Trump Combines Cruel Immigration Policies with Broken Promises : A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the Trump administration announcing a new rule that would limit legal immigration by imposing a wealth test.
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Trump Combines Cruel Immigration Policies with Broken Promises : A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




  • shut up Seth and get a real job.

    Michelle MichelleMichelle Michelle21 gün önce
  • PLEASE--tell me who would believe that other countries "send" us immigrants? Say Cuba, for example "Everyone knows" that the "chosen" are sent off on rafts with nothing--threatening their lives and the lives of their children, with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. Or maybe immigrants are fleeing something they consider even more dangerous--a tyrannical and murderous government in most cases; or at least fleeing a lifestyle that promises no hope. Gee, I wonder which sounds more logical. Of course, his description of what happens is no bigger a lie than the promises he made that NO plants anywhere in this country. THAT worked out, huh? What is so far beyond me is why any of his followers still believe him. I think the gut wrenching truth at this point is that their are just a certain amount of hate-filled, racist bigots in this country that are fine with anything he does, qas long as they are allowed to vent and have an outlet for all that hate. Well, keep it up and some day you may find yourself fleeing your home with nothing but the clothes on your back for a country that is worth living in.

    Pauline DawesPauline Dawes23 gün önce
  • what a DUMB-ASS(TRUMP that is)

    Paula Murphy Still Swaying to the musicPaula Murphy Still Swaying to the music2 aylar önce
  • I'm a 30+ year anti-poverty volunteer. The vast majority of the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people my organizations serve are not criminals, certainly NOT terrorists. They're human beings just trying to have, and provide for their children, a life of freedom & prosperity. So, does that mean the USA should allow a FEW HUNDRED MILLION people to immigrate, because there's NO reason for denying them? PLEASE - those who truly care about their global neighbors are INVITED to help people help themselves IN THEIR OWN HOMELANDS . . . UNLESS ANYONE WANTS TO CLAIM hundreds of millions of decent, honest people can move into the US WITHOUT any loss of quality of life within our borders. PS - Seriously, ladies & gentlemen, HOW MANY migrants has Seth Myers taken in to his own home? Peace to all.

    Martha MackMartha Mack2 aylar önce
  • a "wealth test". i'm not against that.

    FromBeToRealityFromBeToReality2 aylar önce
  • He makes it tough admitting I am American OMFG what a delusional CLOWN!!!

    RipinnRipinn3 aylar önce
  • I would love to beat Seth to death

    Adam BrierAdam Brier3 aylar önce
  • Prejudice is prejudice - whether you are a Republican or Democrat. Democrats think they are not seen as prejudiced. But, they certainly are.

    Lei ShyLei Shy3 aylar önce
  • Getting a PhD means using taxpayer funded education - often. And many take years to get their education - so their families are not impressed.

    Lei ShyLei Shy3 aylar önce
  • Asians for TRUMP! MAGA!

    Lei ShyLei Shy3 aylar önce
  • Oprah asked Trump long ago when he was on her show if he was going to run for President. Probably 20 to 30 years ago.

    Lei ShyLei Shy3 aylar önce
  • There are many weirdos on campuses. I worked on two of them. For one thing, many are on federal grants and so not much better than welfare recipients. Just classier welfare. Sounds better, but isn't much better, because no one checks their work. They rarely get fired. We don't need more immigrants - we have plenty - I worked for the state and many are on welfare or their anchor babies are - by the thousands.

    Lei ShyLei Shy3 aylar önce
  • The state of California has millions of illegals. So, the middle class is fleeing. More are leaving than staying - the state is NOT GROWING smart people. The immigrants often have a very poor education - even the Mexican Army said their police have a 4th grade education level and that is why they are so corrupt.

    Lei ShyLei Shy3 aylar önce
  • Please don't nominate Biden. I cannot take four more years of Trump.

    META MUTTMETA MUTT3 aylar önce
  • Loterij 🐠🐟 #catfish

    NikiNiki3 aylar önce
  • Hes robing the country

    Ozzy KrahnOzzy Krahn4 aylar önce
  • He must HAVE been talking about his family AGAIN

    Carlos HerringCarlos Herring4 aylar önce
  • well, we don't need Turmp paying for prostitutes either.

    Mr. JokerMr. Joker4 aylar önce
  • His wife ask " que posa?

    Aztec WarriorAztec Warrior4 aylar önce
  • Those behind him actually believe him

    Aztec WarriorAztec Warrior4 aylar önce
  • What an ass!!

