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  • 200m next come back

    김철호김철호17 saniye önce
  • Twice Once fighting

    김철호김철호34 saniye önce

    hoa huonghoa huongDakika önce
  • It's 102 million views !😍

    Chris JoeChris JoeDakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huongDakika önce
  • TWICE are really a goddess!!!

    Yaaru GamlinYaaru GamlinDakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huongDakika önce
  • もも大好き😍💓💓

    内田美智子内田美智子Dakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huongDakika önce
  • Need to see twine performance HOT, so proud of Momo

    Angela GagalaAngela Gagala2 dakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huong2 dakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huong2 dakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huong3 dakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huong3 dakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huong3 dakika önce
  • OCE FIGHTING STRE@M FANCY TO 103M 23/5/2019 4:38 VI3WS: 102.523.603

    hoa huonghoa huong4 dakika önce
  • Sorry twice I can’t str3am I’m just finished my test now I’m streaming

    Tzuyu Twice NNTzuyu Twice NN4 dakika önce
  • *_All i can say is Chaeyoung's lines in Dance the night away literally flew away and landed here in Fancy_*

    i am a THRICEi am a THRICE5 dakika önce
  • 517

    hipu is mehipu is me6 dakika önce
  • 一〇〇M!!!!!

    みほですよろしくですれなんすですみほですよろしくですれなんすです6 dakika önce
  • I fancy you~ TWICE

    Yaaru GamlinYaaru Gamlin7 dakika önce
  • Please stream harder,we need to reach 150M before 72days, FIGHTING 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Cc YCc Y7 dakika önce
  • FANCY - 6.30 PM KST Update (#7) Melon [ - ] (#8) Genie [ - ] (#7) Bugs [ +2 ] (#9) Mnet [ -1 ] (#6) Soribada [ - ] (#5) Flo [ - ] Source:

    Sanity WritingSanity Writing9 dakika önce
    • Wow melon #7

      김철호김철호3 dakika önce
  • This video is so satisfying to watch

    Rica StylesRica Styles9 dakika önce
  • 100M!!!!

    Cheshire & OnceCheshire & Once10 dakika önce
  • Love all their outfits, really cute 🥺

    Melody DCMelody DC10 dakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huong11 dakika önce

    hoa huonghoa huong11 dakika önce
  • Not really a fan of them, please don’t kill me.. but this song.. omg it’s so addicting😍 love it 🙂

    Melody DCMelody DC12 dakika önce
  • this is their best comeback since what is love , tbh

    marcell pmarcell p12 dakika önce
  • ONCE STRE@M FANCY TO 103M 23/5/2019 4:30 VI3WS: 102.511.862

    hoa huonghoa huong12 dakika önce
  • 💗❤💗

    bánh bao dễ thươngbánh bao dễ thương14 dakika önce
  • How to Stream Correctly 1) Watch the video FROM THE FIRST UNTIL THE LAST SECOND! NOT ONLY the first 10, 30 seconds or half of it, but THE WHOLE VIDEO! 2) Watch the video in HD (720p, at least )! if ur device hasn't HD or ur internet connection is low - then 480p is allowed; 3) DON'T skip, stop or rewind the video; 4) The sound on ur phone should be more then 50% 5) Before rewatching the same video u should DELETE the watching and searching history 6) LOG OUT after the first watching of the video bc from one acc u can watch the same video ONLY ONCE in hour! 7) STREAM MANUALLY! Don't use the playlists and loops 8) DON'T USE multiple tabs or incognito mode - they are counted as SPAM and ur views will be deleted for sure! 9) Don't replay the video or refresh the page for rewatching 10) DON'T SKIP THE ADS! They are counted as part of the video and if u will skip them - u actually will skip the video and ur views will not counted by TRvision; 10) Don't change the speed of the video! 11) Use different browsers ( Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and etc ), accounts, internet connections ( Wi - Fi and mobile data ), devices ( PC, TV, phone, laptop ) for streaming of the videos - these things will helping to increase the views! 12) Comment, Like, Share by the video on social media and with friends! 13) AND NOW THERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: you CAN'T REWATCH the same video again and again without any gaps. I got these from Amino Apps, hope its help y'all

