They Completely Ruined Steven Universe

This finale hurt me, and now that Steven Universe: The Movie is out I feel comfortable saying they ruined this show.
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  • What if they just found a fanfic and turned it into an episode?

    Hey EagletHey Eaglet6 saatler önce
  • Hard to ruin something that was already terrible to begin with

    Kaelin JonesKaelin JonesGün önce
  • the diamonds arent "nice" they do all of this JUST for steven they arent nice not redeemed and so on because if steven were to die they would just do that shit again hell hes annoyed because of them and they only STOPPED doing what they did which isnt considered nice at all but just neutral at best

    DynaPowerDynaPowerGün önce
    • the diamonds are not redeemed and thats not what they will be for a long time its more of peace instead of full on redemption

      DynaPowerDynaPowerGün önce
  • 26:13 Was not expecting that 💀💀💀

    Juan AndrésJuan AndrésGün önce
  • I'm literally so upset now. Thank you for making this.

    malady/harmonymalady/harmonyGün önce
  • *cough cough* bi-polar disorder *cough cough*

    Ula DonaldUla Donald2 gün önce
  • Good point on the mystery part.. now that all the diamonds are friends and the world is at peace, the new season is boring to me... i wonder if they just keep on milking the franchise, its killing the soul

    RayMondoARTRayMondoART2 gün önce
  • The only thing bothering me is the fusion thing, gems can fuse for urgency, duty or even hate it doesn’t have to be this friendship is magic moment where they developped as people, im gonna go back to watching now

    Lauriane CarignanLauriane Carignan2 gün önce
  • Totally felt that dissapointment after season 5... Havent watched the movie or new stuff yet but one thing that always pissed me off was back on the boat trip episode Jasper mentioned Lapis did something unspeakably horrible... AND WE NEVER GET TO KNOW WHAT IT WAS!

    TheSpanishInquisitionTheSpanishInquisition2 gün önce
  • imagine a netherite gemsona

    josheebjosheeb3 gün önce
  • And THIS is why I stick with season 1.

    Ledet BrothersLedet Brothers3 gün önce
  • Imagine thinking this was ever good

    Trash DaddyTrash Daddy3 gün önce
  • "Steven Universe" or "Space Hitler Does An Oops But Says Sorry So It's Okay"

    Noxaura CilleNoxaura Cille3 gün önce
    • @lProN00bl Steven universe and the fascist gems: they said sorry so it's ok, the movie

      WonderfulNightowlWonderfulNightowlGün önce
    • NO YOU CAN'T COMPARE HITLER TO A CARTOON THAT'S NOT FAIR ...even though said cartoon features an conquering empire that kills millions in said conquest based on believed superiority, in a class based society where said superiority is emphasized and those that don't fit into it are left in slums or killed, lead by a cult of personality ruler who silences any dissent or criticism...complete with goofy ass salute

      lProN00bllProN00bl3 gün önce
  • Evil bad good good

    RebelHypeRebelHype4 gün önce
  • I hated this show and I shall continue to do so

    Mustiboi SalmanMustiboi Salman4 gün önce
  • The fusion thing in Change Your Mind really put me off and everything went way too fast in general.

