UHOH! Youtube's New CRACKDOWN, iDubbbz Content Cop REMOVED, Viral Slapper Exposed, Anthony Padilla &

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TRvision Changes Policy. @StevenCrowder warns of purge. @iDubbbzTV gets hit. @Nerd City & others press TRvision:
Reporter Speaks Out After On-Camera Incident: twitter.com/TheRogueRocket/status/1204868399387557889?s=20
Boris Johnson Avoids Interview in Fridge:
Greta Thunberg Named TIME Person of the Year:
Myanmar’s Leader Defends 2017 Operation that Killed Thousands of Muslims:
Trump Signs Order Interpreting Judaism as Race or Nationality:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
#DeFranco #idubbbztv #TRvision



  • Hey! 1. One lucky commenter will win one of Anthony's rings. He didn't agree to this but I'm going to try to steal one. 2. Thanks for watching. You should also chill and watch this: trvision.net/detail/video--3ToAeAQrdE.html AND 3. Timecodes: TRvision Change & Backlash (00:52), TIA (8:55), Viral Butt Slap (10:31), Boris (14:38), Greta (16:37)

    Philip DeFrancoPhilip DeFrancoAylar önce
    • ok this is obviously where greg comes in. although he is so good at writing directing producing his shit and good at making his moral points, unless he doesn't feel like it.

      battlecute13battlecute13Aylar önce
    • @Philip DeFranco It unfortunately seems like your researchers has fallen asleep at the wheel when it comes to Greta Thunberg. Her real story is more or less as follows: 1. As an asperger person she finds a subject she is very interested in and, as they're wont to do, go all in and so starts to protest with a placard on Fridays outside the Swedish Parliament building 2. One day a PR person comes by, sees her and as he is building up his PR firm sees this as a perfect opportunity to push the environmentalist agenda using this girl. He of course writes about this in a paper creating attention around her which is good for him and his firm. 3. Greta's mother, a has-been opera singer with narcissistic traits, finds out about this and thinks this is brilliant as she has just written a new book about the family and so uses this to not only push environmentalism and her daughter but also her book 4. From here it spirals out of control as the mother has friends in the media and in several TV channels and so can promote this to them as well as further push her book and Greta's message through the PR firm 5. Greta's actions pick up steam, articles are written, people go out and demonstrate and son on and so forth. (One Swede even take the day off, report it as a day to take care of their children while they're actually out protesting) 6. In the end it is all about a young asperger girl who has been pushed into the lime-light by her mother and a PR firm, who now of course has been able to sign several large clients they wouldn't have been able to sign otherwise if it wasn't for Greta. 7. Gretas travels are a chapter in of themselves and should be some interesting reading considering how much they have been self defeating when it comes to the environment. Not to mention creating photo ops, some of which were entirely fraudulent 8. Finally we now know that Greta all of a sudden seemingly has been told by someone, who knows who, that the environmental cause is really nothing more than a struggle against the patriarchy and colonialism So, yeah, if your researchers had done some more thorough research, maybe used some translations of Swedish "alternative media", they might have found out a bit more than the lore that her PR firm is feeding MSM. I am very disappointed you pushed this approved narrative as it is not like you in general. But then again, even the sun has its spots and we cannot expect to agree with everybody at all times. I just urge you to do some more research into Greta beyond what is told by CNN, New York Times, Guardian, Dagens Nyheter and so on for future segments. Sincerely, /Johan - a Swede in the diaspora...

      Johan T. LindgrenJohan T. LindgrenAylar önce
    • D: I was called a Boomer. How original

      Tom NookTom NookAylar önce
    • Waitresses put up with more than that reporter. she's making a big nothing burger. sure, he shouldn't have done it, but this is all smoke

      Digi ByteDigi ByteAylar önce
    • Greta is our modern day heroine 🙌

      ShhheilaShhheilaAylar önce
  • How many trees did Time Magazine have to cut down to produce the paper required put Greeta's face on all those issues? Is she bitching about the environmental impact of that? I really doubt it.

    inklvrtat2dude !!inklvrtat2dude !!4 gün önce
  • Anthony what are you everywhere ?😑

    barkhad dahirbarkhad dahir4 gün önce
  • iDubbbz: *Leafy chin bad* TRvision: Yooo...that's too far man Onision: *Bullies Eugenia Cooney for literally a decade, is a pedophile, has sexually assaulted multiple people* TRvision: Nah brooo...I gotchu..

