War of the Spanish Succession | Animated History

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The Role of Inbreeding in the Extinction of a European Royal Dynasty
Gonzarez et al.
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
The War of the Spanish Succession
James Falkner, 2015
Victoria II. Copyright © 2018 Paradox Interactive AB. www.paradoxplaza.com
Antonio Salieri, Twenty six variations on La Folia de Spagna
London Mozart Players
Matthias Bamert, as conductor



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    The Armchair HistorianThe Armchair Historian2 yıl önce
    • @Billy Corgan ugly people going to war

      Egg TEgg TAylar önce
    • It's important to get things clear. The Castile and Aragon Crowns took part of a Personal Union till 1716. So it did not exist any state called Spain during the Spanish Succession war. It may lead to confusion to name Charles II of Spain since didn't exist any state called Spain. He was King of Castile, Aragon, etc. Therefore this both states were confronted during the Spanish Succession war since they didn't agree what King to crown.

      Billy CorganBilly Corgan5 aylar önce
    • You left quite a lot out here. For a start the French army by the end of the war was in tatters they had lost every battle against the duke of Marlborough and prince Eugene of Savoy and the Grand alliance was on the verge of marching into France. It was all over for France but then as so often happened in European conflicts intrigue played its part. You see Sarah Churchill the Duke of Marlborough's wife had always Queen Anne's favourite until Alice hill came along and supplanted her as her favourite. Anyway to cut a very long story short the the queen fell out with Sarah big with the result being her husband the Duke being relieve of his command. Anyway Lord Harley a parliamentarian saw which way the wind was blowing( especially now that Marlborough was out of the way )and decided to make a deal with the French without telling the allies. So Harley had the Duke of Ormond put in command of the British Forces with orders not to engage the French army. So with British Army not being allowed to engage the french together with the Mercenaries who were being paid by the British the war came to a abrupt end. There is of course a lot detail than i could go into here but its time to cook the dinnerlol

      john lewisjohn lewisYıl önce
    • Great video, greetings from Madrid

      Victor Carmona varaVictor Carmona vara2 yıl önce
    • Where did your buddy go to Basic at?

      M1schi3f M4k3rM1schi3f M4k3r2 yıl önce
  • Frankenstein' Monster

    MisterTutor2010MisterTutor20103 gün önce
  • Using victoria 2 music

    Uioong BionUioong Bion18 gün önce
  • 👑RÍOS FAMILY 👑 it refers to the ROYAL HOUSE OF ASTURIAS where the RÍOS👑 last name most likely originated from 👑

    elwerouno1elwerouno1Aylar önce
  • Moral lessons of the story all monarchs of the European states at the time were wanting to have bigger slice of the pie

    Matthew Official YoutubeMatthew Official YoutubeAylar önce
  • God knows where this person got its info, but it's far away from the truth. Useless video.

    Jesus BermudezJesus BermudezAylar önce
    • @Field Marshal I look forward to it.

      Jesus BermudezJesus Bermudez4 gün önce
    • I'm trying to make a more truthful series on this war on my channel, if you're interested. No bias for either side.

      Field MarshalField Marshal5 gün önce
  • Oh boy, the farmer saying "¿Que?" after the speech killed me.

    Abraham AguileraAbraham AguileraAylar önce
  • Que?

    IndiaBallIndiaBallAylar önce
  • Well here we go again 2020-21 going to be the worst Recession in history for the UK.

    BandoJayBandoJayAylar önce
  • TFW the music on a TRvision video make you want to play Victoria 2.

    Alex WymanAlex Wyman2 aylar önce
  • You forgot to mention the spanish hero Blas de Lezo

    Ft ferloFt ferlo2 aylar önce
    • Hate to break it to you, but he’s irrelevant here

      LesDodo ClipsLesDodo Clips6 gün önce
  • The qué got me

    Ft ferloFt ferlo2 aylar önce
  • Make one about the war of Quadruple Alliance, 1717-1720, France, England, Austria an the dutch against Spain. Spain was “defeated”, but suffered 4.350 casualties, the allies suffered 24.000, in the following years the spanish continue fighting in Italy defeating the austriands and recovered half of Italy that has been Spain the 300 years before.

