Trying to get 0 Points in Geoguessr ­čś│

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  • I can't wait for the kids in the comments thinking they're so smart because they know French people are in Canada and they don't understand jokes

    George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonAylar ├Ânce
    • I was just about to comment ­čśé

      Jake MullinsJake Mullins11 saatler ├Ânce
    • @jankylankyTV r/whoosh

      Hockey GuyHockey Guy12 saatler ├Ânce
    • DidnÔÇÖt you make peanut butter?

      Froggie Sk8erFroggie Sk8er18 saatler ├Ânce
    • George Washington makes Minecraft videos?

      I don't know anythingI don't know anything19 saatler ├Ânce
    • George my man!

      LibelousLibelousG├╝n ├Ânce
  • Go to anratic

    QiNing EngQiNing Eng57 dakika ├Ânce
  • Bruh ppl in qubeck speak french, lmao ­čĄú

    SoldierNikoSoldierNikoSaatler ├Ânce
  • As soon as I saw the Chevy pick up truck I knew it had to be Quebec because France dosen't import large amounts of GM vehicles

    Shotgun PaintbrushShotgun PaintbrushSaatler ├Ânce
  • After the word canada i couldnt takebit serious anymore

    Martin KrebsMartin KrebsSaatler ├Ânce
  • This is the most idiotic person ever seeing this as a Canadian.

    TheGucciGamerTheGucciGamerSaatler ├Ânce
  • Oh man

    UwU its Bridgette ChanUwU its Bridgette ChanSaatler ├Ânce
  • Trick to fail at geogusser just select the ocean and gg

    Za one Za OneZa one Za One2 saatler ├Ânce
  • I wanna fucking kill everybody that lives in Canada

    Jared HillJared Hill2 saatler ├Ânce
  • Troll

    Mark DragonMark Dragon3 saatler ├Ânce
  • HshJHehshHhahshHHsjJJjs

    StudddoStacyStudddoStacy3 saatler ├Ânce
  • my dumbass not realising this was a joke

    Rampant BucklerRampant Buckler3 saatler ├Ânce
  • Jimmy pop is doing tiktok videos now?

    2792revs2792revs4 saatler ├Ânce
  • French canadia

    Nick MacleodNick Macleod4 saatler ├Ânce
  • I get that this is a joke but I can't deal with this today

    Loop CragLoop Crag4 saatler ├Ânce
  • French and English are CanadaÔÇÖs National languages

    Erin McKayErin McKay4 saatler ├Ânce
  • You can just see thatÔÇÖs mot France, those types of streets are typical American esc.

    MoneyMoney4 saatler ├Ânce
  • Dum fuck

    Madison ClarkMadison Clark5 saatler ├Ânce
  • U idiot Canada speaks french

    Hunter BaileyHunter Bailey6 saatler ├Ânce
  • TRvision shorts are a waste of time

    Thomas RayThomas Ray7 saatler ├Ânce
  • I am in canada

    Isbat EduIsbat Edu7 saatler ├Ânce
  • Guess the Atlantic ocean

    Sweet RedstoneSweet Redstone7 saatler ├Ânce
  • One of CanadaÔÇÖs national languages is French

    Hunter ToddHunter Todd8 saatler ├Ânce
  • OmeletÔÇÖe au fromage

    justin heltonjustin helton8 saatler ├Ânce
  • I feel bad for the kids that fall for this, Quebec has the biggest French population in canada

    JaiJai9 saatler ├Ânce
  • I hate and love this man itÔÇÖs so annoying

    Fun nyFun ny9 saatler ├Ânce
  • Stop yelling at the end it hurt my ears

    Caitlyn ScottCaitlyn Scott9 saatler ├Ânce
  • They mostly use the word "stop" in france. Here in quebec it's in french

    no he wasnt readyno he wasnt ready9 saatler ├Ânce
  • I didn't know Quebec City was in Canada.

    DwayneDwayne10 saatler ├Ânce
  • What is this song

    Jordan AveryJordan Avery10 saatler ├Ânce
  • He's the type of person who acts smart but failed all subjects

    Tiken SagolsemTiken Sagolsem10 saatler ├Ânce
    • Youre the type of guy to not get a joke

      devdev7 saatler ├Ânce
  • I love the blatant face

    Tami RomeroTami Romero10 saatler ├Ânce
  • Nice Hat

    Theodor MertzTheodor Mertz11 saatler ├Ânce
  • When I heard him say no one in Canada speaks french I knew the was a joke

    Lee WootenLee Wooten11 saatler ├Ânce
  • French is a national language

    Lana BellmoreLana Bellmore11 saatler ├Ânce
    • ThatÔÇÖs the jokw

      Christ PrattChrist Pratt8 saatler ├Ânce
  • I was about to comment and be like BUT... but yÔÇÖall beat me to it

    Jake MullinsJake Mullins11 saatler ├Ânce
  • ..........