    A Frozen Bag of CornA Frozen Bag of Corn4 gün önce
  • **Steven in the episode where we meet Ruby and Sapphire** Steven: "They hurt my friends! They hurt my face!!" Lapis: "That's why can't fight them!" Steven: "That's why we HAVE to fight them!!" Dang son, nice! Don't take shit from people, and defend yourself! Protect what you care about! Defeat the space Nazis!! **Steven in the episode where they see the gem shards** Steven: "Garnet...?" Garnet: "So THIS is what Homeworld thinks of Fusion..." proceeds to agonize over forced fusion and the torture of beings who aren't allowed to canonically die Oh my God, this is some body-horror cosmic death show. The Diamonds really are horrible! They're making these experiments with full knowledge of how it affects their own people! And they'll kill an entire planet in the process for a bioweapon! **Steven in the episode where he fights Bismuth** Steven: "Bismuth!! Nobody deserves this!" Bismuth: "You sealed me away and didn't even tell your friends! My friends..." Steven: "I'll tell them everything, I promise." Bismuth: "Then you really ARE better than her." Holy crud. But ok I feel, we're not gonna become monsters like the Diamonds, we're gonna beat them while retaining our morality! **Steven in the Episode where he finds out that Rose is Pink Diamond** Pink Diamond: "Let's never speak of this again. No one must know." Steven: "My mom's Pink Diamond." Oh boy. **Steven in the episode where Blue and Yellow crash Garnet's wedding** Steven: "We aren't enemies. We're FAMILY." UMMMM OK WAIT--- **Steven in the episode where he fights White Diamond** Steven: **clapbacks her after she rips out his gem and almost murders him** White Diamond: **blushes like a child** Steven: "The world is saved!" WHAT Steven: **Cures everyone with magic water that erases all consequences** NO

    Juan Pablo RobayoJuan Pablo Robayo4 gün önce
  • 1:43 yeah this was recommended to me a 100 times.

    mcbastmcbast4 gün önce
  • I don't know why every one hates how Steven can befriend everyone, its pretty obvious. He just has a charisma stat of 20

    hiccup1001hiccup10014 gün önce
    • Yeah he used that duplication glitch with a dog

      WonderfulNightowlWonderfulNightowlGün önce
  • Not meant to offend anyone but I just thought SU sucked after the 2nd season. Idk it just seemed so chaotic or overdramatic to me? Like too much was happening as once to make me really interested like I was before. But idk maybe it got better. I don’t really count on it but lmao it’s whatever

    2005 minivan2005 minivan4 gün önce
  • Fusing with the poofed gems is fusing without consent, something that is insulting to characters like garnet, and ruby and sapphire's relationship, it's insulting to lapiz who was in an abusive fusion and has never agreed to fuse again since Getting close enough to someone to feel their feelings and hear their thought to the point where you are one without consent, that's pretty close to rape in my opinion, they definitely should not have gotten those fusions in like that, it's pretty icky.

    L.C.L.C.4 gün önce
  • One could say it’s made you”CHANGE YOU MIND” I’m sorry

    Adrian CadatalAdrian Cadatal5 gün önce
  • Huh.... I wonder if hitler changed his mind im their universe

    BOT the botBOT the bot5 gün önce
  • Garnet is two lepricons in a costume who forgot halloween ended 5000 years ago

    10k subs with no vidoes SUPER MAN10k subs with no vidoes SUPER MAN5 gün önce
  • I’m tired of people making the bad guys good now of days. It’s good for some movies/shows, but stuff like

    Jacob ErnstJacob Ernst5 gün önce
  • They should have just killed White, or bubbled her or something. They could have brought her back in the movie or the new series and redeemed her there if they really felt that was neccesary... But this was just rushed and boring

    Lady OkamiLady Okami5 gün önce
  • THANK YOU, SOMEONE WITH A PLATFORM SAID IT. I Spent a lot of hours on this show to turn to rushed garbage.

    Karlee AnneKarlee Anne6 gün önce
  • I guess change your mind changed your mind

    Marc LaventureMarc Laventure6 gün önce
  • If I was white diamond. I'd definitely kill everyone who even tries to oppose me. Like oh you think I should stop killing people? well you're next. Oh u think no one's perfect? Well guess what I don't have to listen to you.

    Pastor CheifPastor Cheif6 gün önce
  • I still loved the series and the movie and I’m gonna continue with Steven universe future.

    Andrew GrubbsAndrew Grubbs6 gün önce
  • Steven was already shit

    masons demoneyemasons demoneye6 gün önce
  • Every story has to come to an end, And I know we all want more then we got, but no story is perfect :D Don't be a white diamond!

    MaDDworlDMaDDworlD6 gün önce
  • no shit

    Lighty_O12Lighty_O126 gün önce
  • Ion care bout spoilers they been ruining dis

    Jesus Da LawdJesus Da Lawd6 gün önce
  • You are forgetting one thing. It's a kids show

    Mazima KaluleMazima Kalule7 gün önce
    • Mazima Kalule It’s made by adults.

