Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica

Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica
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Welcome back everyone. We Have done videos from every single corner of the planet. We covered every country in Europe and most of States and North America. I think we're slowly getting there. One place we haven't touched is Antarctica, why is that? Is it because it's too cold. Well, not anymore, we're going to change that. My name is Danny Burke and this is Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica.
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  • Pyramids are NOT a complicated shape, but neither is a cube or a sphere or an arrow head. Yet when we see an arrow head, we know immediately that it is unnatural. I have seen hundreds of mountains with my own eyes and not ONE of them was a cube, sphere, or pyramid. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but you would have to be utterly imbecilic to believe that pyramids are common in nature. Show me natural pyramids. If they are common in nature, why have I NEVER SEEN THEM in nature? Show them to me. I am waiting.

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Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica