thinks he’s a comic cause he’s friends with them 😂😂😂

    Louie BooneLouie BooneAylar önce
    • Give him a break. He tries .

      J HJ HAylar önce
    • Brenden is a larper

      FATBINKFATBINKAylar önce
The Fighter and The Kid - Episode 568: Fahim Anwar