The Untold Truth Of Always Be My Maybe

There's no maybe about it: Always Be My Maybe is one Netflix original movie you should definitely watch. Starring Ali Wong and Randall Park, the film has been hailed by critics and viewers alike as a fresh and hilarious success. So just how did this gem of a movie come to see the light of day?
If you thought the on-screen chemistry between Ali Wong and Randall Park was pretty incredible, you're not alone. In fact, part of that might be because the comedic duo goes back a long time, all the way back to college at UCLA, if you can believe that! They met in the late 1990s at a friend's place, where said friend was hosting a fried rice cooking competition, as reported by The Washington Post. The two were also part of the LLC Theatre Company, a comedic performing arts group that Park co-founded.
And in a twist that confirms all too clearly that truth is stranger than fiction, Always Be My Maybe premiered at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, which is where UCLA is located. The surreality of that was not lost on them, either. Wong told Variety that being in Westwood was, quote, "a trip."
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Wong and Park are real-life buds | 0:18
When Marcus Met Sasha | 1:08
Boomerang was an empowering inspiration | 2:05
Representation matters | 2:54
The film bucks stereotypes | 3:51
Why is Marcus' band named Hello Peril? | 4:57
Daniel Dae Kim was excited to be a jerk | 5:54
Authenticity was important to the director | 6:56
They hired a food consultant | 7:53
A touch of Park's personal life | 9:06
That Keanu Reeves cameo... | 9:53



  • How did you like Always Be My Maybe?

    The ListThe ListAylar önce
    • The List Watched 3 times Loved it

      Deborah OlinDeborah OlinGün önce
    • The List I Loved this movie. It was funny and sexy. I loved Keanu’s part and Randall is very funny. I would always watch Fresh off the boat and he was funny on that show. I have a huge crush on Keanu. When my older daughter was young she would always watch this VHS movie we have called Babes in Toyland. It had Drew Barrymore, Keanu Reeves and Richard Mulligan. It is a great children’s movie and I still have it today.

      Karen BrownKaren Brown4 gün önce
    • There's something forced about it but the only good part was keanus sequence. It felt like they had to make it pop during his part or maybe he had a lot of input ?

      gerald leegerald lee10 gün önce
    • Didn't see it, won't be seein it. Watching this video I'm under the immpression that this film doesn't care about comedy or romance and focuses instead on racial and cultural framing, which to be honest I don't give a fuck about.

      mickormickor10 gün önce
    • I love it so much, better than Crazy Rich Asian imo

      Lily DLily D18 gün önce
  • I did fall out of my chair when I saw Keanu fucken Reeves mehnnn....its refreshing to see him

    Ikike UdobongIkike Udobong8 gün önce
  • Representation doesn't matter, what matters is merit and skill, which they have.

    Morge ZorgeMorge Zorge9 gün önce
  • "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" was not good for the Asian-American community. It just exposed how self-hating Asian women are n how much white men fear non-white men. That's why there were no Asian boys in that movie n they even made the black boy gay SMH And that's why there are so many violent white men/Asian women couples as proven by reddit com/hapas

    Terminator EvilTerminator Evil11 gün önce
  • Love Keanu in this movie, he's hilarious !

    CCCC11 gün önce
  • This looks excellent.:-):-D Movie references in films are wonderful.:-):-D Ragga?:-):-):-D I want to meet Keanu Reeves someday very soon.He is so sweet.:-):-D That is wonderful,Park.I love seeing family member's paintings and drawings in films and series. Satire is marvelous.

    Karen EastmanKaren Eastman16 gün önce
  • First i watched because of Keanu then i found the movie good and hilarious

    Lin RueangsriLin Rueangsri18 gün önce
  • ‘Spam musubi’

    Cedric ChanCedric Chan20 gün önce
  • I actually really enjoyed this…as with all the John Wick series I watched it with my Grandson..Keanu Reeves really played an actual weird jerk and that was so different..but it is one we will definitely watch again on one of our Keanu Reeves all night binges…👍👍..!!!

    Linda ArthurLinda Arthur20 gün önce
  • This video is in good intention but it's also the whitest video in universe. wOw check these Asians out they take off their shoes when they entered a house!?!

    TheAntColonyTheAntColony21 gün önce
  • Always Be My Maybe is a lot more relatable than CRA for Asian Americans...

    UtotheJUtotheJ22 gün önce
  • LMAO 😂 this movie was great and Keanu Reeves was hilarious! LOVE HIMMMMM

    Daisy PosadasDaisy Posadas23 gün önce
  • I saw this movie recently. Hilarious! It's specific but highly relatable and I lubs it 👍🏾🔥

    Leone RangerLeone Ranger25 gün önce
  • Halle Berry not Tisha Camball.

    Steven DueceSteven Duece26 gün önce
  • Keanu isn’t Asian-American?

    Blase9 _Blase9 _26 gün önce
  • I loved this movie a lot. Lots of moments that bring up painful memories, balanced perfectly with intelligent comedy. I don't watch a lot of rom coms but I'd recommend this to everyone. Also, Hello Peril... some of the best hip hop I've heard recently!

    Car SilkCar Silk27 gün önce
  • "The late twenty-tens marked an uptick in the amount of movies staring Asian-American actors" you make that sound like there's been a ton of movies with Asian-American leads for the past 3 or 4 years, but it's been about 3 movies, including this one, in the past year only.

    Kaylee ClaireKaylee Claire27 gün önce
  • Very good movie

    GoldenPimpGoldenPimp29 gün önce
  • My hats off to Wong and Park, but especially to Mr. Reeves for participating in this movie. A - list actors such as Reeves don't have much time since they are always very busy with their Hollywood schedules and etc. Therefore, it showed how down to earth Keanu really is to support this film. I enjoyed this film, it was hilariously entertaining and funny.

    Logan RikiLogan Riki29 gün önce
  • This was such a good movie!

    kay kkay k29 gün önce
  • Why is the thumbnail Keanu and Ali when the main actors are randall and ali? What do you have against full asian men? Why do you need keanu as your thumbnail?

    EmilyWEmilyW29 gün önce
  • Loved it!!!!!

    The Krakra Show with Krazy KristyThe Krakra Show with Krazy KristyAylar önce
  • But my parents do speak with an accent lol oh well

    :-o azmadayou:-o azmadayouAylar önce
  • I somehow missed that the band was called Hello Peril. So awesome. (I'm AJA and grew up in the height of the bashing a small town in Ohio *heavy sigh* So much anxiety flowing away now with that one bit of snarky re-claim.)

    bluebanshee3bluebanshee3Aylar önce
  • What I liked about this film is that it wasn't forced.

    Mitch SmithMitch SmithAylar önce
  • 💙 it. Had to see it again. Hope to see more movies like that. Seems like some individuals need to have more sense of humor in their lives these days with so much sad news in the world. From Tex Mex girl.

    Diane JacquesDiane JacquesAylar önce
  • I LOVED the movie!! Grew up and went to college in California and loved all the references to my home state’s culture including the music. Big Keanu fan. I loved the whole storyline. I saw it twice and told all my friends to see it!!

    Lisa RobinsonLisa RobinsonAylar önce
  • Reeves does deadpan comedy brilliantly

    Gregory JeungGregory JeungAylar önce
    • @TreeFiddy I haven't. But honestly he was way more emotive in that movie than this one 😆

      Gregory JeungGregory Jeung29 gün önce
    • have you forgotten Bill and Teds excellent adventure?

      TreeFiddyTreeFiddy29 gün önce
  • Loved loved this movie

    Gina isartyGina isartyAylar önce
  • Why is everything the "unknown truth" damn mojo chill it

    Sandwich PartySandwich PartyAylar önce
  • This was such a good movie! A must watch

    1mihayes1mihayesAylar önce
  • There’s a scene from Vancouver BC!

