Trump Calls Kamala Harris “Nasty” | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris hitting the 2020 campaign trail and the Trump campaign attacking the senator.
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Trump Calls Kamala Harris “Nasty” | The Tonight Show




  • TRvision search, "1985 hearing Joe Biden says the N-Word twice." He could have self censored. I wonder what BLM thinks about this? We know balless Jimmy won't say anything about it.

    Jordan AceJordan Ace12 saatler önce
  • Why is it that I think if this was a video game my crosshairs would turn red when looking at Kamala...

    Sarboi 4023Sarboi 402319 saatler önce
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    DatOneTrainDudeDatOneTrainDudeGün önce
  • The best Trump impersonator, hands down.

    Ruthmeli CharlesRuthmeli Charles2 gün önce
  • Trump, check TRvision "The Vortex - Stone-Cold Killer".

    oswald rendon-herrerooswald rendon-herrero2 gün önce
  • Jimmy needs to smootch back up with his Korean boys from BTS.

    MrMelgibsteinMrMelgibstein2 gün önce
  • why do u cut up the videos of trump? 😂 fake news

    Jozzy's RapsJozzy's Raps5 gün önce
  • mis pee pee river

    Mehrdad RGMehrdad RG5 gün önce
  • Jimmy u coward

    SaltyShapeerVessel 2.0SaltyShapeerVessel 2.05 gün önce
  • What a shitty jester

    EddieEddie5 gün önce
  • Ask mother is it okay to meet

    Ima ShermanIma Sherman6 gün önce
  • She is not just nasty, she is repulsive. Talk about “presidential” jajaja 😂

    Adelia Ferreira-LariosAdelia Ferreira-Larios7 gün önce
  • loud house

    Amir nikjoAmir nikjo7 gün önce
  • Christophe SmithChristophe Smith7 gün önce
  • Im not familiar with this guy but I've watched a few clips now and realize Jimmy Fallon is very divisive, misinforming, misconstruing and not even funny. Even the background laughs and interactions from his crew sounded forced. Hire writers that didn't just graduate from some liberal college dnd your show might improve. All this mask dishonesty he's perpetuating is completely reprehensible as well. Please stop with the woke theories your pushing because it's uncomfortable to watch

    Mitchell MiskiMitchell Miski8 gün önce
    • Even his fans in the comment section dont find the guy funny, they all take snarky shots at trump

      tramar thomastramar thomas7 gün önce
  • Yes CommieLah........yikes

    Bob SchmengleBob Schmengle8 gün önce
  • Calling Joe Biden racist in a debate because "it was a debate" rather than because you actually believe it, is pretty nasty.

    Bertrand Kurt RussellBertrand Kurt Russell8 gün önce
  • Pandering to black voters by lying about the music you listened to in college is pretty nasty.

    Bertrand Kurt RussellBertrand Kurt Russell8 gün önce
  • Locking people up for low level marijuana offenses and then laughing and bragging about smoking it yourself is pretty nasty.

    Bertrand Kurt RussellBertrand Kurt Russell8 gün önce
  • Not allowing exonerating evidence to be shown that would clear an innocent person from a death sentence is pretty nasty.

    Bertrand Kurt RussellBertrand Kurt Russell8 gün önce
  • Keeping inmates locked up beyond their sentences in order to use them as free labor to fight wildfires is pretty nasty.

    Bertrand Kurt RussellBertrand Kurt Russell8 gün önce
    • These people dont care about all that, as long as orange man is out of office! These smooth brains act like 4 years is a life sentence

      tramar thomastramar thomas7 gün önce
  • Still voting for Trump you guys need to get to crying start crying right now and then I'm going to vote for Candace Owens in 2024.. most people on TRvision were just kids and Millennials that don't know jackshit about the world

    Serial KillerSerial Killer9 gün önce
  • I like your donald trumph mimicry mr fallen anyhow as your name you are not fallen you arise every week

    Austin sylvester the singer JoakimAustin sylvester the singer Joakim10 gün önce

    Music of the NightMusic of the Night10 gün önce
    • And he's Joker impression is spot on

      James JoynerJames Joyner8 gün önce
    • 👏 😮 WOW

      James JoynerJames Joyner8 gün önce
  • Lame bit with the young girl at the end. Jimmy sucks.

