Warehouses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

It’s easy to buy things online, and even easier not to think about how they get to you. John Oliver discusses what happens when you click “buy now.”
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  • When I went to brick and mortar businesses, sometimes I felt they did not want my money. It might be because how I looked or how I dressed. I did not received this kind of crap while shopping at Amazon. May be this is why Amazon becomes the largest retailer in the U.S.

    Chien YangChien YangSaatler önce
  • Rejoice in your unchecked capitalism, you asked for it.

    LongLostWraithLongLostWraith2 saatler önce
  • Jeff Bezos sure found a way to blow half his fortune in a quick amount of time!

    The_ ClassicsThe_ ClassicsGün önce
  • @1:00 ish, when describing physically going to buy something, John forgot the whole "be silently judged by the cashier and other customers based on your purchases" part.

    MasterTypoDemonMasterTypoDemonGün önce
    • Also the way you look.

      Chien YangChien YangSaatler önce
  • Fuck amazon

    Pawan RaiPawan RaiGün önce
  • Fuck Amazon

    Rose GerickeRose GerickeGün önce
  • Lmao get fucked warehouse people Keep dying in droves I love Amazon

    Foxman PlaysFoxman PlaysGün önce
  • 2:30 Youknow, this is totally random, but my ex used to do that constantly. I'd hate something like food or a fabric or a dress, he'd convince me to try it on or eat it and then he'd loudly proclaim that I loved it (same intonation and everything.) I was (still am) a lonely, friendless pushover, so that cost me a lot of money and I bought shit that I very clearly did not fit, did not want, did not like.

    Widdekuu91Widdekuu91Gün önce
  • You are the best. Love how your program shows the reality !!

    laura espinosalaura espinosaGün önce
  • Amazon aint got shit to do with people being out of shape

    Macklin GarrettMacklin GarrettGün önce
  • Honestly being thankful that he was able to go to college Came off a little bit snobbish but not really offencive it was the guy that was like" yeah really" that gave it that elitist bite. Do people really not realize that these jobs are being worked by college graduates that's how bad things are getting in this country?

    Mike KrazerMike KrazerGün önce
  • A lot of people in the comments are saying "fck Amazon". It's true but I hope the ones saying this don't call when their packages take longer than a day to arrive. Apart from the horrible conditions (and terrible bathroom time, or how they make you work 7+ hrs so you can get a 30min lunch but not 8hrs so they don't have to pay you insurance or give you an hour lunch... or sometimes they have you work 2 12/hr days tiring your voice out), most of my stress came from the customers themselves. So entitled. I had no idea people were this entitled or rude over a package. Or they'd sign up for Prime but didn't watch what they were clicking so they yelled at me. And we can't get a supervisor unless the customer asks for one. You just have to let people berate you and you can't hang up unless they start foaming at the mouth with cuss words. It's horrible. TLDR: Please be nice to Amazon employees when you call. It's almost a guarantee that their day is awful. No need to add any more to it.

    Daenaries TargaryenDaenaries TargaryenGün önce
    • Oh and also during peak season (4th of July week, Thanksgiving, Christmas, (holidays), the people you talk to on the phone are working 60+ hr weeks. With no down time or breaks in between. And we can't even put someone on hold to gain composure because that time is counted against us as well. Amazon needs Unions. But I'm sure if they ever did this, they'd lower benefits and pay. 😢

      Daenaries TargaryenDaenaries TargaryenGün önce
  • That one guy joked about not having a college education but in my training class there were 40 people (at home call center basically; not nearly as fun or relaxing as it sounds) and 5 of them were teachers. It was during the summer and part time. I think they were trying to supplement their income.

    Daenaries TargaryenDaenaries TargaryenGün önce
    • I should have made a video after my short time there but it sent my immune system into overdrive and I was bed-ridden for 2 weeks. Still haven't gotten my voice back completely and it's been months. Started having headaches every day and still do (I've seen a neurologist for this). I wanted to keep working there simply because I'm sick with chronic illnesses and chronic pain + I have a lung disease that prevents me from being in an uncontrolled environment - so working from home was ideal. It was horrible and even to the point of suic*de but at the same time it was $15/hr; which is more than Disability. EDIT: Since that time, I haven't spent any of the money earned from Amazon on anything leisurely. I have only used it for the countless doctor appointments, tests, and prescriptions I have.

