The North African Campaign | Animated History

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    • Coit NL That is a myth. 60 frames per second is smooth, but the more frame rate the better for gaming. It makes the movement look much more realistic. 144 hz monitors look amazing.

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  • Montgomery is overrated and only succeed due to his political connections with Churchill. O'connor was the tactical mastermind of the African campaign and had churchill actually supplied him when he needed like he did with Montgomery then the North Africa campaign would have been won 1 to 2 years earlier with fewer casualties. Instead Churchill did a Churchill helping his friends in high places and leaving the rest to beg. O'connor is undrrated

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  • The only reason I clicked on this video is for Rommel

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  • 5:43 what is the name of that song?

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  • "Hey, uh... Mr. Churchill. I don't feel so good"

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  • Wow he does not have a big steam library

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  • The Rats of Tobruk - Aussies 👍 proud

  • the worst part is those oil fields are still being fought over today. In fact desert storm was originally desert shield which was intended to protect American owned oil fields in Kuwait

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  • i wonder why they switched experienced Indian units with newbies from Australia

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  • Germany: dont worry im a garbageman Italy: so? Germany: im used to carrying trash like you

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  • that must have take ages to make

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  • Among the great misconceptions of modern times is the assumption that Benito Mussolini was Hitler's junior partner, who made no significant contributions to the Second World War. That conclusion originated with Allied propagandists determined to boost Anglo-American morale, while undermining Axis cooperation. The Duce's failings, real or imagined, were inflated and ridiculed; his successes pointedly demeaned or ignored. Italy's bungling navy, ineffectual army - as cowardly as it was ill-equipped - and air force of antiquated biplanes were handily dealt with by the Western Allies. So effective was this disinformation campaign that it became post-war history, and is still generally taken for granted even by otherwise well-informed scholars and students of World War Two. But a closer examination of recently disclosed, and often neglected, original source materials presents an entirely different picture. They shine new light, for example, on Italy's submarine service, the world's greatest in terms of tonnage, its boats sinking nearly three-quarters of a million tons of Allied shipping in three years' time. During a single operation, Italian 'human torpedoes' sank the battleships HMS Valiant and Queen Elizabeth, plus an eight-thousand-ton tanker, at their home anchorage in Alexandria, Egypt. By mid-1942, Mussolini's navy had fought its way back from crushing defeats to become the dominant power in the Mediterranean Sea. Contrary to popular belief, his Fiat biplanes gave as good as they got in the Battle of Britain, and their monoplane replacements, such as the Macchi Greyhound, were state-of-the-art interceptors superior to the American Mustang. Savoia-Marchetti Sparrowhawk bombers accounted for seventy-two Allied warships and one hundred-ninety-six freighters before the Bagdolio armistice in 1943. On 7 June 1942, infantry of the Italian X Corps saved Rommel's XV Brigade near Gazala, in North Africa, from otherwise certain annihilation, while horse-soldiers of the Third Cavalry Division Amedeo Duca d'Aosta defeated Soviet forces on the Don River before Stalingrad the following August in history's last cavalry charge. As influential as these operations were on the course of World War Two, more potentially decisive was Mussolini's planned aggression against the United States' mainland. Postponed only at the last moment when its conventional explosives were slated for substitution by a nuclear device, New York City escaped an atomic attack by margins more narrow than previously understood. It is now known that Italian scientists led the world in nuclear research in 1939, and a four-engine Piaggio heavy bomber was modified to carry an atomic bomb five years later. These and numerous other disclosures combine to debunk lingering propaganda stereotypes of inept, ineffectual Italian armed forces. That dated portrayal is rendered obsolete by a true-to-life account of the men and weapons of Mussolini's War. Frank Joseph, Mussolini’s War, Fascists Italy’s Military Struggles from Africa and Western Europe to the Mediterranean and Soviet Union 1935 - 1945.

    Rino BellissimoRino Bellissimo11 gün önce
    • 'By mid-1942, Mussolini's navy had fought its way back from crushing defeats to become the dominant power in the Mediterranean Sea.' Really? Your evidence for this being?

      doveton sturdeedoveton sturdee2 gün önce
  • Gli ultimi ad arrendersi in Tunisia furono gli italiani, i tedeschi si erano già arresi o ritirati

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  • Why do you use ash G 36 and not R4C?