    Jeepman89Jeepman8910 gün önce
    • @Jeepman89i wish for nothing, but a lot of people have been saying....

      gregory prudengregory pruden8 gün önce
    • @gregory pruden You wish.

      Jeepman89Jeepman899 gün önce
    • and you blow.

      gregory prudengregory pruden9 gün önce
  • kamala harris' Indian name is SPREAD EAGLE.

    God Bless General LeeGod Bless General Lee11 gün önce
    • God curse the traitor General Lee wow, it took you that long to come up with a lame comeback like that? lol Did you think that one up by yourself, or did your mommy help you? Poor little johnny. sad

      gregory prudengregory pruden8 gün önce
    • @gregory pruden Well your mom is.

      God Bless General LeeGod Bless General Lee8 gün önce
    • God curse the traitor general Lee suck what? your limp little noodle? lol sorry, i'm not your type there johnny reb. sad

      gregory prudengregory pruden9 gün önce
    • @gregory pruden Suck it snowflake.

      God Bless General LeeGod Bless General Lee9 gün önce
    • God curse the traitor Lee and yours is BEN DOVER.

      gregory prudengregory pruden9 gün önce
  • do people actually find this funny...

    Naoise KellyNaoise Kelly11 gün önce
  • Kamala. Meaning "Lotus". It is. Indiana word.

    Janet KnoxJanet Knox11 gün önce
  • The mail man Karl Malone 😆 salt lake City lol

    Maks Auto App DataMaks Auto App Data12 gün önce
  • The easiest job in the world....late night talk host. All they do now is to just run clips of the president and vice president.

    d klecand klecan12 gün önce
    • Yes, Drumpf and Penice give the hosts tons of material to work with. they should get credits for their contributions.

      gregory prudengregory pruden9 gün önce
  • Jimmy ur so tired 😓 or losing lol 😂 ur pathetic buddy .. u don’t have a legg to stand onn .. not only is trum goin to be there 4 more years but after daat his amassing daughter is going to be first woman 👩 presidente for 8 more years an ayer that take a guess don junior or his younger brother u got it buddy and don’t forget little Barrón trump 2054 oh yea es ... jimmmy u are offficially done up ... no rooom in this world for ur negativity... ur a sower grape 🍇... da anger inside of u is over whelming . How does it feeel to have ur world 🌎 come crushing down by one man da great , da bosss of alll bossses da one an only da don TRuMP . Oh yea how u like dem appples ... god bless America and god bless da Dons beutiful family ... jimmy Felloff .. lol 😂 laaaaame asss

    SiMoEsAmBOySiMoEsAmBOy13 gün önce
    • I luv it mama .. ur so sweet I see ur gettin upset an it cracks me up . Then u kinda give me a light insult . But not too bad . Ur awesome all luv . Da comments are better then da videos

      SiMoEsAmBOySiMoEsAmBOy8 gün önce
    • obviously one of Drumpfs "poorly educated" that he loves so much. try learning how to spell, moron. cuckoo, cuckoo.

      gregory prudengregory pruden9 gün önce
  • A comedian making fun of President of the country this is what you call democracy meanwhile in some so called democratic countries government demolishes house of that comedian who speaks against the leader of the country

    Arhan KhanArhan Khan13 gün önce
  • I wish Biden choosed Tulsi Gabbard instead of Kamala Harris.

    Naman MalikNaman Malik13 gün önce
  • jimmy is a racist but, he gets a pass because he attacks Trump.

    joe gonzagazjoe gonzagaz14 gün önce
    • yet you attack trump because he's racist? Insanity and this why you will fail..