    Enrique PascualEnrique Pascual2 aylar önce
  • "Que?"

    VintaVinta3 aylar önce
  • Y'all mfs trippin🤣🤣

    HGHG3 aylar önce
  • Derek about to get so many ladies in his dms

    DebrikashaDebrikasha3 aylar önce
  • 2:47 DIED!

    Arturo GranadosArturo Granados3 aylar önce
  • While being remembered for his disabilities(which he was not to blame for), most overlook his contributions especially as a patron of the academic world. It was due to his initiatives that formal higher education was introduced and started to spread in South America. He granted Cedulas and directly supported the foundation of several universities(many of them still in function). One example is the National University of San Marcos in Peru which also happens to be the oldest continuously functioning higher education institution in the Americas.

    Dwaipayan RoyChowdhuryDwaipayan RoyChowdhury4 aylar önce
  • Ah yes, victoria 2 music

    Adam SchwalbeAdam Schwalbe4 aylar önce
  • Why would Charles II choose Philip de Anjou as his successor though, considering that France and Spain had been rivals for centuries

    Javier PeraltaJavier Peralta4 aylar önce
    • Basically there were three factions that hoped to inherit the Spanish Empire, the French, the Austrians and also Joseph Ferdinand the son of the Bavarian Elector Maximilian II. Emanuel and his Austrian wife Maria Antonia whose mother was the daughter of the Spanish king Philip IV. Charles II. wanted that the Bavarian crown prince would inherit the Spanish Empire (which probably would’ve avoided the war of the Spanish succession), but the Bavarian prince died in 1699 at the age of six, thus only the French and Austrian factions remained. The French prince was only his second choice after the Bavarian prince had died.

      HingerlAloisHingerlAlois3 aylar önce
  • The funniest thing about this video is that he can talk about the SPANISH succession war, but incredibly he forgets to talk about SPAIN. In Spain the war of succession caused a civil war, between the kingdom of Aragon and that of Castile. The old kingdom of Aragon fought on the Austrian side and Castile on the Bourbon side. In fact, today's Catalan conflict comes from that war. In fact, this war resulted in the loss of part of the possessions of the kingdom of Aragon such as Milan, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia, Menorca, Gibraltar or the Spanish Netherlands. It had direct implications in all the Spanish possessions in America, which at that time were 2/3 of the current USA, all of Central America, most of South America and the Philippine Islands. And of all these relevant facts, the only thing it says about Spain is, ¿QUE?, It's ridiculous. How can you ignore that part of history and understand what the War of Succession meant? That war marked the beginning of the destruction of the Spanish Empire and the birth of the British Empire. The war of the Spanish succession radically changed the balance of powers in Europe….¿Qué? omg

    NomecreonaNomecreona4 aylar önce
  • Do I really have to point out that, that is not an armchair?

    Peter MogensenPeter Mogensen4 aylar önce
  • Blenheim is pronounced 'Blen- um', not 'Blen - Hyme' !

    JeffreyJeffersonJeffreyJefferson4 aylar önce
  • Good luck Derick

    PlayStation HeroPlayStation Hero4 aylar önce
  • You forgot to mention that not only Hungary rose up in Austria but also catalan speaking territories in the mainland rebelled clearly against the french dinasty... Actually determing the fate of these people for centuries to come... To put it clearly, not all population in Spain was precisely happy about the Borbons taking over

    Ismael LópezIsmael López5 aylar önce
  • my dude didnt even mention the siege of Barcelona :'I

    jjaum ejjaum e5 aylar önce
    • Nor did he mention Almansa, Malplauqet, Denain, Brihuega, Villaviciosa, etc.

      Field MarshalField Marshal5 gün önce
  • 2:20 dont mind this comment I'm just mind setting book marks.

