Warehouses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

It’s easy to buy things online, and even easier not to think about how they get to you. John Oliver discusses what happens when you click “buy now.”
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  • Jeff Bezos is Lex Luthor don’t @ me

    Senator SheevSenator Sheev10 saatler önce
  • 21:00 ahh I get this

    Smash-terSmash-ter16 saatler önce
  • So I'm just wondering at what point do the people wake tf up and storm the castle of the absurdly wealthy (5 BIL +)

    William WallaceWilliam Wallace19 saatler önce
  • Whoever has worked in a bigger retail store knows how hard it is to handle stock. We had 3 guys who were stationed in the stockroom, and they were ALWAYS tired. You can see it in their skin complexion and the smiles with no energy behind them. When one of them resigned, I was genuinely happy for him. The same company also did that fucking "great place to work for" video. So fun to be ORDERED to come in an hour earlier in the morning and forced to dance, do silly hand holding and "fun" morning activities, which happen only because the camera is rolling right behind you.

    EqvilEqvil19 saatler önce
  • Let's check my Amazon stocks. Well, I think I can live with it.

    Der Red.Der Red.21 saatler önce
  • It’s almost like... capitalism is... bad...

    Jacques ForêtJacques ForêtGün önce
  • John Oliver’s a bitch. He never worked a hard day in his life. They pay these people $16 and they have climate control in Massachusetts. Now do a amazon 2.0 video..... the drivers do 150 stops a day and are recoded in the truck. You can’t even piss in the truck when you’re in the city.

    AllenSeeAllenDoAllenSeeAllenDo2 gün önce
  • I work in a target warehouse in New York. It sucks. In New York, the 20 an hr they pay us equates to a minimum or near minimum wage out in the real world. Because everything is taxed to high heaven. It's not a fun place to work at. Same type of work as Amazon. It's a lie.

    H.R. PuffnstuffH.R. Puffnstuff2 gün önce
  • No fuck you!

    Moseh KhayimMoseh Khayim2 gün önce
  • I don't know about the rest of you but I don't usually care how fast my online order arrives. If I need something right now, I go to the store and get it myself.

    Brendan B.Brendan B.2 gün önce
  • I think the more important story is that Amazon is using bears as slave labour, otherwise why would the bear repellent work? Think people.

    CompscilawCompscilaw3 gün önce
  • Worked for amazon twice never again I would sooner starve to death then work in that modern day workhouse

    C96 mauserC96 mauser3 gün önce

    Luca RaimondoLuca Raimondo4 gün önce
  • Me, rolling my eyes, as a nurse.

    Jacob FuhrmanJacob Fuhrman4 gün önce

    Farista SairuvFarista Sairuv5 gün önce
  • I have *Oliver Obsession*

    Cameron BrtnikCameron Brtnik5 gün önce
  • My friend works for Amazon, and to quote "it aint that bad"

    RobertRobert5 gün önce
  • Bro I don’t need my goddam socks to be delivered in 2 days, idk if y’all take a week if it means those people aren’t overworked

    OhHeckOhHeck6 gün önce
    • No, they have the work, so amazon is the one doing the favor for the employee.

      Joe MartinJoe Martin4 gün önce
  • Really no one is gonna comment on that last joke/social commentary about black guy not feeling the bear repellent? Really subtle and cleaver - he's black, so he probably was maced enough times in his life already because of racism and prejudice, that the bear repellent doesn't even affect him - genius.

    MonikaMonika6 gün önce
  • Jesus! I worked at Amazon, have done two peak seasons there and yes it’s hard work but they’re also very fair and they push for safety. Never was called out for using the bathroom. I didn’t asked i just went. I think it’s a decent side gig and mike kudos to all who work there full time cuz it is a hard job but it beats many many other places.

    Belisario CastilloBelisario Castillo6 gün önce
  • im annoyed with people who complain about workers wages but don't offer them jobs. they are not chained to the job. if Amazon did not exist would they die? would their heads explode? if you don't like working there imagine a world without Amazon and go do what you would have done in that world. sure there a plenty of things we can do for worker rights. for example when dealing with dangerous chemicals there should for sure be proper safety procedures as not every average joe is going to know what some abstractly named chemical compounds effects on their health is. but when it comes to a business putting up a "now hiring sign" people using their fully functional free will to walk into the business. apply for work and have the ability to quit and walk out at any time with zero legal liability fucking please. their work conditions and money earned is not a factor of "evil businesses" its a factor of the value of a persons labor. these people I personally find quite lucky 15dollars an hour is usually the amount of pay people get with some level of education and some minimal expertise. the reason they are able to be paid so much is because of the highly efficient logistic practices that are being practiced that is why they are working for Amazon instead of working form themselves or working on farms because its just a more efficient use of time. there are plenty of things to protect workers from free will is not one of them.

