Top 20 Most Confrontational Talk Show Moments

Shots were fired during the most confrontational talk show moments. For this list, we’re looking at the most combative back-and-forths on talk shows. Our countdown includes "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," "The View," "Geraldo," and more! What do YOU think was the most confrontational talk show moment? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Which confrontational talk show moment made you feel the most uncomfortable?

    WatchMojo.comWatchMojo.comAylar önce
    • Helen Mirren and Michael Parkinson on Parkinson's show. Helen wiped the floor with him.

      prokkleprokkle6 gün önce
    • It wasn't any of them, just seeing Ellen made me wanna gouge my eyes out.

      Richard NuttingRichard Nutting13 gün önce
    • Slipstreamz has

      Pete DrogolewiczPete Drogolewicz15 gün önce
    • SpongeBoblover92 Offical! I’m sorry on on my my

      Pete DrogolewiczPete Drogolewicz15 gün önce
    • SpongeBoblover92 Offical! I’m sorry on the phone but I’m not sending the text you back and then we got back from work a few minutes later I’m going back back and I got back in a the way of getting my my wife back and in the shower I was was gonna gonna is a time to go get my stuff stuff done I have and a lot of work to work work and and then then going back and I wanna go back in with my my own life I just just want you you guys know know how I wanna get this beautiful day day and night love y’all y’all and have have fun fun day day at my moms and then we got a lot to come come over here lol lol lol I gotta is a time time to get you and you get get it and and I get get paid for you you can can come and and I have have fun and I’m I’m going on on my day and and then we can meet meet you you know I wanna was the the way you I wanted you and I got got got a little little money and and then I gotta I wanna ru

      Pete DrogolewiczPete Drogolewicz15 gün önce
  • Ellen is a scumbag

    GobbollinoGobbollino50 dakika önce
  • 1) I would never subscribe to a channel where the stupid voiceover doesn't know when to shut up, and 2) your number one pick was totally staged. Are you people blind or something? I invite you to rewatch the tape.

    Scott B_Scott B_4 saatler önce
  • SCIENTOLOGY gives a pompous ass like Cruise a free rein to preach about what ever enteres his head. Maybe Cruise would have preferred a prepsychiatry exorcism. Nah. Scientology is obviously the answer. But what's the answer to SCIENTOLOGY?

    Karen ShaubKaren Shaub5 saatler önce
  • Oh how I miss the wit and intelligence of Dick Cavett. I missed this episode, but it must have taken a lot for him to tell Mailer literally to stick it. He rarely resorted to that kind of stuff.

    Karen ShaubKaren Shaub5 saatler önce
  • So many clips are from Letterman's. I wonder why.

    Neha GuptaNeha Gupta8 saatler önce
  • I guess Aziz wouldn't be picked by CBS to play a 7/11 clerk in any show .

    Bruce SBruce S8 saatler önce
  • 0:21 How was it determined that is staged?

    L MartinezL Martinez15 saatler önce
  • Ellen used to be a cool dude.

    MaryAnne WeldonMaryAnne WeldonGün önce
  • Conversations for the ages. I feel as though....ach never mind.

    Ali RileyAli RileyGün önce
  • Is that Cruz from "Coach Carter" at 16:37? Everyone looks they are watching a tragedy unfolding in front of them. That tragedy being the destruction of Tom Cruise's career. Scientology strikes again.

    Hunter GilstrapHunter Gilstrap2 gün önce
  • To be honest, Tom Cruise making sure people know how strong of drugs adderall and ritalin really are is actually pretty good. Its generic name is just amphetamine (adderall) and dextroamphetamine (ritalin). I'm pretty sure if more parents knew the dr was proposing placing their young young child on amphetamine every single day they would decline.

    Lady Jay MacLady Jay Mac2 gün önce
  • I' always tune into these lists and forget that they don't just show the clips and let us draw our own conclusions, there has to be a monologue from someone who thinks we're dumb interrupting every minute

    Ross RossiterRoss Rossiter2 gün önce
  • this is more like "listen to the explanation of this top moments" .........let us watch honestly

    Rod RigoRod Rigo2 gün önce
  • Id love to see bill mahr get his smug ass beat

    Sean BrennanSean Brennan2 gün önce
  • O can't believe Arsenio Hall or the interview with Mike Tyson didn't make the list.