    ABC DEFABC DEF8 gün önce
  • Disappointed that keeps only ships to US. Im going bald over herr in the EU and not in Burgerland

    The MulchThe Mulch10 gün önce
  • Google trends put Yang above Biden and Warren, why were there no recent polls accept for one that shows that Yang even qualified for the debate? Please talk about this.

    Sarena WiebeSarena Wiebe11 gün önce
  • Ok, it was maybe inappropriate and juvenile, but she acts as if he penetrated and impregnated(!) her on live TV. Thats really blowing it out of proportion. Nice PR piece for her though.

    xn0xn012 gün önce
  • TRvision being "family friendly" by sharing content that showing fake news, false propaganda by saying it "opinion" and awareness that leads the new generation become coward.

    lino kumalino kuma14 gün önce
  • yes he slapped a WOMANS behind .. he defensively deserves the DEATH PENALTY .. stoning if possible ...

    horizontal120horizontal12016 gün önce
  • "Violated" in massive air quotes here. It's not okay at all, don't get me wrong, but it's not like he raped her on live television.

    WolfsgeistWolfsgeist17 gün önce

    Grand Chaser LesGrand Chaser Les19 gün önce
  • Great taking awards and making it into a statement about action needing to be taken is so awesome. #actionnotawards

    Jillian McGauleyJillian McGauley20 gün önce
  • TRvision's got their heads so far up their own asses that no proctologist in the world can get them out.

    Chris HansenChris Hansen23 gün önce
  • Healthily Debate about how the CEO of TRvision is a cuck

    Chris HansenChris Hansen23 gün önce
  • What's funny is in Colorado at least any unwanted physical contact is considered assault, given he touched her butt that is in fact sexual assault. I feel like if things like this just get brushed of it's a slippery slope where it's just ok to grope strangers

    Elizabeth ZertucheElizabeth Zertuche25 gün önce
  • Seriously, you can see he meant to slap her bottom. Even with sunglasses on, his face is obviously focused on her bottom. None of the other runners moved to her side of the path, so obviously. He was obviously aiming for her way back, since the police car. And his arm was not getting ready to wave. He clearly thought it was funny as he passed her. It was rude and inappropriate behaviour from a husband and father, youth pastor and a bad example for a role model. Besides banning, he should face whatever charges she decides to follow suit with. Loosing his job is a bit much. But I seriously think they need to make him take a course on sexual harassment. And do a proper public apology. Not this excuses he is trying use to get a pass on inappropriate behaviour. Shame on him.

    Elisa K.Elisa K.25 gün önce
  • okay so this youth leader and boy-scout leader thinks it’s a good idea to slap a woman’s ass. he knows better, he might be a loving father but that doesn’t mean he can objectify women.

    Emily LoisEmily Lois25 gün önce
  • its so sad that certain groups on yt or the internet in general destroy freedom of speech, freedom of expression and creativity as a whole.all just because they take everything personal. while i was ok with removing true hateful content. now removing criticism in any form, removing obvious satire and disallowing free speech if it doesn't fit a certain mindset , is just a awful thing to witness . kinda reminds me on what is china doing in a massive scale in their country, yt changed from openminded and free platform to a police state light with surveillance and disallowing people to think freely and express themselves. opinions will always hurt those who disagree but only dysfunctional people who are too consumed with how others see themselves care enough to get rid of freedom of speech and destroying other peoples lifes to get what they want.

