tydus STOLE my credit card... (bad idea)

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  • 13:00 really hits u

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  • Where did his credit card get stolen in this video? Leave a thumbs up on this comment if you agree with me

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  • Ima cry

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  • Rude

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  • Tydus is a SAVAGE!!!

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  • Tydus why you bully me jake hahah

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  • Dope tattoo

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  • Jake i have your Merch

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  • can you give me a shorlrt

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  • What the heck don’t stole ppl credit card

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  • Bruh in tydus's music video it says "watching game of thrones" do youre saying you let your kid watch fuvkin nudity

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  • 14:35 mini Jake Paul is super cute

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  • Waaaaa you re funny jake

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  • Love tydus omg makes me happy

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  • Jake Paul is awesome

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  • where are you from (count and city) and you are very good brother but you can't be as good as my brother

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  • your ligit bad at rearley bad at vloging JAKE AND TYDUS

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  • Tydus are FINE

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  • Has anyone else ever noticed how much more short arie is than jake

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  • 13:42

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  • Clock bait but still like the vids

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  • Dap on those haters

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  • i am going yo ohio

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  • Jake your T-shirt like Lithuania flag

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  • That was so mean to Tydus!!!

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  • I want to see you Jake Paul

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  • How many times dose he hit his head of of stuff

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  • At 1:02 I was laughing so hard

    Foxey 679Foxey 6792 gün önce
  • When you put Silly String on the camera my brother thought it was on my phone and he tried to clean it was hilarious by the way he's three

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  • So I was back handing the subscribe button and I hit the dislike button

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  • Jake who the best you're the best TRvisionr and peace has anybody hit the thumbs up and as described exerscribe Sisk wife and peace

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  • Mr. beast is better than Jake Paul!

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  • I whould smash rambro then run off crying saying they bring meorys

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  • Best video ever

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  • Song at 1:40?

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  • and are you guys junk

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    Barb JenningsBarb Jennings2 gün önce
  • Happy birth day minijakepaul

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  • Hi jake I love your videos 🥳🥳🥳🥳

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  • Why would you say that tyrus STOLE your credit card liar

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  • 14:31 SO HEARTWARMING!!!!!

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  • I got a good ideal go fight outlaw

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  • 14:35 is so cute

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  • When Tydus Wants To Say Yeah : Yeaaaaah

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  • Brooke

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  • could you go to Houston TX and get me presents because it is my birthday to Boykin st

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  • This was so cute I literally cried 😍

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  • In tydus music video it said he is 4yrs old but this vid said 5????

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  • Clickbait BTW

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  • This vidio makes me cri

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  • That’s so sad I almost cried

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  • I loved when you got the NISSAN GT-R toy for TYDUS because I love GTRs

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  • Who else is thinking what about RyRy?

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  • Cool

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  • Tydus is hilarious! He definitely needs to be in more Vlogs.

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  • 1:04 😂😂😂🤣

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  • LG

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  • I do he is .............

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    • I woch your video everyday

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    • I like your home it is so cool

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  • You;ve got the Juice now, Tydus! You've got the Juice now..

    The Random YouTuberThe Random YouTuber6 gün önce

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  • 8:23 if he is gonna pay for why does he have to leave. So he just leaves and doesn’t pay for it hehehehe

  • 8:20 no way what did I just do I’m gonna slap 👋 him before it’s too late

  • That song was so sad 😭

    Mohanad ZihiriMohanad Zihiri6 gün önce
  • When did tydus steal his credit card?

    Nayuta MixesNayuta Mixes6 gün önce
    • At 19:27 😂😂😂

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  • RIP toys but here comes the new toys!!

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  • Happy birthday tydus 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳5 yres old

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  • I love you

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  • 11:28 what is that song name

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  • 10:23 what is that song name

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  • That T-shirts are my country falg🇱🇹

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  • Happy birthday 🥳

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  • Jake is making an excuse about kong dying and it helping his channel coz he a trash youtuber

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  • Jake Paul I subscribe to your videos

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  • Lets make sure jake never has kids

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  • Love you 😘 video keep doing it Love you 😘

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  • How does his father letting you act like as if you were his dad

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  • You have did it agin jake Paul made Rufus sad agin you know what I’m going to sew you jake

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  • 20M subs

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  • Your welcome jake

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  • Jake brought tydus all the toys my mom would never let me get

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tydus STOLE my credit card... (bad idea)