What Happened To The Hummer?

The Hummer was an angular, militaristic, go-anywhere truck that became an emblem of 1990s pop culture. General Motors' Hummer was a coveted status symbol sought by celebrities and a sometimes mocked and vilified example of how far of America's newfound love for SUVs had gone. But in 2009, GM put several of its brands to the ax, including Pontiac, Saab, and Hummer. While the Hummer had a brief lifespan of just under two decades, it made a lasting impression on the auto industry.
Clarification: General Motors ended Oldsmobile production in 2004, a few years before GM stopped producing the other brands mentioned at 8:05.
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What Happened To The Hummer?




  • They actually bought Saab at some point? No wonder they bankrupt!

    Max MustermannMax Mustermann5 saatler önce
  • I still would want an H1 Wagon!

    Sydney AustinSydney Austin2 gün önce
  • Died and came back from the dead as the Ford bronco.

    JamesJames4 gün önce
  • The hummer has a successor: the G wagon. Also started life as a German military car.

    Hans GoldrichHans Goldrich5 gün önce
    • All military SUVs are succesor of JEEP.

      Mehak deepMehak deep3 gün önce
  • I have a h2 hummer 2004 only 120 thousand miles I had 2 corvettes I sold the 1984 and a 1996 so the wife said pick one two keep I laughed well 5 years later I picked the hummer love

    daniel harkinsdaniel harkins5 gün önce
  • the hummer looked worse and worse the newer the model was

    TobbeTobbe5 gün önce
  • l'm afraid of Covid 19

    Keith CeekayKeith Ceekay7 gün önce
  • What happened is the swing axle original that would go anywhere, the Humvee, after a brief H1 swing axle civilian release, devolved into the bloated H2 Hummer, which wouldn’t. That’s why a real H1 brings huge prices as a back country •work• vehicle.

    Doc3dDoc3d8 gün önce
  • Arnold: all my Hammers were scrapped!!!

    josef salonjosef salon8 gün önce
  • Elon Musk ..will bring back the Hummer.

    Rafael GonzalezRafael Gonzalez9 gün önce
  • Y’all forgot Saturn GM gave it the axe 🪓

    It’s that’s BonnieIt’s that’s Bonnie10 gün önce
  • Another stupid yank mobile.

    Garry EllisonGarry Ellison10 gün önce
  • but its not perfect reason i think..if people can minimize self wastage of resources lyk gass or oils it will more helpful for us & for world..may be people revoulation against hummer was born cause of emotion..i want hummer will back again,it has unique design nd super strong..yes hummer is costly to use,whatever who can effort they will use it..

    aneek islamaneek islam11 gün önce
  • Can never get used to seeing Arnold in a suit...

    Deb YDeb Y11 gün önce
  • *The Cybertruck has entered the chat*

    Ian GIan G11 gün önce
  • Correction: Oldsmobile was actually finished by 2004, not 2009.

    WildernessGuyBCWildernessGuyBC12 gün önce
  • Underneath the H2 was basically a heavier 3/4 ton Chevy Suburban.

    Apollonia AskewApollonia Askew12 gün önce
  • It was the most impractical vehicle ever built,only Americans can do something so stupid.

    Bibi AyubeBibi Ayube13 gün önce
    • Wow, I’m losing brain cells by the second just knowing you exist. Stupidest human being alive.

      harold the garbage collectorharold the garbage collector11 gün önce
  • Arnold says..."It'll be back!!"

    Carolann Cannuli-DentonCarolann Cannuli-Denton13 gün önce
  • "America got the Hummer." Now there's a sentence to think about. How many different endings can you put on the phrase: "America got the hummer when....

    D.S. C.D.S. C.14 gün önce
  • Good in the desert, rubbish in mud terrain... That's one reason why it didn't have a global demand.