    Mr. EeevilMr. Eeevil26 gün önce
  • TRvision: this video features "this guys" content Me: this is serious. TRvision really is over.. I'm not even going to mention the person on goggles products and I'm making a new "safe zone" account.

    contingent execontingent exe27 gün önce
  • So this Vox dude is pretty much screaming for flat out censorship. No surprise there. What else would you expect from someone like him?

    justaperson8910justaperson891028 gün önce
  • Wtf happened to Anthony?

    Aaron RodriguezAaron RodriguezAylar önce
  • If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. -George Orwell I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. -Friends of Voltaire Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech. -Benjamin Franklin Free speech is more important than hurting somebody’s feelings. TRvision is simply on the wrong side of this debate.

    Yossi SiroteYossi SiroteAylar önce
  • I’m fine with YT seeking input from outside organizations, but when it comes from a handful of people with a specific agenda, the result will be one sided. These activist organizations are enforcing moral guidelines the same way religions do, and I take issue with all of it. They all claim to be the one true source of “truth” and want rules enforced their way. I’m annoyed this indoctrination seems to get most of YTs attention when we see more serious issues slide under the radar. It’s not like people aren’t talking about these issues, either. They’re all over the comments sections when YT policies are discussed... even here. Heck, they could be fixing the copyright system, or false claims, but no.. Vox needs attention or they’ll smear YT in the press. Guess what, Maza and co will never be satisfied. Never. When you make a change, they’ll find something else wrong and blast you for that. You can’t win with them, so I implore you to stop playing their games.

    iloveyour sacredcowiloveyour sacredcowAylar önce
  • I'm confused. They remove content cop but not leafy vids? Aren't all leafy vids literally him doing almost exactly what was happening on the content cop video, only over and over to a variety of particularly odd people?

    GryshamGryshamAylar önce
  • The reporter is right to make a big deal out of this because it is a big deal. If she just let it go and accept the apology, it just says to the world that it's okay to physically attack women, you just have to say I'm sorry and it all goes away. Also, yay for Greta. Her speech left me emotionnal. She deserves to be recognize.

    L'amas de laineL'amas de laineAylar önce
  • Didn’t know TRvision turned into a kindergarten class.

  • TRvision is going to shit. I propose everyone do twitch full time instead of youtube

    Dalton HumesDalton HumesAylar önce
  • Convinced that Boris Johnson cuts his own hair

    Shyann GilmourShyann GilmourAylar önce
  • What about Hank Hill? He’s always threatening to kick someone’s ass!

    Lil Addy Mr TrentLil Addy Mr TrentAylar önce
  • he's a good person, member of community.... so what he gets a pass when he does something dickish?

    demona6662demona6662Aylar önce
  • "youtube is a business and needs to make money it's not a socialist video hosting site "Suzan Ceo TRvision

    cameron Gibbscameron GibbsAylar önce
  • Something should happen, but he looks genuinely sad and his apologies and words seem sincere. People need to back off and let them deal with it between themselves. They're grown adults, things can happen, it's for them to decide, not for the world to have input in

    KayleighKayleighAylar önce
  • It still baffles me how no one sees anything wrong with how Thunberg is being used. Poor girl.

    The Vault: Film & Games ReviewsThe Vault: Film & Games ReviewsAylar önce
  • Welp *knuckle crack* looks like i'd better go downvote this year's TRvision Rewind

    Chris NChris NAylar önce
  • What I don't get is that iDubbbz can get his videos taken down, yet a well known preditory youtuber flashes his baby carrot in a video and gets to keep everything on his crappy youtube channel. I hope you start posting on BitChute soon Phil Because I can't imagine that youtube will last much longer.

    Grímnir the WiseGrímnir the WiseAylar önce
  • He just wants deplatform a conservative voice who's the real bully. If you don't have thick skin maybe don't paste yourself on the internet for the public eye to see.

    Jose CastilleoJose CastilleoAylar önce
  • He was definitely intending to slap her butt. Height and angle signifies he fully intended what he did, just not the fallout. I hope he has sexual assault charges brought up.

    Alexn AndumAlexn AndumAylar önce
  • Some of this doesn't even make sense because TRvision/Google is openly leftist and has censored the right far more.