      Daenaries TargaryenDaenaries TargaryenGün önce
  • Welcome to the Amazon Slave Pits.

    Outside _85Outside _85Gün önce
  • light um up

    Delvin BonillaDelvin Bonilla2 gün önce
  • How the fuck can Amazon not improve it's product pickup sorting system. Even to a degree similar to UberPool.

    JabroJabro2 gün önce
  • Fuck Amazon and the way they treat their employees

    Rick OneillRick Oneill2 gün önce
  • We're a family who's sole breadwinner works in a warehouse for a company I'll keep quite about. The work isn't just back breaking, but soul crushing as well. You get treated like you're sub-human. People pass out from the heat and collapse onto the concrete floors. People walk out in groups, daily. There's no organization. No upper management support. They don't care if you work 66 hours a week and never see your family, because in todays economy someone WILL take your place if you give up and quit. So you can't speak out, or you'll lose your job easily. You're disposable. Life doesn't exist outside of the company because you're too exhausted on your one day off to actually do anything. These places barely scrape by the work ethic laws.

    Candice PaschalCandice Paschal2 gün önce
  • “It is a computer error in capitalism” Lmao uh... no that _is_ capitalism.

    DeathnoteBBDeathnoteBB2 gün önce
  • I am not a big fan of unions due to far too many annoyances with them over the years. But there are times when they are needed. This is one.

    TheCptnOf FailTheCptnOf Fail2 gün önce
  • FUCK Amazon, FUCK Bezos....I still have yet to buy a single thing from AMAZON...and they dont even pay taxes....and I do....FUCK!!!!!

    Tyler GriffithTyler Griffith2 gün önce
  • Jeff Bezos = Lex Luther

    Onyx RoseOnyx Rose2 gün önce
  • Shark Dentist!

    Kenneth GilbertKenneth Gilbert2 gün önce
  • Thank you John and everyone who is part of creating this show for informing the public about this!

    sandymiranda27sandymiranda272 gün önce
  • These workers should be happy they have a job. If it’s too tough, quit and go work at McDonalds. Quit bitchin’ about it and do something about it.

    Ryan MurrayRyan Murray2 gün önce
  • how can you get a item in 10 sec and use the bathroom- ?? yeah amazon i sure you let them use it

    david furmandavid furman2 gün önce
  • People like Bezos are evil on earth, he's created this lust and gluttony for having more things that we don't need, its up to us to make conscious choices and decide our own fate. We are not powerless, we just have to be strong and make the tough decisions.

    Lu Wei HeLu Wei He3 gün önce
  • If you want to talk about unnecessary purchases: 11:03 is where it's at

    Nasir MohamedNasir Mohamed3 gün önce
  • Oh Boohoo. Don't like your job? Quit.

    Jim LoganJim Logan3 gün önce
    • ha, I just quit last week! I'm tutoring kids online for money now and I couldn't be happier, even though the pay isn't as good.

      Karin MaakaKarin Maaka2 gün önce
  • Distribution Centers the cure for obesity? How far does a postal worker walk in a day doing door to door?

    Geoff ThachukGeoff Thachuk3 gün önce
  • That guy in his early 20s looks more like 30s

    Zoe MosaicZoe Mosaic3 gün önce
  • Rob Hart "The Store", read it, it is THIS!

    Wolf Michael GerhäusserWolf Michael Gerhäusser3 gün önce
  • Amazon I will only buy something from you if you promise to deliver it 14 days later as it should be. I do not want my shit right away, let me enjoy the feeling of expecting something in the mail again.

    ASMR TexanLatinWhisperASMR TexanLatinWhisper3 gün önce
  • As someone who works loading/unloading Walmart trucks, I have NEVER seen those yellow steps.

    kiwii.bomberkiwii.bomber3 gün önce
  • People have a choice where they work lol.

    Joey St. AndrewJoey St. Andrew3 gün önce
  • Call centres on Steroids ...

    xpress onexxpress onex3 gün önce
  • I hate this guy

    Garret AndersonGarret Anderson3 gün önce
  • I work at a Walmart Import center and the trucks are usually 120+ degrees

    austin harperaustin harper3 gün önce
  • So, is it just me or does anyone else think the “Glad I went to college” guy sounds eerily like Jeff Goldblum??

