Twitter Works from Home Forever & McConnell Insults Obama | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Twitter allows its employees to work from home forever, an interview with Jared Kushner gets blown out of proportion, and Mitch McConnell calls Barack Obama “classless.” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus
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  • If Russia's MEDDLING in 2016 was true then probably Trump will win again too as Weak NATO is Putin's dream and only Trump can make it true!

    Prajjwal KumarPrajjwal Kumar10 gün önce
  • If Russia's MEDDLING in 2016 was true then Trump will win in 2020 too as Russia will MEDDLE again! Weak NATO is Putin's dream and only Trump can make it happen

    Prajjwal KumarPrajjwal Kumar10 gün önce
  • Love your report on Kushner. (Don’t like him BTW) We have PLENTY to worry about without false information. Being truthful like this makes me love your show even more. Keep up the truth.

    Suzanne SorigeSuzanne Sorige15 gün önce
  • Senior advisor 😂😂😂😂😂

    tasnim alamtasnim alam21 gün önce
  • 1:19 I lost it when he said "mmm, nice lasagna TREVOR" 😂😂😂

    Mena BamacaMena BamacaAylar önce
  • Joe Biden You ain't black if you don't vote for me haha These people are misinform. They deceive the people. TRUMP 2020!!! We are the state of FREE

    Elizabeth MartinezElizabeth MartinezAylar önce
  • Going to the office should always remain a choice. There’s a vast amount of people who do not have a dedicated office set up at their home or have more complicated environments at home. And if WFH is the new normal... the company should still provide with office furniture and tech capabilities to truly make that work.

    vihpolvihpolAylar önce
  • La la la Mitch McConnell, I can't hear you. What an old, rolled up, doughy, douche. Obama way out classes you.

    debbie duccini-daydebbie duccini-dayAylar önce
  • Can’t get my hair cut so those old scrunches are back in style!

    Laurie DettelbackLaurie DettelbackAylar önce
  • No one should talk like that about a president that has done so much for his country!

    Clive Samvura RojasClive Samvura RojasAylar önce
  • LOL. I got a survey asking if I approved of Trump, over this video. I skipped that dumb ad. 😒

    Winter DarkmoonWinter DarkmoonAylar önce
  • There was also a missed opportunity to quip about them saying "classless to criticize an administration that comes after you," as Mitch McConnell seemed to just be admitting that their administration has just been coming after Obama. Lol. Like, in more ways than one. For no good reason.

    Winter DarkmoonWinter DarkmoonAylar önce
  • McConnel is so evil I can't ever imagine he was ever a baby or child. I think he came out the womb that way.

    L JeansL JeansAylar önce
  • When McConnell said those disgraceful things about President Obama, you just KNOW he was thinking "boy" in his head.

    CaptEoNinja83CaptEoNinja83Aylar önce
  • Thank you for setting the record straight in the Headlines, even though I still believe something much larger is afoot in this Administration!

    cassandrame1cassandrame1Aylar önce
  • Classless. Really? This coming from the Emperor Palpatine clone.

    Patrick McPhersonPatrick McPhersonAylar önce
  • KKKlassless is what Mitch means.

    Z GirlZ GirlAylar önce
  • Moscow Bitch McConnell, the human turtle 🐢, calls a former president "classless"...while the orange clown in the Whitehouse exhibits the most classless, tasteless, ungraceful, and embarrasing traits known to man! SMH...

    Crazy CajunCrazy CajunAylar önce
  • this man still acting lol...the hoodie and the unshaven face ....BUT MAKEUP.

    DF WORKSDF WORKSAylar önce
  • Really incisive and funny, Trevor. Great unique takes and use of independent judgement. Keep it up.

    Patrick MurphyPatrick MurphyAylar önce

  • Omg. Thank you for clearing up the election delay reporting. Sigh of relief!

    AngryExGOPAngryExGOPAylar önce
  • Also, working from home makes masturbating in the bathroom much more comfortable.

    Christopher JohnsonChristopher JohnsonAylar önce
  • Glad you called them out on fake news

    Graci IfenwobiGraci IfenwobiAylar önce
  • I’m loving the beard Trevor keep it.

    Vida HasselburgVida HasselburgAylar önce
  • "Nice lasagna… tReYbOr"

    Alejandro GonzalezAlejandro GonzalezAylar önce
  • thank you for being responsible about Kushner

    ike ekiike ekiAylar önce

    Donna YuDonna YuAylar önce
  • The focus is getting the country open? How about the focus being to save lives? I can't even...

    Donna YuDonna YuAylar önce
  • 2:08 Jared Kushner is The Devil!!!

    PJN PPJN PAylar önce
  • Have to say I'm disappointed, scrolled through the comments and not one of you called him Bitch McConnell, you know......because he's a bitch

    618Fjk618FjkAylar önce
  • 💩 know What class is or mean?.

    Lorna NunezLorna NunezAylar önce
  • Me too. When is he goin to prison.? He is starving or have AIDS.

    Lorna NunezLorna NunezAylar önce
  • That scrunchie edit tho 😂😂😂

    Cherah LindoCherah LindoAylar önce
  • "Mannequin eating at a fancy restaurant " Give the writer of that joke a raise.

    Julie MendezJulie MendezAylar önce
  • Buddy, don't lie. That's not a lasagna. Can see it by the colour.