    King GrubKing Grub11 saatler ├Ânce
  • When he said "French Street signs *obviously* its france" Me: maybe its Canada...

  • Me who knows the official language of Quebec is french: lmao my guy shoulda went for china

    SadpoggerSadpogger12 saatler ├Ânce
  • What app is this???

    • Geoguesser

      devdev7 saatler ├Ânce
  • Just go to Antarctica

    Shatterd CodeShatterd Code13 saatler ├Ânce
  • Did u focus in ur history class COLONIZATION DUFUS

    Philo MorcousPhilo Morcous13 saatler ├Ânce
    • its a joke video

      dumdumdumdum10 saatler ├Ânce
  • He does know there is a thing as french canadian right

    Ethan ShenkEthan Shenk13 saatler ├Ânce
    • its a joke video

      dumdumdumdum10 saatler ├Ânce
  • Some Americans speak Spanish, Some Canadians speak French. I was wondering where you when, until you ball showed up in my face and im finished.

    Skip xdSkip xd14 saatler ├Ânce
  • Bro french is literally canadas 2nd language

    Ishmam ShahriarIshmam Shahriar14 saatler ├Ânce
    • its a joke video

      dumdumdumdum10 saatler ├Ânce
  • I went to Quebec city once and they speak French Canada is a French and English speaking place it's not just Grace that speaks French.

    Clara YaxleyClara Yaxley14 saatler ├Ânce
    • its a joke video

      dumdumdumdum10 saatler ├Ânce
    • France that speaks French

      Clara YaxleyClara Yaxley14 saatler ├Ânce
  • Nice hat bro

    Elle MartinElle Martin14 saatler ├Ânce
  • You fucking liar

    TheDonutManTheDonutMan16 saatler ├Ânce
  • Him:france thingy its canada.

    Boom24kBoom24k16 saatler ├Ânce
  • I get the joke but my guy missed every history class

    ZexoZexo16 saatler ├Ânce
  • Sorry but in Qu├ębec we talk French

    Emily RouillardEmily Rouillard16 saatler ├Ânce
    • I understand when I replay the video

      Emily RouillardEmily Rouillard9 saatler ├Ânce
    • its a joke video

      dumdumdumdum10 saatler ├Ânce
  • Canada don't have french people they called Quebecois but they speak french same as my country we are not french but we speak it i think huh until I get the joke.

    tory andretory andre16 saatler ├Ânce
  • Quebec is the only place in Canada that people speak French

    Charles ArchibaldCharles Archibald16 saatler ├Ânce
    • its a joke video

      dumdumdumdum10 saatler ├Ânce
  • i like his cap

    othman alnaharothman alnahar16 saatler ├Ânce
  • You will never see a chevy truck in France just saying

    DecalissedDecalissed17 saatler ├Ânce
  • Tips to get 0 points in geo guesser go to another country very far from your imagination

    EJ Ni├▒oEJ Ni├▒o17 saatler ├Ânce
  • So was this sarcasm or was this guy actually dum

    Hertta KalajokiHertta Kalajoki18 saatler ├Ânce
    • its a joke video

      dumdumdumdum10 saatler ├Ânce
  • when he said "french sign" i was like *looks outside* no it's not ­čśş

    VaTTaNaK _VaTTaNaK _18 saatler ├Ânce
  • Why does his right eye always go lazy when he yells

    Ddawg SlimeDdawg Slime18 saatler ├Ânce
  • When he noticed he selected a province that mostly speaks france: i messed up

    FieryBlank - RobloxFieryBlank - Roblox18 saatler ├Ânce
  • ItÔÇÖs the French street names for me, and then also the ÔÇťOne wayÔÇŁ sign

    J BreezeJ Breeze18 saatler ├Ânce
  • bruh Canada has a TON of French people this is cap

    CavansiteCavansite19 saatler ├Ânce
  • He just look at the map before he start the video I think

    Wolf CreationWolf Creation19 saatler ├Ânce
  • Stop signs In France are spelled in English, only quebec goes out of its way to translate everything in French.

    MeownaMeowMeownaMeow20 saatler ├Ânce
  • Do you know there is People who speak French in Canada dumb dumb

    luke feenerluke feener20 saatler ├Ânce
  • Why the hell do you look so surprised when it's so dumb? XD

    David StearsDavid Stears20 saatler ├Ânce

    Evez OrebeEvez Orebe21 saatler ├Ânce
  • Your only showing your wins

    kamila drzewieckikamila drzewiecki23 saatler ├Ânce
  • Guess sweden

    Oliver BergkvistOliver Bergkvist23 saatler ├Ânce
  • French is their second language u dipshit

    Victor Mart├şn BernalVictor Mart├şn Bernal23 saatler ├Ânce
Trying to get 0 Points in Geoguessr ­čś│