    Jaime KempJaime Kemp2 gün önce
  • You could rename every The View episode to cringe.

    Eleanor RigbyEleanor Rigby3 gün önce
  • I think Tom cruise is crazy but would be a awesome friend

    George FondaGeorge Fonda3 gün önce
  • Too many ads that I do not give a shit about.

    Korve72Korve723 gün önce
  • Aziz Ansari isn't funny.

    grungemaster0666grungemaster06663 gün önce
  • Tom Cruise is creepy af!

    Linda JanssonLinda Jansson3 gün önce
  • THE VIEW should never be on a list because them gals will fight at the drop of a hat...they we're tossing verbal blows at some republican woman running for congress just yesterday!

    Laben BrittenumLaben Brittenum4 gün önce
  • Lmao fuck Morton

    Seymour DisapprovesSeymour Disapproves4 gün önce
  • Ansiz got liberal’d himself , bunch of idiots

    Red Dawn 1Red Dawn 14 gün önce
  • Slipknot VS Howard Stern.

    Owlclaw 999Owlclaw 9994 gün önce
  • Yeah the LetterMen show sucks, i thought he was a bad host and didn't really get how some people's humor was when on the show and now I really don't like him, I can't imagine being that bad and making so many people uncomfortable

    TACTAC4 gün önce
  • I have always loved bill Maher he is very passionate about the stories he does please keep on rockin bill does anyone know how I can tune back in to his please leave a comment

    Shelia HollowayShelia Holloway4 gün önce
  • LOL Bill....listen to me and you will learn.

    Pale HorsePale Horse5 gün önce
  • One thing I see from these videos: *the older you are, the more childish you will be*

    영원히나는 일본을 사랑해영원히나는 일본을 사랑해5 gün önce
  • Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler doesn't count as it was completely a work and not a real confrontation

    LionSlingshotWMDLionSlingshotWMD5 gün önce
  • More like Ellen Degenerate 🤷‍♂️

    Si_Vis_Pacem Para_BellumSi_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum5 gün önce
  • Sorry don’t see it, She’s an entertainer. All the ingredients of a talented human. Late night talk shows seem similar to me. Their goal is to entertain. However, Not condoning meanness

    Sandy FSandy F5 gün önce
  • Left out: Sam Harris vs Ben Affleck (Real Time With Bill Maher) Christopher Hitchens vs Joan Walsh (Hardball)

    sXe AngelsXe Angel6 gün önce
  • Burt Reynolds is a sav

    ITz NiCkITz NiCk6 gün önce
  • watch mojo doesnt care that i have to work tomorrow and has sent me down a never ending rabbit hole of lists

    letsgoblues21letsgoblues216 gün önce
  • I’d be great if the the lady would just be quite and let the clip play. Jesus man.

    Derek HayesDerek Hayes6 gün önce
  • Maher, labelle, colbert, downey, behar, letterman, ellen, lauer, cruise, costa, rosie, rush, geraldo, all get more publicity from being obnoxious. I don't know who Jim Rome is and rightly so.

    Penny MillerPenny Miller7 gün önce
  • Williams is a man

    Ghost AnakinGhost Anakin7 gün önce
  • Scientology may be a bitshit crazy thing, but so is pumping 5 year olds with Ritalin and Adderall.

    Rajesh ValluriRajesh Valluri7 gün önce
  • Burt punched Mark mighty hard in the face with that pie

    JasonJason8 gün önce
  • For Tom: I don’t agree with all of psychology, however, I don’t need to be an asshole about it.

    PanpsychismPanpsychism8 gün önce
    • His refusal to conceed that it does help some people makes me angry.

      prokkleprokkle6 gün önce
  • He's smarter than all of them but still an asshole.

    Zen DerZen Der9 gün önce
  • Reynolds sneakingly moved away from the guy during countdown and essentially punched the guy in the face, except he did it w/ an open hand and a 'pie'.