    L'bleu71L'bleu715 aylar önce
    • 4:20

      L'bleu71L'bleu715 aylar önce
  • Anglo-centric

    Anthonie HeinsiusAnthonie Heinsius5 aylar önce
  • If you really think about it, the Austrian Empire got stronger while at the same time this could really be a trigger for it's deaths. With the events of 1867, the movement for Hungarian nationalism in the empire was really part of the growing nationalism for other groups in Austria. Also it makes you wonder how much of slightly weaker Austrian Empire could of effected the Napoleonic Wars.

    Shaun MatticeShaun Mattice5 aylar önce
  • Spain needed to watch the AE ;(

    Jeronimo adamesJeronimo adames5 aylar önce
  • Que?!

    Solidus327Solidus3276 aylar önce
  • QUE?

    TUKTUKTUKTUK6 aylar önce
  • France was bullied

    louis leycuraslouis leycuras6 aylar önce
  • How did that work? England and Portugal allies but at war?

    Utter Non-CentsUtter Non-Cents6 aylar önce
  • Habsburgs are literally the Targaryens of our world

    The_Reaper_TROThe_Reaper_TRO6 aylar önce
  • France in 1714: defeated France in 1799: I’m back, bitches!!

    Andrew StirlingAndrew Stirling6 aylar önce
  • G e k o l o n i s e e r d

    G.PetersG.Peters6 aylar önce
  • The occupation of Madrid was made by the portuguese leas by Marquis das Minas, not by English contingents

    TusiriakestTusiriakest6 aylar önce
  • In this video it is only Commented that the Allies Occupied València, Barcelona and Mallorca. Which is not true, València, Catalonia, Aragon and the Balearic Islands. They allied with the Allies in 1705. And it was Spain who in 1707 Occupied València and Va allargar. Barcelona in 1714 (after a siege of a year and a half) and Mallorca in 1715.

    Roger Candela CalladoRoger Candela Callado7 aylar önce
  • Good luck Derek

    Roberto R.G.Roberto R.G.7 aylar önce
  • Message of the day. Don't marry your cousin if you don't want to ruin your country's hexemony on the European continent

    CaroCaro7 aylar önce
  • Ah England going to war with an alliance to ensure a balance of power in europe... And takes literaly 99% of the new teritories.

    Horsti ΔHorsti Δ7 aylar önce
    • @Dod o ahh I see, sorry

      Anthonie HeinsiusAnthonie Heinsius5 aylar önce
    • @Dod o In the sense that we were taking less risk? Of course! The war was at our border

      Anthonie HeinsiusAnthonie Heinsius5 aylar önce
    • @Dod o They didn't, the most troops were paid by the Dutch

      Anthonie HeinsiusAnthonie Heinsius5 aylar önce
  • so savoy were the ones who began the age-old tradition

    Soren AxelsonSoren Axelson8 aylar önce
  • Imagine how things would've gone if France won. The franco-spanish empire would've been HUGE

    Wi-Fi TVWi-Fi TV8 aylar önce
  • @3.21 Hungarian flag on the ship but no shores for Hungary :( we have an admiral though, and the Danube

    Sebestyen SandorSebestyen Sandor8 aylar önce
  • I appreciate that you made it as simple as possible, but you also mentioned 20 names that I had never heard of before XD

    Patrick BournePatrick Bourne8 aylar önce
  • Britain is too much imperialist. They require too much too feed for their land demands.

    Dutch ManDutch Man8 aylar önce
  • Portugal was in the Grand alliance. Portugal has never been at war with the UK.

    JacquesJacques8 aylar önce
  • Que?

    Mustafa5753Mustafa57538 aylar önce
  • Frankenstein was the scientist not the monster/creature

    Lanky LemonLanky Lemon8 aylar önce
  • Fascinating video. I had wondered what was going on in Europe around this time. Now I'm a little better informed. Nice job guy.

