We're Just Friends - Ep 4

I had to show @Exactly E who was the king of the basketball court and give her a workout at the same time! She needs to show me a lil more respect as a trainer lol!
What was your favorite part about this video?
Cast - @B WattsTV @Exactly E
Camera - @eezystyles (IG)
Music - @T1K Prod
Written/Edited by - @B WattsTV
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  • That ass would have definitely gotten smacked

    CalvinCalvin22 saatler önce
  • Yo polo g hoops there

    Aaron NicolasAaron NicolasGün önce
  • Dammit yo faces😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sir Duke01Sir Duke012 gün önce
  • Bruh

    King TamariKing Tamari2 gün önce
  • She thick as fuc

    CEO OG NickCEO OG Nick2 gün önce
  • As Clayton would say " y'all friends buy y'all FUCKIN"!

    Vern PerryVern Perry5 gün önce
  • his eyes tho fr fr

    mind_is_toxicmind_is_toxic5 gün önce
  • Anybody know that beat when she’s dancing?

    el negroel negro7 gün önce
  • Lol!

    Carlo JacksonCarlo Jackson8 gün önce
  • Couldn’t be my friend I would of told her we gonna have to be pen pals cause this shit torture lol

    tim mccanntim mccann11 gün önce
  • Anybody kno da beat while she drinking da water?

    Trevon JamesTrevon James12 gün önce
  • Ya'll are soooooo awesome and funny

    Cornelius WoodCornelius Wood13 gün önce
  • Ohhhh yeah

    Cornelius WoodCornelius Wood13 gün önce
  • We're just friends 😪😪

    Samuel LekeySamuel Lekey14 gün önce
  • Why is she so dam fine? lol

    Roc JonesRoc Jones14 gün önce
  • He banged the JR! Lmao

    Roc JonesRoc Jones14 gün önce
  • She the best 🔥🔥💯

    Arrian DixonArrian Dixon15 gün önce
  • Dam E.....

    Peppy WalpoolPeppy Walpool15 gün önce
  • 4:57 my back!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    GummyGummy15 gün önce
  • yooooooo I need this shirt so I can wear it for my crush next time I get turned down

    Tre' BraswellTre' Braswell16 gün önce
  • Ya’ll have great on screen chemistry! Hilarious! 😂

    Moe LoveMoe Love17 gün önce
  • IDK exactly e had ass

    Christopher TurnerChristopher Turner18 gün önce
  • She would get the pickled pepper.

    William JonesWilliam Jones19 gün önce
  • Action starts at 2:55🎂🎂 's👀

    MJ LewisMJ Lewis22 gün önce
  • Bro stop playing around, what would kobe do? Kill it!

    Lenny JosephLenny Joseph23 gün önce
  • 😆🤣😂♡♡♡ yall hilarious!!!

    Kwintina FilesKwintina Files23 gün önce
  • What position she played, I’m guessing small forward

    Big ABig A23 gün önce
  • The way he airballed in the beginning

    Arctoid 4kArctoid 4k25 gün önce
  • Yo, This is Thee Funniest video! B Watts U crazy Man. Love this

    kicknlive1kicknlive125 gün önce
  • I knew E was BigBad.... but I just ain’t seen’t here put it out there quite like that!!!! Gahhhhdamn!! 🙆🏾‍♂️👀

    TCMJmediaTCMJmedia26 gün önce

    MR Pilot SapienMR Pilot Sapien26 gün önce

    MR Pilot SapienMR Pilot Sapien26 gün önce
  • all that thickness

    jonjonjonjon27 gün önce
  • 6:03😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

    D UnknownD Unknown27 gün önce
  • If u agree like my comment

    Seirea DuckettSeirea Duckett28 gün önce
  • Can y’all two if she is and u are single I actually want y’all to be together y’all seem like y’all fit

    Seirea DuckettSeirea Duckett28 gün önce
  • My face all in red bones cheeks she DOPE .

    mikediggamikedigga28 gün önce
  • He bbn ng N mbv m

    Vickie RobinsonVickie Robinson29 gün önce
  • *0:44** men be lying like* 😭😂

    Veni Vidi AmaviVeni Vidi Amavi29 gün önce
  • Yooo E thoooo 👀

    Dman4901Dman490129 gün önce
  • She bad

    Mike WilliamsMike WilliamsAylar önce
  • His facial expressions are priceless.

  • Her insta name pleeèeeeeease

    Senzo MajolaSenzo MajolaAylar önce
  • My dude funny as shit. Here up there now

    Curt RobCurt RobAylar önce
  • Not to be weird but why does her butt just jiggle

    Paradox TmoneyParadox TmoneyAylar önce
  • Laawwwdd E 😍😍😍

    bkphil89bkphil89Aylar önce
  • Exactly E lookin like a snack every day😍😍😍

    Gypsy GGypsy GAylar önce
  • E is one of the FINEST women walking this God giving earth

    Christina CopelandChristina CopelandAylar önce
  • What’s the name for the intro beat!

    Nbmg-rell DademonNbmg-rell DademonAylar önce
  • So this is where E been at?

    Daniel DucatiDaniel DucatiAylar önce
  • I LOVE HER!!!

    Rocco TaylorRocco TaylorAylar önce
  • Lesson.. young boys,Neva let ur girl keep a male best friend, they only sticking around for the chance to hit it, if he isn't already doin so

    Erica ColesErica ColesAylar önce
  • I'm in love with E..I love them tall..smh

    legendlegendAylar önce
  • Damn

    Andrae SmithAndrae SmithAylar önce
  • E got to be a freak in real life every girl I ever encountered with that eye tattoo on their chest has been freaks

    Tariel26Tariel26Aylar önce
  • So that's how the lesbian homie drink water.... 👌

    Chris AlvarezChris AlvarezAylar önce
  • I couldn't have her play with me like that. I would've got real on her ass cause she know what she was doing?

    Michael GreeneMichael GreeneAylar önce
  • Noooo aha 😂😂😂

    knyja mcdonaldknyja mcdonaldAylar önce
  • Couldn’t be me watching that! Put steak in front the lion and he gonna eat.

    Willie JonesWillie JonesAylar önce
  • The lesbian homie with jah we need that 😂

    Big HuntdownBig HuntdownAylar önce
  • Faaaa

    leo alexisleo alexisAylar önce
  • Damn...E. Looks like Angela Simmons younger sister !! Rev Run been tip toeing thru Cali??🤔

    Sean RSean RAylar önce
  • Shortys who do this in reality have a goofy like this around to feed her ego . shit still nice to watch tho , she bad

    Tan LeeTan LeeAylar önce
  • Diggin the skit miss seeing E!!! Glad she's back hilarious

    Jason ScottJason ScottAylar önce
  • I notice each and every episode he gets closer and closer but putter the friend zone this is to relatable

    Big DripBig DripAylar önce
  • My back😂😂😂😂

    Malcolm BahamMalcolm BahamAylar önce
  • She is a walking thirst trap.

    Ronnell StewartRonnell StewartAylar önce
  • His shirt said blink if you want me i aint blink threw the whole vid

    Samuel NazarioSamuel NazarioAylar önce
  • B watt. You r off the wall!😂😂😂 Love this skit as well. Especially when u b trying to control yourself.😂😂😂 A lady like that I call her big sexy! It's hard to be friends with someone who looks that good. I'm just saying. Keep putting out good content now. Mr Glenn!😎🙏❤🌹old schooler! Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    Glenn AdamsGlenn AdamsAylar önce
  • 😂💀

    Alxne ZzayyAlxne ZzayyAylar önce
We're Just Friends - Ep 4