    Vulcan GBRVulcan GBR15 gün önce
  • *And what about Hummer trucks??*

    BlackWatch Squshyturtle 115BlackWatch Squshyturtle 11516 gün önce
  • I heard they were developing an electric hummer... along with several hundred other electric cars that nobody has seen happen yet.

    Michael SoldateMichael Soldate16 gün önce
  • No mention of the Fact that H1 fans laugh at how pathetic H2 drivers are wasting all that gas for a 6000 pound body kit destroying what was a capable Chevy Tahoe 4x4 and making it useless off road!

    Sultan of SiegSultan of Sieg18 gün önce
  • Sorry Americans.It has lack of 2 important qualities. 1-Engine was so bad and can't match up efficient modern powerful engine. 2-Zero driving and handling dynamics. Only advantage the Hummer had was its iconic image.

    APOSTRAPOSTR20 gün önce
  • Only the rich and famous filipinos can buy and own that kind of car.

    Toy MabangToy Mabang20 gün önce
  • My parents have a yellow hummer H2. People criticize it, people adore it. Huh a mixed bag...

    Mavis Grace StudiosMavis Grace Studios21 gün önce
  • @9:50 Yes Arnold, each and every one of us should take the time and money to retrofit our personal fleet of military grade vehicles with experimental fuel saving technology, thank God we have you to lead us to a more sustainable future

    KingUnKagedKingUnKaged25 gün önce
  • The H1 and H2 are too slow, too big, and too thirsty. The H3 is okay, but Hummer only relied on 1 model to survive, which is a very bad idea. Jeep and Land Rover survived the recession because they have diverse models.

    Eddie EddibleEddie Eddible27 gün önce
  • I miss this car so much when i was kid in 2010 to teen in 2020

    Addi zeeshanAddi zeeshan27 gün önce
  • Nice butt

    Rich LizardRich Lizard29 gün önce
  • They got played out

    j mj mAylar önce
  • An all electric Hummer. Going to have a lot of batteries. Electrics don't like to go uphill.

    carpe diemcarpe diemAylar önce
  • Why dont you make Electric Hummer , GM ? .....let unite with the future of automotive while maintaining the American Masculine Spirit

    Tai TranTai TranAylar önce
  • The military took it back over the war in the middle East Yo!

    Paul LeepoyPaul LeepoyAylar önce
  • The hummer , the Prius, the Beatle ??? Is that dimwit lady serious!!?? When I think of iconic cars neither come to mind.

    Oscar TorresOscar TorresAylar önce
  • The military Humvee was my official wedding car. I liked this car very very much. It was uncomfortable, it was a dinosaure, it was loud, obnoxious, incredibly large, but I loved this car. I believe hummer would still be around if they would have managed to make the street version of the humvee, more humvee like.

    Bob OutélamaBob OutélamaAylar önce
  • give me the hummmurrrr i will be bbbbbak

    YoLo VideosYoLo VideosAylar önce
  • Yes and today back to the SUV

    guy minthorneguy minthorneAylar önce
  • Guys, it's official. #Hummer

    byran saputobyran saputoAylar önce
  • It is good off road It is good off road Those buying it rarely go off road

    samuelseditsamuelseditAylar önce

    Oma CoolOma CoolAylar önce
  • A new electric Hummer would be awesome!!! I would then be motivated to by a electric vehicle. The main reason I have not consider buying a electric vehicle is that they are just plain ugly. The new models being used to get a peek at a possible new Hummer are amazing!! I've been telling everyone for years after they pulled the Hummer out of production one thing. If they ever produce a electric powered SUV the likes of Hummer I would buy it ASAP. Like I said the only reason I don't consider buying any electric powered car is they are all just awful looking. I have to go. I use my 2005 H2 with 67 thousand miles for my business. I transport dogs for homes to my boarding facility. I drive m 2019 Jaguar XF for personal use. People still after all of these years still tell me that they love my Hummer. Especially kids. A few months back I came out of Target. I looked and there was a man and his son walking around the Hummer. I approached them and asked if I could help them. The father's said yes. He said can I do something?. He said could I take a picture with my 8 year old son in front of the tier. I said sure. His son stood only a few inches higher than the tire and he took a nice picture. I love Hummers.

