Top Secret Russian Nuclear Engine Explodes During Testing

We first had some clues about this on Thursday when civilian radiation monitoring systems alerted people about a rise in background radiation, but later an accident was confirmed by the Russian Defence Ministry and Rosatom. However the information released via official channels is limited, but there's some other clues that have been compiled by experts in the subject.
The best source for reliable updates is Jeffrey Lewis and his collborators, I suggest following him and his blog.



  • Nuclear suprise mechanics.

    Simmy SimsSimmy Sims16 saatler önce
  • The Russian attitude towards Nuclear is reckless. I swear one day it's going to lead to something terrible.

    Hieronymous LexHieronymous Lex22 saatler önce
  • Waiting for the Hypersonic weapons roll out!!!!!

    rolf stamenovrolf stamenovGün önce
  • Intro. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Vocalpro InternationalVocalpro InternationalGün önce
  • Secret nuclear yeet

    charlie frost the firstcharlie frost the first3 gün önce
  • The Russian politicians have never cared for the environment so a few disasters with their Nuclear engine is nothing for them to worry their heads about. If it kills a few thousand Russians or pollutes huge areas of Russia so what, they have been doing it for the last 70 odd years. Lake Baikal is one of their great environmental success stories.

    David ShawDavid Shaw4 gün önce
  • How would a Nuclear Rocket be propelled without spewing Radio Active Smoooo trailing behind it ? What would it use as mass to push it's self ?

    pulesjetpulesjet5 gün önce
  • If they cant handle that shit they should stop playing to be bad asses ..they going to burn themself

    Wisdom NightWisdom Night6 gün önce
  • *Or perhaps it's just Russian propaganda~*

    SquishBangBlowSquishBangBlow6 gün önce
  • While the Americans fly into space in a dream, on a member of their neighbor ... Russia is trying to make a universal nuclear engine.

    Alexandr NoskovAlexandr Noskov8 gün önce
  • An RTG makes no sense really, since there were reports that a diver working on the barge got a dose of 30000 gray, which is 50 times the "guaranteed fatal dose within 14 days". In HBO Chernobyl terms, this is the dose a Liquidator would have received if he worked on the "Marsha" roof for multiple hours. The diver died mere hours later on the way to Moscow with no other injuries, which seems consistent with such a dose. With limited information, the only plausible explanation is a criticality event imo. Which means it was a reactor.

    SangsungMeansToComeSangsungMeansToCome8 gün önce
  • "Hey, we built a FLOATING NUCLEAR REACTOR plant." *accidentally blows up some radioactive missiles*

    Butter JohnsonButter Johnson8 gün önce
  • We need some laws in place banning ALL governments from screwing around with nuclear weapons of any kind!

    Murray LewisMurray Lewis8 gün önce
  • America did develop a nuclear powered Cruz missile called a SLAM missile, but they thought production of it would force the USSR to develop one and cause WWIII so they decided not to

    killbane184killbane1849 gün önce
  • bs try again with an SMR reactor

    Christopher LieblerChristopher Liebler9 gün önce
  • But I don't see a benefit. I you're talking about SSTO you're not talking about a speed advantage in a thin atmosphere, and if you're considering low altitude, the problem isn't propulsion, it's the construction properties of the weapon.

    Bill SmithBill Smith9 gün önce
  • Uranium One deal comes to mind.

    SkashoonSkashoon10 gün önce
  • Top secret? Nuclear reactor as an engine, unlimited range.

    Little TimmyLittle Timmy11 gün önce
  • So top secret we all know about it. 🤔

    person 666person 66611 gün önce
  • They don't gotta film Chernobyl sequel Live Action, some small reactor probably melted down.

    Nick ENick E11 gün önce
  • Controlled micro fusion reactors... Nuclear fusion needs new concepts.... Very cold temperatures.... To fuse nuclei... The relative velocity between nuclei and their spin States provide opportunities for fusion.... Temperature means relative velocity between nuclei... Here is the yin way for cold fusion...

    Radha KrishnaRadha Krishna11 gün önce
  • The World: " What !! " Russia: (pours Vodka) " ....pfff." " only Sky-Nyet. "

    Dr. of Dubious WisdomDr. of Dubious Wisdom12 gün önce
  • Russia desperately needs adult supervision.