    Mulfand Is Not a Wrong ChoiceMulfand Is Not a Wrong Choice15 dakika önce
  • ❤❤

    bánh bao dễ thươngbánh bao dễ thương16 dakika önce
  • Next stop 200M

    Dea Faith SampanDea Faith Sampan17 dakika önce
  • Attention! Guys twice official Japanese Instagram posted photos of new comeback go like it and comment nice word

    Jihyo is GoddessJihyo is Goddess18 dakika önce
  • Once in twine Are you an all pen? All penIf Okay All penIf notCommen 💬 👇🏻 👇🏻

    愛してる!TwiceBlack / Pink愛してる!TwiceBlack / Pink18 dakika önce
  • This and heart shaker is probably my favorite songs by them 🥺

    Fairy XoxFairy Xox20 dakika önce
  • if i threw a hate to TWICE. Onces: _OH GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE THRICE PLS DON'T HATE THEM_ if i protected TWICE. Onces: _OH SUCH A FAKE FAN_ *greaaaat*

    i am a THRICEi am a THRICE20 dakika önce
    • I see you here supporting Twice and don’t be discouraged by others

      Tony ChongTony Chong6 dakika önce
  • FANCY😍😍😍😘😘😘

    jane tabojane tabo26 dakika önce
  • TWICE😍😍😍😘😘😘

    jane tabojane tabo26 dakika önce
  • Once stream harder for our Twice please

  • *Welcome To Facts Talk* Today Fact is : All Twice songs are Bops

    Kookies and AnimeKookies and Anime27 dakika önce
  • I'm already addicted this video

    Conrado OrquiolaConrado Orquiola27 dakika önce
  • *ทำไมวิวทไวซ์ตกต่ำได้ถึงขั้นนี้*

    ฮาไม่จํากัด Funny unlimitedฮาไม่จํากัด Funny unlimited30 dakika önce
  • 102.483m 18:00 kst ( we still have 1.186m today ONCE, it's so good but we can do better😊, let's make it to 1.3m tomorrow💪)

    Dung BuiDung Bui31 dakika önce
  • Twice

    旅行者Traveler旅行者Traveler31 dakika önce
  • view begins so slow😭

    ฮาไม่จํากัด Funny unlimitedฮาไม่จํากัด Funny unlimited32 dakika önce
  • *_fancy*

    _Chơn Cúc전정국__Chơn Cúc전정국_33 dakika önce

  • let's gain more vi3ws ONCE

    hye byehye bye33 dakika önce
  • chaeyoung so swag

    hye byehye bye33 dakika önce

    hye byehye bye34 dakika önce
  • Dont be lazy please

    ân phanân phan35 dakika önce
  • Fancy ooh

    ân phanân phan35 dakika önce
  • 日本人いない??

    むーみーむーみー36 dakika önce
  • Why are you lazy Once?

    ân phanân phan36 dakika önce
  • Once tomorrow is friday, let's stre@m harder we decreased 110k vi3ws if we compare the vi3ws yeaterday. Make it 1.3-1.4 million vi3ws fighting

