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  • Premiere will come back next week! Your boy is out of town (staying safe of course!) y’all enjoy the video!

    DashieGamesDashieGamesAylar önce
    • 9:04

      Kirk RivetaKirk Riveta15 gün önce
    • EH

      Alan CalvilloAlan Calvillo18 gün önce
    • 0:10

      Christopher BaileyChristopher BaileyAylar önce
    • JCe$7#.?=KHh.

      Test DongTest DongAylar önce
    • THREEP: here’s a joke: knock knock, I eat mop, congrats you nasty

      Zacarias ZacZacarias ZacAylar önce
  • Why the fuck is he skinny

    Justin BrownJustin Brown6 gün önce
  • his videos are funnier when he explains the threeps

    Isaiah GabrielIsaiah Gabriel7 gün önce
  • 15:02 thumbnail face 😂

    Marly MarvMarly Marv9 gün önce
  • 38.59 I hit the thumbs up

    Reece WalkerReece Walker10 gün önce
  • when dash said thats it thats my intro it lasted to 2:26

    dragatron gaming 2dragatron gaming 210 gün önce
  • 18:48

    Dumb LUCK07Dumb LUCK0711 gün önce
  • 12:46 reminds me of that kid that farts and blames it on a ghost

    WeebishBoyWeebishBoy17 gün önce

    Alan CalvilloAlan Calvillo18 gün önce
  • YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr19 gün önce
  • 2:14 Here's a sentence that I never expected to write: I actually agree with Satan here 😜 When he's screaming at the end of the intro, Dashie needs subtitles, too 😁

    July BuffaloJuly Buffalo21 gün önce
  • Omg. I died at 8:30. That was hilarious. 🤣

    Frozone - yeah!Frozone - yeah!23 gün önce
  • Fruitloops

    Alexander the great ClancyAlexander the great Clancy26 gün önce
  • I’m from the uk, and happened to be drinking a bottle of water during this💀

    shwonishwoni26 gün önce
  • cant wait for u to play bowser furry mah dude love ya always

    Jeiana LottieJeiana Lottie29 gün önce
  • this dude said mario super maker thats exactly what the game should have been called aww dash

    Jeiana LottieJeiana Lottie29 gün önce
  • Dashies intro is so long that Mario is gonna drown

    Matthew LaMatthew La29 gün önce
  • 10:32 “wait a second ni-“ u almost slipped up 😂 😂

    Slime SLATSlime SLAT29 gün önce
  • Notice how he looks up when “Satan” talks to him😂😂😂😂

    VerttVerttAylar önce
  • Why when he said the fruit loops joke I laugh when he did the face lol

    Damarion LambertDamarion LambertAylar önce
  • Soups on!

    legalize homicidelegalize homicideAylar önce
  • Im dying at his bri'ish accent

    Mohammad MusabbirMohammad MusabbirAylar önce
  • “That bitch moon walked to the shits” i kid you I’m in night school almost just bust out laughing

    Rz_ DakuRz_ DakuAylar önce
  • if dashie ever gets kidnapped blame it on the mario plush that said some wEhEeE!

    jamesjamesAylar önce
  • Who stunts with their cups? This is creativity in human form

    Carlton MensahCarlton MensahAylar önce
  • Satan needs to get it together 😂😂.

    Dark WolfDark WolfAylar önce
  • dashie has lost so much weight, we're so proud of you dachie 🥰💜

    Olivia JoestingOlivia JoestingAylar önce
  • SEGA

    Leon.S.KennedyLeon.S.KennedyAylar önce
  • 0:15

    Christopher BaileyChristopher BaileyAylar önce
  • The power of FRUIT LOOOOOPPPPSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Patrick SierraPatrick SierraAylar önce
  • That intro was clever

    BaconnatorchessBaconnatorchessAylar önce
  • Pa, I just discovered your channel and youre hilarious. Keep up the good work

    Toasty OneToasty OneAylar önce
  • 13:54 "mario super maker ✨2💨💨💨✨" 😂

    queen zingqueen zingAylar önce
  • When he grabbed his heart it made me die I HAD to screen record that

    UrbackyardiganUrbackyardiganAylar önce
  • Damnnnn dashie and satan finally making sense

    Carlos PerezCarlos PerezAylar önce
  • Threep take a dashie and another dashie congratulations! You now have a new episode for my six hundred pound life

    Hype_dash01 YTHype_dash01 YTAylar önce
  • Shits

    PleaseJustRage GamingPleaseJustRage GamingAylar önce
  • Love you Dash!!!!