      Do.Not.Subscribe.Do.Not.Subscribe.11 gün önce
  • Hilarious. but you forgot to switch from side to side.

    Stephanie BarrettStephanie Barrett14 gün önce
  • Jimmy had me dying with his reaction to the Burger King face mask thing

    brother jollbrother joll14 gün önce
  • Jimmy kimmel is one of the least funny people that I’ve ever had to listen to

    Nk NkNk Nk14 gün önce
    • Ur 100 % right on . This dude is a bum .he tries so hard to be funny but knows deep down he’s da only person fake laughin even his co werkers are like come bruh hang it up already . All u do is talk about trump every week da same voice jokes da impersonation bullshit . Ok it was funny first 100 times now it’s jus pathetic it’s shows dat u have no creativity ur dry as fuuuk .only reason u even hear a giggle is because their being paid .. I give it 4 more weeks till they pull da plug on dis wack ass shit . trump is helping Americans get better jobs he’s cutting taxes , bringing jobs back to USA he’s saving women and children from predators he’s doin So much positive things an this clown 🤡 is still bashing him wat a piece of shit jimmy iz .. unlike Trump ur jus a puppet for da elite , dat means sir u have no balls ⚽️.. be a man and stand up for Waats right ... Trump 2020 . Da bosss of alll bosssses . God blesss

      SiMoEsAmBOySiMoEsAmBOy13 gün önce
    • He is a bonifide No Talent Punk

      Harley RiderHarley Rider13 gün önce
  • Pence penis

    Rohit GoswamiRohit Goswami14 gün önce
  • Hello

    Rohit GoswamiRohit Goswami14 gün önce
  • Baldwin was the best. Fellon is very bad impression

    Sancho PanchoSancho Pancho15 gün önce
  • Which Jimmy is this one? Doesn't matter. They've both hate President Trump for almost 4 years now and they've both managed to become more unfunny. TRvisionr Azerzz does a *WAY* better voice impersonation of Trump than these overpaid shills.

    Car PartsCar Parts15 gün önce
  • didn't know this show was still on the air. Nice to live in a free country & call this comedy. Fallon should try doing his show from China or Venezuela. Aren't those the utopian societies Hollywood wants to emulate

    David GeorgeDavid George15 gün önce
  • Putting kids in cages and snatching baby when moms are breastfeeding Christian don't think so

    Shirl EnnisShirl Ennis15 gün önce
    • that is on Obama = FACT

      Harley RiderHarley Rider13 gün önce
  • Trump doesn't like women. This is a fact. The only thing he's says when they disagree with him is she's nasty. So juvenile.

    pimpman 2000pimpman 200016 gün önce
  • I think it's Dum Dum candies/cookies & Ho Hoes candy/Cookies..

    Diane PhillipsDiane Phillips16 gün önce
  • John Podesta is Joe Viden double. Not Biden...Podesto is Big sex offender!! Kamal has double too...Your taxes will go up 90% with these far left loons...

    Diane PhillipsDiane Phillips16 gün önce
  • Sound like he had 3 people clapping. Hoe hoe hoe Harris

    Sandy WyskochilSandy Wyskochil16 gün önce
  • Corny

    Diallo GazaliDiallo Gazali16 gün önce
  • Harris should go back to the woods with her brother Harry and let her family The Henderson’s have some peace from the noise...

