The video that was tweeted and linked to me to inspire this is by Jamie French and per the comments section of her video I want to make sure I also credit the original poster in 2014 Anna Lingus and also Chrisspy with this Yoda transformation in 2015 as well as Alexis Stone who has also used this technique many times
I'm most definitely not trying to upset or miscredit anyone here so if there are any corrections to this information please let me know, I would never intentionally not credit someone for their idea so if it is missing please just leave a comment and I can add it to the description.
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  • Still coming to watch Jenna anytime I have a hard day. This time it’s tinged with sadness knowing I may never have another new video to distract myself. Thank you Jenna for bringing joy and light into my life for years

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  • Hello, I'll take a couple of minutes, I'm from Russia, or rather from Moscow. I am an aspiring actress, there is a lot of negativity in my life, at first I took everything to heart, there is always one person in the audience who will be dissatisfied with your performance , but you should not take everything so sharply. In Russia, we all love you very much, but you are very famous here. When it's difficult or sad, I watch your videos, I see how strong you are and I keep going forward, I am often humiliated, work in the theater is difficult, my family also has a lot of problems, but I see that there are strong people like you, you are my inspiration, thanks to such people I continue my journey. It is impossible to please everyone! We love you very much. I love you very much, don't pay attention to rude comments about your work, listen to agrometerology criticism. Keep doing what you love, good luck to you, with love, Vaska from Moscow

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    • Arw you an actress?

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  • I miss you Jenna! I know you probably wont see this but I really hope you are doing well. You deserve happiness for all the light you bring to the world. You dont know how many times you've saved my life and helped to get me out of a depression. Im a virgo, born same year as you and also love elder scrolls. Youve always inspired to me as I relate to you a lot, seeing as you've done so well and let youre awesome virgo personality show. Just wanted to tell you that you mean a lot to me and I'm wishing you the best everyday.

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  • Jenna you make us so happy. You give us comfort in the dark times and make us feel joy when we are at our lowest. You deserve to feel the happiness you give. Please let yourself be happy. Know we are always here for you and want you to be feel nothing but happiness. It's going to be okay. No matter what happens, we wont stop believing in you.

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  • why does her small face look like addison re

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  • You were one of the first TRvisionrs that I would stay up all night watching, quietly laughing my ass off. During some of my darkest times, even some of the videos you took down that some may have found offensive, I can't remember ever feeling anything but joy. But even so, I can see how much you've grown. How kind, considerate, genuine, and still funny you are. Thank you, I miss you.

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