    Chiara ToccoChiara ToccoAylar önce
  • So not worried because Under the U.S. Constitution, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence cannot stay in office past their four-year terms without being reelected. If the election does not happen for any reason, constitutional rules of succession kick in. President pelosi. I'm cool with that

    Karina RuizKarina RuizAylar önce
  • Barrack halelujah obama made my day🤣

    regular deepthinkerregular deepthinkerAylar önce
  • McConnell is the turtles real father not splinter

    VAN CLEEF the vernacularVAN CLEEF the vernacularAylar önce
  • Trevor for President 2020! 🤣

    Lindsey MasseyLindsey MasseyAylar önce
  • Why does Jared always look like he's plotting someone's murder?

    Laura JohnsonLaura JohnsonAylar önce
    • Laura Johnson nailed it

      The RoofThe RoofAylar önce
  • Did he say your daily commute is like 5 sec

    Syed Aaman AzamSyed Aaman AzamAylar önce
  • Simi deflated pool flout lmaooo

    Mark HardmanMark HardmanAylar önce
  • From today’s experience, you can ABSOLUTELY get fired/laid off over Zoom.

    Jeff CushionJeff CushionAylar önce
  • nice job that trevor's calling out the media about kushner. shows he's very impartial

    Roy LongRoy LongAylar önce
  • well some people working from home have been taking advantage of it, not showing up for work etc, and they got fired

    Roy LongRoy LongAylar önce

    Elias BolesElias BolesAylar önce
  • LMFAO the lasagna

    KittySnickerKittySnickerAylar önce
  • Pewlitzer? That should be some pewnitive measures for that mispronunciation. Joseph Pulitzer liked his last name pronounced as “PULL-it-ser”.

    An DsAn DsAylar önce
  • 👀 Is the trump's son-in-law who is over the controlling our country⁉🙈🙉🙊💀💔🌐 💞 Save America 💙

    Sj GandSj GandAylar önce
  • Donald Trump has been dogging President Obama ever since even before he came into office. It's time Obama got some balls to strike back.

    My OpinionMy OpinionAylar önce
  • I agree Trevor that real fake news have been ridiculous

    Laura McGraelLaura McGraelAylar önce
  • Haha I call kushner a mannequin too

    Laura McGraelLaura McGraelAylar önce

    《KiNG》《KiNG》Aylar önce
  • J. kusher IS VOLDERMORT

    d jackd jackAylar önce
  • Go Trevor! Love the clap back on trump he does it all the time. Mitch is stuck up trumps butt.

    Tanya WaltersTanya WaltersAylar önce
  • Everything from this administration is a joke!!!! Literally almost everything the say or do makes absolutely no sense....kick out this administration by VOTING ... seriously guys VOTE... Voting is cool go out and please vote.... kick them out

    Mimi NkaMimi NkaAylar önce
  • That white squidward calling Obama classless and yet he suggests obama to shut his mouth and says that obama should not critique the admin. Go lose the attitude first you white nazi.

    Nemesis RyuNemesis RyuAylar önce
  • Classless if you talk about the new administration but it’s ok for a new president to talk shit about the ex president. No rules apply fucken cry babies. Can’t stand fucken republicans.

    N EscoN EscoAylar önce
  • what the hell was in that container?? lol love you Trevor

    Anjes KuypersAnjes KuypersAylar önce
  • Please invite Arthur Gunn Idol runner up to perform on your show

    Krishna PathakKrishna PathakAylar önce
  • That's a horrible idea. Have you ever had a conversation with somebody that's working from home? Alongside the multitude of distractions! Lol try it ... And how fast a countability goes out the window..

    xxx tinoxxx tinoAylar önce
  • Another outbreak? Um. It's at it's worse and it's going to continue to worsen... especially with idiots behaving like everything's fine and idiots in office opening their locales up. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid... and dangerous.

    Rob VespaRob VespaAylar önce

    Marvin JonesMarvin JonesAylar önce
  • Notice how everyone is still calling Obama president obama.

    Genuine PolyesterGenuine PolyesterAylar önce
    • Yup

      Genuine PolyesterGenuine PolyesterAylar önce
    • ...and Donnie is Donnie.

      Pamela CassPamela CassAylar önce
  • Neck scrotum...I’m dead...🤣

    Michelle HoodMichelle HoodAylar önce
  • Never , we don't want to pospone our elections ever!!

    Marié tellézMarié tellézAylar önce
  • You are my number one show #Noah keep doing a great social distance job!!

    Marié tellézMarié tellézAylar önce
  • Remember that the sociopath currently in office will burn the place to the ground on his way out.

    Bob LoblawBob LoblawAylar önce
  • people are stupid. The followers of trump are stupid. All he has done is cause problems since he has become president, and its getting worse and no matter how many other fowl ups trump does, there are still people supporting his stupidity. I am not voting for trump in the upcoming election, I'll vote for a cockatoo before I vote for that idiot. Also, all of the idiots saying that the corona virus is a hoax and going outside congregating together without masks, calling obama names, holding signs up...they will all be sick and begging people to feel sorry for them.

    RamesesRamesesAylar önce
Twitter Works from Home Forever & McConnell Insults Obama | The Daily Social Distancing Show