The Hated Father: A Sad Roblox Movie

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Welcome to a brand new Roblox movie! In today's video we are seeing the story of the most Hated Father in Roblox! Frank and his family had a great life until one day he lost his job. Frank then lost everything. His family now hates him for ruining their lives. It isn't fair how he is treated, until one day his luck changed! Make sure you watch this Roblox roleplay movie to see what happens
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  • My father is a Vice President for a Billionaire Company

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    Semathelema BritoSemathelema Brito10 gün önce
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  • Some main characters never come back side characters do

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  • gril leave your father alone becase now your dad is going to jail

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    • The homeless family

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  • The mother says that he is not trying hard enough and is failing as a father but the she did absolutely nothing and only said sorry when he got a job

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The Hated Father: A Sad Roblox Movie