    Mana MontanaMana Montana6 gün önce
  • 20:14. Richard Hendricks?

    Greg AyadGreg Ayad6 gün önce
  • Yeah at Walmart you sign a paper saying you will not talk about unions or say anything bad about Walmart on line or otherwise

    Brett HerringBrett Herring6 gün önce
  • Black dude can resist bear spray??

    Nirmalya MukherjeeNirmalya Mukherjee7 gün önce
  • I use to work at FedEx Ground. Everything in this video applies to FedEx too. They treat their employees HORRIBLY.

    Jarel PowellJarel Powell7 gün önce
  • John Oliver had obviously never had In N Out. Also, most In N Outs are in California where a $10 gift card can be exchanged for cash (because it's the law), and that kid is DEFINITELY from California. $10 is not enough In N Out to justify this practice. Not defending Amazon. Just adding some context.

    Andrea ReyesAndrea Reyes7 gün önce
  • I can't imagine having to continue to work while your co-worker is lying dead on the floor

    Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood8 gün önce
  • Are those managers absolutely mental? Why would you let the people walk if you want them to work faster?Buy them three wheeled bicycles with big baskets. They will move three time faster and won't be so tired at the end. Are you really that stupid? Bezos is an asshole not paying those people what they deserve and not making their work easier.

    joe smithjoe smith9 gün önce
  • Amazon is litterly what i think of when i hear USA. Not liberty, not freedom, not bravery. Slavery. Just slavery.

    Knight of SveaKnight of Svea9 gün önce
  • 16:55 I was watching this video in the same room that my Alexa is in, now SHE KNOWS THAT I HAVE DOUBTS

    Wyatt YWyatt Y9 gün önce
  • That's,,Nutts What are People Thinking Or,, aren't They..thinking 📰💭🤔, Screw up (!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Jack RileyJack Riley9 gün önce
  • The n word

    Dr.Thomas ElliotDr.Thomas Elliot10 gün önce
  • additional problem with that "power hour"/ push for the $10 in and out burger gift card: that hour push is used to set a "benchmark" and the quota for full days. The push a person can do in that hour doesn't represent what people are actually capable of for a full day/ work week. additionally in too many industries (it might be Amazon too) is that while setting that "benchmark" they focus on production rate, but don't account for how the error rate goes up when people are pushing themselves to reach an inhumane quota, or an hour of competition for production rate.

    TrinlayKTrinlayK10 gün önce
  • The actual clip trvision.net/detail/video-x-fyLCM_0Y4.html You know what to do.

    Ig JaIg Ja10 gün önce
  • the super rich billionaires should be forced to pay their fair share of taxes and ethical; living wages

    CyberspacedLonerCyberspacedLoner11 gün önce
  • I'm going to be honest I have already seen this video and the only reason I clicked on it again is just to comment on how every time I am scrolling through John Oliver's videos I somehow think this one says whorehouses

    Quentin ShockQuentin Shock12 gün önce
  • I hate what’s happening to retail but I also guilty of ease of amazon

    RobertwRobertw12 gün önce
  • This is exactly what I've been saying all along. True that there are more jobs now. But the jobs that are being created are low paying jobs. China is taking our jobs and we will soon be what China used to be. No healthcare, no house, only debts. It's all because business are allin to exploiting workers. Ever since republicans took over, businesses are more corrupt and nobody to stop them...

    Luis MartinezLuis Martinez12 gün önce
  • I'm going to have to consider quitting Amazon but f****** The Marvelous mrs. Maisel is fantastic

    Mr. Bongs BurgHMr. Bongs BurgH12 gün önce
  • Jeff Bezos wife divorced him, and is pledging to donate half of her wealth, meanwhile Jeff Bezos is working on his dick ship to space.

