Toyota Supra 2020 in-depth review - tested on road, sideways on track and over the 1/4 mile sprint!

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Here it is, the review you’ve all been waiting for… the all-new Toyota Supra! It’s been 17 years since the Mk4 went out of production, so has it been worth the wait? And more importantly, would you still choose the Supra over the competition given it arrives with the same BMW engine as found in the new Z4? Join Mat for his latest review, and let us know what you think in the comments!
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  • Interesting cars!

    Stefan XhungaStefan Xhunga15 saatler önce
  • 10 speed mustang GT will smoke it 😂

    jehad alkhalafjehad alkhalaf15 saatler önce
  • Its a bmw

    aaabbbccc5518aaabbbccc551820 saatler önce
  • wao nice supra

    Injo TVInjo TV23 saatler önce
  • German First thing I think of when I hear that is of course Angela Merkel

    DiXdDiXdGün önce
  • Toyota is definitely going out of technology and ideas.... They are rebadging everything now, first brz, now bmw z4 and in India now they are selling suzuki cars without even changing the looks.... Search suzuki baleno and toyota glanza they are fucking same..... And as per reports they'll sell every other suzuki car available lmao 😂

    tushar aggarwaltushar aggarwalGün önce
  • What a sweet ass this is! -this guy 2019

  • It's a really bad idea,what's the point of having the old emblem supra,if is not the real thing

    William VivancWilliam VivancGün önce
  • That's a bimmer,a fake supra

    William VivancWilliam VivancGün önce
  • Yeh but it isn’t mk4

    Drift TrikerDrift TrikerGün önce
  • The Lexus IS-F and GS-F are the true modern alternatives of new Supra and family oriented. This is midlife crisis or single man’s car and unreliable.

    Azat YestekAzat YestekGün önce
  • Supra vs Corvette C8 vs honda NSX. DO IT !!!!

  • Yup! It's a winner..

    Ayub KhanAyub Khan2 gün önce
  • He needs to stop naming bmw its confusing

    Dave HumphreyDave Humphrey2 gün önce
  • better to be a bmw than to not exist

    Holy MacaroniHoly Macaroni2 gün önce
  • So what exactly was Toyota's contribution here?

    MrGreenlntrnMrGreenlntrn2 gün önce
  • I would put m&m's on it to give a kyle busch look for the kyle busch fans.

    Vincent VaughanVincent Vaughan2 gün önce
  • Zupr4

    D. B. CooperD. B. Cooper3 gün önce
  • interior is horrible ... a euro spec gt86 looks nicer inside for almost 20k less. and 12.5 seconds .. my quad cab pickup truck is faster than that xD

    m 88m 883 gün önce
    • @Ryan B by the way, the low spec version of the gt86 isnt even available here in europe. digital climate control and all the goodies comes standard.

      m 88m 883 gün önce
    • @Ryan B i had a gt86 in the past and have driven the supra 2 weeks ago at an event. the gt86 is not cheap at all interior wise, its full alcantara and leather and no visibly cheap plastics used like in the bmw interior. the gt86 was like magic when i first drove it, it had a lotus vibe to it, the supra feels heavier and the steering is allot more bland. sure it has more power, but the 86 makes about as much with a supercharger. they should have ditched the cheap looking bmw interior and made one themselves.

      m 88m 883 gün önce
    • A group of us had both side by side and all of us could not help but love the Supra in person. The GT86 is so cheap quality in comparison. You are the only one I’ve heard say that. You won’t say that after seeing them side by side in person. The difference is huge. Then driving them both is two worlds apart.

      Ryan BRyan B3 gün önce
  • this monstrosity will sell so poorly

    m 88m 883 gün önce
  • Nice Zupra... lol japanese sold their soul to evil

    Paddy McQueenPaddy McQueen3 gün önce
  • Essentially everything that made toyota great was removed. They will come to realise that if you put a toyota badge on a BMW it reliability won't improve.