    Big DawgBig DawgAylar önce
  • After coronavirus every thing is going under

    MR. GMR. GAylar önce
  • E Hummer

    Owen ChuaOwen ChuaAylar önce
  • gm is trash car planned obsolence so deserves banrupcy...my old Opels was general motors they break all times and need expensive repair so sorry gm I'm not buying that crap again.

    PotatoPlayer Made in China.PotatoPlayer Made in China.Aylar önce
  • hummers were the mink coats of the auto industry.

    b cooperb cooperAylar önce
  • Most American thing

    Cali AaleCali Aale2 aylar önce
  • what if gm didnt go bankrup at all would they keep the hummer brand or just ignore it i think gm should bring back the big gas hummer and diesel not ev trucks

    never broke again money gang take offnever broke again money gang take off2 aylar önce
  • It was a POS, end of story.

    Marc PolettiMarc Poletti2 aylar önce
  • Not a smart move to buy one

    Tony TomoredjoTony Tomoredjo2 aylar önce
  • Id rather pontiac or saturn return than hummer. Saturn would be a great electric brand so would pontiac

    MisterBuklauMisterBuklau2 aylar önce
  • Tahoe frame on the H2 blah lol

    MrJBZY70MrJBZY702 aylar önce
  • It was obvious for the rich. And the original one looked bad ass.

    Max SweaterMax Sweater2 aylar önce
  • Arnold to GM: I will be back

    Dekunle AndrewDekunle Andrew2 aylar önce
  • True future: now GMC revives the hummer returning as an electric truck / suv i don't know what it looks like but several google images show what it looks like

    Blackshiny GamerBlackshiny Gamer2 aylar önce
  • Hybrid Power Hummer could work you get all that Torque from the electric motor or make it all electric and just have a little generator type motor in case you do run out of juice

    Dave AllenDave Allen3 aylar önce
  • In my opinion, an "SUV" built on a car platform is not a real SUV. A real SUV is built on a truck platform.

    David FrischknechtDavid Frischknecht3 aylar önce
  • I have an H3 and it is by far my favorite car that ive owned...its very comfortable so city and highway driving isnt bad at all and its a beast off road...i drove it to new york 3 months ago and i was actually suprised, we stayed in Brooklyn and there were 5 others on our block.

    Robert MateckaRobert Matecka3 aylar önce
  • i never knew they were dead

    Brick LifeBrick Life3 aylar önce
  • perfect for the Terminator, but not us normal Humans!

    HenryMansonHenryManson3 aylar önce
  • Well GMC brought the Hummer back with an all EV one.

    Antonio CamposAntonio Campos4 aylar önce
  • The first choice vehicle of the mexican and colombian drug dealers in those years.... With rolex, dark glasses and cuernos de chivo.

    Antonio GarciaAntonio Garcia4 aylar önce
  • the Hummer actually inspired the modern SUV so you can see the hummer everywhere in other car designs.

    jhon doejhon doe4 aylar önce
  • Hummer was doomed when GM took over in '99. The original Humvee was good at what it was designed to do, the H2 and H3 were just GM trucks in disguise with a huge price tag.

    VBVB4 aylar önce
  • What happened to hummer? It’s gone electric! YES!

    Vince FVince F4 aylar önce
  • How many brands is GM going to ruin?

    miloracamiloraca4 aylar önce
  • Water vapour IS a greenhouse gas!

    DrTeethDrTeeth4 aylar önce
  • I love my H3

    Betty MBetty M4 aylar önce
  • Back in the 2000s, all of the famous rappers and athletes owned a Hummer H2

    NFSMAN50NFSMAN504 aylar önce
What Happened To The Hummer?