    Harmony MitchamHarmony Mitcham12 gün önce
  • First worker safety & health should be first, second, and always the priority. Secondly, employers DO NOT want work comp claims and/or lawsuits so they seek to accomplish "first." Thirdly, its called work. Fourthly, its okay to work hard, unlike Mr. Oliver who came to America to strike it big by demeaning the very America he escaped to. Fifthly, keep it up Mr. Oliver...give large warehouse employers an excuse to automate and layoff humans. Finally, Mr. Oliver, you are the whiniest crybaby on air who would love to see the economy crash so President Trump might lose in 2020...if only you cared about the men & women of this country as much as you cared about leaving your country and earning millions (uhm...in US DOLLARS) and I am certain you do not order online for home delivery because of your great concern...or are you just another SJW hypocrite?

    Ed McInnisEd McInnis12 gün önce
  • dont bash my horse head mask

    SpaghettiSpaghetti13 gün önce
  • I work in a warehouse/shipping. It can be tough but I can sit down...on lunch.

    Terry GallingerTerry Gallinger13 gün önce
  • wait, its serious. You guys actually don't buy toilet paper physically, using your real hands and paying for it with real cash..... damn

    MannonMannon15 gün önce
  • Shouldn't the task of picking be coded in such a way that doesn't require them to inefficiently walk across the warehouse a million times?

    PeacemuserPeacemuser16 gün önce
  • Most products on Amazon come from third party sellers (60%) . If they all left as well as other big name brand sellers Amazon would go bankrupt.

    Kevin51611Kevin5161117 gün önce
  • Amazon really looks like a horrible place to work at! So why do so many ppl choose to go for it anyway? Isn't it because it is their best alternative? So you are angry at the person who provided thousands of ppl with the best working alternative at the time... Angry that he is spending his own money on space exploration? Angry that he is fighting off unions? It's a job, don't like it? Don't go for it! You are not entitled to the best working conditions there are!

    Castiel667Castiel66717 gün önce
  • wear a diaper

    mack cummymack cummy18 gün önce
  • I actually guessed it was a $10 gift card. Glad I live in Canada. I got a $100 X-mas bonus

    mack cummymack cummy18 gün önce
  • pfft ordering oreos online?

    mack cummymack cummy18 gün önce
  • Gee, let them use segways.

    mack cummymack cummy18 gün önce
    • @Rick 1974 pfft some were facetious.

      mack cummymack cummy15 gün önce
    • Four comments, yet no intelligent life can be detected.

      Rick 1974Rick 197416 gün önce
  • And here I was going to apply to an Amazon warehouse. Yeah. Fucking pass. If THATS how they treat their workers, they should fucking strike. What in all of the fucks. -_-

    Sage SheahanSage Sheahan18 gün önce
  • Modern day version of the way farmers abused people picking fruit for decades. No unions, not treated like people and fired or deported if they speak up. Funny to hear white people complain now, but didn’t care when non white people are treated this way.

    David GarciaDavid Garcia18 gün önce
  • "associates"? The management creeps can't even call their employees, workers....

    James McDonaldJames McDonald18 gün önce
    • @Wulfspyder Just like "Team members", used for low paid workers- it's neither a team nor membership - it's an insecure, zero hours job, usually with dredful conditions and no comebacks for workers. Such terms hide exploitation by extremist capital.

      James McDonaldJames McDonald17 gün önce
    • It's meant to make the employees feel like they're part of something bigger, that they aren't just cogs in the machine, but valued members and friends. When I worked at a Sears outlet store, absolute none of us used the term. And we made dead inside faces if management used it.

      WulfspyderWulfspyder17 gün önce
  • Amazon is stranger than i thought... I bought a pair of pants for my daughter's birthday gift and set it for gift so the price would not show...set also for pick-up from a nearby locker. > : ( They sent an email (unbeknown to me) actually informing her of the gift with a pic of a giftbox which she opened to show a pic of the pants I chose enroute to be retrieved at the Amazon locker. One, it spoiled the surprise Two, customer-service seemed to be stumped, for I and my daughter never once connected our accounts in anyway, I not only did not say whom the pants were for O.o I don't even know my daughters email (we message through phone and PSN only} so how did they know? I discern the only must be somehow ease-drowing They gave a $20 fulfillment credit apologetically admitting that it doesn't put the toothpste bback in the tube...Oh well just thought customers should know, weird stuff with amazon (epiiloge: I will never choose "gift" again)

    Regina WilliamsRegina Williams18 gün önce
  • Amazon workers should get a list of demands and stand outside of the warehouses nationwide during peak season....

    Gnome ChompskyGnome Chompsky19 gün önce
  • Why not raid bezos's home, sedate him and implant some clock in his forearm in-time-style and then make him deliver packages in Bavaria?