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  • My dad fought with Patton

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    • Why? What were they arguing about? Only joking. My dad fought with Montgomery. Mind you he was a lot bigger, if less high ranking.

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  • The gaming historians brother

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  • The numbers on the tanks at the second battle of El Alamein is way way off (around 26:30) The axis had 500~ tanks not 210, he’s failed to include italian tanks. The losses of tanks also weren’t 4 to 1, but equal with 500 tanks on either side (at most, some estimates have 300 tanks lost on allies side) Not sure where he’s got his numbers from but you’d think if you’d do a 45 minute video you would get something this basic right.

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  • That was excellent. I now know what really happened in North Africa. Thanks

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  • Really good video but even if you put a note on the battle of Bir-Hakeim, you didn’t underline it’s huge importance to enable the troops in Tobrouk and in el Alamein to organise them seleves and ultimatly stop the germans massive offensive. The french resisted for 15 days of siege and bombardement. At the end of these 15 days, the french had no supplies left to fight the Nazies. The heorisme of the french was one argumente that even thow france was invaded, they still fought and weren’t at all traiters. Without Bir-Hakeim, the british would have been pushed out from Northen Africa and the nazies would control Suez, Gibraltar and oil.

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  • *sad richie noises* 20:52

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  • Love the ‘Dune’ soundtrack in the background. The queen’s men in WW2 were certainly the equivalent of the emperor’s Sardaukar!

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  • But why didn't they attack from both South West Libya and North West Libya? I noticed by the animation that they just went thru the North. Is it because of the fact that Sea water can be purified? (Libya actually has no rivers and sea water is undrinkable)

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    • Southern Libya is uninhabitable desert and any attempt to cross through it with an army is suicidal

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  • Thanks for mentionning Bir Hakeim

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  • 33:50 the tiger tank is 131 from the bovington tank museum

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  • Lol maybe interview the actual Italian soldiers in the war. THE GERMANS WERE HIDING IN 1942

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  • and bir hakeim

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  • 21:38 as if by chance this channel is anti France I swear .

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  • Make a video about the Rommel, he was a great general.

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  • The Italians are lovers not fighters lol.

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  • Nice work👏

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  • The winner is it italy.

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  • No france ir another countery can touch algeria God have mercy on a milion and half algerian martyrs

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  • "Sitzkrieg" 5:59 lol

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  • “We neglected to mention the battle of Bir Hakeim”???? I’m really tired of English speaking TRvisionrs constantly undermining the role that Free French forces played in ww2. I was watching this video just to see how you were gonna speak of Bir Hakeim. Not cool.

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  • I appreciate all your labor of love producing such an obscure theater of WWII. Very easily understood once and for all how North Africa ebbed and flowed. Thanks

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  • So basically germans were great but they lost due to lack of resources and Hitler getting cocky. Also they used a lot of drugs on their soldiers... pretty scary stuff

    Iron TyseIron TyseAylar önce
    • They lost due to overconfidence, a re occurring pattern

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    • They lost against Montgomery at Alam el Halfa without lack of resources.

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    • There is one mid roll

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  • 14:30 Rommel should have just gotten some Emu’s

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  • It just bring me so much pride and respect to the soldiers in the African campaign especially because my grandpa was in that

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  • My grandfather was EOD in the north African campaign. Went on to fight in the Italian campaign. Deployed for 3 years straight. Never spoke a word of it. RIP grandad.

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    • God bless.

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  • @21:00 Anybody Seen Richie! Huh! Im Gonna Keep Coming Back Until Somebody Remembers Seeing Richie!

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  • My great grandfather was a tank Retriever in North Africa, mark riddlestdell

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  • The Italians could fight but we're let down with bad guns artillery and tanks

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  • Loved this episode.....part of WWII that often gets glossed over!

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  • Britain's general fails a battle Winston Churchill: i am about to end this man whole career

  • presumibly because everything back home in australia tries to kill u anyways

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  • So you suggest the Italian campagn was just expansionist folly? Why would Hitler invest so much in this region? Like the invasion of Russia the N Africa campaign was purely a resource grab. Hitler had no oil, he and the Italians had warships in dock without fuel and the illogical decision attributed to Hitler's was only to obtain control of major oil fields

    connor45rm85connor45rm85Aylar önce
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