    EgyptianMinorEgyptianMinor9 gün önce
  • Scientology is the crack -cocaine of pseudo religious cults and Cruise is one big cool-aid drinking addict. So he shouldn't be pontificating to others about 'drugs', it's just another crutch, and I dare him to live w/o it. To really be 'free and clear'.

    EgyptianMinorEgyptianMinor9 gün önce
  • Oh, you should do an international top 20 and check out João Gordo and Dado Dolabella fight on MTV Brasil.

    Flavio DemarchiFlavio Demarchi9 gün önce
  • You can tell the Jim Everett and Jim Rome one was staged. Jim Everett was clearly getting ready to flip the table just before Rome said it again.

    Brandon CastleBrandon Castle9 gün önce
  • Tom Cruise: "Look Matt, I read some shit that I don't understand at all and came to the conclusion that adderall is the same as electronic shock therapy".

    Brandon CastleBrandon Castle9 gün önce
    • Lol

      Karen ShaubKaren Shaub5 saatler önce
  • Too much narration, not enough of the conflicts.

    Steve StarrSteve Starr9 gün önce
  • The View needs to be bombed.

    Jack QuantrellJack Quantrell9 gün önce
  • Letterman is not a good person.

    J JJ J9 gün önce
  • After Tom Selleck was on the Rosie O'Donnell show, I stopped watching. It was so uncomfortable and I didn't find her humor funny anymore. Same with Ellen after the first couple of seasons.

    Trella 3YeahTrella 3Yeah9 gün önce
  • Tom Cruise is a FUCKING NUT

    Iconic InfidelIconic Infidel9 gün önce
  • is wendy williams a guy???

    Iconic InfidelIconic Infidel9 gün önce
  • Wow Tara Banks is a tall woman how tall is she??

    troy smithtroy smith9 gün önce
  • Wendy Williams speaks like Tarzan?

    catothewisercatothewiser9 gün önce
  • Why is not in the list Helen Mirrer's interview with Parkinson sexist guy?

    Elizabeth SElizabeth S9 gün önce
  • Aziz is shit.

    catothewisercatothewiser10 gün önce
  • Tom Selleck is an asshole.

    Dingle BerryDingle Berry10 gün önce
  • per wikipedia whoopie goldberg was a high school dropout. so why are so many listening to her?

    Joseph HintonJoseph Hinton10 gün önce
  • I was very embarrassed for Burt Reynolds and the other guy.

    Antonio AcevedoAntonio Acevedo10 gün önce
  • I don't often defend Vince McMahon, but he should have kicked Bob Costas's ass.

    Clint DeangelisClint Deangelis11 gün önce
  • Lmao the chair immediately introduced into the brawl @23:28

    Ravishing BeastRavishing Beast11 gün önce
  • I have my humanity questioned every day by captcha, didn't think it was that big of a deal

    Greg McGreggintonGreg McGregginton11 gün önce
  • Wilding out...

    Kalamu KietaKalamu Kieta11 gün önce
  • The View is the most ignorant show on television. Joy is an ass, Whoopie is a dirtbag too. The show needs to be cancelled. Rosie O'Donnel is a nasty, nasty person.

    Denise ChristieDenise Christie11 gün önce
  • The fact that Letterman is on this list like three times tells you he's a total prick

    OmarrzOmarrz11 gün önce
  • I LOVE Norman Mailer, and would've sat on his side :)

    Terri BastedoTerri Bastedo11 gün önce

    MaryJo DeBlasisMaryJo DeBlasis11 gün önce
  • Quickest ways for a man to meet his end at the hands of a woman: 1) Talk to a grown woman like she's a child Ex: "Listen to me, because you'll learn" - Bill O'Reilly on The View 2) Try to humiliate and objectify her in front of people Ex: Letterman introducing Madonna by calling out her past relationships and then suggesting she kiss a guy in the audience

    Amelie PalmerAmelie Palmer11 gün önce
  • Morton earned that lung cancer , loud mouth pos he was !

    Ron DeVitaRon DeVita12 gün önce
Top 20 Most Confrontational Talk Show Moments