    Max BuchholzMax Buchholz20 gün önce
  • I am working at Amazon... The accuracy of this video is frightening.

    Laur FlorinLaur Florin20 gün önce
  • On one hand I don't like that a hundred billion dollar corporation pays it's employees so little. On the other hand I can't help but feel like some of these people have no work ethic and need to learn how to bust ass.

    who8myfishwho8myfish21 gün önce
  • to y'all the comments like 5k likes: have you canceled your prime acct yet? our $s speaks louder than our clout--if we keep making it ridiculously profitable for corps like Amazon, they'll keep up their cutthroat practices

    FddlstxxFddlstxx22 gün önce
  • I worked in a distribution center for a national retailer (not Amazon) during the holiday season. My primary job was packing trucks, but I would get shifted around depending on how busy my own and other departments were. I worked 10 12 hour shifts in a row. My feet and hands were cracked and bleeding. I counted 27 bruises on my body, and by about the 7th day I couldn't even walk up the stairs in my home to go to bed. It's rough work, physically. It wasn't so bad after the holiday season when I went back to a normal 3 day, 36 hour workweek. But those 6/7 day workweeks were hell.

    Kaylee FKaylee F22 gün önce
  • Americans bitching about work, what's new?

    Zone6TVZone6TV22 gün önce
  • Worked at Amazon in Seattle and he could use that money to automate the entire warehouse with a item picking system like a huge vending machine cuz the picking job fucking sucks ass and pays nothing. If you want to be treated like shit for zero money or recognition no matter how hard, fast or efficiently you slave away then go work for Besos. He serves the customers will killing the workforce.

    Tired of the shenanigansTired of the shenanigans22 gün önce
  • i worked for UPS years ago it rough real rough, but it sounds like these amazon places are even worse which makes me cringe.. i honestly much rather go back to lifting rocks up a hill and shoveling mulch.

    pat apat a22 gün önce
  • I worked at amazon for a short time, pregnant, living in a shitty duplex where the neighbor got mugged in the front yard. This was before the wage increase, so both me and my spouse had to be working there and were put on the same shift. We had to send my daughter of to live with family as we couldn't afford childcare. The work wrecked my body. I had swelling from the shins down that damaged nerve endings. I was in the med station on my lunch breaks getting my legs iced down and then wrapped tightly in ace bandages to try and keep permanent damage from happening. I was in so much pain. I wasn't bitched at for using the restroom (which you do a lot of when you're pregnant) but I *was* bitched at for the drop in my figures from having to leave my station. A large man who started right after me had a heart attack there his first week on the job. My husband was injured on the job after being made to work a position he wasn't trained for despite amazon saying not to work positions you weren't trained for. It happened to everyone, management didn't follow their own policy. I eventually had to go to the doctor because the pain and swelling were too intense and the methods amazon used to try and reduce it were causing more damage to my nerves. My doctor set limits on how long I could be standing for and said that I needed to wear open toed shoes, which of course Amazon would not facilitate. This was handed down by my OB, me being pregnant was the only way I could see a doctor for an amazon injury. My husband couldn't find any doctor that would see him with the amazon paperwork because no doc wants to get involved with their workplace injuries. He had to quit because of his injuries, I simply couldn't return to work because amazon refused to move me to a position that I could work with my medical limitations that *they* contributed the most to. We lost the duplex because we couldn't pay rent anymore. We hadn't been there for 3 months so we couldn't get any unemployment benefits. We had to uproot our lives again and move in with friends out of state, moving away from my mother in law who had just been handed a cancer diagnosis. "Yes bad things have happened in our warehouses to our employees, but it's not going to happen to *you*" Don't trust them.

    XAustriaXAustria22 gün önce
  • "IT HAS A HEAD!!" Lmao. I was a picker a couple years ago. I feel like a vet or something- i know the pain...

    redo redoredo redo22 gün önce
  • My daughter worked for the Post Office last year ( she quit) because she was practically forced to deliver Amazon packages on Sunday, with no overtime! That's how Amazon gets boxes to you so fast! F' that! People need to STOP demanding immediate delivery! There are Humans doing that work and you can just Wait a day or two for your crap!

    Randee BRandee B23 gün önce
  • As somebody whose worked in warehouse, let just say a lot of these problems aren't unique to Amazon.

    LizardClone2LizardClone223 gün önce
  • This man brilliantly rides the edge.

    Sean HeupelSean Heupel24 gün önce
  • I mss you john

    thriversoffsetthriversoffset24 gün önce
Warehouses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)