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The History of Sweden, History of the Swedish Empire
Sweden, Enlarged Edition: The Nation's History ~ Franklin D. Scott
Sweden, Enlarged Edition: The Nation's History ~ Franklin D. Scott
"A Warrior Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of Sweden 1611 to 1721"
All This - Scoring Action by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Heavy Interlude by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Journey in the New World by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Action - Scoring Action by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Evening Fall Harp by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Breathing Planet by Doug Maxwell
9th Symphony, Finale by Beethoven
Antonio Salieri, Twenty six variations on La Folia de Spagna
London Mozart Players
Matthias Bamert, as conductor



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    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian2 yıl önce
    • @Richard Jacobs ok I'll bite. How do you consider sweden a "major slave country"? Träldom or slavery was outlawed in sweden in the 14th century. Sweden DID have an interest in the american slavemarket however as any nation looking for funds did. I won't claim that sweden was saintly and only did good, but to say that they were a MAJOR SLAVE COUNTRY is disingenuous to say the least.

      adgagaadgaga2 aylar önce
    • Wait, Charles died of a cannonball on the Danish border

      björn cronzellbjörn cronzellYıl önce
    • Didn't Charles XI reform the Swedish Military? The Caroleans were no joke for a reason.

      Jorge WarcrimesJorge WarcrimesYıl önce
    • Your amazing sire

      •_Lumia Art_••_Lumia Art_•2 yıl önce
    • The Armchair Historian please do one on the history of the "Spanish Empire".

      ed guerraed guerra2 yıl önce
  • I’m learning this in history class in school

    Emil OstinEmil OstinGün önce
  • they probably would have done better as head of a union with denmark and norway as juniors instead of denmark as head imo

    Joshua PartridgeJoshua Partridge2 gün önce
  • Swedes didnt like the pedofilia of the Catholics...😐

    BulletnutzBulletnutz6 gün önce
  • I feel like you neglected Carolus.

    Nick PankoNick Panko9 gün önce
  • *Poltava* that made me cringe

    Space PopeSpace Pope9 gün önce
  • Lol i from Denmark

    No BodyNo Body19 gün önce
  • you forgot about the Finnish war and Bagration!!

    Cave manCave man22 gün önce
  • Fun fact one of my ancestors was actually captured by the Russians in the battle of Poltava and sent to a prison camp in SIberia.

    SpinyrockSpinyrock22 gün önce
  • your saying gustav vasa so wrong i know im from sweden

    Simon BuchtSimon BuchtAylar önce
  • at the beginning, if you listen closely, you can hear the scream during and after the bullet shot.

    Anthony EndackAnthony EndackAylar önce
  • I am Swedish and this is an honor.

    ParaplegiaParaplegiaAylar önce
  • 7:22 Sweden territory looks an old penis and balls

    Theodore RooseveltTheodore RooseveltAylar önce
  • This video didnt do charlse xll justice

    Pilot FreakPilot FreakAylar önce
  • Carl the 12 didnt die on a horse in battle bruh. Every swedish person now he was in a Trench thing

    Life of a GabrielLife of a GabrielAylar önce
  • I wish my channel became an empire... Great work with the videos man! Keep it up!

    l Empirel EmpireAylar önce
  • I think you skipped over Carolus Rex a bit too quickly. He did a lot of winning before he lost at Polatava.

    Midi Music ForeverMidi Music ForeverAylar önce
  • >Sweden >Empire

    HeezayHeezay2 aylar önce
  • alternate title: evolution of meatball

    Rony TarchichyRony Tarchichy2 aylar önce
  • You should really check out Kings and Generals for the Thirty Years' War. It's really good!

    Gabriel Qian 99Gabriel Qian 993 aylar önce
  • You kinda skipped over the fact that "Queen" Kristina, the daughter of King Gustav II, abdicated and became a catholic and fled to Italy were she became a saint, here some of us see her as a traitor

    theGizmo100theGizmo1003 aylar önce
    • Plus no one knows who killed King Karl XII, he was shot in the head while entrenched by the fort of Halden in 1718, theories are that swedish generals or soldiers shot him because they were tired of the war, and the man didn't spend much of his time as a ruler of Sweden in the country

      theGizmo100theGizmo1003 aylar önce
  • Mina Förfäder Kämpade Hårt...

    alfred_lundbergalfred_lundberg3 aylar önce

    flyslierflyslier3 aylar önce

    CambzCambz3 aylar önce
  • sweden

    KaiserAaronKaiserAaron4 aylar önce

    Lone WolfLone Wolf4 aylar önce
  • Tell me he doesn’t look like the boss that bob smacked in the incredibles

    Dat mufnDat mufn4 aylar önce
  • Who is here because of Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition?

