Allied Invasion of Sicily | Animated History

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After their successes in North Africa, the Allied powers debated long and hard over the next stage of the war. With Stalin calling for relief in the East and Churchill grumbling in the West, the decision was made to pursue the fleeing Axis forces across the Mediterranean and invade the Island of Sicily. But with D-Day still more than a year distant, many fundamental questions had yet to be answered about the nature of amphibious warfare. One wrong move, and thousands of lives could be lost in the treacherous waters around Sicily. Join us as we examine this first great foray across the Mediterranean, the precursor to so many other successful amphibious operations that would be crucial to the liberation of Europe.
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  • Thanks again to Vessi! Use my code ARMCHAIR to get $25 off using my link!

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  • Thank you for noting the contribution of the Canadian 1st Infantry Division and 1st Armoured Brigade which made up Montgomery’s left flank. Except you didn’t. More than 500 Canadian soldiers died capturing Sicily, about one out of every 10 Allied casualties. Kesselring called the Canadians “Mountain Boys” because they were specifically used to displace German soldiers from high ground. As the grandchild of a Canadian veteran, it frustrates me that your story gives no credit to the men who fought some of the most intense and dangerous battles of the campaign.

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  • My family is of Italian decent and my grandfather was an Italian immigrant from sicily. I remember him talking about how he was technically going back home to fight his own country.

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  • 7:09 I've been living in Sicily for about a year and a half now. Catania (KUH-TAHN-YUH)

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  • I am Sicilian and my grandfather fought with the resistance in the war helping the allies.

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  • Mate , read James Holland’s book about the Sicily campaign and know that you are talking bollicks. If you are going to put up a post get your facts right.

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  • Fun fact. Sir Alec Guinness, the actor who played obi wan kenobi in the original star wars trilogy, was a commander of one of the landing crafts for the royal navy at the time.

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  • Brazil was in this mission too.

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  • Little motivation to fight? Other than the invasion of their country..

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  • The Livorno and Napoli divisions of the Italian army fought until The last man and almost pushed the Allies back to sea

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  • Cool ww2 game idea: you get to set up invasions of countries to win ww2 and you yourself take control of a unit ot a soldier and you have to follow the route that you made and if you dont follow it you fail the mission, and if you lose a certain ammount of soldiers you can restart the mission from the beginning, but if you dont restart you get more rewards/resources for completing a successful invasion but the enemy fortifies their country more

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  • Every few years I find more reasons to make fun of Italy's performance in war. If I didn't know better, I'd say they were secret heroes trying to sabotage the Nazi monster from within.

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    • @Walter Schumann Did the Americans kill 22,000 POWs in Sicily?

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    • @RedAUG Stalin would agree with you while he murdered the 22,000 Polish officers in the Katyn forest.

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  • You did forget to mention the deals USA did with the Mafia to get the civilian support and to mention the Partisans: who were guerrilla antifascist groups of Italians.

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  • Beautiful and interesting video, but why did not you mentioned the massacre of Biscari? That was a shameful page about invasion of Sicily. I can't forgive what Patton died, they did not kill only Italian and German soldiers, but also civilians.

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  • My Grandfather Sgt. Thomas Fletcher and his Brother Pvt. Willis Fletcher fought in this Campaign.

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