    Quiinne ElijahQuiinne Elijah37 dakika önce
  • 🌹 *_FANCY_* 🌹 *_Full Daily Views (6pm KST)_* *Day 32:* 🔒🔒 *Day 31:* *102,483,722* *(+1,186,639)* *Day 30:* 101,297,083 (+1,291,745) *Day 29:* 100,005,338 (+1,350,951) *Day 28:* 98,654,387 (+1,335,088) *Day 27:* 97,319,299 (+1,597,814) *Day 26:* 95,721,485 (+1,518,827) *Day 25:* 94,202,658 (+1,338,622) *Day 24:* 92,864,036 (+1,315,484) *Day 23:* 91,548,552 (+1,284,964) *Day 22:* 90,263,588 (+1,267,974) *Day 21:* 88,995,614 (+1,320,692) *Day 20:* 87,674,922 (+1,507,053) *Day 19:* 86,167,869 (+1,457,778) *Day 18:* 84,710,091 (+1,331,601) *Day 17:* 83,378,490 (+1,316,362) *Day 16:* 82,062,128 (+1,316,968) *Day 15:* 80,745,160 (+1,402,187) *Day 14:* 79,342,973 (+1,511,740) *Day 13:* 77,831,233 (+1,729,616) *Day 12:* 76,101,617 (+1,778,582) *Day 11:* 74,323,035 (+1,757,855) *Day 10:* 72,565,180 (+1,885,778) *Day 9:* 70,679,402 (+1,938,212) *Day 8:* 68,741,190 (+2,060,105) *Day 7:* 66,681,085 (+2,149,123) *Day 6:* 64,531,962 (+2,752,132) *Day 5:* 61,779,830 (+3,235,598) *Day 4:* 58,544,232 (+4,400,350) *Day 3:* 54,143,882 (+5,351,259) *Day 2:* 48,792,623 (+6,6M) *Day 1:* 42,1M

    OncexArmy xBlinkOncexArmy xBlink37 dakika önce
    • Omg! Once fighting

      김철호김철호2 dakika önce
    • Please stream harder, Fighting

      Cc YCc Y8 dakika önce
    • So slowww Fighting 🤟🤟🤟🤟

      James ParkJames Park36 dakika önce
  • Like a rose

    ân phanân phan37 dakika önce
  • Once

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199338 dakika önce
  • Gained

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199338 dakika önce
  • bold lcss

    Mr. Lava FiendMr. Lava Fiend38 dakika önce
  • 💎TWICE "FANCY" M/V 💎 *100 million views* = *28 days, 23 hours, 44 mins* Views Gained 6PM kst Update Total: *102,480,904* Day 31: *1,183,821* Day 30: *1,291,745* Day 29: *1,350,951* Day 28: *1,335,088* Day 27: *1,597,814* Day 26: *1,518,831* Day 25: *1,338,618* Day 24: *1,315,484* Day 23: *1,284,964* Day 22: *1,267,974* Day 21: *1,320,692* Day 20: *1,507,682* Day 19: *1,457,149* Day 18: *1,331,601* Day 17: *1,316,362* Day 16: *1,316,968* Day 15: *1,402,187* Day 14: *1,511,740* Day 13: *1,729,616* Day 12: *1,778,582* Day 11: *1,757,855* Day 10: *1,912,955* Day 9: *1,911,035* Day 8: *2,067,723* Day 7: *2,152,825* Day 6: *2,740,812* Day 5: *3,235,598* Day 4: *4,400,350* Day 3: *5,351,259* Day 2: *6,6++,+++* Day 1: *42,1++,+++*

    Quiinne ElijahQuiinne Elijah39 dakika önce
    • Tomorrow is friday stre@m harder 1.3-1.4 million vi3ws tomorrowa fighting

      Quiinne ElijahQuiinne Elijah35 dakika önce
    • +LinaCute Channel its ok,lets stream hard

      Jason ParkJason Park37 dakika önce
    • So slow fighting....🤟🤟🤟🤟

      James ParkJames Park37 dakika önce
    • Today we get 1,1m sad

      LinaCute ChannelLinaCute Channel38 dakika önce
  • i love this song. Give this version some views 🙂.

    Pittsburgh Steelers 6xPittsburgh Steelers 6x40 dakika önce
  • Oh tell me i'm the only one baby. I fancy you, fancy you. Twice~MINAAAAAAAAAAAA HOW DARE YOU?!

    fancy you twiceu oncefancy you twiceu once40 dakika önce
  • Stream

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199340 dakika önce
  • Stream

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199341 dakika önce
  • Stream

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199341 dakika önce
  • 110m in 36 days Fighting Once!