    Goran SvrakaGoran Svraka4 aylar önce
  • poor sweden

    Isak SvenssonIsak Svensson4 aylar önce
  • Sweden is the only Scandinavian country to have ever reached the status of a military great power.

    MementoMemento4 aylar önce
  • So that’s what the Great Northern War was about. Learn something new every day. Love your channel.

    ChristineCAlb1ChristineCAlb14 aylar önce
  • uuish installed bernadotte king marked the final solution for Sweden the once glorius nation.

    dgp bdgp b4 aylar önce
  • Yo Christina cross eyed af

    Jay FaulknerJay Faulkner4 aylar önce
  • You don't need porn when you have this.

    tjaisnicetjaisnice5 aylar önce
  • För att vi är mycket bättre än alla andra.

    LJGLJG5 aylar önce
  • But one of Napoleon General , Jean Claude Bernadotte , was appointed by the swedes to become a king. You forgot to mention that. He is the founder of Bernadotte dynasty of Sweden and Norway, where as in Sweden they now still rule . I don't think Sweden was neutral in Napoleonic war, because Jean Bernadotte changed allegiance to northern alliance and he prepared the tactic to fight his former boss.

    CuanSahamCepatCuanSahamCepat5 aylar önce
  • That's right Switzerland we have been neutral longer than you guys. We'll as long as you disregard the invasion of Åland (Russian island) during ww1 but no declaration was sign so no war.

    Fredrik NybergFredrik Nyberg5 aylar önce
  • Saw a Biden ad before this... ew

    Sean MarkhamSean Markham5 aylar önce
  • I think Gustav was hitlers great great great great great great great great great grandfather

    Dmitri the GrapeDmitri the Grape5 aylar önce
  • Charles XII really got passed over in this video..

    JustinJustin5 aylar önce
  • Nice video, but let me correct you; we did not take a neutral chance during the Napoleonic wars. We took part in the war alongside Britain, against after Napoleon unleashed his continetal blockade. It was in this war that we lost Finland in 1809 since Russia (which took it) was in an temporarly alliance with Napoleon. After that, we pulled us out but joined the war again in 1812. We took part in the battle of Leipzig and later took Norway from Denmark which was allied with Napoleon.

    Is SydIs Syd5 aylar önce
  • Charles the 12th was shot in the head not the chest

    Wille DaunWille Daun5 aylar önce
  • *Jag är tillbaka*

    CheckCheck5 aylar önce
  • Now we are a bunch of fking pussies

    Uno EinarsUno Einars5 aylar önce
  • its time for PewDePie to restore the Empire

    StreletzStreletz5 aylar önce
  • 😍😍😍😍🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    Kurt ArneKurt Arne5 aylar önce
  • sabaton brought me here

    Hyder HathafHyder Hathaf6 aylar önce
  • All embrace me it’s my time to rule at last

    DC4DC46 aylar önce
  • 5:13 Kristina doe be lookin kinda high

    Stealtho SwedishGurra17Stealtho SwedishGurra176 aylar önce
  • Please dont do videos about things u dont know anything about. I'm a historian myself. So dont even try to comment on that matter. Sweden did never lose any land to denmark during the great northen war. Actually Sweden took land from Denmark. Charles X was never incompetent. He was actually one of swedens best kings that had ever ruled the kingdom of Sweden. He was also the one to push out both denmark and poland from the great northen war. So get your facts right and stop making false videos proclaiming things wich never happened.

    AlkaneAlkane6 aylar önce
  • Sweden didn't lose a square metre to the Danes in the great northern war, nor have I ever heard a Swedish historian ever call Charles X and XI incompetent

    AlkaneAlkane6 aylar önce
    • @kaiser vilhelm II What? Bremen-verden is the only other german state that was owned by sweden, and that was not given to Denmark. It where given independence. There where also some other small german states that was owned by sweden, but none where given to denmark

      AlkaneAlkane6 aylar önce
    • Alkane u dont i mean the other german state sweden owned that was lost to denmark

      kaiser vilhelm IIkaiser vilhelm II6 aylar önce
    • @kaiser vilhelm II No, u mean Swedish pommern? That was lost during the Napoleon wars

      AlkaneAlkane6 aylar önce
    • Alkane yes fuqing Google it

      kaiser vilhelm IIkaiser vilhelm II6 aylar önce
    • @kaiser vilhelm II Not in the great northen war

      AlkaneAlkane6 aylar önce
  • 5:06 Lol, Christina

    Daniel LeeDaniel Lee6 aylar önce
  • I love how Sweden has always been irrelevant ; even back when they had an 'empire'

    Jimmy NeutronJimmy Neutron7 aylar önce
    • @PostponingCamel With all that considered it's pretty amazing that Sweden did become a great power at one point, didn't last very long because of the reasons you stated but with some excellent kings it became one of the European great powers of the time.