    JosephJosephAylar önce
  • So no more throat punches?

    DoubleFAquaDoubleFAquaAylar önce
  • A bigger question is why are people seemingly willing to have social media sites govern morals, decency and, general “don’t be a dick”-ness? We’re all raised with a general understanding of these things. Don’t look to TRvision to teach you how to be human ;)

    Derek RocheDerek RocheAylar önce

    luckyson13luckyson13Aylar önce
  • He slapped her on the A$$! Watch out guys, if Philly gets mad he's coming for you! And everyone shook with fear! Calm the F down!! I'm married for 18 years and have two daughters (they are 14 and 8 so yes that would be different) and I would be upset if some rando in a crowd slapped my wife's a$$, but I wouldn't try to track the guy down and beat him up, or go on the news and talk about how her power was taken! If your power was taken then it's because you gave it to that guy! You got slapped on the covered butt with both pants and a jacket . You weren't fondled at the beach in a bathing skin to skin! JFC!! What is wrong with people today!! Our future is doomed!!!

    That's What I ThoughtThat's What I ThoughtAylar önce
  • TRvision is heading the Myspace way. Its just a matter of time before the fall flat on the face

    Mr UndertakerMr UndertakerAylar önce
  • Thank you for providing the times to skip over the intro. Especially on guest days.

    Alex GAlex GAylar önce
  • So the youtubers that made this platform watchable are all going to be removed. Nice to see how much youtube cares about their content creators.

    DrezcipsDrezcipsAylar önce
  • They should leave idubbbz alone, but i will never cry about Crowder getting rekt.

    Jack Wyatt WyattJack Wyatt WyattAylar önce
  • im gonna miss youtube, but we haaaaaave to move to a different, more free, better platform also for that butt slapping thing, ya keep ur hands to urself. but Im so sick of people taking themselves so seriously. give me a break. an ass slap can be annoying and a hinderance but its not the end of the world. the dude had a quick lapse of judgement but we all have. and ok ur a tv presenter so it doesn't look good. but dont make a whole human rights thing about it. this woman is a weakling - albeit emblematic and symptomatic of society nowadays.

    Erin FErin FAylar önce
  • Slapping the reporter's butt? Quite wrong. Media outrage and hyper sensitivity? Childish and unnecessary. I miss the USA & want to come home, but moments like these make me happy I don't live there. We've become too fragile.

    Sean McGradySean McGradyAylar önce
  • I think the female reporter is doing an important thing going public like this. How many other men do you think have put there hands on reporters? It's a humiliating experience for anyone, but to be on LIVE TV while it's happening? Hopefully the next person will think twice before thinking they can do whatever and get away with it.

    Rebekah NRebekah NAylar önce
  • What make this intresting is TRvision is actually breaking the first amendment right of freedom of speech and freedom of press it's very intriguing that a large company can do whatever they deem as acceptable and I hope that TRvision removes this comment to prove my point

    MaD hOuSeMaD hOuSeAylar önce
  • Gimme a break world

    Ryan DearRyan DearAylar önce
  • Phil looking a bit different today

    Natas RulesNatas RulesAylar önce
  • Censorship is wrong... The fact that Philip is afraid to say what he wanted to say in this video about "what he would do" is an issue with personal rights and should be unacceptable. Social platforms are taking the power of people to express themselves in their own way and should not be okay.

    Stewart VanBurenStewart VanBurenAylar önce
  • TRvision is a mess

    XRayWizard369XRayWizard369Aylar önce
  • As a fellow Scoutmaster and person, don't touch other people without permission. Just don't do it. How can you preach the Scout Oath and Law decide that is how you treat others. Deplorable. Oath: On my honor, I will do best to do my duty, to god and my country, to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight. Law: A scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

    Jonathan TalericoJonathan TalericoAylar önce
  • Boyan Slat with his "Ocean Cleanup" machine deserves more recognition than Greta.

