The Killer Mike Episode w/ dc young fly & karlous miller

On this episode legendary Atlanta rapper Killer Mike stops through the traphouse living room to catch up with Lous and Fly. You know Killler Mike is interested in buying DC's astrovan! Killer Mike also talks about his new album and what we can do to have impact this electoral season.




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  • Hope to meet yall one day these shows brought me therw alot tho god bless

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  • I love this episode it’s so impactful

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  • Black Excellence is Rising

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  • The order of the pictures on the wall is fucking with my OCD... In my head I'm moving shit around 😔

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  • Goodie mob decisions, decisions

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  • Just finding this show. FLY @SS concept! love it!!!! 💕

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  • who tryna go fishing in Atlanta?

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  • Killa mike said Atlanta houston new Orleans no houston 1st far as da souf

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  • Wait what? Lol people see so confused. How is getting married tie you down but not a child or shit even two DC? Lol y’all so damn backwards

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  • Always great when one of ya favorite comedians got the same birthday as you

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  • Look at these cats playing with they health 😱

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  • You must be on that karlous benard 😂😂

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  • i like when dc young fly when his high ass hell

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  • I flew too!

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  • We love this show. Lots of love from Jamaica

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  • Killer Mike was an AWESOME guest. Please bring him back!

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  • DC needs to stop doing drugs. 5500 for and 98 Astro Van. Straight comedy

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  • girl in the back with the fro is cute af

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  • Dc I’ll give u $500 🤣🤣🤣

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  • All I wanna know is who is that chocolate girl behind karlous she badd af

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  • DC I'll buy it 🚗 😢

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  • Karlous...I need to get one of those mask 😍

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  • Joe be like " Tahahahahaha "

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  • Lmfao on everything dc my momma probably a buy that shit for $5,500 she think she a old school get away driver who babysit n do hair lol the Long Beach baby dee lmfao

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  • I’m done with the caprisun shots

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  • 40:45 say man, why I got locked up listen to that Wayne & 2 Chainz in like '13 😂😂😂

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  • Shoutout to the brother paid that child support

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  • Dc yeezys done

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  • Killer Mike a very humble and wise man...Good podcast...Great listen!

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  • If Ceelo and 3stacks made a album together 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Anyone peep dc rolled a whole blunt while he got one on his ear the whole time 😂

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  • Really just smoke blunt nd watch these MEN, learn something man👏🏾straight knowledge⚜

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  • FREE BANDS Future 🤣

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  • Karlos said he watch white people going to jail, well i like to watch racist white people getting they ass whooped

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  • 1:19:15 - 1:21:41 : " Dis Weed ? " Chop This Uncut Raw Comedy Down; 2.5 Minute Testers to Catch New Viewers

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  • Dope

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  • Real talk

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  • Imagine if Lupe joined RTJ? The Yankee and the Brave on That Bull shit? RTJ4 a Classic....

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  • Who the girl with the fro in the cut she fine

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  • Man yall boyz stuoopid.. lmao ntg_850.. #PanhandleBoy

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  • Initiates TRvision search..."White people going to jail"....

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  • whos the beautiful queen in the back with the fro

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  • TO DO LIST: 1. AK47 2. AR15 3.

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  • Ride around and getting got me Miked on I was living wild lol

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  • I have never DC act like this before, that's a high I ain't never experienced lol

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  • I know a chick who sell adult Capri Sun's

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  • You should give it to the church. "Write it off.. they give it back?" 😁😁👌🏿 AstroVan

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  • It was not Mary J that cheated. Her husband was the cheater

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  • We ain't gone say nothing bout everybody suckimg on lunch box juices from the 1st grade🤣🤣🤣

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  • Y’all should do a episode in the astrovan

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The Killer Mike Episode w/ dc young fly & karlous miller