    Dr. KnowDr. Know12 gün önce
  • In Soviet Russia nuclear rocket aimed at USA kills Russians.

    Screw YouScrew You12 gün önce
  • This is stupid video

    Emmanuel HitilashaEmmanuel Hitilasha14 gün önce
  • The speck on the wall made me think my screen was dirty, lol

    Matthew KemptonMatthew Kempton15 gün önce
  • Hillary funded that explosion. Take a bow

    Lightnin McKingLightnin McKing16 gün önce
  • I haven't heard anything about this all month until just now while I was browsing Business Insider articles.

    Mik MoenMik Moen16 gün önce
  • ... apparently not.

    Are we not entertained?Are we not entertained?16 gün önce
  • This is an arms control nightmare in the making. No matter what this weapon, even if loaded with conventional explosives, will be a dirty bomb at its impact point.

    Phil GiglioPhil Giglio17 gün önce
  • How about if it was a conventional propultion system with propellant being enriched with some radioactive compounds like Cesium or Strontium to absorb and dissipate radar waves on the exhausts fumes? To me it looks like a new stealth rocket, hmm?

    Wojtek SzywalskiWojtek Szywalski17 gün önce
  • Russia just endangered thw world

    Analog DigitalAnalog Digital18 gün önce
  • This is probably mentioned somewhere here, but I did see a headline recently that said that the radiation released was consistent with a "nuclear reactor". Would love to see Scott's revised take with that new info, as I am sure it will influence his thesis one way or another.

    T HallT Hall18 gün önce
  • Liquid rocket is needed at the start

    Юрий АлтунинЮрий Алтунин19 gün önce
  • for fuck's sake Sergeï , I told you not to smoke near the big firecracker.

    milou80milou8020 gün önce
  • Since 1958 USA has made a successful nuke engine.. 75k output

    Dr. Paul Plumbing HeatingDr. Paul Plumbing Heating20 gün önce
  • Top secret weapon? 0 belief. Major screw up 110% believable...

    SparksAt NiteSparksAt Nite20 gün önce
  • If Russia was smart, or just a compete parasite, they would of said they were attacked or sabotaged by Palestine or Iran just like Israel does. Never waste a good accident.

    Christs RevengeChrists Revenge20 gün önce
  • Comrades, nothing is wrong. Everything is Strongly normal. Go back to your homes, or you will be arrested and shot.

    Joseph PattonJoseph Patton21 gün önce
  • They might have try to use a water driven Steam thruster to get the rocket to altitude and cruise velocity. My guess comparing jet aircraft at takeoff thrust and cruise thrust they would need 6 times more power than cruising. For a small reactor it would mean approaching prompt supercriticality, which for new fuel is not as much a problem as nearly spent fuel which is high in radioisotopic decay heat, the problem is nuclear reactions do not slow quickly, and if the reaction began to runaway, all the water would simply flash with some small percentage being blown in the shock wave. The satellite based reactors were only 10kw, nowhere near the power required to run a jet. We are talking something much bigger that would need regulator coolant in addition to forced cooling. This is not like a ship that has the ocean with a heat sink....Though nuclear powered icebreaker itself is a troubling technology. The lesson of Chernobyl is two fold. First, keeping something new really secret has the disadvantage of denying experienced professionals analysis of the risk, for instance how risky is it to have graphite rods at the bottom of the control rods. The second is that cutting corners on nuclear safety, for whatever reason eventually backfires. . . Like ending the Soviet state. Putin is trying to relive a failed past.

    Ray OshimaRay Oshima21 gün önce
  • And they want us to worry about the climate.

    SKY RocketSKY Rocket21 gün önce
  • the technology of using nuclear reactors as a rocket propellant is at least 40 years old. you take liquid fuel say hydrogen cooled down to like -240 degrees. the reactor heats it and makes it boil. then it expands -> shooting out of the engine nozzle -> which generates thrust. it's seriously considered as a more efficient alternative to normal rockets - as nuclear would have more efficiency so they would fly faster and further in space. No one is crazy enough to use it on earth tho - contamination hazard is way too high. Well, you can imagine that hydrogen shooting out of the nozzle is very much flammable, once it mixes with the air. So there is a good chance of explosion if you're not careful. And that's probably what happened.