    Wade DupeyWade DupeyAylar önce
    • Theres a lot of people that deserve that recognition more than she does. She went on live TV and basically said whats been being said for years, but added that her childhood was ruined because of it...

      Ainz Ooal GownAinz Ooal GownAylar önce
  • TRvision: “We take harassment seriously” Also TRvision: “Onision?!? 😶😐 who he?? “

    DawnofoffsetDawnofoffsetAylar önce
  • This is garbage. I can’t believe that youtube is ruining its platform

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiAylar önce
  • This is obviously just a women trying to seek attention

    Joshua HuttonJoshua HuttonAylar önce
    • Joshua Hutton and how would you feel if a gay man came up to you and smacked your ass? Would you just ignore it and move on? Don’t think so.

      Emily ElizEmily ElizAylar önce
  • Bohoo you can’t bullie people on line, cry me a river.

    Skeptical MaidenSkeptical MaidenAylar önce
    • you're funked Philly'D! you bullied them "poor" people from daddy'o'5!... what a time to be alive...

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiAylar önce
  • While what the runner did was wrong but you just helped "cancel" him. Not cool Phil. He was a pig but now he's in the same boat as a *rapist.* "there are people talking about his job" He was fired. *Of course he was fired.* You're not naive enough to *honestly* believe he wasn't fired.

    Mr. GreyMr. GreyAylar önce
  • Going to move to floatplane ?

    colton carrollcolton carrollAylar önce
  • He was good tho

    Noah AldridgeNoah AldridgeAylar önce
  • Try talking without your hands. Jeez.

    Zaine RidlingZaine RidlingAylar önce
  • Dude I want that shirt! Sell me your shirt Phil! Right off your back i dont care just sell me that awesome shirt

    Sunny JSunny JAylar önce
  • Greta girl still seems like a plant, she may have aspergers and what not but it seems like mk ultra has her

  • @17:30 i laugh so hard each time i see this

    Cody WilliamsCody WilliamsAylar önce
  • I wonder how long it will take that guy to live down the butt slap. Glad he's getting a little negative attention obviously we don't want to give the green light for that behavior.

    KodiKodiAylar önce
  • TRvision HAS A WEAK CHIN

    Micro DataMicro DataAylar önce
  • Short of instigating violence, I think it should be the communities' call whether they want to watch certain content. That's plural "communities," since TRvision is a huge amalgamation of niches that sometimes intersect but often don't. Why? Because all content creators are people. They're not free from the consequences of their speech, definitely, but this is America and speaking freely itself is integral to our national character. Should a private company like YT have any moral stake in honoring this value? IDK, but I hope so. TRvision seems to be trying to force us all towards the left-center, into a small, common Overton Window. This feels wrong/bad to me because ostracizing people you don't agree with does not create a big happy family; it does the exact opposite, pushing radical voices into smaller, weirder niches where they're safer from consequence and are freer to further Not Engage with reality. Speaking personally, I thought that trans people were non-functionally nuts until I saw ContraPoints, whom I'm now subscribed to, and who routinely makes me think/feel interesting things. In the same way, I knew about the Epstein scandal YEARS ago, because I listened to some borderline-discriminatory conservative bloggers who talked about what were then considered "conspiracy theories" about the Clintons. All of this stuff made me better-rounded, more able to relate to reality, and more willing to hesitate before I hate. Of course, this is a moot point since TRvision is motivated by $$$, which I think no one can reasonably blame them for, given that they're a business. It's a bit like Ninja censoring himself from swearing, for his younger viewers. Except, in this case, it's the platform making the choice for the content creators. And that seems to me to raise philosophical questions about what responsibility a platform like TRvision actually has towards us. Do they have any moral responsibility at all, outside of making money for their shareholders and not breaking laws? Maybe the answer is truly, honestly "no," in which case, it's on us to vote with our money and attention, and be willing to find other platforms if the ones we use don't vibe with us.

    Noah CohenNoah CohenAylar önce
UHOH! Youtube's New CRACKDOWN, iDubbbz Content Cop REMOVED, Viral Slapper Exposed, Anthony Padilla &