This video will make you want to play Rainbow Six Siege

Sometimes you see some gameplay that is SO SPICY, and SO FUNNY, that you just itch to play some Rainbow Six Siege.
And sometimes... you just HIT ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS ON TRvision!!!! You guys are NUTS. Thank you so much, I love you all
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  • THANK YOU ALL FOR ONE MILLION SUBS! Will be putting together a best of 1m montage if you guys want to see that? Will also have a different video up in a couple of days :) Missed u idots

    MarleyMarley5 aylar önce
    • O blivion God

      ROWAN&JOELROWAN&JOEL2 gün önce
    • Do like blackskins or not

      SHOW MODESHOW MODE3 gün önce
    • so what's the bgm?

      Agas dAgas d5 gün önce
    • Face reveal too 😋

      Fire Kirito016Fire Kirito01610 gün önce
    • Yeeeeeeeeesssssss

      Fire Kirito016Fire Kirito01610 gün önce
  • Lmaoo when I saw those headphones at 11:65 I died

    Deth KokDeth KokGün önce
  • This literally made me want to play siege as well XD

    R6 fan with no vidsR6 fan with no vidsGün önce
    • Btw I nearly got an ace then got tk

      R6 fan with no vidsR6 fan with no vidsGün önce
  • Let’s ignore 14:01

    Mozzie is a BlondeMozzie is a BlondeGün önce
  • 11:31 the subtitles and what he says hold tf up

    • Dude he accidentally said that fucktard, he meant the skins on the guns

      Qwiz DivideQwiz DivideGün önce
  • Baseball bat castle

    Smu 1Smu 1Gün önce
  • im watching on a week day. After watching I'm just in the MOOD to some R6 but I realize, I can't even play on week days :(

    R.I.P MOODxSwingzR.I.P MOODxSwingzGün önce
  • *Goes to play r6*: try’s to be as good as this guy: dies 10 seconds into the game

    Glitch TonicGlitch Tonic2 gün önce
  • I remember I got Black Ice for buck,finka,ash,glaz,and every other operator except one that one is doc and I have been hunting down that black ice for two years and haven't gotten it

    Massimo Albanese OliverosMassimo Albanese Oliveros2 gün önce
  • Liked just for that BRO alone.

    Majin AkaiMajin Akai2 gün önce
  • Me: 😱 NO they got a BLACKBEARD Marley: just wait I’ll get my MP5 black ice

    Jack MarshallJack Marshall2 gün önce
  • I feel bad that he couldn’t get his black guys

    TheRock 2988TheRock 29882 gün önce
  • 9:52

    CypherTonyCypherTony2 gün önce
  • Eyyyy Yumi makes a debut 2:08

    StoneRaptor621StoneRaptor6213 gün önce
  • I liked the video and then he said I don't like black skins....

    IMV_BUBBA SperlIMV_BUBBA Sperl3 gün önce
  • This is why I love r6 😂😂😂

    BearFilmsBearFilms3 gün önce
  • 17:13 magyarok mindenhol

    Bernáth KrisztiánBernáth Krisztián3 gün önce
  • Song at 18:00 ?

    Seth merchantSeth merchant3 gün önce
  • me sitting here knowing damn well the first pack i opened on my main account when i first got the game was doc black ice

    LimitlessSnipesLimitlessSnipes3 gün önce
  • Expectation vs reality when i play

    Gdpro usiGdpro usi3 gün önce
  • I got black ice mp5 out of my first pack!!😂

    clutch Gonzoclutch Gonzo4 gün önce
  • he needee so long for a black ice and i got it in my first pack

    Yay AlbiYay Albi4 gün önce
  • This video makes me want to play rainbow six siege. Me: dies with a head shot 40 seconds into the game

    Cybernonymous GCybernonymous G4 gün önce
  • It worked

    Quackshad GamingQuackshad Gaming4 gün önce
  • Im gonna buy this game and play it now.

    talzumon101talzumon1015 gün önce
  • I already had black ice for mp5 I got it in my the very second pac

    John MenJohn Men5 gün önce
  • Actually not my friend👍👍🏿

    Michael JordMichael Jord5 gün önce
  • i hate my life

    Dmitry presidentDmitry president5 gün önce
  • I don't wanna play in case I run into marley

    Alfie MccormackAlfie Mccormack5 gün önce
  • Ehhh I’ll stay on mw

    xSpookySZNxSpookySZN5 gün önce
  • Some one show this to shroud Also Shroud:Are you challenging me

  • 9:45 to 9:53, are you ok?

    GreyerMopGreyerMop6 gün önce
  • Black ice Juan dege?