    Rational ThinkerRational Thinker3 gün önce
  • So Toyota dealer can work on BMW Z4 for cheaper price. Like oil change.

    Eddie LeungEddie Leung3 gün önce
  • What a bummer of a car lol Rob spegetti is screwed

    Æk TaÆk Ta3 gün önce
  • They just need to create a perfect car and stop making cars that have yesterday's technology and features! I mean, if Tesla can do it, why can't BMW and Toyota?!

    the guy in the helmetthe guy in the helmet3 gün önce
    • hell no, electric cars are older than ICE cars for one, and teslas and other electric cars sell HORRIBLE. noone wants them, especially not car enthousiasts so gtfo.

      m 88m 883 gün önce
  • You sure Merkel is German?

    Think 4 YourselfThink 4 Yourself3 gün önce
  • It looks like a BMW Z4

    Low LifeLow Life3 gün önce
    • No offense dude but you really don't know car exteriors well 🤦‍♂️

      White FoxWhite Fox3 gün önce
  • I agree with you

    Johann D'souzaJohann D'souza3 gün önce
  • back then , the supra was on par with its rival , the nissan GT-R , and GT-R has become a world beater fresh from the factory.....the new supra beats the old one...., thats another reason why it is slightly underwhelming , even Honda produced a 550+ BHP NSX .....

    DrpsikomanDrpsikoman4 gün önce
    • This is also 100k cheaper.

      Ryan BRyan B3 gün önce
  • For this price i would take a porsche boxster or cayman

    aim2Win ϟaim2Win ϟ4 gün önce
    • @Ryan B ok you convinced me, the c8 is the best option :)

      aim2Win ϟaim2Win ϟ2 gün önce
    • aim2Win ϟ Yes the boxter is a nice car, but I hate the engine sound of the new 4 cylinder. Once you get options on it, price gets expensive and close to 85k. I would rather get a C8 for that money.

      Ryan BRyan B3 gün önce
    • @Ryan B but the thing with speed and things like this is, that in the real world you dont have benefits from it, and in my opinion is a boxster prettier and just nicer, because its a cabriolet and the nice bonus about the boxster, its 8k € cheaper

      aim2Win ϟaim2Win ϟ3 gün önce
    • As a Porsche guy I would take the Supra over a Caymen. 911 is what makes Porsche good. The Supra is much faster than the Caymen and sounds better. Much cooler looking in person too.

      Ryan BRyan B3 gün önce
    • @White Fox i just love the porsche design and i mean the boxster is a nice cabrio ib the same price segment

      aim2Win ϟaim2Win ϟ3 gün önce
  • The moment when a bmw pull up to your new supra at the light........super supra awkward😆

    Dean ChenDean Chen4 gün önce
  • I love the reviewer! He gives me top gear vibes. The old top gear with Clarkson may and Hammond

    Omar KiyaniOmar Kiyani5 gün önce
  • The body work is actually American. The FT-1 was designed by Americans in California.

    Cody SchlenkerCody Schlenker6 gün önce
    • @White Fox yup, and it's the main selling point of the car.

      Cody SchlenkerCody Schlenker3 gün önce
    • That's. About. It. When. It. Comes. To. American. Made

      White FoxWhite Fox3 gün önce
  • They broke supra legend and special personality the old one much better and everyone knows what is mean not this German car it's stupid really

    Amer ShmiliAmer Shmili6 gün önce
  • saw one of these in person today .. one ugly looking car .looks like a tiny toy....this junk dont come close to gtr

    preet singhpreet singh6 gün önce
  • i subscribed and put like because u r funny

    App ArteApp Arte6 gün önce
  • Supra means Anu$%s in my language haha.

    Usman AliUsman Ali7 gün önce
  • engine built by BMW in a Toyota? No thank You.

    Иван КалашниковИван Калашников7 gün önce
  • who would want to buy a bmw rebadge with Toyota logo, kind of downgraded

    Siew Yong LiSiew Yong Li7 gün önce
  • Force the adverts on us, please REMOVE them.