    SamuraisahsahSamuraisahsah3 gün önce
  • Amazon needs to initiate a "zone defense" where workers are assigned to a particular area and all orders for that area are directed to them, instead of having workers walk all over the place. Would save time and effort.

    rj smithrj smith4 gün önce
  • Some people say a man is made out of mud

    Matt561Matt5614 gün önce
  • I worked at a warehouse once. It was the middle of winter, I was filling metal trailers in a metal building. I had no gloves. My ring finger was literally swollen, purple, and on the brink of hypothermia; my manager said "uhh we don't have any gloves, just keep working and let me know if it doesn't get better."

    Ember ReedEmber Reed4 gün önce
  • I have worked in warehouses for the past 10 years. Being able to see these conditions from an outside perspective has made me realize just how insane they are. None of the warehouses I've worked in provided employees with air conditioning, and I live in South Carolina where summer temperatures can easily reach the high 90s with downright oppressive humidity. I am in my early 30s and suffer with moderate back pain on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to find a 50% turnover rate for new employees who simply cant handle the conditions. Worse still is the fact that workers in this field are viewed as commodities rather than people. Its impossible for me to believe that the higher ups work anywhere near as hard as I do, yet expecting more than 15/hr (a mere fraction of their pay) is almost laughable in their eyes. I can attest to coming home utterly broken from the manual labor, yet still having to maintain a household and be present for my family. Upon reflection, it almost seems hopeless to ever transcend the drudgery, especially if you lack any higher education which is difficult to attain given the exhaustion one already feels. Something is seriously wrong with the labor laws in this field. I'm encouraged by knowing that I'm not alone here, but also deeply troubled that so many of us simply have to grit our teeth and literally fight through every day of the work week. I'm glad it's coming to light with news clips like this, and I'm hoping that we can reach a point where we're seen as human beings instead of machines.

    james fortinjames fortin4 gün önce
  • I use to work at a major grocery store. We wanted only 20 cents more per hour (not to seem too greedy) but the business claimed poverty & could not afford it. 4 months later they spent $ 2.5 billion to buy a pharmacy retail chain. This B.S. is the reason why we employees stole items from the store everyday. It was payback !

    Saint MartinsSaint Martins4 gün önce
  • The only thing i like about retail jobs shifting from stores to warehouses is that you don't have to deal with annoying customers ! But sadly working in a warehouse is slave like labor in a dull industrial environment.

    Saint MartinsSaint Martins4 gün önce
  • I'm really worried that, in the not so far future, I will have to order toilet paper on amazon, and just sit in the bathroom until it is delivered. Reason being that because EVERYTHING can be ordered online and ppl are getting more and more accustom to things being directly delivered to their home, retailers are actually diminishing their variety of products in store. So, to make up the revenue they lost from selling less product, prices of other products are being raised because retailer have to pay rent and cover other expense coming from having a physical store. However, these changes are, in a way, forcing customer to get their item online which offers CHEAPER price with free fast delivery to their home. Now, even less people are going to a physical store and the cycle repeats again.

    Anna YYCAnna YYC4 gün önce
  • Walking back and forth in the warehouse to pick items seems wildly inefficient to me. Surely there is a better way to do things?

    Adam CrAdam Cr4 gün önce
    • Yeah, like hiring more people. It's been answered in the video. It's not a question of if the stupid CEO can, it's a question of if he wants to. Clearly he doesn't want to.

      Sun ESun E3 gün önce
  • I worked my way up from bagger to third manager and a night shift leader for a grocery store at 19. Not even a Boomer. Midnight till whenever we were done stocking the store, bailing the boxes and facing the shelves. It was SUPER HARD work. What a bunch of enormous pussies.