    Aztec WarriorAztec Warrior4 aylar önce
  • Picking his cabinet!!to funny

    Aztec WarriorAztec Warrior4 aylar önce
  • My transmission on my AMERICAN MADE AUTO was made in MEXICO. I really doubt the newer models have been made in America. Hell double the tax and its still cheaper to have them made Mexico. Double that tax, Mexico will send them Instembul and let them ship them to the USA. This is the guy who sent Americans overseas, seized their passports and gave them back only if they agreed to not be PAID FOR THEIR WORK. This is the guy who bought $5,000 in pots and pans, and refused to pay the bill because the delivery guy was "rude" and then made the minimum payment to the AMERICAN business over the next 4 years. He actually did this before he ran for president. He sued a guy for writing a book that claimed he was worth less than he said he was. All stories I heard about before he was our HDIC. He is a HORRIBLE SOB who will spend eternity frozen in the 9th level of hell(if there was one) next to Judas Iscariot..

    Joel LouzyJoel Louzy4 aylar önce
  • T❤R💛U💚M💙P💜!

    Amber LopezAmber Lopez4 aylar önce
  • Put them in basket pull them out??😂

    keke johnsonkeke johnson4 aylar önce

    STERLINGSTERLING4 aylar önce
  • Didn't Obama bail the auto industry out of trouble & this is how they thank him .

    ilikemthick54ilikemthick544 aylar önce
  • Milania got her visa in a lottery...not Slovenia's best

    Tom PetersTom Peters4 aylar önce
  • Worst people in America are stood all around you, you Orange idiot! America could sort most it’s problems by rounding up all the Trumpturds and deporting them, - unfortunately not even Russia would have them

    Sye WilliamsSye Williams4 aylar önce
  • WTF this idiot is talking about lotterie? This insean maniac has real Problem, by understanding that he's intellect nerver reach Obamas despite to he's "very large brain" - Americans - i mean the half which want to get rid of him - GO TO VOTE !!!!

    flying Snowflying Snow4 aylar önce
  • The right wing usa scum audience perfect for the fake president.

    Dody PotterDody Potter4 aylar önce
  • My Persian fiancé is living in the US because of the lottery and he was one of the smartest, kindest, most upstanding citizens i know. He has a masters degree in engineering and in physics. He has contributed to American society more than anyone else I know. Trump’s idea of the lottery is seriously flawed.

    Candice StaufferCandice Stauffer4 aylar önce
  • Melanie is an imigrant to!!!! Hipocrecy at hig level by this traitor.... A inmigrants pay more taxes than trump !!!!#!

    vegavega4 aylar önce
  • He'll win again. He should too. Country has never been stronger, healthier and more economically confident.

    Obber BeezerObber Beezer4 aylar önce

    Raul MartinezRaul Martinez5 aylar önce
  • The lady you bang every night is not from here. Your grandparents were not from here either. Have some respect to the immigrants.

    Abdou FayeAbdou Faye5 aylar önce
  • The immigrant speak better English than he does he such an idiot, immigrant paid their taxes, trump never pay his ,this man should be selling stuff@ the flear market.

    Nancy GeorgesNancy Georges5 aylar önce
  • 2:35 ur wrong Mr Trump.💀

    MSF NicoMSF Nico5 aylar önce
  • I am a patriotic american who lives in Wales..part of Britain. Trump has managed to destroy ALL faith in America. He is as much a racist as his buddy Nigel Ferrage. Both do not work with the smaller country workers who take the jobs no one wants.How many "Americans" or "British" clean public toilets or sweep the streets

    Anthony FranchinoAnthony Franchino5 aylar önce
    • Keep your ass in Wales

      eBay AlieneBay Alien5 aylar önce
  • The statue of liberty says: " Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door. .“

    Rolf LeseratzRolf Leseratz5 aylar önce
  • #FuchCzarCheetoTinyhandsky Because Trump and the majority of Republicans are corrupt window lickers. Anyway, you're "I am a hunter" joke was fucking stupid. In most states, including the "scary" gun friendly states, hunters are adorned with bright orange along with their camo to warn other hunters of their humanity. If you're going to make fun of something in a clever way, be more informed.

    Vinny SkumVinny Skum5 aylar önce
  • He’s so damn ignorant at the worst part are the people who believe him, I wonder what lottery his wife wins? Because she didn’t qualify for the Einstein visa

    Mona JMona J5 aylar önce
  • I’m an international student from Belgium, been studying in the us for 4 years now. About to get my bachelors in entrepreneurship and about to go for my MBA. It’s already insanely difficult for me to get a green card. Having an absolute egg decide whether or not I or any legal immigrants are allowed to be in the u.s. is absolutely insulting. His ignorance is so disgusting it’s making me sick.