    Maxmillan MaxmillanMaxmillan MaxmillanAylar önce
  • 8:56 i died 😂

    Slevin GaiusSlevin GaiusAylar önce
  • So predictable, yet so fresh.

    Shen HeShen HeAylar önce
  • Horrible demeaning shameful embarrassing ending. Park's character gave up his life and career so he can hold her purse!!!🙄🤬😡🤬 Ali's parents in the movie, I've never seen Vietnamese parents behave that way in real life. How is any of that believable or realistic? As for Park's dad, what the heo?? Have you ever seen an older asian father like that in real life??? I haven't. And I've been around Asians all my life. The movie had its funny moments, especially with Keanu Reeves in the restaurant. But that game scene afterward, dragged on way too long. The ending actually upset me. It was OFFENSIVE. 2/10.

    Jason LamJason LamAylar önce
    • What ending did you watch?? He's still in the band, he's still making music, he's still friends with them. That whole speech was Marcus promising not to be an asshole about Sasha's success and opening himself up to new experiences.

      Shai HazelShai HazelAylar önce
    • Never seen parents like sashas but dads like marcus's? Yes. Especially in major cities like san fran and la. Even in sacramento.

      Cho TubeCho TubeAylar önce
  • Totally enjoyed this flick. Saw it 3x

    Nanette DamianNanette DamianAylar önce
  • Oh, snap, I didn't know Keanu Reeves was Asian American. That's a fun fact.

    Aerus Ph.D.Aerus Ph.D.Aylar önce
    • @seb asstion His father's mother was Chinese, so I guess that counts.

      Pamela FosterPamela Foster15 gün önce
    • @Lucy Foster He has dual Canadian/American citizenship.

      Pamela FosterPamela Foster15 gün önce
    • roger Rumble To further complicate matters his Hawaiian dad has some Chinese, Portuguese , white American cowboy, and other blood.

      Lucy FosterLucy Foster22 gün önce
    • I thought his father was Hawaiian, his mother English. He was born in Lebanon, grew up in Canada, moved to America to pursue acting. So he is English, American, Lebanese, Canadian.

      roger Rumbleroger Rumble23 gün önce
    • His father is Hawaiian is that asian

      seb asstionseb asstion27 gün önce
  • I’ve seen it twice now. Plan to watch it again. It is that good! So many funny scenes!

    AnQi CzAnQi CzAylar önce

    Sharon BrowneSharon BrowneAylar önce
  • Mad this is not on big screen . Wan to see this, please make available at red box rentals.

    V. BrightV. BrightAylar önce
  • *LCC not LLC oof lol

    Eat And Travel With SilviEat And Travel With SilviAylar önce
  • I loved it an I'm white

    Mark AnthonyMark AnthonyAylar önce
  • that's not spam musubi. that's just spam with rice. lol

    khm3rboijeffykhm3rboijeffyAylar önce
  • Absolutely loved every scene in this movie. It was freakin' funny and awesome.

    goulash64goulash64Aylar önce
  • I saw it. Hello Peril is awesome!

    William RicksWilliam RicksAylar önce
  • LCC not LLC

    andyland27andyland27Aylar önce
  • Watched this movie last night. Really enjoyed it.

    Michelle LopezMichelle LopezAylar önce
  • Best believe, I punched Keanu Reeves And it was better than any scene You could see in Speed I hit John wick And now I’m feeling so appealing Basically, I’m a god You could call me Hercules

    KiN6 KoN6KiN6 KoN6Aylar önce
    • Yes this is the best song ever

  • Keanu Reeves is Asian, Cate Beckinsale is Asian, Bruce Lee is Asian! Asian Sensation!!!!

    RolianRolianAylar önce
  • as a German, i have a serious question bc i didn’t know “taking off your shoes” is an asian thing: DO AMERICANS WEAR SHOES INSIDE THE HOUSE?!