    MaxphyspageMaxphyspage4 gün önce
    • I worked as a picker during peak season many times and I've worked in a grocery store at the deli (hardest job in a grocery store) and I would pick Amazon over deli. Stocker is easy, I used to be one and even did that along with frozen foods out in the back and had to wear a winter jacket since I'd be in there for a lot of the shift. Deli is still the worst to me out of any grocery store job, because there are many more responsibilities for you and things to memorize AND you have to be careful since you are dealing with expensive meats and cheeses so it's easy to lose your job if you fuck up. Not like a stocker where you have to be braindead to lose your job. That's not even counting using many tools that can easily chop off your fingers if you aren't careful. My grocery store didn't have a guard for fingers so often my pinky would be just centimeters away from the blade cutting meats.

      Karin MaakaKarin Maaka2 gün önce
    • not even a boomer, already a bootlicker

      Juan JuriJuan Juri4 gün önce
  • I can't believe I worked for 3years doing this shit... finally quit because i kept telling managers about the same heat problem blowing warm air, and even chugging water I felt faint and having serious issues breathing, I think I dodged a bullet because I was told any longer and It could have been fatal... keep in mind I'm in my late 20's... I saw people in their 40's working to the bone I felt so sad and even suicidal this last year... physical issues are intense but mental issues are even deadlier there.. one guy was screaming outside saying we dont know whats coming, people crying, sleeping, and exhausted in the warehouse and parking lot. one guy was laughing hysterically ready to prob light the place up....(metal detectors are so employees don't steal, none coming in so anyone can lock and load) we even had some thugs threatening to shoot an employee. be warned and be ready because the day you commit is the day your life could end.

    bob marleybob marley4 gün önce
    • I had to quit because I was getting migraines and issues breathing with the dust accumulating in the air. I was also there for 3 years. Most people never last longer than that and develop medical issues all around the same time. Oh and just before I quit they were doing this stupid thing where security literally looks in bathrooms for people sitting in there too long or people bringing products in there. So now you can't even piss or shit in peace without some guy screaming "SECURITY SECURITY IS ANYONE IN THERE" every time you're sitting on a toilet.

      Karin MaakaKarin Maaka2 gün önce
  • Please sir, may I pee some more.

    mji245mji2454 gün önce
  • After watching this episode, I have started to choose delayed shipping times on Amazon. Feel bad for the poor workers.

    digital/vibesdigital/vibes4 gün önce
  • I worked with 2 x employees of Amazon fullfillment centers, both are great workers (not slow). They both had horrible experiences and quit. When they send you to break, you could be anywhere in the wherehouse, so it It could take you 5 minutes just to get to the restroom and 5 minutes to get back. So, your whole break was going to the bathroom. If you go to the bathroom while at work and not on break. You fall behind in your numbers and get a talking too. You fall to behind to much and they will let you go. They where required to wear the safety vests at all times and if they weren't wearing them it could be grounds for termination. Did I mention the entrance they had to use to go to work was about 100 feet away from where they kept their vests. So, they had to walk without vests to get the vests in fear of being terminated. I think this is part of the phycological make up of how they do business. If at any point you are not satisfied you are replaceable. It's a fear based system imo.

    Jj JonesJj Jones4 gün önce
    • Fear based system is correct. Even when you try to go to the bathroom, you are in fear of being in there too long, which causes you to have anxiety and causes issues like IBS... which just makes the problem loop on itself. Having severe anxiety at work is not a good long term strategy. You want a workplace to make you want to be there or encouraged to do a good job. Back in the day having poor worker morale was a way to lose a lot of business.

      Karin MaakaKarin Maaka2 gün önce
  • Im starting to think the movie Elysium is more of a documentary than a sci-fi flick...

    EyFmSEyFmS4 gün önce
  • You actually can have a very fulfilling job at Amazon. I didn't. I left my shift every day after literally standing in a puddle of sweat from working so hard trying to keep my Quota(tm) up. I broke my ankle and worked on it for a month because I was told to expect a little pain. I didn't make it at Amazon. On the other hand, the woman across from me who spent the entire time gossiping and cherry-picking boxes with high count single-item merchandise... she thrives quite well.

    Falcorian SabbatFalcorian Sabbat4 gün önce
    • I know the type of person you're talking about. They stay there for years and they piss me off too. But that's not unique to Amazon. They exist in every job I've ever had, those employees that game the system and don't care if someone else suffers for it.