    Alex SAlex S5 aylar önce
  • 0:20 we dont have such ugly people here :))). I cant understand why, în general you americans make fun and disrespect other cultures while you let the future of your children in Trump and a bunch of absolute idiots hands. For me, a guy who never visited USA it seems you are doomed. Either you are croked, stupid or you have serios courage issues. I hope im wrong.

    O. MaierO. Maier5 aylar önce
  • TRUMP 2020

    Liam PatrickLiam Patrick5 aylar önce
  • Sounds like he's picking. Everything thing about himself

    James FrazierJames Frazier5 aylar önce
  • The idiot ,he don't know how the visa lottery works ,the U.S. officials decides who come in and who doesn't!

    dancidandancidan5 aylar önce
  • Can we have a lottery and send Trump and Miller and all those chicken sh*t Republicans who refuse to stand up to his BS somewhere far far away?

    Kimberley HosmerKimberley Hosmer5 aylar önce
  • We must understand that if Trump remain in office. That the last thing left of Obama president is the last thing P.D.J.Trump would do for we the people. End of our story their isn't any plan. He made no promises so don't worry.

    Avis TumpkinAvis Tumpkin5 aylar önce
  • What a fucking fat moron

    David JoyceDavid Joyce5 aylar önce
  • Vote2020

    Toney OrangeToney Orange5 aylar önce
  • trump isn't just racist he's a fascist, he's like Hitler on crack.

    Ab RenosAb Renos5 aylar önce
    • He's NOTHING like Hitler.

      Liam PatrickLiam Patrick5 aylar önce
  • I tried to apply for it a long time ago but I was refused for being nigeria

    Benjamin DadaBenjamin Dada5 aylar önce
  • Absurd orange liar Trump can't even comprehend the fact that even if there was a handheld basket that numbers got pulled out of to send criminals into our country, it most certainly wouldn't have a rap sheet attached to it. Ugh. What a deceitful simpleton.

    Lucis FerreLucis Ferre5 aylar önce
  • Yo...Trumpster.... I know Many people that are here in USA via the lottery, and they are some of the FINEST People I've ever met !!!!

    Jin HewettJin Hewett5 aylar önce
  • What has happened to this country? The great "melting pot" of the world? Even less than 5 years ago, if ANY public figure made such blatant racist remarks, they would have been skewered and burned to cinders in effigy. Have some Americans really become so desperate for the scraps from the tables of the rich, like Trump, that they tolerate and endorse such wicked racism, misogyny, and false fear-inspiring statements? I thought we were a better nation than that. But, I guess not. What happened to "the land of the free and the home of the brave"? It has become the land of the "lie down and just let it happen and I'll leave a little money on the dresser for ya". He's raping our country and some are too worried about themselves and thinking "Well, it's not happening to us. So, it's ok."

    Music LoverMusic Lover5 aylar önce
  • Trump's hair is an illegal immigrant to his body and should be deported!

    Phil GreenPhil Green6 aylar önce
  • Are we in The Hunger Games? What district are you from?

    Suzanne SilvaSuzanne Silva6 aylar önce
  • This is entrenchment of fascism in America, and it's victory on democracy!

    Just HumanJust Human6 aylar önce
  • I am tired of people wasting tax payer money. I also want trump to take an English proficiency test. Let us start with you donnie little.

    Just HumanJust Human6 aylar önce
  • Trump is by far the worst president the USA has ever had.

    Jennifer MommyJennifer Mommy6 aylar önce
    • What exactly makes him worse than all than all the others?

      Liam PatrickLiam Patrick5 aylar önce
  • These Germans invading America just told us exactly who they sent to over run it!

    Justine LinleyJustine Linley6 aylar önce
  • Said the man who has never worked a day in his life.

    John MoldochJohn Moldoch6 aylar önce
  • He's not exactly lying, but close enough.

    John MoldochJohn Moldoch6 aylar önce
  • I do hope this guy running off the mouth meets MS 13 at the most inappropriate time. Good luck puppet

    citizen xcitizen x6 aylar önce
  • Seyers Soros propaganda channel

    citizen xcitizen x6 aylar önce
  • So is everyone in the comment section going to vote!?

    Christie CrawfordChristie Crawford6 aylar önce
    • I've been planning on it for a while.

      Liam PatrickLiam Patrick5 aylar önce
  • I suggest you Mr trump study on the topic before talk about it

    green lovergreen lover6 aylar önce
  • As Iranian I promise you people who get to lottery are the most educated people who don't like Iran's regime. Look how many Dr's and engineers from Iran are living in America.

    green lovergreen lover6 aylar önce
  • & when is Trump curing cancer? ...'cause he said he'd cure cancer, remember?

    Gravydog316Gravydog3166 aylar önce
Trump Combines Cruel Immigration Policies with Broken Promises : A Closer Look