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Sheena Koshy immigrated legally to this country in 2001, but obtaining her U.S. citizenship was a journey that took 15 years and four visas to complete. Despite her absolute and rigid observance of the rules, Sheena’s path to citizenship was incredibly expensive, tediously long, and bloated with bureaucracy. As a result, she is passionately committed to dispelling the myth that our nation’s immigration problems would be solved if only everybody would immigrate legally. The legalization process, argues Sheena, is mired in complications and desperately needs a compassionate overhaul.
Sheena Koshy has never voted. That’s because she’s only ever spent 8 years of her life in the country of her citizenship. Born in India, she left at the age of 2 for Bahrain, a small island in the Middle East, where she had her first DQ ice cream, learned to love alphabets thanks to Sesame Street and ate a lot of shawarmas. She spent her middle school in Abu Dhabi, high school Dubai, her undergraduate in India and moved to the United States for university in 2001. She recently became a citizen in May of this year and is excited to vote in her very first elections. Her day job involves helping organizations find their niche, seek their community and connect the two by telling their stories. Her career has centered on leveraging the unique ways in which brands can engage digitally in this connected world we live in today.
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  • What if, super novel concept, I know, I know, they genuinely didn't know whether in India toilets are inside or outside, and it was just a question, instead of a "micro aggression"? Also, I will say that I have stayed in few places in India where the toilet WAS indeed outside, so your indignation does seem a bit fake and quite laughable to me. But you do you...

    stefanieastridstefanieastridAylar önce
  • you have your on country maxico. build your country coming here with those lie

    Bobby ClayBobby Clay3 aylar önce

    mr whitemr white3 aylar önce
  • My family has been in what we call the USA before the revolution. Last year a foreign national with a green card was selected for a job. My family didn't own anyone. I pay taxes. Along the course of time there were immigrants who married into my family, moving from another country isn't easy. If the USA doubled the allowance of poor people (it would be two million) we wouldn't put a dent in International poverty..... But what would happen is we would take the best minds from those countries....... And leave those countries devoid of anyone who could improve the lives of people there. The USA is not the answer for poor people.

    Samuel L. JacksonSamuel L. Jackson4 aylar önce
  • I wish they would let H1-B applicants, and not companies, bear the costs of the application. You won’t let me petition for myself, let me at least pay for myself, lol

    Chibi_UndercoverChibi_Undercover7 aylar önce
  • Nice one here. Your points are great info for reflection

    Obehi EwanfohObehi Ewanfoh7 aylar önce
  • This lady is a complete bore....

    westcoast1axxxwestcoast1axxx10 aylar önce
  • America has no obligation to open immigration to anyone. No immigration reform is needed. Immigration should be even stricter and all immigration should be numbered to a few thousands every year.

    Quo QuenchiveQuo QuenchiveYıl önce
    • how can you overlook that this country was built on immigration?

      nicole hainingnicole haining4 aylar önce
  • I won't listen to lies. Why don't people of 3rd world nation's stop having kids. If you can't feed shelter and support them don't have children. Duh...

    Kenneth BuhlerKenneth BuhlerYıl önce
    • Good Demon Simple answer for a simple mind

      Christopher ChaveroChristopher ChaveroYıl önce
  • Legal 5 years

    cat boycat boyYıl önce
  • She went from H1B to getting a GC in 5 years being a Indian ? F THAT B. She' married a Freebie who already had some guy whos going through a same process but for years ! Conveniently dismissing the details. She rode the coattails !

    Undertaker kaneUndertaker kaneYıl önce

    Nique LeoneNique LeoneYıl önce
    • Nique Leone Build your character! Build your character! Build your character!

      Christopher ChaveroChristopher ChaveroYıl önce
  • I am Indian myself who came here legally - some things what she says bother me - after all the problems she lists American values appeal to her over her home country? No need to put down what you left, we all know that we came here for the money, be honest about it 2nd "i worked hard for this & that" but immigration is hard? It has to be easy? How many can the US accept? But giving the same number of visas for all countries regardless of population does seem unfair

    RamarakshaRamarakshaYıl önce
  • Come to the U.S.A Illegal is a CRIME! Does not matter how you look at it... *NO-OPENBORDERS"

    Erica M. FloresErica M. FloresYıl önce
    • Darkness Falls it’s not a “crime” it’s a civil offense.

      Christopher ChaveroChristopher ChaveroYıl önce
  • Yes there should be immigration reform, but not DACA!

    Abraham AliAbraham Ali2 yıl önce
    • Abraham Ali There’s so many things wrong with deporting people who have only known America as their home.

      Gabriel The Magolor MainGabriel The Magolor Main9 aylar önce
    • DACA was a squishy solution. It is supposed to be Congress’ job but they can’t even get their heads together. Obama didn’t do the right thing with the exec. order but he did yell “pass a bill”. Thatks how messy this issue is.

      Jes SimmsJes Simms2 yıl önce
  • All these damn liberals ,if she is so smart why can,t she pronounce university ? (uniwersity)

    Jim RossJim Ross2 yıl önce
    • I bet you speak more than one language

      Johanna IdrovoJohanna IdrovoYıl önce
    • it is quite difficult to learn a new language and using new sounds that your mouth isn't used to. english is one of the hardest languages in the world. how many languages do you know ?

      kalli joneskalli jonesYıl önce
    • Jim Ross /facepalm

      edqqedqqYıl önce
  • It is not myth, it is the LAW.

    GBoi1GBoi13 yıl önce
    • Try watching it before commenting, and while you're at it, learn English

      M. M. SandsM. M. Sands2 yıl önce
  • Getting naturalized as an Indian citizen takes 7-12 years. So why the constant complaint that the Us journey is long? Its about as long as other countries.

    davidylandavidylan3 yıl önce
    • I know, right? Especially, since as a Westerner who was born and raised in India but isn't ethnically Indian, it's extremely difficult to obtain Indian citizenship and the right to vote. Also, most Tibetans who have lived exclusively in India for the last 2 or 3 generations still don't get any Indian citizenship, which means they don't have ANY. The nerve of this Indian lady to complain about this relatively speedy immigration /naturalisation process in the US in comparison, when India wouldn't grant the same to a US citizen (and in the extremely rare case that they might, they would make the applicant renounce their former citizenship, because they don't allow dual citizenship, unlike the US), it seems so disingenuous!

      stefanieastridstefanieastridAylar önce
    • the complaint is about immigration not becoming naturalized

      Jessika CJessika C2 yıl önce
  • That was really powerful and informative.

    Dreyz OlabisiDreyz Olabisi3 yıl önce
The Myth of Legal Immigration | Sheena Koshy | TEDxJacksonville