    Michał ZającMichał Zając21 gün önce
    • I understand what you're saying and you're probably correct. However I was under the impression after watching the news reports (how accurate is that?) that the engine would act more as a scramjet, using nothing more than air to propel it. The heat from the reactor would highly excite the air intake thus giving thrust. At least that's the animation they showed. Thanks for the knowledge, I certainly appreciate it.

      Rondo HunterRondo Hunter21 gün önce
  • I think you are all missing the facts that this "explosion" revealed. Putin is creating / has created "dirty bombs" that can reach any target on the planet. Terrorists create dirty bombs ! In creating "dirty bombs" Putin has turned Russia and the Russians into terrorists ! Russian scientists / military are OK with it ! The general public have yet to realise the full ramifications.

    Alasdair BlackmoreAlasdair Blackmore21 gün önce
  • When countries become superpowers their military always goes insane.

    jimmy wranglesjimmy wrangles22 gün önce
  • The test failed... sound like the rocket was a piece of sh!t.

    Fixer UpperFixer Upper22 gün önce
  • Do you know how an RBMK reactor explodes, comrade? LIES!!!

    XwingMechanicXwingMechanic22 gün önce
  • Fly safe! 🍷

    Grigory ButeykoGrigory Buteyko22 gün önce
  • Africa tried to develop a two story hut and it too is on fire.

    Tom MeyersTom Meyers22 gün önce
  • To top it off, they launched a “floating” reactor. Maybe Russia should just stay away from nuclear anything. Floating reactor? Good grief! Like that will end well.

    Jessica MerrimanJessica Merriman22 gün önce
  • Russia and China build the best junk

    wzrubicon 1wzrubicon 123 gün önce
  • njet problem, expect if vodka runs out... Never trust what russians say, its propably lie when ruskie opens mouth..

    Ravenlord79Ravenlord7923 gün önce
  • They’re taking that act into the arctic?! Lol doomed

    Brandon WeilburgBrandon Weilburg23 gün önce
  • Russia killing its citizoids again and lying about it. They’ll all vote for Putin for saving lives!!

    Brandon WeilburgBrandon Weilburg23 gün önce
    • The CTBT guys have modelled the fallout plume, basically Putin has just irradiated most of Eurasia and Syria, Iran and Iraq, Israel etc. What's a few roentgens between friends.

      Pablo JayPablo Jay23 gün önce
  • Good ole Putin regime lies lies and more lies

    Steve OxendineSteve Oxendine23 gün önce
  • Its high time we started killing what ever is out thee in space. Lets crap all over space too.

    Website guyWebsite guy23 gün önce
  • thanks

    Fabrizio AlbertiFabrizio Alberti23 gün önce
  • Give me a break!!!! How the fuck would this asshole named Scott Manley could possibly know what actually happened??? Pure assumption a.k.a. CNN/Fox fake news.

    shtakettshtakett24 gün önce
    • We don't know what happened, but you can be sure as shit NATO and the US will know already, since we monitor and take air samples. The Russians have screwed up big time here, it's like Defence Intelligence Agency Christmas and for Sandia Lab too. That air sampling will pretty much reveal everything about what the Russians have been up to, what they've been using and even what they had hoped for and expected to do. Silly wabbits.

      Pablo JayPablo Jay23 gün önce
  • Putin should have consulted with Sheldon!

    Nick MartinezNick Martinez24 gün önce
  • They were talking about space ship getting behind a nuclear explosion, so the ship would go fast

    Energy ShandrewEnergy Shandrew24 gün önce
    • @Energy Shandrew Only thing I can compare it to is watching a controlled bomb blast. Notice the pressure wave goes out extremely fast, then the slower blast wave. The pressure wave is just too powerful and too fast to use. Currently.

      Rondo HunterRondo Hunter20 gün önce
    • Yea something like that or funnel the blast. If it didn’t kill you

      Energy ShandrewEnergy Shandrew20 gün önce
    • You mean like ride it's pressure wave? Mythbusters proved that what Hollywood portrays as such is b.s. In real life? Doubt it.