    Liv MoodyLiv MoodyAylar önce
  • Say ga

    ZerocideZerocideAylar önce
  • 81 mario maker video's damn dash

    1964Catt1964CattAylar önce
  • Yo my guy, it’s been a real minute and I see you my boy, you literally lost weight and gain some muscle, like damnnnn! Super proud of you man I

    Oscar Figueroa SierraOscar Figueroa SierraAylar önce

    Junior Original OneJunior Original OneAylar önce
  • Lmao sega!!!!💀💀💀

    Jstar HavocJstar HavocAylar önce
  • Yo dachie you gotta go back to the OG threeps my boy, the ones like “threep take that shit put it all over your body congratulations you now have unlimited puh” or “threep take that shit eat all of it congratulations you now have 2 days to live” that’s OG dachie 😂

    jalen parkerjalen parkerAylar önce
  • I think it may be the first time Ive heard Dashie say bro lol

    Juan RuizJuan RuizAylar önce
  • I love how he has to explain the joke

    Aiden VasquezAiden VasquezAylar önce
  • 28:56 Yo get this so i have these bluetooth headphones and they were saying battery low for the longest and then after Dashie said the joke the headphones said "goodbye"

    R@ND0MKiDR@ND0MKiDAylar önce
  • Lmaoooo yes dash we get it🤣 we get all of them 😭

    kid J.C.24 swaggkid J.C.24 swaggAylar önce
  • Dashie you losing weight

    Derek CavinDerek CavinAylar önce
  • THREEP: Make Dashie and Donkey kong do the fusion dance, Congratulations you now have a bitch ass Dashie. 😘

    Thai NguyenThai NguyenAylar önce
  • 9:09 fox’s favorite word

    staR MikeystaR MikeyAylar önce
  • Cute bullets

    THC StudiosTHC StudiosAylar önce
  • I watch dash every day I wish he'd do more 3d levels they look so cool

    Brandon TaylorBrandon TaylorAylar önce
  • But im proud

    elijahtheweebelijahtheweebAylar önce
  • Noooo I like when dashie us chunky

    elijahtheweebelijahtheweebAylar önce
  • That final checkpoint in the last 5 seconds was one of the most clutch ass moments I’ve ever seen in this series

    Trevor HillTrevor HillAylar önce
  • THREEEEP get a cup,put cake on it congratulations its a cupcake

    zara menzara menAylar önce
  • THREEP: Take dashie to the park, put him on the swings, congratulations you now have 2 Chainz

    100k subs without any videos challenge100k subs without any videos challengeAylar önce
  • At 23:30 my day just fixed because of this i am PUHXITEDDDD

    christopher christopherchristopher christopherAylar önce
  • The fireplace threep was actually good

    theguywhosnameddefaulttheguywhosnameddefaultAylar önce
  • 2:19 satan got feelings too

    DistracttDistracttAylar önce
  • Wont the candle go out if the gust of wind hits it?

    IxI MasterGamingIxI MasterGamingAylar önce
  • everytime when i hear the menu music i always hear dashie doin his intro and i have to automatically say it LMAO

    DEXITION クモDEXITION クモAylar önce
  • *THREEP* take a rug set it on fire congratulation now you got a rug burn

    Adrion guerreroAdrion guerreroAylar önce
  • This video made me laugh, smile, and chuckle!!! 😂 thank you dash!!

    Ruben GonzalezRuben GonzalezAylar önce
  • I'm really going to miss Mario Maker sad Dashie is deciding to end it at episode 100

    Elizabeth LevanElizabeth LevanAylar önce
  • Froot loops

    toofadedtoofadedAylar önce
  • Who else noticed that Dashie premieres every week?

    Sherron PSherron PAylar önce
  • why does dashie look...skinny

    tohrutohruAylar önce
  • Btw intro stops at 32:08

    Demingo WilliamsDemingo WilliamsAylar önce