      Unicorn BunnyUnicorn Bunny2 gün önce
    • @nintendork I am sorry. I am young teen. When I saw this bizarre ending. I broke down. Rebecca Sugar must have written this script at bar.

      Mazima KaluleMazima Kalule5 gün önce
    • @nintendork I am sorry. I am young teen. When I saw this bizarre ending. I broke down. Rebecca Sugar must have written this script at bar.

      Mazima KaluleMazima Kalule5 gün önce
    • Does that mean it cant have value? Many teens and young adults were lured in by the deeper, darker storylines and then it ended the main conflict in a single episode.

      nintendorknintendork6 gün önce
  • This show was ruined from the beginning cuz it was never good.

    GenericGeneric7 gün önce
  • So they Game of Thrones’d it.

    Ryan GriffinRyan Griffin7 gün önce
  • WAIT A MINUTE! I know this plot from anywhere except it's the other way around! This is the terrible ending to Game of Thrones, except from being a "good" character to evil it's a evil character to good! XD Oh no they must have wanted to move on from the show to something else like D&D. Where the movie came from.

    Autumnpeace100Autumnpeace1007 gün önce
  • I can't imagine a single episode ruining a show.

    Rhas 'ChurolRhas 'Churol7 gün önce
  • What are your thoughts on Steven Universe Future? I think it's waaay better than the origonal seasons

    Wagon on FireWagon on Fire7 gün önce
  • The worst crime was the character models

    Aislinn kelleyAislinn kelley8 gün önce
  • That stab under the arm at Captain America made me instantly subscribe, well done.

    LeaveItBlankLeaveItBlank8 gün önce
  • Bad guy: hello I am bad guy Steven: but that's bad Bad guy: *you got me there*

    Oi JosukeOi Josuke8 gün önce
  • You're a dumbass this wasn't made for entertainment. This is for the theorist who wants to make actual videos unlike you who wants to rant about how this didn't make you chuckle when you were at your grandma's house knitting mittens for kittens.

    a dad jokea dad joke8 gün önce
  • I always thought of the geological gems as metamaterial nanotech computers holding a solid light projection system and a Strong AI Machine Consciousness. The "Bio" component of having been grown in the Earth reminds me of new biotech materials like construction bricks grown from bacteria. Light has been slowed down, turned to liquid, and crystal as far as modern advances(see

    Seldren BlackbookSeldren Blackbook8 gün önce
  • I didn’t like white diamonds sudden change to good, but Blue diamond was less drastic. She had a much better arc, and I actually don’t think it was that bad. Personally, I think she was well executed

    Slasher CatSlasher Cat8 gün önce
  • y'all HAVE to complain about something huh lol. I love it all.

    Christina LeanneChristina Leanne9 gün önce
    • Or they just have a differing opinion than you and want to discuss it.

      nintendorknintendork6 gün önce
  • I don't understand why diamond got defeated by a simple phrase. Is she that fragile? Considering she's a fucking diamond for christ's sake. And when did she know about "children"? She told Steven to stop acting like a child, the heck Pink doesnt even know what a baby is.

    PilatePilate9 gün önce
  • There’s a lot that I don’t like about the pink diamond twist, but it was well executed as a mystery and it didn’t seem to greatly oppose any “rules” of how the universe worked, at least nothing that I can immediately think of. The fact that there were videos titled “Is Rose Quartz actually Pink Diamond” was a good sign, but that fact that most people considered these theories to be really stupid is not. In fact, I was still in the fandom at the time, and I remember seeing memes like “the 1% of people who thought that rose quartz is pink diamond before a single pale rose be like: 😐” I still enjoy the early seasons, and SPR was a good episode but like, CYM was *rough*

    Meepy GurlMeepy Gurl9 gün önce
  • Does it ever ACTUALLY happen that an oppressive leader reforms or steps down after being convinced they were wrong? Like I know the SA apartheid was (more or less) ended thru negotiation but I mean it’s not like the issues causing the apartheid (mostly racism and classism) have ended or even been alleviated more than like a little bit. Like I want to know if this is true to life even at all or if it’s like a fantasy lmao?