    KatyKatyAylar önce
    • Katy I have plantar fasciitis and tendon issues and cant really ever be barefoot, but I try to have “house” shoes and outside shoes.

      Lucy FosterLucy FosterAylar önce
    • @Jdmoose 25 It's definitely not true for everyone, but it does happen. It really depends.

      Allison TranAllison TranAylar önce
    • Katy I’m an American born and raised, we take our shoes off in houses don’t listen to Katy

      Jdmoose 25Jdmoose 25Aylar önce
    • @Katy I had a few white American friends and only one of them didn't care whether or not there were shoes inside the house or not so whenever I came over, it was "do whatever you're more comfortable with".

      Allison TranAllison TranAylar önce
    • French dude here, barefoot at home, but I already had some upstairs neighbours with shit for brains keeping their heavy shoes and high heels all day and night

      Fyodor KaramazovFyodor KaramazovAylar önce
  • Ali Wong is so funny

    Kalani .HKalani .HAylar önce
  • I loved it. It was totally hilarious and me and my boyfriend were laughing out loud a lot. It should have been released in theaters. Best comedy I’ve seen in a while.

    66voldemort66voldemortAylar önce
  • I haven't laughed so much at a romantic comedy in a long time, this movie was hilarious. It almost seemed like they were self-aware, and spoofing romantic comedy cliche's and tropes. And, yes, Keanu playing an exaggerated, pretentious version of himself was fucking hysterical, lol!

    Bayougirl78Bayougirl78Aylar önce
  • I believe Ali and Randall's movie will do what everyone thought CRA would do, I think the doors have not only been opened but kicked in.

    Bob TrentBob TrentAylar önce
  • This explanation of cultural identity is ignorant. Koreans are NOT the only culture which removes it's shoes and wears slippers inside. Non-Asian AMERICANS ALSO remove their shoes and wear slippers inside! Europeans Also remove their shoes and wear slippers inside!! Why not learn about other cultures and recognize the wonderful similarities rather than falsely create cultural differences?!? Even the SPAM meal. WHAT?!? Tribute to ASIANS? PUH-LEESE! I'm 71 yrs old and I ate SPAM as a 2nd generation AMERICAN CHILD of GERMAN IMMIGRANTS!!! STOP MAGNIFYING FALSE DIFFERENCES!! RECOGNIZE HUMAN CULTURE AND OUR SIMILARITIES!! This is just ANOTHER RACIST BASED MOVIE!! DISGUSTING!!

  • It was very funny and even heartfelt at times but I thought the character building and conflict resolution was quite lazy. Like SPOILER ALERT The fact that they actually hate each other's lifestyles was never dealt with, it was just shrugged off like "oh well, they still want to be together so guess they'll suck it up"... I also didn't like how Marcus's single big achievement in the whole movie was how their merch store blew up - and even that was due to Sasha buying it all...🤦 On top of that, Marcus is kind of a jerk *a lot* of the time. So I just kept asking myself "Why would she be with _this_ guy again?". So a bit disappointed with these parts but it was still pretty enjoyable.

    PfEMP1PfEMP1Aylar önce
    • Valid points if it were real life but it’s a Rom Com. So the tidy story wrap up isn’t surprising if you look at it from that perspective. It’s light and funny with touching moments.

      vivmadlyvivmadlyAylar önce
    • @Bayougirl78 yeah fair point - but still the fact that she's a _celebrity chef_ who will always do red carpets and other fancy stuff doesn't change, you know what I mean? At least Marcus is finally pushed to move out and get up to things other than smoking weed all day but that's like thank God, that's the bare minimum at that age 😅

      PfEMP1PfEMP1Aylar önce
    • Well, they did KINDA deal with it, by Sasha changing it up, and making her New York restaurant more of a homey, cozy place, based on the recipes she learned from Marcus's mom. But, yeah... Total rom-com cliche, convenient ending where love conquers all, lol!

