Top 10 Bill Hader Performances

These are the top 10 film and TV performances from Emmy Award winner and former "Saturday Night Live" superstar Bill Hader. From his voice roles in films like "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and "Inside Out", to hilarious comedies like "Superbad" and "Pineapple Express", to more dramatic roles in "The Skeleton Twins" and "It Chapter Two", Bill Hader is clearly one of the most versatile performers working in Hollywood today, showing audiences that he's more than just Stefon (even though we LOVE Stefon). What's your favorite Bill Hader performance? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Bill Hader was carrying the whole production for “Trainwreck”. Change my mind.

    ProdriftaProdrifta4 gün önce
  • Barry is so incredible, i am absolutely in love with it, i don't doubt i will be coming back to it again and again to find more and more little details i missed

    SourSoulSourSoul9 gün önce
  • BARRY is so freaking good, god dammit.

    pinkpandamirandapinkpandamiranda10 gün önce
  • Bill didn’t need to act as Richie Tozier, he is Richie Tozier

    Erin And EllieErin And Ellie16 gün önce
  • I died at Richie Toz-yeear

    Erin And EllieErin And Ellie16 gün önce
  • ooof is it sad I've seen all of these?

    Lindsey Renee VlogsLindsey Renee Vlogs18 gün önce
  • Finally people realize how talented this guy is 💀

    Emma PawlakEmma Pawlak19 gün önce
  • "Sh-t! the cops!". *"BAM! BAM! BAM!"*

    UmbreonErickUmbreonErick23 gün önce
  • they forgot seth meyers at 1:48

    Kennywise The Dancing ClownKennywise The Dancing Clown24 gün önce
  • He was in the movie "paul"

    Luh SanchezLuh Sanchez24 gün önce
  • god, superbad is fucking hilarious!

    Zoe Tremain-WoodcockZoe Tremain-Woodcock26 gün önce

    Sanaa BroadwaySanaa BroadwayAylar önce
  • Only a consultant for BB8? It's still his voice. Not that I would put any BB8 performances on any kind of list anyway. That would be pretty ridiculous... but I guess watchmojo's done worse. I mean how does the entirety of his performances in documentary now fit in as his 9th best performance and all of SNL as #2? Do you guys even try to make sense?

    RiOT76ADRiOT76ADAylar önce
  • Amy Schumer is awful and almost ruined Trainwrecked for me but Bill and Lebron saved that whole movie

    Mason nosaMMason nosaMAylar önce
  • I love him😍

    Alexa LAlexa LAylar önce

    DookieDookieAylar önce
  • I like him(bill hader)most

    Sporsho BinSporsho Bin2 aylar önce
  • The way she said Tozier 💀💀

    pipeR :-lpipeR :-l2 aylar önce
  • didn't watch the video yet but if Barry doesn't come first I swear to god-

    winchesterwinchester2 aylar önce
  • I still don't understand how Bill did not win Golden Globe for Barry.

    Helena BegumHelena Begum2 aylar önce
  • Bill Hader is Senpai

    Allison ZagrzeckiAllison Zagrzecki3 aylar önce
  • I’m pretty sure when he played oficial Slater he was just improvise with Seth, he is fucking funny

    CABRERACABRERA3 aylar önce
  • Fun fact: Bill actually was severely allergic to peanuts. I love him so much!!!! And at 6:21... he looks super CUTE! I still haven't seen the IT movies and I want to so bad!!!!

    Mary ZehrMary Zehr3 aylar önce
  • Pretend hes your little sista

    Mike the MilkmanMike the Milkman3 aylar önce
  • My god number 9 is so good

    ZipinaterZipinater3 aylar önce
  • Ugh HATED trainwreck. So gross

    Dee NinjahDee Ninjah3 aylar önce
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Not even Bill hader: Watch mojo: Richie Tozzieyer😂

    Rhys QuinnRhys Quinn3 aylar önce
  • Bruh richie 100% should've been #1 I swear

    Katie GaseKatie Gase3 aylar önce
  • I liked him in Paul. One of my favorite movies!

    LordMathiasLordMathias4 aylar önce
  • i dont know why his face is so familiar in my life

    Djie WalupatDjie Walupat4 aylar önce
  • You forgot a key point with hot rod. Rod was raising money to save frank so he can kick his ass.

    TS FalloutTS Fallout4 aylar önce

    Lilia ALilia A4 aylar önce

    RoyAllie McGesticRoyAllie McGestic4 aylar önce
  • Me still wondering why I say richie toaster

    FloampopFloampop4 aylar önce
  • Top 10 Chris Pratt performances

    speak the Funk up mespeak the Funk up me4 aylar önce
  • Captain seth dozerman in brooklyn 99

    Stella ZhangStella Zhang4 aylar önce
  • They forgot bill hader played the perfect japanese Dwight on SNL

    Andi FaidilahAndi Faidilah4 aylar önce
  • When she said Richie tozy-er I felt that

    Doodle DudeDoodle Dude4 aylar önce
  • Super bad was just that SUPER BAD

    Shanon EdwardsShanon Edwards4 aylar önce
  • Anthony Peter Coleman.

    A SimpsonA Simpson4 aylar önce

    minutiaeminutiae4 aylar önce
  • no Adventureland????

    Human BeanHuman Bean4 aylar önce
  • Did no one notice how she pronounced Richie Tozier

    Jay RileJay Rile4 aylar önce
  • Bill hader is so hilarious and phenomenal I love him so much his movies are just so amazing to watch I love him on Saturnday night live as stefon and other skits he does

    Carrie Anna MasonCarrie Anna Mason4 aylar önce
  • He’s my favorite actor and my idol. I love his films and his acting work in general

    Reve HReve H4 aylar önce
  • he looks like a Father of Jaskier from Witcher

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda4 aylar önce
  • I swear i died when she said "Richie Tozi-yer"

    Pandora BergPandora Berg4 aylar önce
  • Bill haders best performance was in IT. I think he enjoyed it the most.

    Annie BoxAnnie Box4 aylar önce
  • Bill Hader is like my one and only celebrity crush and I barely get attracted to men

    Flannels and GamingFlannels and Gaming4 aylar önce
  • in my opinion, i think his acting in it chapter 2 should be number 1. if you’re asking why then watch the film, his acting is just outstanding and the change of his emotions really shocks me and he is the one that makes the movies spirits go up even when eddie died he still managed to bring the spirits up with the others, the *R+E* scene was heart breaking and his showing of emotion really does effect the viewer

    emily owoemily owo4 aylar önce
  • "Richie tozeeuhr" am I the only one who pronounces it tosure?

    Lorelei MarieLorelei Marie4 aylar önce
    • I say it like that too.

      iihxneyy._.m00niihxneyy._.m00n4 aylar önce
  • Yo but he is richie. Like, you can't change my mind (R+E I'm still crying)

    Hehe I'm babeyHehe I'm babey4 aylar önce
  • I watched it chapter 2..... Georgie l: I'm not really......into makeup.....cause I'm a......boy ****Adorable laugh****

    A WebsA Webs4 aylar önce
  • 0:07 Grandpa?

    Jac CusterJac Custer4 aylar önce
  • I saw jouys byers

    Bowser JuniorBowser Junior4 aylar önce
  • 2020

    Bowser JuniorBowser Junior4 aylar önce
  • Lmao, if Bill hader is in it, it’s my new favorite movie

    A.C gamingA.C gaming4 aylar önce
  • Love love LOVE him!

    Lucy LincolnLucy Lincoln4 aylar önce
  • What about Hollywood on the roast of James Franco

    Mr.diamond2 4Mr.diamond2 45 aylar önce
  • Brooklyn nine nine

    Aiden CallertpnAiden Callertpn5 aylar önce
  • Where’s alpha 5?!

    RockerMike92RockerMike925 aylar önce
  • Bill hader is a badass in Barry .

    SP DebataSP Debata5 aylar önce
  • Paul is another funny film I enjoyed with Hader involved. Being kept in the dark by his superior, played by Jason Bateman.

    twist58twist585 aylar önce
  • we ALL know his best performance is the ICONIC role of stefon

    shelbyshelby5 aylar önce
  • Barry is the BEST dark comedy TV show I have watched so far. Definitely worth the watch!

    nicole Teonicole Teo5 aylar önce
  • This beautiful man brings it...that remarkable presence...that fluid and natural a similar way as our beloved Robin Williams did. 💖

    U.M.A.U.M.A.5 aylar önce
  • Hader was Flint! Adorbs!

    TL CTL C5 aylar önce
  • Why she say richie toes ear

    hobie smellshobie smells5 aylar önce
  • 8:46 i love richie tozier

    Oby Sinantha PukdeeOby Sinantha Pukdee5 aylar önce
  • bill hader is my dad

    Andrea G.Andrea G.6 aylar önce
Top 10 Bill Hader Performances