    Nic VerminNic Vermin9 gün önce
  • Cant ruin what was already terrible

    TheBikeLadTheBikeLad10 gün önce
  • Bad Person: I'm bad. Steven Universe: don't bad. Good person: I'm sorry, now I'm a differente man.

    R3N4T0 -HXZR3N4T0 -HXZ10 gün önce
  • Steven Universe is a show about fixing your relationship with your family. That's it.

    Julia Antongiovanni JoselevitchJulia Antongiovanni Joselevitch10 gün önce
    • Julia Antongiovanni Joselevitch How so?

      Unicorn BunnyUnicorn Bunny8 gün önce
  • Steven was a trashy character anyway

    nealidasnealidas10 gün önce
  • My wife left me

    TomatoManPan YTTomatoManPan YT10 gün önce
  • How they ruined Steven universe: *n e c k*

    ButteredToastButteredToast10 gün önce
  • I swear, sometimes I heard you say germ instead of gem

  • I think what they were trying to go for was White Diamond realizing her core belief of her being perfect was wrong. When you realize a belief you hold to your core is wrong, it completely changes you in ways you couldn't imagine. I think that's what they were going for but they did it way too fast. They also should've just ditched the Rainbow and Sunstone fusions, they were purely fan service. Also I wish they did your version of Obsidian's fusion. That would've been so much better than Steven just deciding to fuse. Imagine if they fused right as the foot came down on them and then Obsidian threw the foot off them!

    Mythology GuyMythology Guy10 gün önce
  • So he talked no justu them like Naruto

    Ryriena Houston BornRyriena Houston Born10 gün önce
  • Great video! But the only complaint I have is that you cant ruined what is trash to begin with.

    whatever dontcarewhatever dontcare10 gün önce
  • im halfay thru and im just waiting for the nigga to get to the part where its bad bruh

    HeikoHeiko11 gün önce
  • I watched to season 3, then on I could tell it was gonna be shit

    Deracada VenomDeracada Venom11 gün önce
  • The one thing that helps white make more sense is that she has legit no idea what to do without Steven after her whole world fell apart

    SpatulaSpatula11 gün önce
  • CYM was rushed. Very, very rushed. I wouldn't have swapped it for another season, but yeah, it's not something that's hard to admit. Connie fusing with Steven at the.. ball... thing? Is such a tired subject. The show has a light hearted core, even in the serious moments. All the fusions of CYM were, without a doubt, fan service. Cheap, kind of like SUF, but ya yeet - we take what we get. The movie? Happened?? It exists, and has some bangers, but the most it did was restate everything that happened in the original show, and set up for SUF.. barely. The Diamonds look pretty! And their voices are great!! They were a big motivation for the protagonists!!! But that's about it - in terms of character and proper growth, I can only support BD. I can't say the show is great, or was ever great - it has Always been flawed - but I also can't say it's ruined.

    SnekkerdoodlesSnekkerdoodles11 gün önce
  • "-just hiding inside a human boy. Like a priest." well damn

    John MrazJohn Mraz11 gün önce
  • “To which the pink glowy Steven says “she’s gone”...” Oh he doesn’t just say it my guy

    Isle Of Dead MemesIsle Of Dead Memes12 gün önce
  • Funny how jasper is more evil than yellow diamond

    Maça Do ConhecimentoMaça Do Conhecimento12 gün önce
  • Misfits went to shit a little after that big reveal

    notyourwolf againnotyourwolf again13 gün önce
  • i love the term "dumb little peridot face"

    Krobus KoffeeKrobus Koffee13 gün önce
  • theres been hints and clues of pink and rose being the same person since season one too

    Jaiden CarrollJaiden Carroll13 gün önce
They Completely Ruined Steven Universe