    LaceChaserLaceChaser17 gün önce
  • Jimmy Fallon is a piece of shit

    John JohnsonJohn Johnson17 gün önce
  • "Harris lied about needing to get "bussed" to school as a child in order to help integrate her area Harris' school district was actually located in an upper middle-class area near Berkeley at that time -- which and had already been very well-integrated for many years. Also ... Harris NEVER made any claim to the black Race group until recently. Prior to then she was always noted for her East Indian ancestral lineage. This all serves as support to show that SKAM-ALA KAMELEON HARRIS IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER FRAUD. And ... it should be pointed out that ... Skam-ala Kameleon Harris actually has ... 'Less-Than 12%' black-ancestry. This is a poignant point because ... in order to be 'an actual Black person' ... one MUST have ... 'MORE -THAN-75%' black-ancestry. Having 'Less-Than 12%' black-ancestry ... means that Harris is 'not' a Black person. Harris's Lineage is ... '50% Southern -Asian' and slightly over '38% Northern European'. This means that Harris is an Anglo-Indian (and that she is not a Black person in the least bit). Harris's darker features ... actually hail from her dark East-Indian mom (and her features do not hail from her very-light and less-than 25%-black ancestral-lineage Quadroon father). Harris was reared -- throughout her entire-life -- 100% steeped-in her East-Indian culture and in her Hindu religion -- and -- up until she made the decision to try to become the President of the U.S. -- and --- (mistakenly-assuming that the Black people of America were clueless and desperate enough to accept her lie that she was one of them) try to "pass" herself off "as being a Black person" (just like the brother of actress, Mindy Kalling, has recently admitted to doing) -- Skam-ala KAMELEON Harris had previously "identified" SOLEY as "East-Indian" (remaining silent on on her very-minute amount of black-lineage and her very-large amount of White-lineage). Skamala (Kameleon) Harris is absolutely nothing ... but a race-baiting / stolen-valor / racist-fraud. And ... this is well-documented by the fact that: Skam-ala KAMELEON-Harris has quite literally CHANGED-RACES (and she has only done such ... solely for the purpose of ... her own political, professional and personal advancement ... all via the open-exploitation of a disenfranchised-group) -- AND -- she IS shamelessly ALSO NOW TRYING TO LAY-CLAIM TO AN HISTORICAL-HERITAGE ... EXPERIENCE ... AND ... even LINEAGE ^^^^ THAT DOES NOT even remotely APPLY to her in ANY WAY, SHAPE, FORM OR MANNER at all. Everyone knows that NEITHER ONE of her (extremely rich-immigrant parents) have ANY connection WHATSOEVER to the specific-experience or group to which Harris is now (suddenly, out-of-nowhere) futilely-attempting to lay a spurious-claim and that her 'Jamaican' dad is NOT 'Black'. (( And ... this is all in spite of Harris's (very anti-black and racist) attempt to resurrect the long-dead (thanks to the 1967 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 'Loving vs. Virginia' case) 'racist One-Drop Rule'. The 'racist One-Drop Rule' makes the false, unscientific and extremely racist claim that ... "black blood is" nothing more than merely "subhuman-filth" and that it is so very "filthy and tainted" that ANY amount ... including a mere-drop ... will "contaminate all non-black lineage " .. and will also somehow eventually transform anyone with ANY amount of it in their lineage ... into becoming a "Black" person. )) [[[ ^^^^ i.e. KAMELEON ... Race-Faker ... Harris now FALSELY-claims (suddenly, out of nowhere) ... that she is one of "the descendants of the Black-survivors of the slavery-system that once existed on the continental United States" (which is the TRUE DEFINITION of the unique ETHNIC group called "African-American" ... a definition that "applies to 'LESS-THAN 2-out-of-10' of the Black people that are currently living on the continental U.S." -- seeing that the U.S. took-in LESS THAN 6% of the Black-slaves taken from Africa). Harris's 'Jamaican' dad has LESS-THAN 25% Black racial - lineage ... and ... that means that ... Harris has LESS than 12% Black racial - lineage ... AND ... it should be remembered that NEITHER Harris NOR her 'Jamaican' dad's family were EVER forced to survive EITHER 'the Slavery system' OR 'the Segregation system' once used in the U.S. In other words ... NEITHER Harris ... who spent MOST of her childhood and teen years being raised in CANADA ... NOR either one of her rich-immigrant parents ... have ... even the SLIGHTEST Experiential-Understanding of ... of what it is like to have been an actual "Black" person in the U.S. -- at ANY point in it's history -- let alone of what it is like to be / have been "a descendant of those who survived EITHER the slavery OR the segregation systems the U.S once had. SKAMALA KAMELEON ... "Race-Faker" ... Harris ... IS A bigger FRAUD than Elizabeth Warren. ]]] " (Ref. All People, 2 weeks ago; source not mine). .

