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  • My son was like that when he was two and I was pregnant with my daughter he wouldn’t talk for a year after he didn’t start talking until he got in 3k and now I can’t get him to be quiet he just turned 4 Monday and the doctors told me the same thing but they retracted it once he started being around other kids

    Living as a Single MotherLiving as a Single Mother19 gün önce
  • Such a blessing xx BEAUTIFUL FAMILY❣️

    Salma ThaidaySalma Thaiday23 gün önce
  • Congrats

    Sheila85_Sheila85_24 gün önce
  • I hope y’all will have a girl one day

    K’S vlogs KK’S vlogs K24 gün önce
  • My daughter does the spitting thing and she likes to pour out her drinks and play in it with her hands I gues it’s a terrible 2 thing she just made 2

    ItsJust MercedesItsJust Mercedes26 gün önce
  • Just a suggestion, try switching up the camera angle. Like eye level, just easier on the eyes idk & looks less sloppy.

    Nova XoNova Xo28 gün önce
  • Congratulations on your babys ... do you guys talk to Bianca and damien

  • Some kids regress a little, then pick back up. But also when they know they’re not gonna be the baby anymore that’ll do it. Go for the speech therapist it’ll help some. Especially if they come to the house that’s a blessing or virtual since the virus

    Tereena BrooksTereena BrooksAylar önce
  • You guys did a really good job❤️

    Kimora’s LifeKimora’s LifeAylar önce
  • When my daughter turned two mind you she’s the little sister and has two older sisters that are -2 and 4 and our 4 year old started talking by one very good so when my 3rd child wasn’t talking as quickly I was worried so when she hit 2 she would say a word or two but not more then that the doctors told me every child Is different just give her 6 months we’ll within those 6 months and now at 2 1/2 she’s non stop talking, talking very clear and full on conversations so just give it time if he hits 3 and still struggling then definitely try speech therapy it’ll get him going and will excel so quickly and it’s better to do it sooner then later

    Vanessa LynetteVanessa LynetteAylar önce
  • Omg I love Twin❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭

    Neitan DanielNeitan DanielAylar önce
  • I been Gone For Long Time And I didn’t know You guys Have a Baby Again And I wanna day congrats to you both 🎉

    Neitan DanielNeitan DanielAylar önce
  • With my first set of twins I went to 32 weeks and my second set 34 weeks so that's awesome to go that long w twins. NICU stay is no fun having to leave the babies behind in the hospital and go home. It's heartbreaking 😢. So happy for you guys

    Kim DuarteKim DuarteAylar önce
  • My daughter’s birthday is 5/15/15 🥰😊

    Nelly SalazarNelly SalazarAylar önce
  • I’m going thru the same thing with my son after I got him vaccinated he talked less

    Malia BooMalia BooAylar önce
  • Aww didn’t know this video was out and that the twins before and aww baby A is older by 2 or 3 minutes

    Davex66 gaming and more fun ContentDavex66 gaming and more fun ContentAylar önce
  • Damn I haven’t watched y’all in forever she’s pregnant again with twins ??? Anddd the baby got so bigg wtffff 😂. I can’t even believe this .

    TiiTiiAylar önce
  • I didn’t know you were pregnant I lost your channel I’m crying rn

    Famous trinityFamous trinityAylar önce

    Lazya NealLazya NealAylar önce
  • We're late 🤓Omg!!! Congraaaats beloveds 😙😙🤗😁😊 on the birth of your BEAUTIFUL 😇😇healthy Twins. 🎉🙏🏽🎉👏🏼🍾🎊 Kings 😇 gonna be a GREAT Big Bro. Much love yall. Channelle, great job Mama xx David, 👑💪🏽. 💜💜💜💜🙏🏽💃🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🤗👑👑👑👑👑👑😊👏🏼😙🍾🍾🥂🎉🎉✨🎁🎊🎊✨🎉🏅🏅🏅 Hiiiiiii King🤗😙😁💜🙏🏽...aww so adorable.

    TGE'ZTGE'ZAylar önce
  • ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Congrats guys!!!! Im sooo happy for youuu ❤️

    Rochelle HRochelle HAylar önce
  • I like your hair it looks good love all the little curls im a few minutes in and im excited to see them great job and congrats

    Keren QueenKeren QueenAylar önce
  • it’s ad galore in hereee 😭

    Berry LeianiBerry LeianiAylar önce
  • Congrats!!🥳🎉

    AmxricxnIvyAmxricxnIvyAylar önce
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Tanaja McclurkinTanaja McclurkinAylar önce
  • Now ya'll need to be consistent guys u can make this come back

    gladisse olliagladisse olliaAylar önce
  • nobody noticed the pink hats ? aww their girlssssssss awww

    T timeT timeAylar önce
  • wait how old is king? & congrats!! 💕 are they basically Irish siblings or is he one already?

    Dèss’s Life!Dèss’s Life!Aylar önce
  • Can't wait to see the face reveal 😍

    k. skyy the rapperk. skyy the rapperAylar önce
  • I most definitely not been watching y’all because I ain’t know you was pregnant

    G ThangG ThangAylar önce
  • WTH so you mean to tell me I missed a lot I ain’t even know she was pregnant again

    Lanacia WashingtonLanacia WashingtonAylar önce
    • Yes you missed the whole pregnancy TRvision journey

      Davex66 gaming and more fun ContentDavex66 gaming and more fun ContentAylar önce
  • I'm so proud of yall beautiful young family look how far you've come. These babies are going to bring yall success❤❤👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    V's WorldV's WorldAylar önce
  • Awww they make the 3rd baby born on my birthday!!!!! Hey what can I say its a wonderful day... :)

    tatyana hintontatyana hintonAylar önce
  • Aww, we share birthdays 🥰congratulations

