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  • I hate ticktok too

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  • Jaz: I HAVE 8 SCRUCHIES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 AND I OOP WHERE IS MT 8tTH SCRUNCHIE -a scrunchie in her hair-: am I a joke to you

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  • youtube

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  • I'm the tik tok hater still hate tik tok

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  • 2:14 vsco girl

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  • i’m tik tok Addicted too!!

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  • Ok lemme get this straight Eboy was introduced in 2010 Tik tok was introduced in 2017 How does a being an eboy makes you a tik toker

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  • Whats jaz tiktok

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  • He hast to go 🏡

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    • Ya

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  • Tik Tok

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  • *let’s go to the spa* me: nah I’m good

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  • Am the tik tok hater

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  • Booker

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  • She has to go home 🏡

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  • His an eboy ebaybee😂

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  • I like TikTok

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  • Shatawt 's To Tokyo tv

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  • hi

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  • Nice shirt hajit

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  • Tik tok

  • Ferrari bugaaaatiii

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  • Twitter

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  • Trust me it's good

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  • Hello I’m a new subscriber

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  • I was a tiktok hater till I tried it then I become abossed

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  • sksksksksksksksksksksksksksskskskksksksksksksksks means that your laughing but the part where Jazz was like sksksksksks to her mom when her mom got her 8th scrunchy tho... WHY TF WAS SHE LAUGHING?!?!?!?!?!?

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  • the e boy is definitly lil huddy

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  • I hate the person who takes pictures of somone

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  • I hate tiktok

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  • Copier by janhaotan

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  • 3:32 just vibing xD😂😂😂😂😂

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  • A

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  • When Jaz sang that Ferrari Bugatti song it was so funny I made it a traditional song that everyone sings on the ski lift

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  • harjit what kind of woah is that

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  • I’m a dancer lol

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  • Was the 2. Type roleplaying as lil huddy? Lol

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  • Dum

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  • Tiktok is not wack asshole

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  • TRvision

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  • Tick-tock

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  • Tiktok

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  • 3:45 i laghed hard

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  • im the woah guy

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  • What does e-boy mean?

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    • Use google

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  • my fav app is tik tok

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  • tiktok

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  • Sooooo funny

    SS - 04NR 837329 Churchville PSSS - 04NR 837329 Churchville PSAylar önce
  • I TikTok I love Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio omggggggg

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  • TikTok

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  • @sweet._.apple that's my tiktok guys go and follow

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  • Til tok

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  • The first one is me except the next 5 seconds I delete the app because it’s so boring

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  • 1:32 ??? How she going nvm

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  • I’m the tik-tok hater

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  • I’m a tik tok dancer

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  • Instagram,tik tok and twitter

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  • youtube tik tok and twitter and instagram and snap chat

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  • tiktok

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  • Im the tiktok hater :) I hope it gets banned :) sue me

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  • l am the Dancer

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