Making a Bonsai Tree Aquarium

I've been wanting to do aquaponics (growing vegetables on a fish tank) for my kitchen. I'm making a cooking video with the veggies I grew for the next video!
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  • I just want to live this life

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  • This is insane! I love this! Every plant gay and cottage-core gay aspires to be as good at raising herbs and plants as Jun. This is so cool! And Thunder the beta is much happier than most betas being kept in one gallon tanks with very little enrichment.

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  • Goooood that kind of tank is goals I’m just so scared. My recent betts passed away and I’m still heart broken about it. Her name was Koya the koi betta

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  • I love how gentle he is, like he never gets annoyed with the cats just gently takes things away or presents them for the curious kitties because he understands that new things intrigue them and it's just part of their nature 😭😍😍

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  • クッソ可愛いー

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  • I dunno why but I find these videos of yours very refreshing and calming... It erases the toxicity of the society where you can be who you are and no one there to judge you for doing what you like even if it's for a short time 😌❤

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  • I’m a simple person. If i see a floofy cat, i click.

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  • Would you be open to writing out the materials you got and some images of the entire set up of your aquaponic system? You make it seem simple and I want to try, but I know nothing about water pumps and filtration!! Thank you!!

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    • @Rosanna Jackson Haha thank you for the nice advise! ❤️✨

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    • In case this isn’t completely joking, please get nice plants and exciting things for your fish if you can. It’ll make them much happier!

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Making a Bonsai Tree Aquarium