    Graggle5Graggle57 gün önce
  • @16:14 That laugh

    Ghana MafiaGhana Mafia7 gün önce
  • 1:05 what’s that A circled mean

    Technology fun Gamer xTechnology fun Gamer x8 gün önce
    • Start-stop off

      toy2day1toy2day15 gün önce
  • So basically it's no longer a rival of the skyline. GTR still king. I am disappointment.

    SourPowered Pubg MobileSourPowered Pubg Mobile8 gün önce
  • So this is the new BMW Z4 Coupe.

    mugensamuraimugensamurai8 gün önce
  • Is it Not 2019?

    Ion CostinIon Costin9 gün önce
  • They should have picked/used another name... That´s NOT a supra!! :(

    Martin KarlssonMartin Karlsson9 gün önce
  • toyota dropped the ball on this one,

    jaybajanjaybajan9 gün önce
  • No

    DEX GAMESDEX GAMES9 gün önce
  • The problem this car has is that it was branded as a supra. If it was branded as a new sportscar then it wouldn’t get as much hate.

    Dr GeenbergDr Geenberg9 gün önce
  • Zupr4

    silver rayleighsilver rayleigh9 gün önce
  • You are cool

    The Anonymous HKThe Anonymous HK10 gün önce
  • I don’t think you did the 0-60 properly you should have done it on the track that’s a fair test

    LozengerJLozengerJ10 gün önce
  • This aint no supra to me

    novittucraftynovittucrafty10 gün önce
  • Req supra2020 vs cayman

    Humandead :DHumandead :D10 gün önce
  • That’s a nice bmw

    Vet 93Vet 9310 gün önce
  • Total let down this car

    SchpliffySchpliffy10 gün önce
  • At first I hated the fact that the Supra’s guts are from BMW, but after seeing many videos of it in action I fell in love with the exterior design, now I don’t care if it’s built completely by Toyota or not, I just love it! This engine has a lot of potential, I believe it can be bumped to 500hp with the stock turbos, remember, when they dynoed the car it put down 340hp to the wheels, which means around 400 at the crank, so yes it can easily do 500hp with proper tune and a few bolt-on’s

    Baha TBaha T10 gün önce
  • I think Toyota and BMW did a stellar job on this one!

    Keyan RoshanKeyan Roshan10 gün önce
  • A cost reduced grand touring version of the Lexus LFA would have been the right move here. This is just not a Supra, and the time to build a new gas powered car is over. Looking for the next Supra to be battery powered electric grand touring car large enough for full size humans.

    Dana OlsonDana Olson10 gün önce
  • Supercar styling at a reasonably affordable price, what's not to love?

    Jeff AllinsonJeff Allinson11 gün önce
  • Better call it bmw supra or toyota z4

    TacopiezTacopiez11 gün önce
  • hi Matt. when are you going to review mazda cx 30 and kia xceed???

    Elham RahmatyElham Rahmaty11 gün önce
  • How old are you? Wrinkles! if you sell them each for 1 euro, you get supra for free!

    Erki MändErki Mänd11 gün önce
  • Toyota BA90

    Anomaly is a virginAnomaly is a virgin11 gün önce
  • Toyota BA90

    Anomaly is a virginAnomaly is a virgin11 gün önce
  • People this is how you kill the soul of the Supra... you want a Supra buy the old one 2JZ engine was Legendary this is a BMW pretending to be a Supra...

    The GeekazoidThe Geekazoid11 gün önce
  • Look how they massacred my boy

    Louis WallisLouis Wallis11 gün önce
  • A very nice “BMW”. 🚗

    Billy RockBilly Rock11 gün önce
  • Toyota engineer focused in making Lexus lc 500 rather than the legendary Supra -_-

    Zahour MohmedZahour Mohmed12 gün önce
  • You forgot the door ajar chime is very BMW

    FajardzTFajardzT12 gün önce
Toyota Supra 2020 in-depth review - tested on road, sideways on track and over the 1/4 mile sprint!