We Buy a Donk Project. Goal: 1000HP! Part 1 of 69

Late nights and lockdowns mean we're doubling up on our time searching for our dream projects, especially king Carcaine himself: Brian Scotto. With a history deep rooted in donk culture (i.e. being the editor in chief of Donk, Box, and Bubble magazine for years), Scotto has always wanted to build one. So after finding the 'perfect' (his words, not ours) '71 Caprice, it was only a matter of time before he brought it to the Donut Garage as our newest project car. The goal? 1000hp. Good paint. And of course, giant rims.
Thanks to eBay motors for supporting the donk project!
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  • You guys are the ultimate engine heads no discrimination if it's got an engine and wheels you are interested, love the diversity.

    hussguy1990hussguy1990Aylar önce
    • ​@Hoonigan This project rubs me the wrong way. You're caricaturizing Black culture for views and profit. You've made it clear that this part of our culture is a big joke to you and it's at our expense. Just because Scotto use to be involved with Donk magazine doesn't make it ok. It just means he's an original culture vulture. He said it himself that the donk cover of Rides sold better than ever so they made a whole magazine so they could profit off of it. I love Hoonigan but you all didn't think hard enough about this. Also, Ken should rethink those HHIC plates. You wouldn't be comfortable saying HNIC out loud which is where you got it from.

      Kenneth PorterKenneth PorterAylar önce
    • @Mashio they don't Nipsey lol

      Diyari AdeemDiyari AdeemAylar önce
    • This is what true car heads look like.

      Derek BrownDerek BrownAylar önce
    • For real. So much variety you can't hate on them at all. They just love everything car. And everything racing.

      Kody McMullenKody McMullenAylar önce
    • Yes

      Racheal johnsonRacheal johnsonAylar önce
  • No discussion, purple

    Henry StylesTVHenry StylesTV6 saatler önce
  • Purple or that 2nd blue for sure

    Devon JohnsonDevon Johnson6 gün önce
  • I like the purple with Crome wheels 🤙🏽🤙🏽

    Caleb DornCaleb Dorn7 gün önce
  • That guy can't park for shit

    Juan pablo jr MaldonadoJuan pablo jr Maldonado9 gün önce
  • green

    daniel dehutdaniel dehut11 gün önce
  • Scotto got taste 💪🏿💪🏿

    William CuthbertsonWilliam Cuthbertson12 gün önce
  • Grove Street Green pleeeeeease 🤣🤣🤣 cmon CJ

    Chris SpiveyChris Spivey14 gün önce
  • Purple!!!!

    Jonny forJonny for20 gün önce
  • interior crocodile alligator, I drive a chevrolet movie theater

    Evan DutyEvan Duty20 gün önce
  • Am i the only one wondering on what happened to Brad?

    Jon BJon B21 gün önce
  • How can a car that long not have 4 doors! Trapped in the backseat in a 30' long car lol.

    Si74l0rdSi74l0rd21 gün önce
  • dark blue render

    Trippen NuggetsTrippen Nuggets21 gün önce
  • please don’t chrome out the front end, everything else sounds dope

    said abdulbarisaid abdulbari22 gün önce
  • Olive green with gold wheels and gold chrome front 💯💪🏾

    Rob GottiRob Gotti23 gün önce
  • Donks are garbage. Just like stance cars!! 👎👎

    Pastor GlockPastor Glock23 gün önce
  • hishe

    mitchell tangmitchell tang23 gün önce
  • Emerald flakes but with candy box shadows and layers.

    David Murray HollandDavid Murray Holland24 gün önce
  • He's the box maaaaan

    Utsav Kumar DasUtsav Kumar Das25 gün önce
  • Scotto should build the vw mk1 rabbit

    ziyaad Esauziyaad Esau25 gün önce
  • Thanks for the DONK history and the fact it sold more than the others mags😱.... I got my mags stills 💪💯💯.... yes I’m so excited to see the love of the culture 💥💥📈

    DCrumpDCrump26 gün önce
  • I needs to be purple

    Scott FleekScott Fleek26 gün önce
  • Is this Pimp my ride.. wheres Funkmaster Flex

    Buzd LightyearBuzd Lightyear26 gün önce
  • Purple paint. but you can't forget th e beersign on the trunk lid. it fits with the style, google it

    Elan McclainElan Mcclain26 gün önce
  • “Peanut butta insides, outside jelly” “coulda had a Bentley but I’d ratha ride Chevy” said Cadilac joe. So purple in my opinion 🤷‍♂️

    Bikes, Cars And More!Bikes, Cars And More!27 gün önce
  • purple !!!!!

    Wayne gargoniWayne gargoni27 gün önce
  • Just seen this episode and definitely gonna tune in to this build. Black dude don't know what he talking bout Florida is the king of donks #305miamidade&broward

    Dub TijerinaDub Tijerina27 gün önce
  • Not the footage we wanted but the footage we need

    tyler burrisstyler burriss27 gün önce
  • When a 50 year old car is selling for more what my is worth.

    06racecar6006racecar6028 gün önce
  • That teal color or brown are nice.

    Jose VJose V28 gün önce
  • The first color all day!!! Now that's a fuckin donk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    manny smanny s28 gün önce
  • Light blue or the green if your keeping the gold centers

    stephen bradleystephen bradley28 gün önce
  • I don’t care what wheels you get, just make them spinners 😂😂😂😂

    Benjamin HrycajBenjamin Hrycaj28 gün önce
  • I love how they make fun of it but I'm from Michigan so that's an amazing car to me

    Nic OutsideNic Outside28 gün önce
  • Green. Go green or go home.