      Rondo HunterRondo Hunter21 gün önce
  • For all this questions The answer you got "We have machine gun, But you have not"

    Dmitriy GoryainovDmitriy Goryainov24 gün önce
  • Sounds like an open cycle engine to me, there's no coolent. They are trying to control a nuclear reaction to propel a rocket the way you control a chemical reaction in a conventional rocket. The exhaust from such a rocket is the Raw output from the reactor itself.

    Sideshow BobSideshow Bob24 gün önce
    • ​@Sideshow Bob There is speculation the missile is subsonic, so how much thrust do you need? Especially if it was say, a lifting body. Also, it could be a dual propulsion type, but i`m speculating. I still think it was a thermal battery, why they chose to test this weapon so close to a population centre is beyond me, they have plenty of room in their far east ranges.

      Pablo JayPablo Jay20 gün önce
    • In another words - flying Chernobyl.

      August LandmesserAugust Landmesser22 gün önce
    • @Pablo Jay remember, you need to generate enough thrust to propel a missile, real-time. You're not going to do that with our current thermoelectric technology.

      Sideshow BobSideshow Bob23 gün önce
    • I doubt it, or it would be a closed cycle type if anything, and more likely to be Pu from a thermal battery of the type they use in satellites. Knowing the Russians it could also have easily been a very small tactical warhead pit. They have always been very reckless.

      Pablo JayPablo Jay23 gün önce
  • Essentially the Russians are 60 years behind the US but more “hard headed”. So then it come to how much harm will Vladiation cause the Russian population

    Steve SoltysiakSteve Soltysiak24 gün önce
    • It's not just Russia, the CTBT people have gotten detector hits as far away as Israel. Basically Putin has just irradiated the whole of Eurasia. Low level or not, I find it hugely ironic the dumb son of a bitch just nuked himself.

      Pablo JayPablo Jay23 gün önce
  • I don't know what all the fuss is about, it was only Putin trying to make an engine for his push bike.

    Robert GrosserRobert Grosser24 gün önce
  • This explosion maybe usual masterly Russian 'disinformation' designed to let the west fear Russian weapons.

    Naimul HaqNaimul Haq24 gün önce
    • @Nick Newjersey Many Talmudic Jews work for the Russians, you need a few to stage such a mishap.

      Naimul HaqNaimul Haq21 gün önce
    • Or maby not they always nuke themselfs its a patern with russia.

      Nick NewjerseyNick Newjersey21 gün önce
  • Super phuck1ng d4ngerous. I am sure everyon3 on 3arth is C007 with a Rad104ct1v3 rock3t fu5e7493 sp3wing G4mm4 5h17 4ll 460v3 0ur h34d5... Dum65ky! Nic3 90in9 poop1n.........

    T3chn0ph0b3T3chn0ph0b324 gün önce
  • An analysis of the radioactive isotopes would indeed be very helpful. It can tell you the difference between a bomb and a reactor, what it was fueled with, how long a reactor had been operating, its power level when it came apart, and lots of other useful bits of trivia.

    ApolloWasRealApolloWasReal24 gün önce

    Russia foreverRussia forever25 gün önce
  • Terrorists

    chicken lipschicken lips25 gün önce
  • Expect another generation of russian mutant babies with big heads and big eyes and putin will put them all up in US adaption program. That`s how he rids of unwanted children in russia...

    UpjohnUpjohn25 gün önce
  • A UFO crashed, why has no one else got their tin foil hat on?

    roflcopterkklolroflcopterkklol25 gün önce
    • @roflcopterkklol The Russians hit it with a SAM and didn't tell anyone. They didn't know who it belonged to and who may be slightly angry.

      Rondo HunterRondo Hunter25 gün önce
    • @Rondo Hunter That's it, we need a conspiracy to spice up the story a bit.

      roflcopterkklolroflcopterkklol25 gün önce
    • What!? Why didn't...oh, mass panic. Thanks for the warning, got mine in the closet. Alright, I'm good to go now.

      Rondo HunterRondo Hunter25 gün önce
Top Secret Russian Nuclear Engine Explodes During Testing