    Broken BridgeBroken Bridge9 aylar önce
  • No mention of france🤬

    Le roi aroufLe roi arouf9 aylar önce
  • Stop say france lossed this war France win and LouisXIV grand son can be king of spain

    Le roi aroufLe roi arouf9 aylar önce
    • @Aaron Godinez yes but france always figth coalition it's why france was and is the most powerfull of european cuntry

      Le roi aroufLe roi arouf7 aylar önce
    • France didn't win or lose this war necessarily, the war ended in a compromise. Yes, Philip of Anjou became monarch of Spain, but they had to cede all of Spain's territories outside of Iberia to Austrian Habsburgs.

      Aaron GodinezAaron Godinez7 aylar önce
  • Philip recognised as King of Spain, renounces his place in the French succession; Spain cedes Spanish Netherlands, Naples*, Milan and Sardinia to Austria; Sicily to Savoy; Gibraltar and Menorca to Britain; France gains the Principality of Orange and the Ubaye Valley Creation of Dutch Barrier; Britain gains commercial rights in Spanish Empire *Would win back in the War of The Polish Succession.

    RYBATUGARYBATUGA9 aylar önce
  • I’m dutch and I never heard about this in History class. Very interesting video thanks

    SimonSimon9 aylar önce
    • Our army back then was the 2nd most numerous in Europe. Only France had a bigger army

      Anthonie HeinsiusAnthonie Heinsius5 aylar önce
  • It's pronounced "NEW-f'n-LAND, not "New Finland". Lol.

    Wf CoakerWf Coaker10 aylar önce
  • One of the most important wars caused by marrying relatives.

    Evžen VargaEvžen Varga10 aylar önce
  • Despite all the wars brought on by succession disputes when a monarch dies, there is no video discussing this severe problem with autocratic rule. The Ottomans killed their siblings when one of the sons took control. European history is littered with wars of succession, often disguised as civil wars. Roman Imperial history is one dynastic struggle & assassination after another. This needs to be discussed, and then current autocratic and semi-autocratic regimes should be analyzed. What will happen in Russia when Putin dies? How will Xi be succeeded?? Will Saudi succession be smooth? etc. The major gift of democracies is the end of dynastic succession wars. Look at how smoothly administration changed when FDR and JFK died. I don't think most people understand this. It is an important issue, that needs study and explanation.

    Craig DillonCraig Dillon10 aylar önce
  • This 'Que??' destroyed me xD

    VekhhVekhh11 aylar önce
  • The stuarts send their regards

    Roy HenriquezRoy Henriquez11 aylar önce
  • Why did I just find this...lol(I'm a longtime subscriber btw)

    RichpotatoRichpotato11 aylar önce
  • A funny line from the Charles II wiki page: " Charles suffered ill-health throughout his life and has been described as "short, lame, epileptic, senile and completely bald before 35, always on the verge of death but repeatedly baffling Christendom by continuing to live"

    Adam BartlettAdam Bartlett11 aylar önce
    • Who ever wrote that is a hero

  • 02:47 "[espera...] qué?" ([wait...] whaaaaat?)

    yuriyuri11 aylar önce
  • Can you make a video about the War of the Austrian Succession as well, please? 🇦🇹⚔️

    Reichskaiser SiegfriedReichskaiser Siegfried11 aylar önce
  • 1:16 Quack

    Tobiasz CzarnotaTobiasz Czarnota11 aylar önce
  • Meanwhile in Northeastern Europe

    NoxtrinNoxtrinYıl önce
    • Sweden is absolutely demolishing Denmark, Russia and Poland. Seriously, Charles XII was really a great king...

      Indian GuyIndian GuyYıl önce

    SiberiaCraftYTSiberiaCraftYTYıl önce
  • he he he he

    TheFlapJack_123TheFlapJack_123Yıl önce
  • I’m telling you the Victoria 2 music just makes it

    MoonBoi123MoonBoi123Yıl önce
  • Derrick just stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan

    AllTheStarWars 93AllTheStarWars 93Yıl önce
War of the Spanish Succession | Animated History