    LinaCute ChannelLinaCute Channel43 dakika önce
  • 200M

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199344 dakika önce
  • 110M

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199344 dakika önce
  • 💪💪💪💪💪

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199345 dakika önce
  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199345 dakika önce
  • Twice really suit all concept. Love emojis

    fancy you twiceu oncefancy you twiceu once46 dakika önce
  • Once

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199346 dakika önce
  • Twice

    Joko Waw1993Joko Waw199347 dakika önce
  • Let go 200m twice

    hung tranhung tran48 dakika önce

    Once _shireOnce _shire48 dakika önce
  • I will secretly hold you from behind and never let you go ~~

    fancy you twiceu oncefancy you twiceu once49 dakika önce
  • Energic&beautiful dance. Can't stop won't stop. Help me :(

    fancy you twiceu oncefancy you twiceu once50 dakika önce
  • Yes you i fancy you. You can be happy like a dream~ jihyo's part so addictive

    fancy you twiceu oncefancy you twiceu once51 dakika önce
  • It’s not that good when I listen for the first time. But now this is addicting.

    Su Hlaing PhyoSu Hlaing Phyo55 dakika önce
  • 팬시 뮤비 1억회 달성했네요! 우와💗 Fancy MV 100 million time! Wow💗

    댜꺙댜꺙57 dakika önce
  • This is why JYP and YG are friends Fancy :Nayeon : Fancy YOUUUUU Dont know what to do : Jisoo: Youuuuuu~ They share lyrics what a bond

    Javier mobile lengends bang bang ganeplayJavier mobile lengends bang bang ganeplay59 dakika önce
  • Can someone tell me how many we gained already? Pls

    Army Once BlinkArmy Once BlinkSaatler önce
  • Fancy you

    Army Once BlinkArmy Once BlinkSaatler önce
  • tzuyu

    Jin hươngJin hươngSaatler önce
  • Nayeonieeee

    Jaine TzuzakiJaine TzuzakiSaatler önce
  • Deo hay nhu cho no Cuop kieu toc nguoi ta Twice do theo qhong cacg nguoi ta

    Ykieu NieYkieu NieSaatler önce
    • Tao tát vào mồm mày để chừa thói hỗn láo với người lớn này, mày biết nhóm Twice lớn tuổi hơn mày ko, mày là con nít con nôi ăn xôi ỉa chảy bày đặt ăn hiếp người lớn, chừa chưa hả mày, chưa chừa thói hổ báo là tao lôi đầu mày vào toilet xói nước cho chết cha nhà mày😂😂😂😂

      LinaCute ChannelLinaCute Channel47 dakika önce
  • Someday The thing called "Disband"(and i hope it never existed) will happen so let's give it all while they're still here making us all happy😊😊 Fighting Once and Twice!!

    I am so gay for Goddess JihyoI am so gay for Goddess JihyoSaatler önce
  • Go go twice

    Marites DotolloMarites DotolloSaatler önce
    • They are so nice and pretty

      Marites DotolloMarites Dotollo17 dakika önce
  • This M/V deserve 1B views :)

    Dean Charles ReatazaDean Charles ReatazaSaatler önce
  • Have a great day bye for now love you all so much

    Hatay ChauHatay ChauSaatler önce
  • もう一億いてる!

    美紀 相澤美紀 相澤Saatler önce
  • Breakthrough and Happy happy No1 in korean charts would be amazing after all the bad things happened to Twice recently.

    Low keyLow keySaatler önce
    • Hey once, it won't happen.

      MiNaMiNaSaatler önce
  • Please Don't stop I'm do not want 1,1m today Please please please please At least today we have to 1,2m Fighting Please don't stop

    LinaCute ChannelLinaCute ChannelSaatler önce
  • 10x a day! 😍 learned the dance too! Yey

    Denesse SalumbidesDenesse SalumbidesSaatler önce
  • Choose one number 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 The number you chose is who you are 1.Jihyo 2.Nayeon 3.Dahyun 4.Chaeyoung 5.Jeongyeon 6.Tzuyu 7.Mina 8.Momo 9.Sana Congrats Twice, you did it with ONCE

    Omg Itz Kim JerlyneOmg Itz Kim JerlyneSaatler önce
    • i pick 7 (coz my favorite number) ...and i got my bias minari~

      twice bananatwice banana37 dakika önce
  • 춤어렵당ㅜㅜ

    정연정연Saatler önce