The Last (and First) Folding Phone!

Second impressions of the last folding phone standing! BUT AT WHAT COST?
weird flex but ok
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  • Personally i think this phone is trash

    Victoria ThomasVictoria Thomas7 gün önce
  • "it makes some noises when you touch it the wrong way" okay how did I get here?

    Viper TheLegendViper TheLegend7 gün önce
  • last?

    chickenmcnizznuggetchickenmcnizznugget8 gün önce
  • Bruh you should just cut it in half and get to phones

    Bum wadBum wad10 gün önce
  • Imagine that you are watching a porn on that thing,and someone broke into your room 0_+

  • awful looking

    Pedro CavacoPedro Cavaco11 gün önce
  • I like how the intro is ASMR

    Owl&Fox EntertainmentOwl&Fox Entertainment11 gün önce
  • Good luck for the fuckers trying to make a protective screen for that

    BOTFrostyBOTFrosty11 gün önce
  • Phone: Leave the device unfolded, when you are charging the battery OR YOU WILL NOT USE THE DEVICE FOR A WHILE Me: Okay MUM

    Me Myself And IMe Myself And I11 gün önce
  • markass brownie

    Creatively LivingCreatively Living12 gün önce
  • First foldable phone : I am the greatest and only folding phone. iPhone 6/6+ : am I a joke to u ?

    Sh4d0wSh4d0w13 gün önce
    • *You dare challange me mortal?

      Matei PanzariuMatei Panzariu10 gün önce
  • Nokia: Am I a joke too you?

    Elisabeth CaseElisabeth Case14 gün önce
  • Just subscribed great video fella.

    Kizzy KKizzy K14 gün önce
  • ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    Marcus AyersMarcus Ayers14 gün önce
  • What does “AND I OOP” mean? Pause at 1:33

    User X-751User X-75115 gün önce
    • Jasmine Masters

      cwazy345cwazy3453 gün önce
  • title sure didn’t hold up

    AlookksAlookks16 gün önce
  • Did you just do a haiku

    Mike YMike Y16 gün önce
  • But what about the razr?

    Twospoopy4YeeTwospoopy4Yee17 gün önce
  • Bad folding phone; nice folding tablet??

  • The shit...looks like some type of futuristic wallet instead of a phone lol

    Ibrahim KamaraIbrahim Kamara18 gün önce
  • Something about this phone's UI in combination with the wallpaper reminds me of Ubuntu

    The WhaccThe Whacc19 gün önce
  • Who wons this mobile phone

  • Your personal information is already leaked by Google and Facebook

    Yuanpu LiangYuanpu Liang20 gün önce
  • This is the Pablo Escobar Fold 1...anyone have it already?

    armonia numericaarmonia numerica21 gün önce
  • 3:13: Now your phone looks like an accordian

    suju sajeethsuju sajeeth23 gün önce
  • Did Marques really say and I oop

    Madawi AlrajhiMadawi Alrajhi23 gün önce
  • 1:33 “and I oop” lol

    Gamerguy666Gamerguy66625 gün önce
  • bruh...that gaint thing is only available in is the first to ship

    SOUL sellerSOUL seller26 gün önce
    • Then how did he get one. Oh yeah, he had it shipped

      cwazy345cwazy3453 gün önce
  • This OS looks just like iOS

    Joshy PJoshy P28 gün önce
  • can you please review the Escobar Fold 1, made by the bother of the Colombian drug Lord, Pablo Escobar

    David .ReyesDavid .Reyes28 gün önce
  • Thank you for the review!

    Victor ManuelVictor Manuel29 gün önce

    Crazycar16 GamingCrazycar16 Gaming29 gün önce
  • It's more like challenge to "Make a case for this phone"

    Prateek PanwarPrateek PanwarAylar önce
  • Title: the first folding phones Flip phones: Oh that’s how you wanna play it huh

    Tiny Mini juniorTiny Mini juniorAylar önce
  • The title is just Savage

    Hruaia ralteHruaia ralteAylar önce
  • This kind of floding smart phone is better than samsung folding phone.what is the brand of this phone?