    MexMex28 gün önce
  • fuck it - bring me on the show to tell you the truth about DONKS . . . as soon as you said "Hip-Hop" i knew you were alluding to "Black Car culture"

    JaBrie LindseyJaBrie Lindsey28 gün önce
  • @hoonigan if yall are going to appropriate/incorporate African-American culture into your channel for views to compete with DONKMaster - at least bring a black employee to explain what DONK culture and Chevrolets mean to Black People in America.

    JaBrie LindseyJaBrie Lindsey28 gün önce
  • That light blue color is FIRE!!!

    CDCD29 gün önce
  • either the third color, or the fourth, blue and green.

    Carlos Eduardo OrtizCarlos Eduardo Ortiz29 gün önce

    Don’t Test It.Don’t Test It.29 gün önce
  • Decently the hunter green , and when this episode first started I thought to my self this shows great these guys are stuck in my time line

    Eric TEric T29 gün önce
  • Why does Scotto's bottom half of his face looks like batman?😅

    Lesley AaltenLesley Aalten29 gün önce
  • What color? Keep the original paint! Upgrade EVERYTHING else!

    Remco van VlietRemco van Vliet29 gün önce
  • The Green rendering is 🔥

    dior johnsondior johnson29 gün önce
  • I was all about this right until 14:29... Then I literally mouthed the words "What.. The... F%CK"

    Dan DonohueDan DonohueAylar önce
  • You don't get rid of the fender skirts

    cheyenne lodgecheyenne lodgeAylar önce
  • The car looks pretty good, aside from the clapped out paint. Now it'll get a new purpose putting smiles on peoples faces.

    Gustavo FigueiredoGustavo FigueiredoAylar önce
  • This is great, the car community never ceases to surprise me. So cool!

    Gustavo FigueiredoGustavo FigueiredoAylar önce
  • And the Rail car sits.....longer, some day itll be dusted off maybe even built

    RoBo HiPRoBo HiPAylar önce
  • 14:47 Brian is so tall he can barely get out of frame, lol.

    Gustavo FigueiredoGustavo FigueiredoAylar önce
  • The last color is the way to go

    Jonathan MartinezJonathan MartinezAylar önce
  • One of the last two for sure. It’ll “excentuate” the inner tuna boat

    Will SullivanWill SullivanAylar önce
  • The Brown is lowkey fire

    Mxverick47Mxverick47Aylar önce
  • We built one for a customer with a 502 and a big spray of NOS. He blew the doors off of a m3 over the bridge in tampa.

    thefixerthefixerAylar önce
  • that pastel sky blue with gold and crome would make this a super donk, so yeah do it

    Stefan EntzerothStefan EntzerothAylar önce
  • these mfs dont even kno what a donk is or where the culture started from in florida smh culture vultures

    rasstarr01rasstarr01Aylar önce
  • At least you guys have an actual donk. Some people think any car with rims on it is a donk. Make it hard. You sound like you know what you're doing.

    Roland Perry JrRoland Perry JrAylar önce
  • I'm excited about this project!

    ydlog5ydlog5Aylar önce
  • The last colour browny orange

    Tom NorrisTom NorrisAylar önce
  • brian sure does know alot about what donkeys butts look like should i be concerned

    23xXDMANXx3223xXDMANXx32Aylar önce
  • 🤣 Donk Game highly addicting 🤑🤑

    RowdyRx7 LsItjejeRowdyRx7 LsItjejeAylar önce
  • Didn’t hear anything about 6 12’s in the trunk?! Gotta have King Kong in the trunk!

    MadCityCrewMadCityCrewAylar önce
  • Purple

    Xx1ShotDropxXXx1ShotDropxXAylar önce
  • Just go all brown. Lace,scallops,flames in solid brown and metallic,and brown flake and candy....just brown it out,but with style,lots of lots of style and old custom trics... best idea ewer and it is from the beautiful country Norway

    Morten HenningsenMorten HenningsenAylar önce
  • I had a subscription of rides magazine my uncle car was in there but he didn’t own it at the time .

    Dlt215Dlt215Aylar önce
  • There's got to be a way to make the 1000 horsies invisable until the gas pedal is breathed on or the hood is opened. And you gotta be able to slam that turd to da ground on da rubber frame feet when you pull up. I'm talking tubs the size of Cleavland with zero effect on factory body lines. Plain spinners would make it look as if its moving without rotating the tire. Dats straight up ghostly. If you guy are doing it, it's gotta be frickin cosmic homies. I love the full chrome front end. Whatever can't wait to see this come together. Congratulations. 🤠

    Thunder MindThunder MindAylar önce
  • I know it's not the real thing without a brand new paint job and all the chrome. But I think it would be cooler with the current paint and interior with the insane motor. As far as the wheels find some old ones that are chipped up and rusty but they can still be the huge ones.

    Buc_OdieBuc_OdieAylar önce
  • @ Scotto me and all my friends Brought those magazine

    Jason ReekmansJason ReekmansAylar önce
  • the Impala emblem looked like a Donkey to South Floridans. the word then Shortened to Donk. Thee ENd.

    Jason ReekmansJason ReekmansAylar önce
  • The fourth render the green one looks pretty cool

    teshin626teshin626Aylar önce
We Buy a Donk Project. Goal: 1000HP! Part 1 of 69