      STARB0YYSTARB0YY3 aylar önce
    • It's on the same latitude as Alaska = short growing season and limited range of viable crops that can cope with the climate = low population. You can't be a great power when you don't have the manpower to achieve or maintain it.

      PostponingCamelPostponingCamel3 aylar önce
    • You sound American

      Hydraulic face ChannelHydraulic face Channel5 aylar önce
    • How?

      STARB0YYSTARB0YY6 aylar önce

    Maksim RashkovskiyMaksim Rashkovskiy7 aylar önce
  • Title: History of the Swedish empire. Me: there was one?

    Damn ItDamn It8 aylar önce
    • Yes, and it was good

      Boss XygmanBoss Xygman4 aylar önce
  • But sweden were eventually defeated decisevly, in the battle of nordlingen when a swedish army was completely destroyed by the spanish.

    ivan martinezivan martinez8 aylar önce
  • see the whites in there eyes see the caroleans marching on

    jackdaniel holt-ellisonjackdaniel holt-ellison8 aylar önce
  • Your videos are awsome! Can you please create a video about the archenemy the kingdom of Denmark one day?

    David Cozmo Stendevad KjærDavid Cozmo Stendevad Kjær8 aylar önce
  • Sverige!

    James GillJames Gill8 aylar önce

    Ulmer Cubing and MoreUlmer Cubing and More9 aylar önce
  • A nicely informative video. Love the animation. Nice job guy.

    Broken BridgeBroken Bridge9 aylar önce
  • This video is not very well researched. Charles X is far from incompetent, and Charles XII did not die from a horse. Misleading animation, not to mention Charles XII's death is arguably pop culture. You can't miss it in a google search.

    Claude KristofferClaude Kristoffer9 aylar önce
  • Why can’t we all Nordic countries unite? We could be a power in Europe

    Adnan Bashir AbdiAdnan Bashir Abdi9 aylar önce
  • Yeah great video. But Sweden is just a budget version of Denmark

    Timonster007Timonster0079 aylar önce
    • @Timonster007 It was meant to be a union, not Denmark ruling Sweden. But the Danish regents favored Denmark which is why Sweden broke off and then beat Denmark in several wars despite being outnumbered taking Scania, Halland and Blekinge reducing Denmark to the irrelevant little island it is today.

      STARB0YYSTARB0YY6 aylar önce
    • STARB0YY you know Denmark had more power than Sweden.

      Timonster007Timonster0076 aylar önce
    • STARB0YY the Kalmar union was 100% Denmark ruling Sweden. It’s was the danish king that ruled.

      Timonster007Timonster0076 aylar önce
    • @Timonster007 Sweden is also the only Nordic country to attain great power status, Denmark never even came close.

      STARB0YYSTARB0YY6 aylar önce
    • @Timonster007 No you didn't, Kalmar union wasn't Denmark ''ruling'' Sweden it was a personal union between the two as well as Norway. Danes have such an inferiority complex to Swedes nowadays that they make claims like this.

      STARB0YYSTARB0YY6 aylar önce
  • Charles died of a shot through the head, not the chest.

    PS1 Mr BeanPS1 Mr Bean10 aylar önce
  • 3:39 Isn’t that a Spanish Tercio?

    Jason GallegoJason Gallego10 aylar önce
  • Gustav I VOSA? Really?

    Vortex The AppleVortex The Apple10 aylar önce
  • Charles 10th incompetent? The man literally marched an army over the sea and was a military mind not far behind Charles 12th or gustavus adolphus.

    David JonesDavid Jones10 aylar önce
  • Swedistan will rise again...

    Nomo SapiensNomo Sapiens10 aylar önce
    • Ha ha Swedistan so funy11!!

      STARB0YYSTARB0YY6 aylar önce
  • I have found your videos interesting, but this one clearly shows a complete lack of basic historic knowledge of the Nordic region. Basic information is misrepresented, and so is the assertions about Denmark. I suggest everyone read a book instead of seeing a 9 min youtube full of factual errors.

    Lasse WagnerLasse Wagner10 aylar önce
    • Chill

      King StarscreamKing Starscream22 gün önce
The Swedish Empire | Animated History