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  • I’m scared

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    • Hey LARRAY if you see this please respond I need to know what video editor you use

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    • LARRAY same

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    • When I read “Dolan twins.” In my head I kept saying “tell me pick a Dolan twin, guess what bitch I’m choosing both!” 😫🤣

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    • 9:21 when the video starts

      Emily's WorldEmily's World4 gün önce
  • the dolans. a gay guy. a girl that we ship with one of the twins. is this the new sister squad? cuz i fucking love this better than the last one.

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  • ship name for e and larry?

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  • Ethan: we haven’t even known each other for 4 hours Addison: Yeah we have only known each other for like two Ethan: yeah and she’s already said a bad word and burped

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  • Awww adisson is sooo cute

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  • Why do u and addison hate Dolan twind

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  • i cant wait for ur fortnite video i saw some of it on tiktok

  • Updated Sister Squad

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  • This is the most entertaining video I've ever seen in this quarantine

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  • Am I the only one focused of the one direction poster in the beginning

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  • Y’all should actually go camping like bitch I wanna see that

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  • There is so much going on omg

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  • I'm I the only one who has never heard Addison cuss😂

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  • Did you guys see the One Direction poster in the background of LARRAY's room, like I am going crazy, like if you love One Direction and want them to get back together!

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  • "e-boy" enters a picture of kurtis-

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  • “What in caucasity” Larray 2020

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  • This is literally the sister squad and I think every knows why

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  • why did Ethan's speech get muted out?

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  • can this be the new sister squad?

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  • did anyone notice Larry touching Addisons hair at 6:07 lmfao

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  • Grayson: I wanna be a dad! Do you have baby fever? Addison: I don't have baby fever, no. Grayson: 😕😢

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  • i feel bad for Grayson, he just seems like the odd one out🙁

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  • larray sis shrek is from scotland 😭😂 my countryyyyyy🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👅👅👅👅

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  • Addison hates these twins lol

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  • Ethan is not an e-boy, fuckboy, softboy... He's a total chad.

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  • If someone ever asked me for a sLiCe of gym I would punch them in the face. Period.

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  • No one: Not a soul: Larray throughout the whole video: ShEs DifFeREnT FrOm MosT GiRls

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  • The fact that the twins remember the one time larray said they were "So hot" three years ago...

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  • petition to move the comments back to the bottom 😔

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  • James and emma have been replaced

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  • the new sister squad???

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  • Some parts of this video I can't hear

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