Tyler Herro Career High 37 Points Game 4 vs Celtics! 2020 NBA Playoffs

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  • Tyler Herro is so young and he’s putting up 37 points he is bucket

    Mitch BoyceMitch BoyceAylar önce
  • Tyler is an absolute ⭐️

    Mitch BoyceMitch BoyceAylar önce
  • Gonna be great to watch Tyler Herro in the future

    Mitch BoyceMitch BoyceAylar önce
  • Tyler Herro a certified bucket

    Mitch BoyceMitch BoyceAylar önce
  • Because the NBA rules are too soft for these cereal girly muffins BWHHAHAHHAHAHHA. I bet these guyz cannot score a damn point during old skul NBA basketball.

    Mach5Speed Eat My Space DustMach5Speed Eat My Space DustAylar önce
  • He throws it into traffic Shades of Jay Cutler

    DJ AidonYGDJ AidonYGAylar önce
  • Tyler herro is that dude

    870. R’shawn870. R’shawnAylar önce
  • Celtics in 7!

    Tim CleezyTim CleezyAylar önce
  • Jebron Lames aka fake human rights chinese shill i mean activist

    Big SmokeBig SmokeAylar önce
  • Another reason why white ballers matter ;)

    Eric MarkEric MarkAylar önce
  • why isn't he a starter?

    SuPrEmE FTWSuPrEmE FTWAylar önce
  • Tyler Herro: the rookie and the vet

    Bob SaggetBob SaggetAylar önce
  • Tyler “Tyronne” Herro

    Enrique DuarteEnrique DuarteAylar önce
  • I’m still taking jayson Tatum over hero

    BackendChrisBackendChrisAylar önce
  • That rookie deserves a splash intro by smoove.


    TreTreAylar önce
  • Anybody else want smoove to hop on fifa?

    IchibroIchibroAylar önce
  • #BBN #Kentucky Tyler I’m a Bucket Herro

    Mortician_DrummerMortician_DrummerAylar önce
  • Tyler is a smart player

    IkspozdIkspozdAylar önce
  • he’s got hood tendencies

    Mahmoud ElrmlyMahmoud ElrmlyAylar önce
  • Hulu is using Chris Smoove’s “The choir gets you hype...” music on one of their commercials. Smoove is the GOAT 🐐

    Patrick SingletaryPatrick SingletaryAylar önce
  • isn't smoove a heat fan?

    Cooper DireenCooper DireenAylar önce
  • Tyler Herro is about to be the first basketball player born in the 2000s to make his finals debut!

    KJ2K VortexxKJ2K VortexxAylar önce
  • Tyler herro is younger than me. I am ashamed at myself well I guess well see where life takes me.

    Vickram SinghVickram SinghAylar önce
  • Should Gordon Hayward be in the rotation?

    K. DotK. DotAylar önce
  • These refs have been horrible smfh

    OJ741OJ741Aylar önce
  • You cursed the Celtics Chris !! That’s some prophetic cheese 🧀

    neogigoneogigoAylar önce
  • Ty Herro Academia!

    Serebii PalmerSerebii PalmerAylar önce
  • He baby goal also he ain't a rookie nomore!!

    Wolf channelWolf channelAylar önce

    Guy The RealistGuy The RealistAylar önce
  • NBA champions

    Siroscarskates alotSiroscarskates alotAylar önce
  • That boy Herro from Milwaukee. 😤🙏

    LS DLS DAylar önce
  • I have been watching Herro for almost a year and if the Heat don’t start him then I think he should join a different team. But they will probably next year.

    HamzaGSWHamzaGSWAylar önce
  • He’s the goat better than MJ I swear

    Jason BiercerJason BiercerAylar önce
  • duh herro

    Theo LuoTheo LuoAylar önce
  • Tyler herro has evolved into “Tyrone herro”

    BucketzzBucketzzAylar önce
  • Wait did smoove just say he’s the 4th player to have 30 points in a playoff game? That’s don’t definitely can’t be right.

    SpaceDawg420SpaceDawg420Aylar önce
  • Everyone: Year 17 Lebron Me: Year 1 Tyler Herro

    Aria ZeweriAria ZeweriAylar önce
  • espn should sign smoove to be commentator for the games

    Hugo PergamentHugo PergamentAylar önce
  • Aye Ja Morant , keep that ROTY trophy

    Dre SavageDre SavageAylar önce
  • It’s crazy to think that Tyler Herro, Ty 305, Hood Tendencies, is one entire day younger than me. Crazy😳

    BrandonBrandonAylar önce
  • only 3 other players scored 30+ points in a playoff game ? aight

    ted who?ted who?Aylar önce
  • I believe in Boston!☘️☘️

    Petar MartinovicPetar MartinovicAylar önce
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    MalRulesAllMalRulesAllAylar önce
  • Am starting to believe kemba on Miami pay role 😂

    WhysoseriousWhysoseriousAylar önce
  • We gon see Chris Smoove in the virtual screen cheering for the Heats 🔥

    Ben HendersonBen HendersonAylar önce
  • Im slowly becoming a tyler herro fan

    DTVDTVAylar önce
  • WOW. what a game!

    SuperfablifeSuperfablifeAylar önce
  • Raining bricks for Jayson Tatum Lmao

    StayRandomOnceStayRandomOnceAylar önce
  • Baby GOAAAAT

    Sunaa 97Sunaa 97Aylar önce
  • Iggy a genius.

    Andres MejiaAndres MejiaAylar önce
  • Heat vs nuggets in the finals with the heat winning in 7

    RollinBrownEyeRollinBrownEyeAylar önce
  • He might be better shooter then Stephen curry

    Drippy LandoDrippy LandoAylar önce
  • Celtics really got cooked by eleven from stranger things

    John BallJohn BallAylar önce
  • Can someone tell me if Dunn still on the Team

    Jrich FlowJrich FlowAylar önce
  • Celtics should’ve took the dub

    AyeBrickzAyeBrickzAylar önce
  • Jimmy Buckets man whiskers needs a touch up

    Carlos GCarlos GAylar önce
  • 〽️🔥

    J El NativeJ El NativeAylar önce
  • No stars on the miami heat team and they are going to the #nbafinals #nbabubble #nbaplayoffs

    Randolph WilliamsRandolph WilliamsAylar önce
  • He’s got a bright future

    Jakaden SimmonsJakaden SimmonsAylar önce
  • Tyler Herro different🙌🏽

    YMcNastyYMcNastyAylar önce
  • Hero carried miami

    Ralph FilmsRalph FilmsAylar önce
  • 2:21 Jimmy Butler with the Fishface

    B3ast M0deB3ast M0deAylar önce
  • Lmao y'all remember when Celtics fans kept saying that about Jayson Tatum " He's only 20 years old "

    Talib RizviTalib RizviAylar önce
  • Go cats!

    theStepBacktheStepBackAylar önce
  • 2nd player in history to score that many points in the playoffs as a rookie. I don’t care that man is a goat , what a time to be a heat fan. Let’s go babyyy Herro a goat

    Gabriel GGGabriel GGAylar önce
  • NBA: Herro is all rookie 2nd team Herro: so I took that personal

    EvanDaDonEvanDaDonAylar önce
  • I met herro cool guy one of my favorite players same with bam go heat

    Kessler JKessler JAylar önce
  • Tyler herro half the game: ima do a catch and shoot for 3 why not

    Danny greenDanny greenAylar önce
  • Surprised no one talkin abt NELK at the beginning

    Sricharan DuvvuriSricharan DuvvuriAylar önce
Tyler Herro Career High 37 Points Game 4 vs Celtics! 2020 NBA Playoffs