Trolls World Tour Side by side comparison fanmade | Trolls 2 Queen Barb Letter/Invitation from Poppy

Trolls World Tour 2020 (Trolls 2) movie is out and this is our fanmade version of some highlights of Queen Barb scenes played by Ava Dazzle. Queen Barb is the leader of the Rock Trolls (the Rock Troll with a red mohawk) set out to capture the five strings and destroy all other forms of music played by the other troll tribes. Queen Barb is voiced by Rachel Bloom in the movie.
This is the scene where Queen Barb received an letter/invitation from Queen Poppy of the Pop Trolls about how excited she is to meet the Queen of Rock Trolls. The letter has a glitter bomb that exploded on Queen Barb’s face. This made Queen Barb furious and Queen Poppy was set as the target for the Bounty Hunters hired by Queen Barb to fulfil her plan to dominate the Troll Kingdom.
Also, you will see Queen Barb sing “Here I am” in this video, and perform like a real rockstar. While she persuades King Trollex of the Techno Trolls to give up their string.
Ava did her best to be a rockstar, and she had so much fun trying to be one 🤣This reenactment is a funny version of Queen Barb and not like most of the other videos that we've made so far. Ava loves acting and we just want to have fun trying a different character this time. We hope to put a smile on your face or even let out a good laugh after watching this video. Hope you’ll like it!

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September 26th, 2011
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Trolls World Tour Side by side comparison fanmade | Trolls 2 Queen Barb Letter/Invitation from Poppy