True Adventure--Living in a Motorcycle Pop-Up Trailer

Today we have a real treat--we meet Kevin who is living full-time on a motorcycle with a pop-up trailer he tows behind it. You'd think that it must be a teeny-tiny camped space, but as you'll see when we go inside, it is surprisingly large and has plenty of room for comfortable living!
The motorcycle is a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere that is a dual-sport model which means it does reasonably well on dirt roads and in the backcountry, opening up a huge amount for exploring and solitude in gorgeous country. It is Adventure Riding at it's very best.
I must admit to being very jealous of Kevin and his setup because it is about the ultimate in freedom and adventurous living! As a young man I owned two different long-distance touring motorcycles and rode one of them up the Alaska Highway from Eureka, California to Anchorage, Alaska in the early 80s long before the Alaska Highway was paved. It was a very long, cold ride and I ran into construction with extremely muddy roads and even some snow, but I loved every second of it and look back on it as one of the best experiences of my life!
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  • Elbe, WA VERY nice tiny teardrop motorcycle/small vehicle camper. Hwy 7 towards MINERAL/MORTON. Would make an awesome travel space for SOMEONE. Sign says $700 I BELIEVE. Wish I had more info out here on the mountain. Its a drive by deal out HERE. GOD BLESS!!!

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  • I have one same campers and tell you they very nice ,yes you can get bigger,but when it comes to easy set up they do not make it any better or easy.I broke my back and I,m still a little disable,but putting this up,I can put it up in 4 minutes flat, rice a 89,GL1500 Wing and you never know it,a back there,be care,been in serial rain storms and never got wet and lots of storage.Better and Easyer than Timeout will ever be,this is the second one ,I sold my 1st with bike never agin,I'm 71hrs young and it's the best not easy to find but if you do not like it it sells fast Old Joe

    martin roachemartin roache2 aylar önce
  • I tow a Harbor Freight trailer with my 900 Vulcan and as one of the few female riders who trailer I get a lot of lookie-loos lol. We looked for a long time for a hitch for my bike and finally found one in Canada thanks to a TRvision video. I love pulling my trailer with all our camping gear and have no problem pulling it with my m/c and have also pulled it with my Nissan Versa from NC to CA and back.

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True Adventure--Living in a Motorcycle Pop-Up Trailer