    Brian MuellerBrian Mueller6 gün önce
  • Did anyone else see that at 2:07 he said an idiot but it's idiot so therefore there both in on that word

    Aydan PriceAydan Price6 gün önce
  • That gives me depression you pro im noob

    Kawaii MlekoKawaii Mleko6 gün önce
  • This was the best 19 minutes i have spent in a long time..... thanks

    Hyttoem YoutubeHyttoem Youtube6 gün önce
  • I played with Mira khakifa

    Flex SkiesFlex Skies6 gün önce
  • I didn't get my first black ice until level 93

    Noah CarterNoah Carter6 gün önce
  • 11:59 he looks like the sorry we couldn't skype tonight meme dude

    Chocolate Milk AnimationsChocolate Milk Animations7 gün önce
    • @Chocolate Milk Animations it is him wtf😭👏🏽

      Ash is my waifuAsh is my waifu6 gün önce
    • His name is twomad

      Chocolate Milk AnimationsChocolate Milk Animations7 gün önce
  • Hahahahaha e I Ur sit

    Conor ButterlyConor Butterly7 gün önce
  • I’m level 117 haven’t had a single black ice

    HughAll2810HughAll28107 gün önce
    • Am lvl 182 and I got every skin in the game instead of the black ice 👏🏽😭😭😭

      Ash is my waifuAsh is my waifu6 gün önce
  • You’ve still only gotten pistols from alpha packs tho...

    ZerO 0ZerO 07 gün önce
  • marley ive got an black ice in a pack

    Zakia LeeZakia Lee8 gün önce
  • I’m doing homework. Please stop posting amazing content :(

    AndresPancakes2AndresPancakes28 gün önce
  • Hands down the best person with a pistol

    Jolly GorillaJolly Gorilla8 gün önce
  • Is it bad I've only been playing the game for like 2 months and got mp5 black ice lol. Also have thatcher ar33 Bi

    AcroAcro8 gün önce
    • Ive been playing this game for 3 years and I haven't gotten a single black ice wtffff

      Ash is my waifuAsh is my waifu6 gün önce
  • Ok phase me.

    Wub GuWub Gu8 gün önce
  • How do you do that animation or montage at the beginning of the video 00:00

    ObeyObey8 gün önce
    • @Obey always dude<3

      Ash is my waifuAsh is my waifu6 gün önce
    • Ash is my waifu Thanks for you attention bro, god bless u.

      ObeyObey6 gün önce
    • @Obey am not quite sure but the best montage app on pc is Sony Vegas it can do stuff like that as well

      Ash is my waifuAsh is my waifu6 gün önce
    • Do you know the name of the app ?

      ObeyObey6 gün önce
    • It's one of his Montage app's future

      Ash is my waifuAsh is my waifu6 gün önce
  • whats u sense bro

    Mr GetREktMr GetREkt9 gün önce
  • When you play casual to seem good lol

    ΗydroHawk 2001ΗydroHawk 20019 gün önce
    • Yes mucking around he don't care when he tries he's high plat 2-1 playing

      elliott Arbonelliott Arbon6 gün önce
  • Am i the only one who noticed that the black guy is the guy from the meme "Oh hey, im just bouta go to bed, I know we couldnt skype tonight but thats alright..."

    Caleb VenableCaleb Venable9 gün önce
  • video ose quite the opposite dont wana play cus ima get wrecked

    rage redfacerage redface10 gün önce
  • I love when Marley wheezes it's sound like a scream LMFAO

    Fire Kirito016Fire Kirito01610 gün önce
  • What that the sorry I couldn't Skype tonight guy. Holy hell it was

    RaccoonNuts GamingRaccoonNuts Gaming10 gün önce
  • i got a connection failed problem on uplay how do i fix it?

    LyamW WisebyLyamW Wiseby10 gün önce
  • *sends toe pics*

    SlayedBy ReeseSlayedBy Reese10 gün önce
  • came to show someone r6 gameplay, stayed for the quality content

    Dylan NailsDylan Nails11 gün önce
  • 6:33 please don’t say I’m the only one who got shrek is love shrek is life flashbacks from tha song?

    Over CastOver Cast11 gün önce
  • Omg at the phones rigging part my phone ranh

    IndoratopIndoratop11 gün önce
  • 8:45 song pls

    Josh top drivesJosh top drives11 gün önce
  • Marley your the reason I bought RB6S in Black Friday you inspire me

    or klingeror klinger11 gün önce
  • How come Marley is good when I'm watching his channel and dom is ok on Marley's channel. And Dom is good on his channel and marley is playing ok

    ZXCLaser :PZXCLaser :P11 gün önce
    • because they upload highlights of themselves?

      metal_ak4metal_ak43 gün önce
    • Speaking facts bruh

      Gosse SnepvangersGosse Snepvangers8 gün önce
  • Haha congratulations you played yourself 😂😂😂

    slasher 2337slasher 233712 gün önce
  • The funny thing is that I got an mp7 black ice as my first flack ice

    Logan JankiewiczLogan Jankiewicz12 gün önce
    • I ment to say mp5

      Logan JankiewiczLogan Jankiewicz12 gün önce
  • They should make a rainbow map in a mall

    Brendan FogelBrendan Fogel12 gün önce
  • the video title is right and i subbed

    AkuXenAkuXen12 gün önce
  • Who else thinks he is a god at rainbow

    TylerGaming YTTylerGaming YT12 gün önce
  • 11:29 unsubbed

    Pablo RazoPablo Razo12 gün önce
  • 11:30 is my favourite part

    Ü Ü ÜÜ Ü Ü12 gün önce
  • i LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE your videos!!! they make me laugh so much

    Bhavya TyagiBhavya Tyagi12 gün önce
This video will make you want to play Rainbow Six Siege