      Bayougirl78Bayougirl78Aylar önce
  • One correction: at 4:01, you say, "And Sasha preparing spam musubi for dinner." She's not making spam musubi. Musubi is technically a rice ball, and spam musubi is generally made by putting a slice of spam on top of a block of rice, or in between two layers of rice, and wrapping it with a strip of seaweed (it would look like a giant piece of spam sushi). Sasha is just making spam and rice. And you really butchered Niki Nakayama's name at 8:32. Other than that, I really liked this review, it was very thorough and you included a lot of clips from the movie.

    Ron GeeRon GeeAylar önce
    • Yes, just spam and rice! That’s something that I grew up with when my Vietnamese parents left me home alone to cook for my siblings.

      iKrazimiKrazimAylar önce
    • I just rewatched it and she's eating the spam and rice separately using chopsticks while watching TV in the living room. No hints of making a musubi.

      Ron GeeRon GeeAylar önce
    • I think in the scene after, when Sasha was sitting in the living room, she was putting the rice and spam together. At least, that's what I saw.

      Allison TranAllison TranAylar önce
  • Loved this movie. Big fan of "Fresh off the Boat" and of course "Keanu" & "Daniel". I would love to see more of Daniel Henney also :) .

    Victoria O'NeillVictoria O'NeillAylar önce
    • This movie is everything

      Makara NouMakara NouAylar önce
  • He sound sounds Yoda - "You must use the Force, Sasha." Haha.

    CM LakiCM LakiAylar önce
  • I don't care about the race, sexual preference, or any of it regarding the leads. Just have something to say and be able to say (ie: act). Watched IBIZA the other night and it was total crap. Ya, great, all female leads but in a total formulaic dumb movie. No matter the gender. Same for "Rough Night" - garbage.

    Cambro 64Cambro 64Aylar önce
  • I liked it.

    Angelica JacobAngelica JacobAylar önce
  • That Keanu Reeves is god and we should not question him...???

    warren byrnewarren byrneAylar önce
    • @Ana Banana Yes! Thank you.!

      warren byrnewarren byrneAylar önce
    • Preach 👐👐👐

      Ana BananaAna BananaAylar önce
  • As an Asian-American woman who grew up in San Francisco, I LOVE "Always Be My Maybe" so much. Though my Filipino heritage is different from Sasha and Marcus, my upbringing in San Francisco as an Asian-American was too relatable to me :) Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed the movie (and yes, he's a big Keanu Reeves fan LOL).

    maeflower522maeflower522Aylar önce
    • you guys love your food. thats for sure. lol(lived in phil for 2 years)

      M WM W15 gün önce
  • I didn’t like it. I thought her character was too mean

    SodaSirenSodaSirenAylar önce
    • Lyna Le Tulsa, Oklahoma

      SodaSirenSodaSiren27 gün önce
    • Where in the world do you live where you think she was mean??? If she was mean, you obviously live in candy land or under a rock!

      Toronto GirlToronto GirlAylar önce
  • Thanks 🌴🍉 jocina Kujna 🌹🍉

    Jocina KujnaJocina KujnaAylar önce
  • Not white enough for me

    Thomas WatvedtThomas WatvedtAylar önce
    • @MagicalKid but muh representation

      Thomas WatvedtThomas WatvedtAylar önce
    • @Thomas Watvedt If you wanna talk about global scale, you need to talk about international films. But if you're talking about American movies, white is the majority. Stop trying to twist facts to suit whatever skewed opinion you have.

      MagicalKidMagicalKidAylar önce
    • @Thomas Watvedt But on a Hollywood scale, you ain't. Stop whining for no reason.

      Shai HazelShai HazelAylar önce
    • K, so don’t watch it. Tons of other rom coms that star whypipo. They’re not as good as this one tho ;) so miss out I guess, sis.

      Mermaid SirynaMermaid SirynaAylar önce
    • Thomas Watvedt omfg just stfu.

      rooz.rooz.Aylar önce
The Untold Truth Of Always Be My Maybe