      Karin MaakaKarin Maaka2 gün önce
  • A woman died while I was working at an Amazon warehouse. My understanding was that the scene was pretty bad but it didn't even slow the place down besides some confusion. Then they try to say we're all one big family.

    Sydney BrosiousSydney Brosious5 gün önce
  • Why the fuck does he feel the need to joke with MJ each chance he gets? Not cool.

    Aly-Bocar CisseAly-Bocar Cisse5 gün önce
  • this could have been 1000 better with ryan reynolds voice

    1Cabieles1Cabieles5 gün önce
  • Stop doing the mountain of cocaine at work and better yourself warehouse workers! We see you tweeking at amazon.com

    U Gone Need A DrankU Gone Need A Drank5 gün önce
  • Jeff Bezos is hispanic right?

    BlackfalkBlackfalk5 gün önce
  • I work in a warehouse and it's the worst job I have ever had. The WalMart clip really speaks to me because we are killing ourselves in dangerous conditions and the managers and corporate don't give a crap about us.

    Blitz RegenBlitz Regen5 gün önce
  • You need to fix the subtitles man

    wietze gerfenwietze gerfen5 gün önce
  • I don't think I'm alone in thinking the bear spray wasn't an accident...

    Jeremiah BaylesJeremiah Bayles5 gün önce
  • Treating people like robots, Robot means slave. Slaves worked from sun up to sun down, did they get bathroom breaks?

    trenoopstrenoops5 gün önce
    • Pretty sure they could piss and shit whenever they needed to, nobody would tell them to hold it in unless they were REALLY heartless (even for slave drivers). So the fact that Amazon does this to people makes them just as bad as slave drivers.

      Karin MaakaKarin Maaka2 gün önce
  • Fuck everything about this.

    StaplesStaples5 gün önce
  • This is why I ONLY buy things online if I absolutely have to. Things aren't THAT much cheaper

    Yes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticingYes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticing5 gün önce
  • i dont know about amazon but i worked at dillards fulfillment and it was by far the worst job i have ever had. the work was not hard but the rules were to much to keep up with, they went out of their way to belittle you, they had a production pay system that was never explained to you, and yes you got in trouble for going to the bathroom. i kept getting short checks and was told my units per hour was off, i knew they were full of shittt because i could easily tell i was out producing the person in the next section over, i complained enough that i was able to get a supervisor to follow me while i worked, i wanted to see these mistakes. after a few hours she was foced to admit i was doing nothing wrong, and i continued to get short checks, the manager actually told me that i only worked fast when people were watching and the rest of the time i did nothing, i asked him to show me where i did nothing, they had a million dollar camera system so they had to have this "doing nothing" on tape. i was fired a few weeks later. one of the times i was getting wrote up the manager actually bragged about firing a guy because he had to miss work to witness the birth of his child. they also had a permanent "now hiring" sign that stands in front of their building. i think the avg career is about 6-10 months. what a crap hole.

    joeydelriojoeydelrio5 gün önce
  • My GOD‼️😳...... It is WHY I do NOT have Prime and will NEVER have it. I, at least have empathy for people and brain cells to know that getting crap sent in 1-2 days, have to come from people who are being worked to death. NO❗️ I can wait a week to get my crap and IF I need crap, do what people have done for ages, go to the damn store and get it. Amazon NEEDS to improve their work conditions - 1 hour of lunch, longer breaks, more bathrooms and an average working hours - 8 to 9 hrs for shift, even IF it means hiring MORE workers. You treat people with RESPECT and like human being = good workers who actually love their jobs and are productive. What is SO hard to understand about the that.....❓But, somehow, I believe it will NEVER change as long as you have hungry consumers, greedy CEOs and shareholders where $$$$$ ONLY matters. There is NO stop to the greed - it like a black hole - endless pit. REALLY REALLY sad.

    Ghøšt BïrdGhøšt Bïrd5 gün önce
  • Thanks Jon for saying it.

    RudeRude5 gün önce
  • *Gives the credit for the Amazon wage increase to Amazon itself instead of Bernie Sanders's "STOPBEZOS" Act.*

    Max B. ChorneyMax B. Chorney5 gün önce
  • *Fuck you, Amazon*

    Caroline CookeCaroline Cooke5 gün önce
Warehouses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)