    Asia ReneeAsia ReneeAylar önce
  • Aww they were born on my birthday. Congrats 🥰

    Amber McFaddenAmber McFaddenAylar önce
  • Waittttttt where tf have I been whoa

    Yazmin ReneeYazmin ReneeAylar önce
  • My oldest son was like that too, he wouldn’t talk for the longest time, but he would talk if he absolutely had to but lol 😂 he would avoid it! I think it was cause he was my only baby for the first two years and I always knew what he wanted, but literally after a few months of me having my second son, my oldest was talking in full on sentences and with expression and was like he always knew how to talk lol 😂 Congrats btw on the twins! Wheeeew you guys are going to be busy for the first little while until you all settle into a routine! Take care

    Robyn GlenaRobyn GlenaAylar önce
  • I don’t see anything wrong with your son as far as speech goes he understands what you tell him he just probably wants to speak when he feels like it or wants to my 4 year old was the same way now he talks nonstop just keep talking to him reading to him let him watch educational videos he will get there these speech therapists gonna try to tell you your son has autism and then try to tell you he needs medication and then your son may not even have autism but whatever medicine they try to convince you to put him on will give him autism I already been thru that they can all kiss my ass trying to get money off lying to people and prescribing unnecessary medicine

    RecklessRecklessAylar önce
  • You are so adorable lol

    RecklessRecklessAylar önce
  • Awww we share a birthday

    Jakaiya WellsJakaiya WellsAylar önce
  • I have those stretch marks , and only had one baby you had too so it makes sense you still look beautiful my love congrats

    Maria vMaria vAylar önce
  • Congratulations 🎉🎈 Blessings to y’all ,, I am happy for this vlog 👍❤️👼🏾👼🏾👦🏾

    Titi Tobias CerdaTiti Tobias CerdaAylar önce
  • 💗💗💗

    Beauts Of LlaiBeauts Of LlaiAylar önce
  • I'm over here crying and shit it's a beautiful thing😍

    Mone't BarfieldMone't BarfieldAylar önce
  • Don't be nervous David u got this, you have to be strong for my girl and the boy's... 💪

    Mone't BarfieldMone't BarfieldAylar önce
  • I was pregnant with one child and didn’t even make it to 37 weeks. My daughter was born at 36 weeks. God bless you for carrying for so long especially with twins!!! Beautiful family ❤️

    Aaliyah IsraelAaliyah IsraelAylar önce
  • Congratulations love y’all

    Taylor RouzanTaylor RouzanAylar önce
  • My boys didn’t start talking until they we’re 3

    Mz ChickenMz ChickenAylar önce
  • Congrats 🥳

    Kayla HortonKayla HortonAylar önce
  • i love yall i had twins i had vaginal n csection

  • TWINS BORN AT 6lbs ?!!! I feel like never heard this before! Congratulations!!

    KeaKeaAylar önce
  • For what it's worth, for what y'all relationship been through...Y'all mended it & just growing & glowing🤧 Congratulations on your beautiful twins🥳🥳🤗🤗💙💙

    Diviñe BeaütyDiviñe BeaütyAylar önce
  • Im in the same boat as you girl, idk whether to tie my tubes or not.. Im pregnant with my third child right now, i have 2 boys, 10 yrs old and 2yrs old. Im having my first girl.. But what if I want more down the road.. Its so confusing.. N i got pregnant while on birth control this time so what if it happens again... Idk..ima keep watching your video lol

    Msss GarciaMsss GarciaAylar önce
  • 💕 I had so much to say though out this video but I just wanna say CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!! ✨ Welcome to this world you precious baby boys!!! 💙💙

    Chastedi BleaChastedi BleaAylar önce
  • Feet was shaking the same time his was 😂 felt

    KeepingUpWithReKeepingUpWithReAylar önce
  • Woahhh I been gone tooo long I didn’t know she was pregnant

    Tre'kecya WalterTre'kecya WalterAylar önce
  • Omg congratulations y’all !

    Melissa VelasquezMelissa VelasquezAylar önce
  • Congratulations on your babies , God bless your family

    Life's AdventureLife's AdventureAylar önce
  • Congratulations DC SQUAD I cried aswell david I to went through c section and this brought back many memories

    The Anias FamilyThe Anias FamilyAylar önce
  • Awwww congratulations

    The Official Kiki’s WorldThe Official Kiki’s WorldAylar önce
  • She did amazing!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 One of my sons have a single was 6 pounds 6 oz

    Black Butterfly CaliforniaBlack Butterfly CaliforniaAylar önce
  • Congratulations 💙💙💙

    Black Butterfly CaliforniaBlack Butterfly CaliforniaAylar önce
  • Awww congratulations 🖤

    Miami MadekiraMiami MadekiraAylar önce
  • Congratulations omg

    Pineapplegoat NPineapplegoat NAylar önce
  • Omg me and the twins have the same birthday. I was born May 15,2003 Taurus ♉️ gang love you guys😍💚💕🥰

    Only MonéOnly MonéAylar önce
  • Congratulations I have twin boy that will be 2 in July. I also went full term, what a blessing. Twins are so much fun!! Best of luck to you and your family

    AJ MorganAJ MorganAylar önce
  • I am a twin sister and and me and my sister are 2 minutes apart

    Charaya WrightCharaya WrightAylar önce
  • Awe🥺 me and the twins share a birthday 💙

    Carena MitchellCarena MitchellAylar önce
  • Congratulations on the twins

    Marjorie LewisMarjorie LewisAylar önce
  • I tap to this twin blessing

    Anthonia MartinsAnthonia MartinsAylar önce