    Final FantasyFinal FantasyAylar önce
  • Is the Pablo Escobar fold jajajajaaj

    Marco Cueto GarciaMarco Cueto GarciaAylar önce
  • Pablo Escobar's brother selling a branded phone that looks just like that specs don't look too bad either

    Blazin SweetsBlazin SweetsAylar önce
  • Great

    Hans BrelHans BrelAylar önce
  • Fold mobiles are the most stupidest thing i have ever seen. Its useless and expensive garbage.

    Mike BolticMike BolticAylar önce
    • @cwazy345 no. How would you survive today if everything was useless?

      Mike BolticMike Boltic3 gün önce
    • Isn't everything

      cwazy345cwazy3453 gün önce
  • love the chinese innovations! We all know it's going to be Marques' new favorite!

    Harrison YooHarrison YooAylar önce
  • Phone manufacturers would say "damn these millenial babies why do they whine so much"?

    Giovanni LopezGiovanni LopezAylar önce
  • 1:32 typical jerry rig everything move....

    Sppl S.Sppl S.Aylar önce
  • New world order piece of shit. *Mind fuck devices* all of it.

    Chango ChilembaChango ChilembaAylar önce
  • Nobody gonna tall abour the escobar fold 1?

    Roy RosalesRoy RosalesAylar önce
  • I so will have to see about getting one next year.

    bre_luv 1990bre_luv 1990Aylar önce
  • Paric in

    Mukesh MulaniMukesh MulaniAylar önce
  • Funniest video you've ever made. I'm dying

    Kyle MyersKyle MyersAylar önce
  • I just read an article on Gizmodo and Pablo Escobar brother had made it called the Fold one .

    Will Moto704Will Moto704Aylar önce
  • Corporate Apple hmmm I think the iPhone 12 will have glass screens on both sides.

    American MuscleAmerican MuscleAylar önce
  • I wouldn't want the screen always exposed. I'm really not feeling these folding phones. It's best to just a few years.

    R0cK GoDR0cK GoDAylar önce
  • how are his palms so white?

    Jibran MukhtarJibran MukhtarAylar önce
  • Hi

    Shehzad Gamer1Shehzad Gamer1Aylar önce
  • Shouldn't the title be "The First (and Last) Folding Phone!"?

    ƵiRroƵiRroAylar önce
  • People: this is the first foldable phone Flip phone: am i a joke to you?

    Laiptus OLaiptus OAylar önce
  • When im folding the cell phone and the Crack sound makes me worry

    velasco raphaelvelasco raphaelAylar önce
  • The new 3ds is lookin nice

    The Lemon MasterThe Lemon MasterAylar önce
  • Someone predicted these for 2050.

    kristalin ckristalin cAylar önce
  • Fortnite and mark ass brownle

    cat with bananacat with bananaAylar önce
  • JerryRigEverything found a Korean version of the galaxy fold that released

    MythicalLife34 YTMythicalLife34 YTAylar önce
  • This thing is nasty

    churro12churro12Aylar önce
  • My mans takes it out the box and nearly snaps it in half in less than 5 seconds

    DEE-KAYDEE-KAYAylar önce
  • Jesus lo es you guys this pho es are rubbish

    Michael GogovMichael GogovAylar önce
  • Any fliphone: *Am I a joke to you?*

    Aidan Chiranjiv SinghAidan Chiranjiv SinghAylar önce
  • Useless phone

    Prakash ChaudhariPrakash ChaudhariAylar önce
  • “Jerry can make any phone foldable”

    Click on my profile- THE SEX BOTClick on my profile- THE SEX BOTAylar önce
    • dudes so desperate they go to youtube for porn 😭😭😭😭

      ParadisoParadiso24 gün önce
    • His name is zack, jerry is his grandpa

      Nether YTNether YT26 gün önce
    • @Gordon Langell see his channel

      Josh KangJosh KangAylar önce
    • HOT SEXY PORN ADULT FILMS What In fuckle’s name is your name?

      Gordon LangellGordon LangellAylar önce
  • Moto brand: hold that thought.

    nxcenxceAylar önce
  • Razr.

    Heck OffHeck OffAylar önce
  • Motorola: Am I a joke to u?

    threw a walrus at my grandmathrew a walrus at my grandmaAylar önce
  • Why would I pay 10000000 dollars for ds 9000 the 2010s and up kids will understand

    JennaFunnyPants !!!JennaFunnyPants !!!Aylar önce
The Last (and First) Folding Phone!