TRUCKLA: The world's first Tesla pickup truck

I got tired of waiting for Tesla to release their pickup truck, so I made my own. And I named it Truckla. WATCH HOW WE BUILT IT:
Awarded Best Fake Truck of 2019
"In a class of its own. Not a great class, but definitely its own" - Road & Smack
“It looks great sweetie” - My parents
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It truly took a village to make this project happen. You should hire/follow all these people because they’re smart and skilled and funny too:
Marcos Ramirez:
Laura Kampf:
Rich Rebuilds:
Ryan Kalb, build team:
Jacquelyn Marker, director:
Rose Kang, editor for the Truckla commercial:
Jackie Grieff, editor for the Truckla build video:
Scott Sorensen, camera operator:
Will Nail, camera operator:
Yvette Solis, preproduction, director:
Ross Huber, mechanical engineer:
Nathan Azhderian, build team:
Asa Martinez, drone operator:
Zack Wright, sound mix:
P.S. Want to help finish Truckla? We would love to get more collaborators on board! Our current to-do list: waterproofing, putting in bedliner, doing body work, paint etc etc. Send us an email at
P.P.S. This video is not sponsored by Tesla. But, if anyone knows Elon, tell him I say hi.



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    이수선이수선5 saatler önce
  • But no 4g connection in the country 🤔

    Mr MysteriousMr Mysterious18 saatler önce
  • Bro they even added a tailgate I aplaud them for that

    Christina DiabChristina Diab2 gün önce
  • Worlds first eco-friendly truck

    fartguy_bitch 1fartguy_bitch 13 gün önce
  • I'm still throwing money at the screen but nothing's happening.

    Nipulkrad MsinatagrasNipulkrad Msinatagras3 gün önce
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  • Available... nowhere...(yet).

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  • EV West did it first

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  • Elon should have you drive it on stage when he reviews the truck as a gag

    Matthew MMatthew M6 gün önce
  • Amazing project. Nice team efforts and the commercial is the strawberry on the cake. :)

    Daniel ADaniel A6 gün önce
  • Available nOwhERe

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  • Looks pretty cool. Maybe the SUV model would have made a better truck? The Model S would have been bigger in the bed area due to longer wheel base... do a Model S or X

    Buda BundaBuda Bunda9 gün önce
  • Brilliant

    Dawn Loves CoutureDawn Loves Couture9 gün önce
  • Started to scroll through the comments looking for musk response but 12k comments ? Naw I’m good lol I’m sure he said something impressive

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  • Tesla : I think I’m bout to steal

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  • Yeah that looks but ugly

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  • I wana see a video on the plug mounted in the bed install. That's what my Tesla is missing. An inverter to supply AC power plug to run things while camping or working. Maybe a 120v and 220v for welding in the field. Or just 120v

    Bo DieselBo Diesel10 gün önce
  • reaction videos to the truck please.

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  • it's perfect. I wish it has the "like a rock" song with that gravelly vocal.

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  • Elon musk has left the chat

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  • I hope Elon Musk has you at the reveal for the official Tesla truck. It'd be awesome to see you drive out with yours first and start the whole presentation or something. Oh, and he should also give you a Tesla truck for free.

    Spencer VoiceSpencer Voice14 gün önce
  • I know in your making-of-Truckla video you address things like strength of the chassis etc but maybe you should respond to this one guy's video here:

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  • So stoked they are finally releasing a Tesla truck. There is also one called the Rivian which will be their competition. For everyone saying it’s an El Camino, the body style in my opinion is more like the Australian UTE.

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  • How do u get insurance on this??? Or can u just not drive it around like a normal car

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  • An electric El Camino

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  • Now can I add a extra Batter Pack's and Extend the Range of it..?

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  • Truckla Available Nowhere (NOW HERE)

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  • That is the expression of retardation in action. It would have been smarter to put an electric power system in an actual pick-up, one, which could be used to haul heavy payloads. She looks like an older, self-indulgent Millennial looking for 15 minutes of fawning and adoration by the rest of her retarded generation. On side note, the dopey female cut the car with a saws-all rather than an plasma cutter. Crikey. Millennials.

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  • That was awesome 👍👍👍

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  • The fact the normal telsas burn more cO2 than they save should tell you something about these dreamers and the reality

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TRUCKLA: The world's first Tesla pickup truck