What If My Friend Was a Robot?

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You don't get bored with a good friend! But if your friend is a robot, then interesting events and funny situations are provided for you!
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  • yes I want one bit I can’t make one and I konw it is a friend who is so good at a robot 👋🏻

    Paisley RabyPaisley Raby4 saatler önce
  • Me too ☺️

    Teva NethTeva Neth4 saatler önce
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    Treezy 5BandzTreezy 5Bandz10 saatler önce
  • I want that robot .that robot is help other

    Kopila KhadkaKopila Khadka13 saatler önce
  • Robot i like that robot

    Kopila KhadkaKopila Khadka13 saatler önce
    • I want that robot.that robot is helping other

      Kopila KhadkaKopila Khadka13 saatler önce
    • 😍😍😘🤩🤑🤑🤑

      Kopila KhadkaKopila Khadka13 saatler önce
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    Sarah HeyesSarah Heyes13 saatler önce
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    Maria CernaMaria CernaGün önce
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    Bettina MalekaneBettina MalekaneGün önce
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    Hayyan DurraniHayyan DurraniGün önce
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    Gautam SahaGautam SahaGün önce
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  • You copied the scene of India's Tamil Movie

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    Albert AlbertAlbert AlbertGün önce
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    Nadine DeschuytenerNadine Deschuytener2 gün önce
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    Jazmine RabeloJazmine Rabelo2 gün önce
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    Sasha- Gaye ThomasSasha- Gaye Thomas3 gün önce
  • Yes I would like to have a friend that is Robot yes yes

    Asraf LakhaniAsraf Lakhani3 gün önce
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    Aniket SanapAniket Sanap3 gün önce
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  • Lol weird if instead of robots they got clones And friendly version of FNAF

    Drawing with DestinyDrawing with Destiny7 gün önce
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    kaborel commanderkaborel commander7 gün önce
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    Radhakrishnan krishnanRadhakrishnan krishnan7 gün önce
  • Is that real robot or no

    Alikha AmaliaAlikha Amalia7 gün önce
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    Ram ChulloviRam Chullovi9 gün önce
  • Robot is a hero

    Poonam RayPoonam Ray9 gün önce
  • Is this a real robot

    gael Gonzalez jamiesgael Gonzalez jamies10 gün önce
What If My Friend Was a Robot?