Want to bring your backpack to Citi Field? Too bad for you. It's no longer allowed inside the stadium . . . unless it's a clear backpack, or wait, ARE clear backpacks allowed? Many fans are confused because of the conflicting language/photos on the Mets' website and in other places. The site says that "fully clear backpack-style bags with no obscured inner pockets” are permitted, but Mets e-tickets say, "To enhance ballpark safety backpacks will no longer be allowed into Citi Field.” Huh??? Fortunately, for now, there are still 23 MLB teams that do allow backpacks at their stadiums, but a league-wide ban is coming -- mark my words -- and some places won't even allow clear backpacks. Get your drawstring bags ready. These are dark times, my friends.
Anyway, this game took place on June 8, 2019 against the Colorado Rockies, and it was tons of fun. I caught a few baseballs during batting practice, explored the stadium, ate a ton of (expensive) food, and for the first time on my channel, I filmed a segment inside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, which is the main entrance at home plate.
This video was filmed and edited by Chris Bruning (@iChrisbtv) and Bill Bruning (@billbruning). Thanks for watching!




  • are you going to the mlb London series?

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  • Zack hample did something rude at yanks stadium he might of not did the video yanks vs. diamond backs this kid asked for a baseball and he shook his finger no and you guys say he gives balls to kids well he’s kind of rude of cam if you ask me were I got it from it was on tv

    Champgameboy 1505Champgameboy 150516 gün önce
    • Champgameboy 1505 he doesn’t give to kids who ask

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  • 1. You come here to see him catch baseballs and talk about baseball 2. You watch him eat a bunch of food

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  • Just a quick note, Cannot” is the proper way of saying the title of the video. This is a weird word because you would think it would be “can not” but that is unfortunately wrong. Sorry to be the grammar police but I cannot let this go unchecked.

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  • That’s funny that he had to bring a clear backpack because when I went to a pirate’s game they game me a black backpack for free

    Simon StoopsSimon Stoops26 gün önce
  • I can’t even explain as a person who collects autographs at different stadiums is difficult with the no backpack rule,and now I’m assuming even no clear backpacks, drawstrings bags are just so uncomfortable especially with the the stuff I bring I know it sounds like a full dealer but I’m not

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  • Hey Zack. My son Jacob loves your videos. If you are ever in Cleveland for a game or the All Star game he would love to meet you. Let me know. Good luck.

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    • Never? Perhaps you should search for my name along with "Dodger Stadium" on TRvision and see what appears.

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  • HOWDY ZACK. The first autograph Brendan Rodgers signed “pre-game” was a baseball which was mine. He Walked straight to me before the 2nd game of his career and started signing. By the way I tried to get him on that Friday night inPhilly (MLB debut) but it did not work. But I got his autograph on Saturday. STILL WAITING FOR THAT 1st HOMER THOUGH

    Andrew WilsonAndrew Wilson27 gün önce
    • Good luck!

      Zack HampleZack Hample27 gün önce
  • 1:50 I would never switch jerseys from another team to catch some balls I will always remain truthful, faithful and Loyal to my Team 💯 #GoStros 🤟⚾

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    • @Zack Hample Love Your Channel by the way 👍⚾ Greetings from Houston Texas Zack 🤟💛

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    • Flying home from Amsterdam.

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  • Hey, I live in a small city, what is your best advice for catching batting practice at minor league parks?

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    • Staying outside the stadium works well in some places.

      Zack HampleZack Hample27 gün önce
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    • Flying home from Amsterdam.

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    • Yes.

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