    oswald rendon-herrerooswald rendon-herrero17 gün önce
    • You dropped this 👑

      Asa DaltonAsa Dalton15 gün önce
  • During the Democrat Debate: “Joe, you are a racist.” - Kamala Harris "I believe Biden's accusers" - Kamala Harris After winning the Democrat nomination for president: “Kamala, wanna be my VP?” - Joe Biden “Hell yea, Joe.” - Kamala Harris Google: Here are some Names of slaves owned by Kamala Harris' family So, what do you think? Does it matter that Kamala Harris' family owned slaves or is that a non-issue? Google: Kamala Harris: If Elected I Will Take Gun Dealers’ Licenses Away with Executive Action Google: Kamala Harris, Biden’s radical VP pick signals bad news for American workers, economic recovery Google: Kamala Harris Explains Her Plan For Reparations Without End Google: Democratic Debate: Kamala Harris Says 'Day 1, I'll Repeal' Trump Tax Cuts | NBC New York

    Raymond CookRaymond Cook17 gün önce
    • Who the fook is going read all that none sense comments.

      The Beast ManThe Beast Man15 gün önce
  • Kamala Harris is part of the 3 satan sisters; Pelosi, Clinton and Harris....all off spring of Satan's wish to rule the world. Seriously, you want to be ruled by communism; vote for Harris.

    Fifi JonesFifi Jones18 gün önce

    All EntertainmentAll Entertainment18 gün önce
  • What an awesome week of the tonight show as usual daddy!!!! I love you and never miss your show bae

    dan campbelldan campbell18 gün önce
  • Melania use to be NASTY😜

    FaithFaith19 gün önce
  • My WISH... American WILL NOT vote him again.. To prove that we can make better world

  • Definition of the word BIGGOT. bigot [ n ] a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own.

    Phred FlypoggerPhred Flypogger19 gün önce
  • I remember when Fallon used to be funny. It is sad what political correctness can do to a comedian

    Sherif YacoubSherif Yacoub19 gün önce
    • Ikr I’m not even a trump fan but this is the probably one pathetic “comedy” videos I have seen in 2020. Tbh is more entertaining than the two Jimmys

      1998199819 gün önce
  • Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

    Dani JohnDani John20 gün önce
  • She is nasty.... lol

    Edward QuaoEdward Quao21 gün önce
  • Biden caught lying and stealing. (not my link - I get nothing from it.)

    GlockMan945GlockMan94521 gün önce
    • Faith - ignorance is bliss, huh?

      GlockMan945GlockMan94519 gün önce
    • Faith - afraid of the truth? Watch it. Just 5 minutes of Biden plagiarizing Kennedy speeches, lying about having 3 college degrees, admitting to plagiarizing in college, lying about college awards, lying about college class ranking and more.

      GlockMan945GlockMan94519 gün önce
    • Troll

      FaithFaith19 gün önce
  • I bet Lunchpail Retard Joe is all over Headboard Harris. Probably sniffed her from head to toe by now. Quid Pro Joe will never be Willy Brown though that's for damn sure!

    Richie BlackRichie Black21 gün önce
    • @Faith I bet your illegitimate kids would much rather have President Trump for a father instead of that loser they have now.

      Richie BlackRichie Black18 gün önce
    • @Faith? And?

      Richie BlackRichie Black19 gün önce
    • Trump has 5 kids by 3 women.......

      FaithFaith19 gün önce
  • Miss pee pee ..he kills me😂😂😂

    Pam LopezPam Lopez22 gün önce
  • I dont know this Pence, but i already like him. He remids me myself

    Rhina DallilaRhina Dallila22 gün önce
Trump Calls Kamala Harris “Nasty” | The Tonight Show